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Monday, March 23, 2020

About Gold Fringes and Missing Seals and Martial Law

By Anna Von Reitz

I have commented about this topic before, but I am seeing a lot of confusion and questions out there regarding the changes in flags and presidential seals and the absence of the UN flag and other trappings in recent Whitehouse Press Conferences, etc.

The gold-fringed, sometimes called "Executive Flag", is technically called the "National Colors" and has been used to operate this country under "Color of Law" by the Pope and the British Interlopers. 

It has no more real "power" or significance than a piece of fancy bunting.  It is decorative and meant to "evoke" an "appearance" of the government of this country----- without really doing so.  Just like the "appearance of justice" that the Courts have been giving us, it's an illusion, an apparition, an impression of one thing, while in fact, something else is going on.  

The actual flag of the Federal Republic (the American Confederation missing since 1860) can be seen on display, struck, in the Capitol Rotunda and House and Senate Chambers, where it is seen hanging in a vertical "struck" position, giving notice to everyone who sees it and understands what it means, that that "government" is struck, incompetent, bankrupt, or otherwise in "abeyance" and "distress". 

This struck flag has been there in plain view for over a 150 years, and all the Americans and especially all the U.S. Military personnel who saw this in person or on C-Span over the years, never connected the dots.  

I excuse average Americans for not knowing international flag protocol --- but our highest ranking Generals and Admirals and the various generations of United States Senators and Congressional Members all "missed the point" too?  Really?  How credible is that? 

Everything I have told you about the Confederacy never being Reconstructed and the Confederacy "accidentally-on-purpose" being "mistaken" as the actual government of this country is true.  The evidence is all around you, in your face. 

Also, please note, that this country has been under Martial Law since 1863, as a direct result of the circumstance described above.  Any talk about oh, wow, we're under martial law! --- as if this is anything new or different, is silly.  The only things "new" here is that: (1) the People of this country woke up, declared their correct political status, assembled their States of the Union, and are operating their unincorporated (sovereign) Federation of States, The United States of America, and (2) sensing that things were not going well for them, the Board of Directors of the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia decided to seek bankruptcy and run  That bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC., is in the process of final settlement right now. 

As a result you will no longer be hearing references to the "President of "the" United States" and no longer seeing the associated Seal of that Office in use, nor will you see the United Nations flag, because the Territorial Government, doing business as "the" United States of America, never joined the United Nations.   

In truth and in fact, our unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America delegated all the "Delegated Powers" ever granted to any of the Federal Subcontractors or ever exercised by them for us, so the "pretense" that the Confederacy (our primary Federal Subcontractor) was ever necessary for our government to function is ridiculous.  

It is also patently false to imagine that the "Powers" delegated to the Confederacy somehow devolved upon the remaining Federal Subcontractors as a result of Civil War.  The Powers delegated to the Confederacy returned to the Federation of States the moment that the Confederation ceased to function in March of 1861 by Operation of Law. 

Any supposition otherwise is predicated merely on the fact that the States and People were not properly given Notice and information necessary to take the proper action and complete the Reconstruction.  We were instead purposefully mislead by the British Monarch operating in Breach of Trust, who substituted their Territorial "States of States" for our American States of States, like a cuckoo bird in our nest.  

Unfortunately, many American bureaucrats were fooled by this deception or proved disloyal or were bought off, with the result that this deception and substitution went unnoticed for over a century and a half. 

Mr. Trump is hereby authorized and instructed to enter the Capitol and set the American flag in the Rotunda, House, and Senate Chambers in the upright position --- horizontal.  

Our flag is to be flown in the upright position in the Capitol Rotunda and in the House and the Senate Chambers now and forevermore. 

Any "emergency" occasioned by the disappearance of the Confederation is resolved by the presence and assembly of the American States and People and their unincorporated Federation of the States of the Union doing business as The United States of America, the Delegator of all Powers ever delegated to the Confederation or any other Federal Subcontractor. 

All members of the Territorial Government are to be fully informed as are members of all world governments.  The American States and People are home, populating their States of the Union, running their State Assemblies, settling their business, operating their Federation of States, working toward the completion of the long-overdue Reconstruction of the Federal Confederation of States of States.  

While all these tasks and duties are being accomplished, we rely upon Mr. Trump and the Treaties and Contracts we maintain with the Government of Westminster and with the Government of Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, to provide us with the uncontested and complete re-venue of all the assets owed to us and to the land, sea, and soil jurisdiction of this country,  

Our assets, both public and private, are to be returned to the control of the American States and People and to our rightful international government, The United States of America, complete with the loyal and proper assistance and compliance of the Territorial United States Government throughout the process of restoration and reconstruction.  


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What Did I Tell You?

By Anna Von Reitz

As a result of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC., they will need to VACATE Washington,DC for ninety (90) days, just as they did during the Florida Chads election nonsense in 2000. 

So what are these madmen doing?  

Drumming up an excuse to vacate Washington, DC, for 90 days "due to the coronavirus". 

And what is going to happen?  What has already happened?  

We, the actual, factual, legitimate government of this country, The United States of America, have already claimed back all the formerly "Delegated Powers" of the Municipal Government by Operation of Law.  

Every Judge, every Judicial Official, the Government of Westminster, the Pope, and all others concerned with "Law" on this planet are called to Bear Witness.  

The "United Nations" and the governments of the world and all the "Legal" Professionals have already been given Notice and so has President Trump.  

When any Federal Subcontractor is rendered "incompetent" for any reason, including bankruptcy, the "Powers" Delegated to them via the Constitutions return to the Delegator by Operation of Law.  

And here we are, ready to receive those Powers back.  

The American States and People, operating through our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, delegated all "Powers" that the Federal Subcontractors have ever had or ever exercised in our behalf.  

Now that the Municipal United States Government Corporation has been bankrupted, their organization is rendered incompetent and is in liquidation.  

The Powers vouchsafed to the Municipal Government do not somehow magically migrate to the Territorial Government.  Those Powers return to us, the Original Delegators, together with all the Municipal Assets.

So, the world --- and the American People --- have already been put on Notice that this is happening and that the actual American Government has stirred its stumps and assembled the States of the Union in preparation to receive back all the Powers ever Delegated to the Municipal Government of the District of Columbia and Washington, DC, together with all assets thereof. 

The members of the remaining Territorial Government and the British Crown can keep their greedy paws and false claims in commerce to themselves, hoist their sails from the Patent Office and secure the vacated Capitol for us.  

Whether we march in to take possession or not, we have already pre-claimed and accomplished the acceptance and acknowledgement of the return of the assets and Powers and possession of the Capitol and Seat of Government.  

The role of the Territorial Government and the U.S. Military in all of this is crystal clear.  We are the civilian government and always have been.  The American States and People are calling our Employees to heel.  Their role is to protect our assets and persons, not oppress, steal from, arrest, or otherwise intimidate Americans on our own soil. 

Everyone read the Constitution which is The Law of the Land.  If you are standing on land that is the ONLY "law" that pertains to interaction of the government personnel  with the people of this country.  

No statute, code, regulation, or "military law" applies to us.  Only the Constitution. 

The actual government of this country and the people it serves are not going to pay for any abuse by our Territorial Employees.

We are going to charge a minimum of three times damages and one trillion dollars per American killed or permanently damaged in any attack of any kind.  This is being fully advertised and published, so that no party to any action damaging us has any cause to protest their ignorance of the consequences.  

And we have already acknowledged and accepted back all the Delegated Powers and Assets of the Municipal United States Government, so there should be no further "confusion" about the role of the Territorial Government concerning this circumstance.  

The Territorial Government is ordered to secure our assets for us, and nothing more.  

No mass arrests, no forced quarantines, no forced vaccinations.  Actual employees of the Territorial Government and their actual dependents may be obligated to undergo such measures as a condition of their employment, but the actual civilian government has not declared any "National Emergency" and does not recognize any such "emergency" declared by the Territorial Government as anything beyond an administrative matter imposed by a corporation on its employees. 

For the record: if the Territorial Government chooses to be stupid and similarly seeks bankruptcy instead of coming to its Employers for assistance, the results will be the same for them as for the Municipal Government.

The moment that the Territorial Government enters bankruptcy, all Powers delegated to it, revert by Operation of Law to the actual unincorporated Federation States, dba, The United States of America, and we pre-acknowledge and accept the return of those Powers in that eventuality.  

The Operation of Law involved is clear.  When delegated Powers can no longer be exercised by an Assignee under contract, due to accident, illness, or incompetence, the Powers revert by Operation of Law to the Delegator(s) of those Powers and they are no longer within the possession of the former recipients of the Mandate. 

So if the Queen wants to keep her contract with us, and if the U.S.Military remains true to its obligation to uphold the Constitution, formal accommodation must be made to re-convey all purloined American assets back to the actual American States and People, via their Federation of States, and provision must be made for us to access our assets and pay our bills directly with no further interference or administration "for" us, by the Hired Help.   

This virus is indeed a smokescreen for (1) attempts by the British Crown to steal our assets from the Municipal Pirates who also also stole from us, or (2) attempts by an American President to recoup the American assets for America. 
Whichever it is, will become apparent in the days to come. 

Meanwhile, keep your eyes on the ball and remember that the actual government of this country has already taken the appropriate actions, filed the necessary Notices and Liens, and prepared to receive back and re-venue all property owed to us by our Subcontractors operating in foreign jurisdictions. 

And also, everyone remember this immutable principal, called a "Maxim" of International Law for the last 10,000 years: 

"Possession by pirates does not change ownership." 

All assets owed to the American States and People, which have been seized upon by our Foreign Subcontractors and Employees and purloined by them for their own benefit, have been taken under the international laws of piracy.  

By Law, everything stolen from us by pirates or in the possession of pirates, is still ours --- and whether we are dealing with Municipal PIRATES or Territorial Pirates, is immaterial. 

All that matters now, is whether Mr. Trump and his Administration chooses to do the right, required, and honorable thing --- which is to fulfill their obligations under the Constitution owed to their actual employers and return our assets recovered from the Municipal PIRATES to us --- or do the wrong, prohibited, and dishonorable thing --- and act as Territorial Pirates against their long-suffering Employers?  

In our view and in international law, a pirate is a pirate is a pirate. 

So it's time for the U.S. Military to make an official and public choice: are you honorable men, or pirates?  


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What "Unseen" Enemy?

By Anna Von Reitz

The actual enemy is in full view, and rarely more so than in the last few days.
Its name is the National Security Council, an un-elected, unaccountable, self-interested bunch of Commissars that got installed by Harry Truman (following FDR's lead, of course) to control the economy and coordinate "defense" of their action by the military during the 1946 restructure of everything--- and then simply stayed on to enrich themselves and manipulate and control things to enhance their own "security".
This was the same time period that saw the implementation of Bretton Woods, the Marshal Plan, and the adoption of Two Sets of Books Bookkeeping known as "Double Accrual Accounting" by the GAO, a system first popularized by Al Capone's bookkeeper.
This is when the Municipal "IRS" joined the Territorial "Internal Revenue Service" effort to terrorize and pillage American businesses and working people.
And you thought that Warren Buffett was just SO smart?
No. Like Rothschild, he's just so well-informed and able to take advantage of that Insider Information to do Insider Trading. He knows what the economy is going to do and when to sell or buy what, because he is one of the Commissars in charge of manipulating and controlling the flow of commodities including currency. He and Anna Tatlock, the British Commissar in America, are enabled to take down whole industries and seize any "Public Corporation" as they just did with Microsoft, Krogers, Walmart, Costco, .....
How many businesses would EVER choose to "incorporate" if the dumb clucks going into it knew that the government would thereafter own everything that they struggle and work for and build as a result of "accepting a charter"?
If the business community really understood that and was given full disclosure, there wouldn't be a "public" corporation left in America.
These cretins mean to control your access to food and water and damned near everything else you need to live, including information, so of course, there will have to be ten days of "darkness" while they plug in their 5G Control Grid and take over the Internet too and take over all six of the major Media Corporations.
Welcome to the Soviet Union, all wrapped up in red, white, and blue.
But if you want to know where all the evil is coming from, it's really not hidden from you. It's coming from the National Security Council in this country and from House of Wettin in Europe.
These two point sources work together to create 95% of the death and destruction and disease and misery in the world, and they are constantly stirring the pot to further enrich themselves.
Most recently, they decided to take down the Oil Barons for a profit, similar to what they did when they took down the Railroad Barons in the 1920s and 30s.
They are folding the Oil Industry and moving to control the electrical industry as the next new thing. Don't be surprised if all your greedy, incompetent, and corrupt home town "electrical cooperatives" have new Big Corporate bosses from out of town, soon. And they will be even worse.
The excuse for this will be "maintaining grid security" but in fact, it will be "grid control" such that these unaccountable and untrustworthy monsters are able to deny people electricity whenever it suits them, and abuse the electrical grid as a means to spy upon and "control" others.
These are the grown up versions of the horrible little kids you knew in grade school --- the sneaky, selfish, "unsporting", nasty little bullies and tattle-tales that hung around the edges and manipulated things so that others got in trouble, often for doing things that these little vermin planned.
What we should do is just save ourselves a lot of trouble and get rid of them ---- arrest a couple hundred evil people at the top of the European and American food chains and be done.
If they had any honor or sense of what is good for this planet, or even what is ultimately "good" for themselves, they'd leave quietly and let life go on unhindered by their manipulating, hoarding, insider trading, commodity rigging, and enslavement activities, but as the good of the planet or anyone on it is a foreign concept to them, there is little hope that they will vacate without the use of cattle prods and lasers.
Some of these characters really are inhabited by demons, just like in the Bible, and they can be very dangerous----not because of what they are, mere shells that look human---- but because of the "demons" --- ETs, whatever--- that live inside of them. They put on quite a show when cornered, but it doesn't matter. They still need to go, go, go.
Obviously, anyone who would weaponize the Common Cold (that's what the Coronavirus is) is more than two bricks short of a load, yet that is what they have done in the name of "National Security". And that is what we are suffering all this disruption over --- a hyped up version of the Common Cold.
Obviously, too, a British "bug" that was carried to China by a Sergeant in the American Military stationed at Fort Belvoir -- a man who attended the World Games in Wuhan last October-- is definitely not a "Chinese Virus" and the Chinese Government is not responsible for its existence nor its release.
Once again for the brain-dead and deaf:
The British Pirbright Institute owns the patent on the "novel" Coronavirus, aka, weaponized Common Cold. It was funded by DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ---- nobody else. It was carried to China, hopefully unwittingly, by an American Serviceman stationed at Fort Belvoir --- Patient One.
Now, that's the actual truth of the matter and the President needs to be informed, so that he is: (1) no longer blaming it on China; (2) is playing with a full deck; and (3) has no plausible deniability for taking unjust actions predicated on misinformation.
Warren Buffett and Anne Tatlock already dealt with Bill Gates by taking over Microsoft and sending him home to play Parcheesi, just as they dealt with GHWB and the oil industry--- the same oil industry that was rewarded for murdering JFK and helping to pull off 911, and which is now being taken down and demonized by the perpetrators of it all.
La, la, la, how the world works. The innocent and the patsies are blamed for everything.
The National Security Council is headed up by the Vice-President and includes an "Assassination Committee" that actually plans murders of Americans and others who don't agree with the "policies" set in place by the National Security Council, and who are deemed "terrorists" as a result.
Although it should be obvious that men holding such powerful offices and abusing our Public Trust to such an outrageous extent, men sitting around manipulating entire industries and plotting murders and crooked bookkeeping systems behind closed doors, are The Problem by definition, many Americans still aren't getting the drift of all this: we have crime bosses in control of a substitute government.
These people are masquerading as "your" government, when in fact they are substituting their foreign subcontractor for "your" government. And the "National Security" they are protecting is their own, not yours.
They are in the process of seizing control of your very lives, and manipulating all the sectors of the economy upon which you depend --- electricity, water, food, information --- and they are telling you that this is necessary and for your own good. But look at what they are actually doing?
They are making False Claims against your interests and assets. They caused this virus problem, too. And they have been lying to you religiously since 1907.
What they are proposing is just a re-working of the same old crap on a different day: instead of using your labor to back their debt, they propose to use the gold and silver that is owed to you to back their debt, instead.
And then instead of harassing you with the IRS and completely outrageous claims to own the benefit of your labor, they propose to impose the Mark of the Beast --- their very own Bar Code --- and apply it to you, so that they can tax your ability to trade and barter.
And that, dear children, is just another means to enslave and control what is not theirs to enslave or control.
Time to kick every member of the "National Security Council" and their European Bosses and the members of the Con-gress, right where it hurts them most. In their wallets.
These people are crooks of a most dishonorable and duplicitous and destructive kind --- people who pretend to stand for "law and order" but who are instead actively engaged in Confidence Schemes on an unimaginable scale.
Don't be gullible. Just as they never had any right to tax your labor, they have no right to tax your ability to trade. Just as they never had any right or excuse to shut down the railroads to promote oil, they have no right to shut down the oil industry to promote their control of electricity.
Have you heard the words, "screwed, glued, and tattooed"?
That's what we need to do to every politician in Washington, DC, including the President. WWG1WGA may be true, but where THEY are going,we don't want or need to go. They need to get the message, shoved up their noses or their asses. It really doesn't matter which. And they need that message now.
It's time for the Territorial Government to re-venue our assets back to us. The re-venue has to go all the way to the land jurisdiction and the American States and People that the assets actually belong to.
Either that, or they and the members and lackeys of their "National Security Council" ----all stand exposed as nothing but common criminals and mercenaries engaged in piracy and other crimes on our shores, and all these activities are being taken against the best interests of their Employers and in violation of the Constitutions which allow their activities and offices to exist.
Their job is to protect the electrical grid --- not tax it, not control it, not weaponize it.
They all need hear it loud and clear from 320 million angry and disgusted Americans. And not all of us are relatively powerless "voters" ---- some of us are Electors and we are ready to spit, too.
If --- and its a big "IF" -- there is actually any coronavirus "emergency", that emergency has been caused by the Brits and our own federal subcontractors.
It's time to put pedal to the metal and boots up the butts of the "National Security Council" and the members of Con-gress.


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Dr Anthony Fauci is now the President of the United States

Dr Anthony Fauci is now the President of the United States
(To read about Jon's mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)
---Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious Diseases---

HEADLINE: "In Dr. Fauci we Trust." (Daily Beast)

The Daily Beast writes about Fauci: " he guides the nation through the coronavirus crisis...stands at the White House with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence...introduce[s] actual truth to the coronavirus briefings...Fauci has been in charge from the start."

The ECONOMIC DEVASTATION now consciously set in place, in the US, as a result of lockdowns, will long?

If Fauci and his cohorts at the CDC and the World Health Organization say two months, the devastation will be two months.  If they say six months, it will be six months.  If they say a year, it will be a year.

Fauci is the medical front man.  He announces how long "the epidemic" will persist.  That, in turn, equals how long the lockdowns will persist, which in turn equals how long the smashing of the economy will go on.

As president, Fauci trumps Trump.  Trump has been put in a box, checked and double checked.

As I've been establishing in many articles, the epidemic itself is a misnomer:  the dubious discovery of a new virulent virus; worthless, deceptive, useless diagnostic tests for the coronavirus, rendering case numbers meaningless; people suffering from a variety of traditional disease conditions and several new non-viral conditions, all re-labeled under the empty umbrella term, "COVID-19"; the media pumping of fear; medical/public health authorities put in charge of national policy; escalating mass surveillance and social distancing; AND THEREFORE BOTH THE BEGINNING OF THE "EPIDEMIC" AND ITS END ARE MANDATED BY ARBITRARY EDICT.

Not science.  Not fact.

In an expanding number of countries, we are looking at medical coup.  Palace revolution.

Media are blaring "coronavirus coverage" wall to wall and repressing the full picture of the economic war against the people, and its human cost.

Workers living from paycheck to paycheck, laid off.  Rents not paid.  Businesses close.  Owners go broke.  Small investors lose their shirts.  Savings dwindle.  Public venues shut down.

Picture this.  In a small city, the university suspends classes.  The majority of students go home.  Overnight, all the money students would spend locally drains away.  A week later, an order comes through: restaurants and bars must close.  Workers are laid off.  The owners, who were operating on small margins, are squeezed to the hilt and beyond.  There is a major tourist attraction in town, a theme park.  It shuts down.  Tourist trade, which was already drying up, goes flat.  A whole variety of shops shut their doors.  Then, an order: non-essential stores must stop doing business, unless they can somehow limit traffic to ten customers at a time.  A huge botanical garden and two museums close.  Their employees are without jobs.  And all this is just the beginning of the damage...the citizens themselves hunker down.  They start abandoning their homes and moving in with friends and family---more people in smaller spaces...yet they try to practice social distancing.  Hospitals in town are dealing with more and more people, who come in with coughs, sniffles, ordinary flu, long-term lung conditions and the belief they could be infected by the virus.  Doctors are under the gun.  They're forced to diagnose some of these people as "presumptive COVID cases."  That means general wards will not do---because of "the contagion factor," such patients must be shunted into ICU.  But there are not enough beds...

Medical edicts run the whole country.

"This is not politics.  This is science and concern and containment and healing."

No.  This is a coup.

This is an economic war.

An attack on freedom.

The front man, the president of the United States, is Anthony Fauci.

And in other countries?  Read this, from Haaretz, in Israel:

"Israel's PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES CHIEF (my caps) told an emergency meeting of lawmakers on an intelligence panel earlier this week that the key to eradicating the coronavirus pandemic relies on the enforcement of strict isolation measures, and the timing of introducing that policy."

"In her remarks to the Knesset Subcommittee on Intelligence and Secret Services on Monday, concerning the Shin Bet security service's monitoring of coronavirus patients, Sigal Sadetsky referenced the Chinese handling of COVID-19. She told the panel's chairman, MK Gabi Ashkenazi (Kahol Lavan), that it all depends on 'when you start it and how strongly you do it,' and that she believes 'everyone will do the same thing'."

"When MK Yoav Kish (Likud) sought to clarify whether she meant a total lockdown or curfew, Sadetsky replied: 'A lockdown and personal monitoring of people, AND A TOTAL HALT TO PERSONAL FREEDOMS'."
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Jon Rappoport
The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.
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