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Monday, February 20, 2012

Rick Santorum can NOT beat Obama!


Obama never really had the office, but that is yet to be adjudicated.

I wish I could take credit for writing the article below. Ron Paul says Santorum can't win against Obama and he is dead on right. Santorum would put us in a box and make the US government responsible for the lock. That might sound strange to you coming from a cradle Catholic, but Santorum is anything but  a true Catholic. A Catholic couldn't vote to use government force to rob some group of people and give the proceeds of the theft to another group, which Santorum has done over and over. He really has a spending obsession.

A true Catholic would have read the writings of some of the Popes that condemn the whole idea of Liberalism as a false and sinful philosophy, and a true Catholic would NEVER condone the use of artificial birth control or vote to fund any organization that offers it to anyone. But a true Catholic would realize that people are best helped by persuasion and education rather than force. The Catholic Church might believe that God's form of Government is a Christian Monarchy under ideal conditions, where the monarch is a saint like King Louis IX, 1214-1270, who reigned in France, but the same Catholic Church did NOT condemn the structure of freedom we had here in America at the beginning of our country. The Church realized that freedom of religion as we have it would also allow CATHOLICS to practice their religion and use persuasion and education to grow the Church.

The Church realized that although people should not believe errors, they should be given the time to study and arrive at the answers. There is NO way to force even the truth on someone with laws and expect to get anything but rebellion in return, and the Church learned that during the inquisition. They also learned that civil rulers tend to abuse their power greatly unless they are truly saintly and selfless, so civil rulers can't be trusted with that kind of power.

Rick Santorum is the type of personality like the civil rulers of that time, who tried to force everyone under their jurisdiction to believe and do everything they were told no matter what those rulers commanded, and some of those people in positions of civil authority greatly abused their power, and went far beyond what the Church was trying to do. So Rick, how about using the power of persuasion and education to convince people of the immorality of artificial birth control and the supremacy of the Church in matters of the spiritual realm and morality, and keep the federal government out of it? Let the States regulate what is necessary like perhaps issues like abortion, and please Rick, try to resist becoming another tyrant like the English kings were.

I will say one more thing about Santorum and his so called Catholicism. What he probably adhears to is the Novus Ordo new order religion that came out of Vatican II in the early 60s, which is NOT true Catholic teaching.

Paul Stramer

Now the article. I don't know who the author is.

When the TV told all you blowhards that rick perry was the front runner, like parrots you idiots chanted Run Rick run. When rick made a fool of himself it was Herman Cain!!! yeah, he's the one and like parrots 9 9 9 was the chants from the peanut gallery of mindless fools.

Then it was Mit (I wrote the framework for obamacare and support gun control) Romney and all you mindless unthinking fools once again chanted what your TV told you to chant. Now as people are growing tired of his banker backed BS your now falling back to the last guy in line who really is no choice at all; Rick Santorum. If Obama wins another term in office you fools only have yourselves to blame, just as you only have yourselves to blame for his first term in office.

I have been a registered republican since I was old enough to to vote and that whole time I have listened to the blowhards in my party say they don't want a flip flopper, they want someone who stands up for the constitution and our rights and they want a candidate that will put America first. They have all of that in Ron Paul and they still can't stop listening to the talking heads on TV long enough to think for themselves.

His foreign policy is exactly what we need right now, and it was only 8 years ago my party understood this. Bush campaigned on smaller government, fiscal responsibility and for america to stop policing the world, and now look at all of you gas bags... You got what you wanted and you're still listening to your freakin TV and not thinking for yourselves on almost every issue. You have a guy who wrote the framework for Obama care and supports gun control a frontrunner for the Republican party??? If that doesn't give you a moment of pause and say "hey wait a minute, somethings wrong here" then you are sitting on your own shoulders with your head up your...

Ron has a massive following of not just the youth vote, but people who stopped listening to the talking heads and starting researching and educating themselves on actual FACTS, HISTORY and REAL ISSUES and he is the only one who can get enough support to put a republican in office. If you don't vote for him and obama wins another term you fools only have yourselves to blame.

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