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Friday, April 13, 2012

Open letter to Lincoln County office holders and candidates.

After a call from Steve Curtiss I have corrected a couple of paragraphs in this letter. He has NOT said he would work to abolish the planning board. I know he understands Agenda 21 and what it means in our county, but he can speak for himself in that regard and I stand corrected. I still support whatever he decides to do on this. because I know he has the depth of understanding of these issues to be able to deal with them effectively for Lincoln County to restore freedom and prosperity here. If you want to visit with him call 406 297 2641.
I still believe our county is better off with freedom and liberty instead of centralized planning by government. America didn't get to be the greatest country on the planet by a lack of freedom, but because of it.

The county commissioners of Lincoln County Montana need to do the same thing that the City of Colfax California did recently.

They threw out Agenda 21 in it's entirety.

The Lincoln county commission put this in without our consent and without even giving people an opportunity to vote on it, and it can be thrown out the same way.

 My own opinion is there shouldn't be a growth policy, no county planner, and no planning board. There shouldn't be county employees running around the county persecuting local people when they start up a business. There shouldn't be government getting in the way of development, or in the way of freedom and liberty in Lincoln County.

And that my friends is what it will take to save this county from going under financially, and nothing less will work. We need freedom and prosperity, and we need people coming to start new businesses. That is how we stay prosperous. We don't prosper in Lincoln County by the county commissioners sucking up all the federal money they can get. How do you like the Hope and Change? Look around you and see what it gets us. What will Lincoln County do when the federal money runs out, which is inevitable now.

The only thing necessary for business to flourish in Lincoln County is for government to get the heck out of the way.

Look below at what Utah is doing to stop the encroachment of federal tyranny over the states and state land.

Then go below that article and see what the city of Colfax California did. People like this realize that we don't have much time left to throw these socialist power grabbers out or it won't be possible any more.

I challenge any candidate for Lincoln County Commissioner to refute these facts. I challenge any candidate to lay out a plan to make Lincoln County free and prosperous. IF YOU DON'T, AND THE STATUS QUO REMAINS, AND THE GOOD OLE BOY CLUB STAYS IN POWER


What are you going to do when the US currency melts down? How are you going to provide freedom and safety to our residents?

Or are you just going to cave in to the federal monster and deliver our freedoms over to the beast that is the Obama machine and tyranny called FEMA?

Is that going to be your legacy? Are you selling us out? Are you continuing the status quo until the end, and you then hope to be a part of the new ruling class. Well I have news for you. Every time a country went down to communism or fascism the first to be executed by the new communist regime were the people who sold out their fellow countrymen. Look it up. Google communist takeovers in history. How could the new regime trust people who were willing to sell out their countrymen? They won't, so they just kill them, especially the people in local governments in positions of power.

Without the help of local governments there can be NO TYRANNY. Without the help of the local law enforcement there can be no tyranny.

It's time for all the people collecting their pay from local government to stand up and take their oath of office seriously to protect and defend the freedoms outlined in the US Constitution or get the heck out of the way. If you can't live up to your oath, save us all a lot of trouble and just quit. Resign, so we can replace you with someone who will live up to their oath, and who will do the job they are getting paid to do according to their oath.

That is YOU county commissioners. That is you, Sheriff and deputies. That is you, all county office holders.

If you don't have a proper and correct oath of office on file YOUR OFFICE IS VACANT. That is Montana law. We will be checking up on that for every employee of Lincoln County. This is your last chance to stand up for freedom and liberty, and your county and country.

Follow the example of the brave people below who got it right.
We are watching you.

Find out here how to keep your oath. and here

Robby Bowe, you had a golden opportunity to go to the CSPOA convention all expenses paid at the end of January and find out how to keep your oath.

Why didn't you? Don't give us excuses, like you were too busy. You have the power to delegate duties.

Is your oath in order? I have reason to believe it isn't. Would you like it to be corrected so it IS in order? I can help you with that. The sheriff of Flathead county, and the sheriff of Sanders county corrected their oaths. How about you?

Are you willing to take your oath seriously? Are you going to do the job you swore to do, and protect our freedoms?

If you are you will have lots of help. If you are we can make sure you have lots of people in Linclon County that will stand by your side and back you up. If you are not, then just quit now so we can get a sheriff that will.

Paul Stramer
Lincoln County Watch

Who owns the West?

Utah intends to own the land within its state. The state legislature enacted and the Governor signed a law that informs the federal government that if the federal government has not turned over all federal land within Utah by the end of 2014, then the state will take the federal land by eminent domain. For years now, the feds have not only been expanding their ownership and control of land, including private property, but are driving people off their land. See what happened to Kit Laney and Cliven Bundy.

This is the effect of Agenda 21 in rural communities. The same kind of control of land use has been expanding in urban communities since Agenda 21 was signed by George H.W. Bush, and the creation of the President's Council on Sustainable Development by Bill Clinton in 1993.

Learn how to deal with these issues when they come to your community, or how to get rid of these land use restrictions if they are already in your community. Get a supply of these booklets and view and share this DVD with your friends and neighbors.

This week's newsletter is here:

by Ask Marion

The City of Colfax, CA reportedly defeated UN Agenda 21 by a 4-0 vote and passed Resolution No. 12-2012.

Ken Delfino, one of the City Councilmen, reportedly wrote a letter describing what he learned about UN Agenda 21 and urges others to educate themselves about it too.

You can help by sending these three items of information to your City Council Members. If they’re uninterested, be sure to campaign against them so that they are defeated when they run for re-election.

1. Here is the reported letter in its entirety (a link to the letter is not yet available).
Dear friends, constituents and colleagues:

This evening the attached resolution was introduced and discussed...and was passed by a 4-0 vote.

This particular topic has been discussed in previous council meetings as more and more people are becoming aware of this United Nations program that has been hidden under a myriad of titles starting with the "New World Order" in 1992 and the addition of many of these restrictive and business-killing environmental initiatives that have been introduced and passed in the past 2-3 years.
On-line searches of anti-American U.N. bias and statements will show you just how much this organization despises the success of our country. We are railed against by the likes of Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers, Daniel Ortega, Moammar Khadaffy and other anti-American leaders not just from their capitols, but worse, from the United Nations building in New York City!

The ultimate goal of United Nations' Agenda 21 is global governance with the U.N as the head agency.

Many of my council colleagues from other jurisdictions have gotten together to find ways to fight this cancer that has crept into our government. We all took an Oath to support our state and United States constitutions and protect our citizens and community against all enemies...foreign and domestic...and this is the statement our city made tonight to this effect.

We believe other cities and counties have made such stands and we hope others will join us.

I ask that if you have not done so, to at least [sic] research this program and come to your own conclusion.

In closing, I want to stress that this is not a Republican v. Democrat v. Libertarian, left v. right, religious [sic] v. atheist issue...this is purely an anti-American issue aimed at eliminating our national sovereignty !

In continued service to my country and community,

Ken Delfino

Councilman City of Colfax, CA

2. Nancy Pelosi Pushes Agenda 21 On House Floor

What you are about to see in this video is Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spearheading HC Res 353 on the House floor to pursue United Nations (UN) Agenda 21. She calls out “Agenda 21” twice and clearly states that it is the “United Nations Sustainable Development” program…

3. RESOLUTION No. 12-2012: City of Colfax, California (see page 21 at this link:

R E S O L U T I O N No. 12-2012


WHEREAS, the United Nations Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control that was initiated at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992 and…

WHEREAS the United Nations Agenda 21 has been and continues to be covertly pushed into local communities throughout the United States of America through what was the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) through local “sustainable development” policies such as ‘Smart Growth’, ‘Wildlands Projects’, ‘Resilient Cities’, ‘Regional Visioning Projects’ and similar names and…

WHEREAS this United Nations Agenda 21 plan of radical so-called “sustainable development” views the American way of life of private property ownership, single family homes, private car ownership and individual travel choices and privately owned farms all as destructive to the environment and…

WHEREAS according to the United Nations Agenda 21 policy, social justice is described as the right and opportunity of all people to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment which would be accomplished by redistribution of wealth and…

WHEREAS according to the United Nations Agenda 21 policy, National Sovereignty is deemed a social injustice.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that in order to help protect property rights of our citizens, the Council of the City of Colfax, California recognizes the destructive and insidious nature of United Nations Agenda 21 and hereby exposes to the public and public policy makers the dangerous intent of the plan and be it further

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that neither the United States government nor state or local government is legally bound by the United Nations Agenda 21 treaty in that the treaty has never been endorsed by the United States Senate and therefore
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the implementation of the United Nations

Agenda 21 destructive strategies for “sustainable development” at the federal, state and local governments across the country will have harmful repercussions and we hereby reject all of its radical policies that are not in the best interests of our citizens and the City of Colfax and our Sphere of Influence.

PASSED AND ADOPTED, this 11th day of April, 2012, by the City Council of the City of Colfax,

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