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Thursday, December 27, 2018

GOA Files Suit Against ATF’s Illegal and Unconstitutional Bump Stock Ban

December 26, 2018
For immediate release

GOA Files Suit Against ATF’s Illegal and Unconstitutional Bump Stock Ban

Springfield, VA – Gun Owners of America (GOA) and its Foundation (GOF) filed suit today against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) for their regulations on bump stocks.
Erich Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America said, “Our suit challenges the legality of ATF’s action and asks for an injunction to stop enforcement of the regulations.
“These dangerous regulations can go much farther than just bump stocks. The goal of the anti-gun left is, ultimately, not just banning bump stocks, but, rather, putting ‘points on the board’ toward its goal of banning civilian ownership of all firearms.”
The suit is filed strategically in Western District of Michigan, and GOA is joined by other pro-gun groups and individuals.
“Not coincidentally, Michigan is located within the jurisdiction of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals -- a circuit which is not only very pro-gun, but also has been more skeptical of illegal government regulatory actions than many other circuits in the country,” Pratt stated.
“GOA is happy to announce that the Virginia Citizens Defense League has joined the suit as a plaintiff -- as well as Tim from the Military Arms Channel and GOA’s Texas state director Rachel Malone,” Pratt continued. “And I’m pleased to report that several state gun organizations, such as the Oregon Firearms Federation and BamaCarry, have contacted GOA and will be contributing financially, and by other means, to this case.

For more information about the suit, please see here.
Erich Pratt, or another GOA spokesman, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over 1.5 million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA's Newsroom.

See the actual filed complaint here:

What I Know About Warnings and Arrests

By Anna Von Reitz

A large number of criminal networks have been uncovered both here and abroad, which have been siphoning large amounts of money out of the American economy and which have been contributing to illegal arms and drug markets, human trafficking rings, and even darker purposes, such as murder related to organ harvesting, Satanic rituals, and pedophilia.
The bunny trail has led to some of the highest offices in government and down to the local subcontractor level. The clean up began in Arkansas and is spreading outward from that initial beach head. Most likely it will hit Nevada or New Mexico next, which have similarly been hot beds of racketeering, illegal gambling, smuggling, and other criminal activities.
Arkansas, Bill Clinton's old stomping ground, was Ground Zero for the clean up operation, because so much of this corruption was connected through contacts in Arkansas or started there.
A pernicious system of "kickbacks" from the Federal level down to the local government units is apparent throughout. This system promotes racketeering and kickbacks based on racketeering and extortion.
About 70,000 indictments have been processed thus far and the number of total indictments continues to grow as more evidence surfaces and more criminals turn on their compatriots and provide evidence against them. Nobody knows how many people will eventually be indicted by so-called Operation Clean Sweep, but it could easily go over 100,000.
Some of these cases will be tried by military courts because the persons and activities fall under that jurisdiction. Others will be tried by civilian courts.
People can expect to see some famous names in the line-ups and will be shocked by scope and ferocity of these criminals.
The best thing for us to do during the "rodeo" is to stay at home and off the streets. Just hunker down and let the police and military units assigned do their jobs.
Children and pets need to be kept under close supervision.
It's highly recommended that you pick up extra prescription medications you might need during the next month.
Every effort has been and is being made to assure the continuation of utility services, but it can't hurt to have extra food, extra water, and a "camp potty"--- a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat and lid on it, ready to go, if needed.
The idea is to be ready to just stay home for a week to ten days and not go anywhere. Be ready in the event that the lights go out or the local grocery store closes.
And other than that, be psychologically ready, as much as you can be, for the sight of military units guarding public buildings and people ---even well-known people--- being arrested and accused of heinous crimes.
This is not a Kodak Moment in our country's history, but it is a necessary effort to put an end to institutionalized crime.
Once the roll-up starts, nobody knows how long it will take to meet the primary objectives, but the best estimates I have heard are a week to ten days. That may be optimistic, but gives at least a reasonable parameter to plan for.
I advocate everyone being ready for at least a couple weeks of shut down at all times, simply because I have lived through two disasters already --- a wild fire and an earthquake -- and know the score.
The time to plan is BEFORE you actually need extra food, water, blankets, a do-it-yourself toilet, prescription refills, heat, and some means to cook food and boil water. If you have those emergency needs provided for and have your emergency plan in place, it will be a lot less stressful when and if you need to deploy and actually make use of these provisions.
So far as I know, the indictments are real and will be enforced, which gives rise to the reasonable expectation that at least in some places and for some period of time, it will be desirable for Americans to find a seat and stay home.
Better to plan for that and not need to do it, than to need extra supplies and to not have them on hand.


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By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday's Mail -- 1862

[This note got "dropped out" because of my location during the holidays. It's a personal post -- a reflection of how the past follows us forward in many ways. For example, I wouldn't exist if the Lakota hadn't attacked New Ulm, Minnesota, in 1862. My Great-Grandmother and her first husband, who was killed in the attack, would have just continued on to California like so many others....]

Today, the Day After Christmas, we have definite diagnosis from a canine cancer expert that no, my Labrador Retriever does not have lymphoma and yes, he does have laryngeal paralysis and is a good candidate for "Tie Back" surgery. 

So, so far, so good. 

After a morning appointment to determine this, I came home to deal with still more wreckage from the Earthquake-- both oddly dating to 1862 and Minnesota. 

The first was the breaking apart of my giant Christmas Cactus, a 15th generation of one that Charlie Mayo gave my Great-great Grandmother, Hannah Knight Alexander. 

The large Majolica Pot it was in hurtled off a plant stand and broke in a hundred pieces. The Cactus which was just beginning to bloom broke into many pieces of fronds, too. 

These I picked up and am endeavoring to root, thinking of that long-ago Christmas when Charlie Mayo came home from Edinborough, and brought my Great-Grandmother a rooted slip of the latest horticultural discovery: a Christmas Cactus. 

We have kept it going all these years, through all these generations: Charlie Mayo's Christmas Cactus made the journey to Alaska in 1987, and has been here growing in a variety of pots ever since. 

The giant Majolica pot that bit the dust in the November 30, 2018 Earthquake was only the most recent home of The Family Christmas Cactus. 

It first came away with me when I left home for college when it lived in a plain earthenware pot and has been part of my adventures ever since. Even now, when it is suddenly split in a hundred pieces and searching for new roots. 

The other attachment also comes back to the Mayos and 1862 and Minnesota and the Second Battle of New Ulm.  My Great-Grandmother and her husband, Merton Eastlick, were traveling westward with a party of pioneers headed by Dr. William Worrall Mayo the fateful August of that year and all were caught in the midst of the Great Sioux Uprising of that year. 

Merton Eastlick and two of the small children were killed outright by the Lakota and Mary Alexander Eastlick was seriously wounded and left a widow with three surviving children.  Together with Dr. William Worrall Mayo the survivors limped back to Rochester and yet another story began. 

This winter on Christmas Eve I received a gift of Magic from a Lakota Grandmother.  She sent me two exquisite Dream Catchers and many other items and totems of faith in life and the Great Spirit that binds us. She did not tell me her name, but she sent me her spirit. 

So here we are, all together, after all these years.  I am hoping that Charlie Mayo's Christmas Cactus will--as it has so many times before-- grow new roots. And I am hoping that the Lakota Elder read this and know that I understand and cherish their prayers. 

We are all in this together. 

And as if to make the point all that much more obvious, I sat down after dinner and did the clean up and repair of my essential oils cabinet. 

My Great-Great Grandfather, Joseph Alexander, was the "Green Witch" for the Mayo brothers, the early form of a pharmacist. My earliest memories are of his herb lawn and tumbling headlong down a slope robed in Violets and thyme. 

Today, I carry on the family tradition of herb lore and use of natural medicine and have a large collection of essential oils in small vials in wooden cases. 

Amazingly, only four vials were damaged: Damiana, Hyssop, Violet, and Chinese Lotus. 

So tonight I sat at the table in my dining room pouring over my essential oil collection and re-bottled and re-labeled those four oils and contemplated all the nuances of scent pouring over me and my household. 

It smells wonderful and alive in my house tonight and I feel very close to my Great-Great Grandfather, his wounded daughter who became my Great-Grandmother, the Lakota whose lives entwine with ours, the plants and the Earth that are our common heritage. 

Hyssop, the bitter herb of the Last Supper, Damiana, the herb of women and the moon, Violet, the sweet floral scent of my home state and youth, and Chinese Lotus, the magnificent warm power of sun and water combined. 

The air is full of their natural magic and the keynote of all these many elements come back to 1862, all now and present in the winter of 2018 --Charlie Mayo's Christmas Cactus, the Lakota Elder's gift, the memory of the young widow who remarried and became my Great-Grandmother, Mary Alexander, the essential oils whose scents were cherished then and now. 

God bless us all in this New Year. May the past be at peace at last. 


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