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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Public and International Notice of Necessary Abatement and Commercial Avoidance

 By Anna Von Reitz

Issued on the 8th day of November in the year 2022, Gregorian Calendar, International Jurisdiction

To all to whom these presents come:

The so-called American Civil War was not a war.  It was an illegal Mercenary Conflict. 

1. The "American Civil War" was never declared by any Congress;

2. The Muster Rolls show that the soldiers who fought in the "American Civil War" were all,  unknowingly, acting as Mercenaries, enrolled to serve confederate "states" which are commercial business organizations defined as "states-of-states";

3. No peace treaty ending any "American Civil War" exists; instead, "President" Andrew Johnson created a Public Contract by Public Proclamation declaring peace on the land jurisdiction.

As a result of the illegal nature of this conflict and the fraud and non-disclosure involved in deliberately concealing the illegal nature of the "American Civil War" from the General Public, no action, claim, conversion, Act, legislation, impoundment, warrant, writ, insurance, corporate charter, corporate by-law, administrative code, statute, regulation, ordinance, mandate, criminal charge, receipt, bond, stock issue, promissory note, property title, copyright interest, trademark conversion, merger, definition, redefinition, ownership, custodial interest, immunity, authority, opinion, security, estate interest, land transfer, estate settlement, confiscation of property, probate, trusteeship, executor power, monetary arrangement, process, obstruction, seizure, treaty, trade agreement, work trade agreement, labor contract, sweat equity, indenture, performance bond, personage, franchise, delegated power, or contractual obligation established or exercised and based in any degree whatsoever upon the so-called "American Civil War" and its outcomes, is valid. This includes the Fourteenth By-Law Amendment added to the deceitfully misrepresented corporate charter published as "The Constitution of the United States of America" in 1868. All such legal conventions and false presumptions of war and enmity and debt are hereby declared null and void in their inception and ever since.  

Certain powers assumed by the British Parliament and encapsulated as the Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864, as updated ever since, are specifically and categorically illegal extensions of the same illegal Mercenary Conflict aimed at capturing unjust enrichment based on illegal activities, including domestic and non-domestic racketeering and privateering, which were engaged in by the then-British Crown corporation doing business as "the United States of America" under their corporation President, Abraham Lincoln, and later by the Scottish Commercial Corporation formed in 1868 and doing business as "The United States of America" and by various and sundry foreign British Crown, British Territorial, and Municipal corporations and their franchises ever since, are owed immediate and necessary abatement without recourse. 

This Public and International Notice also provides Notice of Avoidance under the Universal Commercial Code Article/Section 3 and Section 3 of the Unidroit Conventions: 

The Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913 had to be legalized in order to allow its otherwise illegal aim of establishing a Central Bank to oversee commodity rigging on a vast scale; the remedy is found in Section 15 of the Act along with its enabling clause, but no actual access to or instruction regarding the redemption process was provided to the General Public, the remedy was not advertised, explained, or given any administrative support.  No office or officer was identified as the one responsible for overseeing and implementing the redemption process and the redemption process itself was not plainly described in plain English which presents an obvious obstruction and Avoidance seeking to unreasonably restrict access to remedy. 

Similarly, the unlawful conversion and illegal trafficking of American Babies, American copyrights, and American trademarks,  and the purported waiver of their associated estates via undisclosed registration processes which were initiated and overseen by Undeclared Foreign Agents--- licensed Medical Doctors operating as Uniformed Officers pursuing an illegal mercenary activity on our shores and acting under Color of Law provided by the Shepherd Townsend Act of 1922 and after-- also required "legalization" and the publication of remedy which was limited to a subsection of Federal Title XII, since renumbered and annotated, but originally appearing as 12 USC 95 (a), and amounting to admission of our "reversionary trust interest" in our own Good Names and estates.  

Again, there was no Notice provided to the General Public beyond the publication of this snippet of foreign legislation buried in the immensity of Federal Code; no mention of any office or officer designated to provide or oversee this remedy, no instruction regarding any process that would allow the victims to exercise their reversionary trust interest, no forms made available for the purpose, and this again demonstrates Bad Faith and failure to actually provide the remedy, which results in the underlying crime remaining and being unabated. 

Our recent research indicates that between 26 and 30 different forms would have to be unearthed and applied in a sequential manner to effect correction and return of our reversionary trust interest in our purloined infant decedent estates.  The office responsible was hidden in the U.S. State Department Office of Foreign Affairs, and even this assignment was further obscured by the 1941 Havannah Act granting administrative power over the process to the unelected Uniformed Officers operating the Department of Justice as subcontractors charged to protect the King's Interest at any cost. 

This reeks of not only obstruction and lack of access to remedy, but active and purposeful defensive maneuvering of legal forces to prevent claimants from obtaining the published remedy. 

In 1933, the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt illegally confiscated American gold reserves, both public and private; huge amounts of American gold had already been transported to the Philippines by the U.S. Navy and elsewhere by prior Administrations that claimed that this was being done as a "safe-keeping" measure and not an outright theft; Roosevelt admitted during an early black and white film session that his administration confiscated 20,000 tons of privately held gold from the American people, of which he distributed 6,000 tons to the Federal Reserve and 14,000 tons to the World Bank and the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, combined.  

These illegal acts of confiscation commandeering  privately-held American gold and publicly-held  American gold reserves for the benefit of foreign interests had to be legalized and was legalized by the publication of House Joint Resolution 192, Public Law 73-10 and United States Statute-at-Large 48 Stat. 112.  The promised remedy was that the foreign corporations and their Principals who remain responsible for their operations, would pay all debts public and private owed by the American victims of this gross theft and breach of trust, which in effect deprives the Americans of their natural ability to pay debts and engage in international trade.   

Again, there was no Public Notice given to the General Public beyond the publication of this referenced Corporate Policy misrepresented as House Joint Resolution 192, and these two bits of legislation cited, plus the description of a credit swap option in Title XII, which provided for Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions--- and this is all that the perpetrators provided to the Public.  No office or officer responsible for oversight and provision of this remedy is identified, no process, no forms, and no instructions are given.  

This establishes more consistent evidence of Bad Faith, failure to provide remedy required to legalize their actions, and overall avoidance of their contractual obligations.  

Even in the realm of private corporate regulatory and administrative law, the same pattern endures. As part of financing the Second World War the Federal Reserve Board of Governors insisted that all private cars and trucks belonging to Americans be registered as Motor Vehicles engaged in commerce, even though this is obviously untrue and illegal.  This de facto illegal claim of an ownership interest in and coercive regulatory power over every car and truck in America had to be legalized via the publication of a remedy ---in this case, the publication of Regulation Z, which has also been offered as the only remedy for the illegal imposition of mortgages and various illegal acts included in the Emergency Securitization Act, Trading With the Enemy Act and the Truth in Lending Act, but which in the present case was published as part of the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956. 

In all these instances, publication of "Regulation Z" is limited to a very brief, often one-line reference, often buried in legislative gobbledygook, hidden as an annotation, attached as a separated amendment, hidden under an unrelated subheading, or annexed in an Appendix with no indication that Regulation Z is the remedy to any illegal act whatsoever. 

No office or officer is identified as being responsible for oversight or provision of the remedy, no forms, no instructions, no clear access to this remedy is ever provided, which amounts to failure to provide remedy and avoidance of remedy owed under the Uniform Commercial Code. 

Even though Regulation Z is mandatory to legalize these Federal "Laws" and even though every State of State franchise of the Federal Parent Corporations is required to provide remedy throughout The United States, the private Subcontractors of these entities, operating as "the Department of Motor Vehicles, Inc." ---for example,  is left unaware of any obligation to provide the remedy and issue identification of privately owned cars and trucks as non-commercial private conveyances--- which is done by issuing "Z License Plates" or "Z Tags".  The same conditions apply to the issuance of "Driver Licenses" which misidentify the operators of privately owned cars and trucks as Federal Persons engaged in commercial activities seeking private gain from public roads --- a lie designed to grant the perpetrators of these numerous illegal acts coercive power exercised under color of law over members of the American General Public.

These and numerous other unlawful and illegal acts have been predicated on the existence of remedy being provided, but no such remedy has been provided; remedy has been circumstantially denied, avoided, obfuscated, and deliberately hidden from the General Public of this country, obviously in an attempt to avoid payment, obtain unjust enrichment via adhesion contracts and  claims of custodial and ownership interest created by undisclosed registration processes, and, also, to gain coercive control over members of the General Public so as to compel involuntary servitude and peonage    

Whereupon this is Required Notice of Abatement Demanded and Required Notice of Avoidance under the Uniform Commercial Code,  published at large and sent to the Vatican Chancery Court, the International Court of Justice, the United Nations, the members of the Bar Associations, the foreign Principals responsible and various and sundry other Governments and Officials that are Non-Domestic, yet obligated by the common law of commerce and the various treaties, contracts, and alliances which we hold in international jurisdictions to come to our aid and understand our position. 

While owing us good faith service and receiving their wages, salaries, and pensions from our hands, these our Public Employees being misdirected by foreign governments and foreign corporate interests acting in Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts, have published remedy attempting to legalize their illegal acts, and then compounded their infamy by failing to provide said remedies, and instead have deliberately obscured the existence of these mandatory remedies, pretended that those who are owed these remedies have freely chosen not to exercise them, used and misdirected their own Subcontractors including the Department of Justice, Inc. and the Department of Motor Vehicles, Inc., so as to prevent people from obtaining their remedies, provided no reasonable Notice, no process, no responsible parties, no realistic means to obtain remedy, and when members of the American General Public have sought their remedies and attempted to work out their own process to obtain remedy, they have been jailed, physically assaulted, charged with crimes, harassed, impersonated, beaten, arrested, fired upon, evicted from their homes, had their property -- up to and including their sons and daughters--- illegally confiscated, deprived of their own credit and means to pay bills, human trafficked, accused of being debtors by the actual debtors themselves, and then derided as Tin Hats, Conspiracy Theorists, and described with an oxymoron as Sovereign Citizens. 

All of these evils and more have been promulgated and promoted under the fanciful notion that an illegal commercial Mercenary War that took place on our shores more than a hundred and fifty years ago could ever serve as the basis of any genuine authority or provide a cause for enforcement against the peaceful and trusting people of this country. 

We require, request, and demand immediate General Abatement, access to all remedies stipulated for members of the General Public who have declared and recorded their interests, removal of all offending illegalities predicated on the pretense of any emergency or the existence of any emergency powers, including claim of any power to suspend the Constitutions, or application of any treaty, alliance, contract, agreement or covenant in contravention of or seeking to evade the obligations owed to our lawful Government, and we also serve Notice of Avoidance under commercial law as the final step required in the due process of commercial lien enforcement against the willing perpetrators of these evils and unabated crimes. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

Issued by:  James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                   The United States of America
                    In care of: Box 520994

                    Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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About Banks and Pipelines: Swift and Standard Oil and QFS

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's apparent that many people are confused and not quite getting my comments about the banking system as a pipeline operation and are frustrated and confused about the current situation where we have come so far toward our own banks and still don't have them doing what they need to do. 

The current bank transfer system in the West was "engineered" by John D. Rockefeller.  His sons updated it as "the Swift System".  It has been the means that banks transfer credits and debits for decades and it is little more than a fancy FAX system. 

J.D. Rockefeller is most famous as a Nineteenth Century robber baron and oil magnate, but unlike other Oil Boom Millionaires, Rockefeller didn't actually produce any oil.  He provided pipeline transfer services to those who did.  His company, Standard Oil, was soon "picking up" oil transport contracts and then shipping (or, more to the point, not shipping) oil under transfer agreements wherever Rockefeller wanted it to go, or not go. 

This gave J.D. de facto control over the industry.  By controlling the transport of oil, he controlled the supply of oil, and that meant he also controlled the price of oil, the availability of oil, and the fortunes of specific oil producers. He was the Middleman, who could facilitate the flow of oil or obstruct the flow of oil at will. 

Finally, fed up with the coercive tactics and monopoly practices and obstruction of trade created by Standard Oil, the company was sued and broken up after the Second World War.  

What most people don't yet realize is that Rockefeller did the same exact thing with the banking industry.  The Swift System is the equivalent of Standard Oil.   Just like what J.D. did with the flow of oil, his sons did with the flow of money--- and they did it on a much bigger scale. 

J.D. Rockefeller 's oil pipelines crisscrossed the entire nation, but his sons' money pipelines crisscrossed the entire planet, and with much more devastating effects on free trade and the entire world economy.  

It is not an accident that the members of the Rockefeller family took the profits and knowledge they gained from the wreck of Standard Oil and reinvested it in the International Monetary Fund as shareholders and founders of the IMF.  Nor is it coincidence that the IMF has functioned as the "United States Treasury" since 1924. 

Using the excuse of "National Security" the Rockefellers could shut down any business enterprise, simply by cutting off access to money and credit. Just like J.D. shut down oil producers and strangle-held oil supplies for fun and profit. 

They haven't had to prove that the victims actually did anything wrong to exercise this arbitrary power, because Swift is their private system.  They can withhold access to Swift services to any individual (bank or other person) at any time for any reason or no reason at all, by invoking their ownership interest.  

Just like a restaurant can say, "No shirt, no shoes, no service." or a drug store can say, "Masks are required in this store." the Swift System has been able to say, "Tell us where you got your money and who you are sending it to and why you are sending it --- or we'll assume you are up to no good and won't provide transfer service." 

This gross invasion of banking privacy has put the Rockefellers in the Ultimate Catbird Seat, to know exactly who, what, when, where, and why businesses and individuals are transferring money and credit. They've had prior insider knowledge of mergers, resource purchases, investments,  borrowing and leveraging, government investigations and everything else impacting specific businesses and entire sectors of the economy, and they've been able to sell that knowledge or use it themselves with both impunity and immunity on a worldwide basis ever since the formation of the IMF and the implementation of the Swift System. 

This is a hideous invasion of privacy that gives them and their minions-by-default, the banks connected via the Swift System, coercive power over individuals and businesses great and small, and yes, even over the government services corporations that have been functioning "as" governments. 

Everyone has to store and move money and credit.  That's the whole point of the world banking system, being able to transfer money from Party A to Party B.  It isn't a complex action, but it is absolutely necessary if you are to buy, trade, or sell anything above the level of barter. 

After their success controlling oil supplies, it was a no-brainer to adjust their tactics a little and take over the "money pipelines" in exactly the same way--- with the same effect: knowing everyone's business, exercising monopoly control over transfers, and obstructing trade whenever it suited their interests or the interests of their cronies in Big Business and Government. 

Taken in the context of the Big Picture, the Rockefeller's Swift System has been one of the key instrumentalities of control exercised by both the Federal Reserve and the IMF and all the other Central Banks to manipulate supply and demand of commodities --- most especially, money and credit viewed as commodities. 

Because the Government Services Corporations acting "as" Governments are required to function on credit by their constitutional contracts, the focus of the banking industry shifted inexorably toward creating more and more and more credit to feed the Government's insatiable demands.  

The asset base available to the banks (their depositor's money) was exhausted by the 1920's and even the "Fractional Reserve Banking" racket that allowed them to create ten times the amount of credit compared to the asset base they held in "reserve" was not sufficient. 

Besides, the General Public was up in arms about the phony stock market crash of 1929, the Federal Reserve System being implemented, and bank malfeasance in general.  Ginning up enough "fresh credit" to keep the Government Corporations happy wasn't an easy job.  In order to do it, the Banks would have to be enabled to claim an ownership interest in more assets. 

That's why they began registering babies in the 1920's -- to claim those babies and their "estates" as "new assets" to  use as collateral ("base assets") to generate more and more and more credit for the use of the Government Corporations and all their franchise corporations--- that is, corporations chartered under the US, INC. (Vatican) and the USA, Inc. (British Crown). 

This process of coerced and undisclosed registration (Shepherd Townsend Act of 1922), the creation of infant decedent estates resulting from that registration, child labor bonds (Miller Act), and the Buck Act (1940) completed a secret agenda to enslave the assets, including labor assets of Americans, virtually at birth.  This unlawful conversion of the child's political identity allowed the Perpetrators to establish an ownership interest in the child's body, labor, and anything else they might naturally own as a public or private inheritance. 

This created a new asset base owned by the Government Corporations that the banks could use to create up to ten times the asset base in credit for them to loan back to the victims of this outrageous scheme.  The Government got unlimited credit, the banks got unlimited usury, the General Public got screwed sideways and upside down. 

By the 1980's even the de facto enslavement of the sleeping Americans and the Europeans and Japanese "captured" in World War II was not enough to feed the need of the banks and the Government Corporations for more credit.  

So, they created an "Asset Hamster Mill" ---- Platform Trading --- to create the appearance of constantly generating and adding new assets to the system, when in fact, they were just recycling the same assets to generate more credit. 

Think of it as phony self-generated demand and cash flow, similar to what corporations do when they buy back their own stocks. 

In a Platform Trade the owner of actual assets (gold, silver, land, etc.) or someone "representing the owner" -- like a Government Services Corporation (CIA) Agent --- agrees to lockdown that asset and not use or move it for a specific period of time.  The banks then feel confident enough to issue ten times the amount of the asset value as new credit.  The banks then kickback an amount of credit equal to the entire value of the asset to the asset owner or their "representative", and pays the Platform Trader a brokerage fee (anywhere from 10-30% of the total trade) and divides the rest between the asset owner and the other facilitators who issue the actual bonds and buy the stocks and generate the profits that (hopefully) keep this Ponzi Scheme going. 

The trust funds and natural resources and labor assets of the Robbed Babies who were victimized in the First Round of the Great Fraud are "locked down" and "taken off-ledger" at the banks to facilitate all this, even though the banks continue to track all these "hidden assets" on different colored screens within the Swift System Database --- and these are purportedly invested "for" the "missing" victims of all this chicanery by their purported Trustees -- the British Monarch, the Popes, and the Lord Mayors of the Inner City of London.  

Of course, the actual owners of the assets being used as collateral "asset reserves" in the Fractional Reserve Banking System, or being locked down to facilitate these Platform Trades, never get a dime.  They only get the IRS bills for the Capital Gains Taxes and Estate and Gift Taxes resulting from all this, which they are forced to pay from their own pitiful little earnings. 

The Swift System facilitates all this institutionalized theft and graft by transferring or blocking the transfer of the off-ledger assets or the credit resulting from all this clandestine activity, while the members of the "Congress" claiming to "represent" you receive the proceeds owed to you and spend (.... "reinvest"....) it for you in things like taking over other countries, developing bioweapons, weaponizing language, running human trafficking operations worldwide, running huge self-interested propaganda campaigns like the trillion-dollar "Get Vaccinated" BS and the kickbacks to the media corporations, and so on and on.  

Beyond all the phony-baloney banking gambits and even beyond all the assets and money and credit that are actually owed to you, beyond the issues of criminality that have to be addressed, there is the problem of how do we keep everyone alive once this nasty bunch of crony corporatists are removed?  

The guilty military that is actually responsible for standing by and letting all this happen, and which profited itself grossly in the process (retired military service members ---without their knowledge of course -- actually own all the Fortune 500 Corporations) has developed the "QFS" --- "Quantum Financial System" --- in which keystrokes "represent" value, and the digits entered by these precious keystrokes accumulate in imaginary digital "wallets" as "social credits" you can spend.  

Of course, they get to control this system, just as the Rockefellers have controlled Swift, and they get to snoop into all business and "personal" transactions, and they get to control how much "social credit" you receive, and dictate where and when you can spend it, and generally, they propose to take over where the Rockefellers left off and impose this coercive new La-La-Land control grid. 

The only advantage, and it's a temporary advantage, is that it is ready to go, and anyone can access its "services" from anywhere in the world. 

Can you trust it?  No.  Is it coercive?  Yes.  Are those in charge of it trustworthy?  Only if you trust the CIA and the corrupt military brass in charge of this whole cluster since 1863. 

In terms of cleaning up this whole mess and making a clean board of it, there is exactly one Municipal entity, SERCO, based in Britain, that needs to be taken out.  SERCO, which is operated by "the Senior Executive Service" --- a bunch of spies and aged bureaucrats steeped in the traditions of the Deep State --- is the real lynch-pin, besides Swift,  in this whole oppressive system.  It bottlenecks progress toward sanity in almost all directions, but it is especially obstructive in that it acts as Paymaster for the U.S. Military. 

It's time we took control of our own military forces and established our own Paymaster, so that we no longer face the specter of foreign powers misdirecting "our" military "for" us and can proceed to do the housecleaning of the political, military, banking, economic, and medical sectors that is necessary. 

And then, maybe, finally, we can rejoin the rest of the world as the peaceful, clean, healthy, productive, and happy nation we were prior to the so-called Civil War. 

As for our banking system, of, for, and by the people --- you can think of the situation this way: 

Bank reform had already begun and the banking authorities had already ordered the banks worldwide to become "Basel IV Compliant" --- which with a few additions means "Basel III Compliant".  The bank regulators have been losing ground against the coercive powers of Swift for some time now.  The plain fact is that Basel III wasn't honored in any timely fashion, so the regulators issued "Basel IV" to give everyone more time to get in line.  

Instead, the managers of Swift saw this as a sign of weakness on the part of the bank regulators and just took advantage of the time extension to create more trouble and more options for themselves ---- like the QFS.  

Under Basel IV, all the banks are supposed to rework and modernize their transfer capabilities, allowing them to bypass the Swift System if they wish to, and directly interface with other banks via API (Application Programming Interface) and manage their banking relationships directly via RMA (Relationship Management Applications) which are agreements similar to bank treaties. 

Obviously, the Swift banks have dragged their feet against this, as it effectively breaks their monopoly and allows banks more privacy and more modern transfer capability.  

So now, imagine the situation.  You have two pipeline systems laid out on the ground in front of you, one made of old, scabrous red plastic pipe, and a new one made of blue plastic pipe. 
The old one is springing leaks and sections of it are being disconnected, while at the same time, the blue pipeline system is not yet all hooked together and fully functional.  

Add to this the problem that all countries are not connected to either pipeline system. BRICS, for example, has created its own system to function as a giant private bank to trade in gold and silver and currencies backed by these or other actual assets (like Petrodollars).  

The Central Banks and the Commercial Banks that have indulged in all this Bad Faith and Credit Fraud against the interests of the General Public here and abroad are on the ropes, as they should be, and caught between two bad, untenable options --- the Swift System and the Quantum Financial System being brought to us by the same military interests that bungled everything up and allowed the Swift System to blossom in the first place. 

As a result of all the fraud and deceit and harm done by the Central Banks and the Commercial Banks, some insurance companies are facing bankruptcy and many others are refusing to insure these institutions -- for cause.  This means that both central banks and commercial banks will be closing by the scores, insurers will be taking it in the shorts, and many of the illegal and undisclosed practices that led to the unjust enrichment of these Schemers are being exposed and shut down. 

The entire mortgage industry which was designed to palm off debts owed by defunct bankrupt corporations on living people has to go.  The real estate industry which is dependent on an illegally enforced British Land Title Registry system imposed on America has to go.  The "Government Agencies" which are subcontractors of our Subcontractor's Subcontractors have no lawful or legal standing, no authority, and no right to enforce anything against members of the General Public in this country.  So they have to go, too.  

It seems that there is no good place for the Commercial Banks to go. The U.S. Government has to have credit in order to operate, and corporations worldwide need credit to operate, so there is still a need for Commercial Banks and credit and commercial scrip --- stocks, bonds, promissory notes, etc., but, there could be a far better future. 

Simply comply with Basel IV, open up the API interfaces that Basel IV provides, and join the Blue Dot Bank System chartered by our actual American Government and organized by the Global Financial Group.  Our system is organized so that International Trade Banks own and operate Commercial Bank subsidiaries under the Public Law.  It's transparent for banking customers with regard to their own accounts, but private otherwise, has state of the art IT and interface and transaction capability, and is designed to serve the whole planet.  

The entire underlying concept is to make banks honest again, and provide a conduit for the return of assets and credit that is owed to the living people of this planet, one by one by one. 
Because there has to be a Debt Jubilee and a Remedy Restitution and a means to deliver the Remedy Restitution to all the individual people who have been harmed by these miscreants, we have designed a banking system for people, not corporations.  

So, boot up, compadres.  You have skin in this game, whether you knew it or not.  And you have a dog in the fight --- your own actual Government exercising the powers of an actual Government on your behalf.  

Go to: and get busy. Join and support The People Government owed to every American.

If you are in another country, go to our websites to connect to your assemblies. If you don't yet have a local assembly, or national assembly, representing your country, start one. 


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