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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Get to a VACCINE REBELLION state or be HUNTED by the vax enforcers

Some REAL Fact Checking on the Corona Virus

No National Emergencies and No Emergency Powers, Either

 By Anna Von Reitz

As of the first of August 2021, the purported ongoing American Civil War left unresolved since 1865, has been settled by a Peace Treaty among the fifty populated States of the Union. It's over. No further presumption of war, no further presumption of emergency.
Our foreign Federal Subcontractors have no standing to object, and being stateless on our shores, have no separate nation here to represent.
There is no provision anywhere at any level of our Government allowing for the assumption of any special, extraordinary, or unstated power in the presence of any emergency, real or imagined.
The sight of the Board of Directors of a foreign, for-profit, privately owned and operated commercial corporation voting itself emergency powers allowing it to dictate to its Employers, is ludicrous.
No such emergency powers have ever been granted and may not be taken; our country was born out of the maelstrom of war and has good cause and sufficient experience to deal with its own exigencies if any such emergency or any purported thirty-one such emergencies existed.
Instead, we find a self-interested and out of control foreign chartered entity awarding itself powers and prizes at our expense, while owing us Good Faith and Service.
We find that the so-called Emergency Powers were invoked by our erstwhile Subcontractors via a process of Executive Orders made by their corporation Presidents acting in the Office of Commander in Chief, while in fact that Office was vacated under conditions of deceit and guile.
We further find that all such Executive Orders are usurpations upon our Public Offices and are tainted by the foregoing fraud.
There is no provision for such Executive Orders to exist, and that is why the actual Government has set them aside, together with all legal presumptions attached to them.
We hold the other Principals in Gross Breach of Trust and maintain that they are fully responsible and fully accountable for the False Claims and lawlessness and the other evils they have allowed their own subcontractors to promulgate against us.
And now we come to another substantive issue: there is no provision for our Federal Subcontractors to additionally subcontract out their own work to Third Parties and thus double-charge us and evade their own responsibilities under contract.
The run amok Federal Corporations voted themselves the right to create and establish an endless plethora of "Agency" helpers to do the actual work, while they enjoyed paid vacation and double charged us ---both for work that they were authorized to do under the Delegated Powers, and a vast array of services that were never authorized by us at all.
For example, the misnamed "Department of Justice" was created as a private in-house law firm dedicated to the protection of the interests of the Scottish-chartered interloper doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" (1868-1907) and passed off as a legitimate part of our American Government.
No doubt encouraged by the success of this and similar deceits, more than 350 such unauthorized agency subcontractors of our Federal Subcontractors were authorized during the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt alone. The end result has been:
(1) Cancerous proliferation of government jobs and intrusions into our private lives never allowed by nor solicited by us;
(2) Subcontractors collecting payment for work actually done by Third Parties, whose services were also paid for by us (double and often triple or quadruple "dipping");
(3) Subcontractors seeking to avoid accountability for their actions and inactions by hiring Third Party subcontractors to do their own work, and either (a) deliberately misdirecting them, or (b) letting these Third Party subcontractors create and enforce their own Administrative Code without respect to the actual Primary Contract.
We find that the United States Congress was responsible for printing and managing the United States currency based upon our credit, and that instead of fully informing their Employers and thereby allowing us to correct the situation back in 1865, minions of the British Territorial United States entered the vacated offices of the Republic Congress and pretended authority to issue currency based upon our assets.
No such authority existed then or now.
Moreover we find that these inland pirates further subcontracted with private parties operating under the deceptive name of "THE FEDERAL RESERVE" to issue private bank notes under conditions of usury--- in effect, illegally and fraudulently indebting us and our assets via issuing unauthorized Promissory Notes, and then charging us interest for the use of our own credit.
This pattern was repeated in numerous sectors of the economy and promoted by continuing crimes of personage and barratry.
We find that the guileless Americans were made to pay for rebuilding all the damage and ruined infrastructure of the world after World War II, and now, when it comes time for the actual Parties responsible for promulgating that great conflict to pay us back, their response is to form an alliance with Communist China and unleash a biological weapon to kill their Priority Creditors--- the same innocent people they have been victimizing and taxing for the use of their own assets for 160 years.
Enough is enough. The Chinese need to wake up. The Brits need to wake up. The Germans need to wake up. The Bank of International Settlements needs to wake up. The World Bank needs to wake up. The High Courts need to wake up. And this senseless genocide needs to be stopped.
The parasites responsible for this must be held to account and not allowed to escape to a new host (China).
We have discovered ways and means to correct and/or prevent the damage that these monsters intended, so that we may save many lives both in this country and abroad. This has come about as a desperate effort, now with confirmed results, to prevent blood-clotting caused by magnetizing red blood cells, and by finding inexpensive and effective means to suppress the Common Cold and production of foreign viral proteins.

The High Courts and all people of Goodwill throughout the Earth are called upon to recognize the depths to which these governmental "service organizations" have sunk in their reckless self-service and pursuit of profit, and also, called upon to recognize the pernicious spread of these corporations masquerading as governments.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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