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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Witness the Power of an Idea: Ron Paul Massive Rallies 2012

The lame stream media is ignoring Ron Paul and in their mental prostitution they have tried to make him go away, but the PEOPLE are anything but ignoring him. The people know there is something radically wrong with the country and with the media for not reporting the truth. The people are wide awake and their awareness is growing by leaps and bounds.

Watch the insiders in the "Republican" machine try to steal the convention and do anything they can to stop Ron Paul. That is the real reason Santorum quit. But it's going to backfire in their face. Romney can't beat Obama, but Ron Paul can, because he can attract blue dog Democrats and all the independent votes, which Romney can't do.

This is our last time around folks. This one is do or die trying. This will be the last election in Amerika, if we even make it to the election. unless we turn this around. Obama already sees his power slipping away, and he is getting desparate. The Supreme Court is about to shoot him out of the saddle on health care, and his birth certificate and eligibility are being exposed. He is being exposed for the illegal alien that he is.

Nothing is as powerful as a good and true IDEA.  Truth always goes through three stages.
1. It is disbelieved and ingored.
2. It is violently opposed.
3. It is accepted for the truth that it is.

We are about to enter stage 2, and the violence they will bring will be horrendous to try to keep their power. They don't play by any rules. They are inspired by Satan and his minions. They will lie, cheat, steal, kill, rape, pillage and plunder, all under the color of their so called "laws", which are not law at all. It will be up to us to stop them. There will be no quarter given by them. They will not leave us alone to live in peace. They will never be satisfied until they "replace God" and His laws of nature and positive divine laws with their own rule.
Of course that will never happen, so we are left with their violence. But in the end we will win this by being fatihful to God and His principles.

Then and only then will the 3rd stage of truth happen.

Pray that enough people experience enough pain in the early stages of this right NOW before it gets violent, to get them fully awake and paying attention to what needs to be done.
Do everything you can to stop this BEFORE they get violent by educating your neighbors. The leftists in charge are trying right now to start a race war with the Trayvon Martin thing. What is going on in Greece will be what they want to happen here as well. They will trigger violence by destroying our currency first, then use the people on the government dole as cannon fodder when they start looting in retaliation for not receiving their welfare money. That will be how they will ignite the cities, and trigger their excuse for martial law. We MUST avoid that in the rural areas, and stay clear of violence as long as possible.

You must be in a strictly defensive posture. You must be prepared for the worst, and working and praying for the best solution without violence. Beg God for the grace to stop this short of harm to your family and community, but be prepared and ready to defend them if necessary.

Take heart because if it were not for what Ron Paul and the rest of the patriots in this country have done in the last few years we would already be slaves in a police state new world order.
Get on your knees and pray like it's all up to God, because really it is, then get up and work like it's all up to you, if for nothing else but to show God that you really mean it, and are willing to sacrifice and do penance for God's forgiveness and for freedom from His enemies and their evil plans.

Paul Stramer

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