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Friday, November 8, 2019

Encouragement to Act and to Choose

By Anna Von Reitz

I don't mean that we are alone or unaided in our efforts when I say that "only you" are responsible for self-governance of yourself and your State.  We have plenty of help on a Universal basis, and that help is more or less instantly available to us when we ask for it.  

It's the "asking" part that we fall down on, first, because we don't know that there is anyone or anything else present to ask, and second, because we think that we are self-sufficient just because we have free will.  

Neither of these assumptions are true. 

Jesus tried to tell you and I am telling you, too.  Ask to receive.  Knock and it will be opened to you. 

We are not alone.  We never have been.  We never will be.  We are part of a Universal Dynamic.  We are hard-wired into the Web of Life and the Ordered Dominion that gives rise to life of all kinds. 

Rocks are alive, because they are ordered structures composed of pure energy.  So are we. 

Think about what the relationship between mass and energy reveals?  

Think about what the chemical and ordered physical structures reveal? 

Not only that, but we are clearly not static creations.  We are being created each and every day that we live.  Our creation did not begin with a moment of fertilization, though that did mark our physical incarnation in this life, and our creation certainly did not end with parturition from our Mothers. 

We are all, right now, at this moment, in the process of being created and sustained.  All of us. That creative power is not our own.  That knowledge and those resources don't come from us.  

Just stop for ten minutes and really think.  

I have looked and sought and asked and thought for many years, and in all of that, I can only conclude that like Toddlers, there is only one question that we are generally well-suited to answer, and that question is: what?  

What do we want?   The red elephant or the blue binky? 

That is the question the Universe asks of us and the one question we can answer.  


Do we want truth, peace, compassion, grace, kindness, humility, sharing, freedom and life abundant?  

Or do we want lies, illusions, war, selfishness, gluttony, cruelty, bigotry, deceit, arrogance, and death?  

Our choice. The whole Universe waits for our answer. 

So while we are not alone, and while we can't and don't sustain or create ourselves, we do have a crucially important responsibility and role.  We each need to declare what we want and where we stand. 

This is why we are instructed to "Choose life."  

There is an active element to this.  

We aren't supposed to just dawdle along and go, "Uh, I or death, that is the question... uh, well, I dunno the answer to that one.... really tough quizzes you give, Grandma.  I mean, if you live, you gotta do stuff like homework and raise kids, and if you die, you can just lie in the ground and rot...." 

And we aren't supposed to overly worry ourselves about all the other questions --- the why, when, where, how, who and so forth.   Like most everything else, that's provided once we know what we want and focus on it. 


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Think, Grasshopper --- Public Law? Private Law?

By Anna Von Reitz

What does it mean when someone starts talking about "private law"?  

It is obviously different than "public law"--- right?  

So what does it mean when someone starts talking about "private law" with respect to public institutions, like the Federal Government?  

Ah, well.... think some more!  The Government is "public", but is it also "private"? 

We, the American States and People, created the Federal Government.  Period.  We created it, defined it, empowered it, and funded it. 

All those functions we mandated and contracted to receive and pay for are public functions.  However, providing the agreed-upon services is not all that the Federal Government does. 

And that is where "private law" comes in.  

Private law isn't properly "Law" as most people understand it, at all.  

Private law is internal to a group --- like a religious sect or a for-profit corporation or a fraternity.  It's how they direct their own affairs and employees and manage their contracts, hire their vendors, etc.  

So from the very first, the Congress has passed both Public Laws that pertain to their Delegated Powers and Performance owed to the States and People, and, they have passed Private Laws that pertain to the internal administration and direction of government Employees and Dependents who are here on our shores providing "essential government services".  

Public Laws apply to the exercise of constitutionally mandated duties owed performance and those Public Laws that apply to everyone concerned must be published in the Congressional Record.  

Private Laws apply to the employees and dependents of the foreign governmental services corporations providing the "essential government services" referenced as part of Article IV. 

Public Laws are published as United States Statutes-at-Large and otherwise plainly and directly designated as "Public Law", for example, Public Law 27-103, together with disclosure of exactly which "Public" this Public Law applies to.  

Is it the American Public, the British Territorial United States "Public", or the Municipal United States "Public"?  Or the "Public" in New Guinea?  

Private Laws pertaining to the internal operations of the Federal Subcontractors are published as Federal Codes and Regulations and Public Policies. 

Both of these forms of law created by --- Congressional "Acts"---- are merely legislative and administrative in nature, adopted by members of Congress, and subject to nullification by the States and People and by the United States Supreme Court in the case of Public Law, and subject to repeal by the Executive Officers, Legislators, and/or the "Administrative Agencies" in the case of Private Law. 

The problem is that the Foxes left guarding the Hen House have been functioning almost entirely under "Private Law" and mis-applying their "Private Law" to people who are owed and who naturally stand under the Public Law, instead.  

You can see how "private law" functions in your churches and clubs and working environments.  

You sign up as a Methodist and you agree to obey the Methodist doctrines and use the Methodist liturgy and so on.  You accept the obligation as part of your membership in that Church, right?  

You join the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and you agree to the rituals and provisions and policies of that organization, and you agree to receive whatever benefits that membership provides as part of the deal in exchange for your membership dues.  

You sign up to work for KBR, Inc. and you wear their ridiculous lime-green uniform and a funny hat, and you stand behind a milk processing machine all day and control levers that adjust miniature conveyor belts from 6 in the morning to five at night, four days a week, in exchange for an hourly wage and a 401K Plan.  Okay?  You got it?  That's "private law".  

We are all familiar with private law.  

We all know that in order to be subject to "private law" we have to sign a valid contract of some kind --- a membership in a religion or a club or an employment contract or something of that kind.  

Well, what if  --- unbeknownst to you or them --- other people "signed you up" for a "free membership"  called a  "conferred citizenship" ----and all the benefits and obligations thereof--- as an unpaid employee and/or dependent of the Territorial and Municipal Government Services Corporations?  

Then you'd be left standing with a doo-dad in your hair, subject to their Codes and Regulations, obligated to pay their taxes, and so on.   And you would have no idea what happened or "what hit you" to create this situation. 

And what if all of this "conferring of citizenship" is criminal activity, that these foreign, for-profit governmental services corporations have been involved in for years and years, just cranking away like Bad Bookies with a "System"?  

Call it the "Federal Reserve System". 

What if the "policies" and practices of these corporations seeking to conscript and enslave you as an unpaid "volunteer" or "dependent"  are recognizable as world-class felonies?  Outlawed under the Lieber Code?  Outlawed under the Geneva and Hague Conventions?  

What if these corporate policies and practices --- their "private law" ---results in your own native political status and all its protections being stolen from you along with your identity as an American,  so that you lose all your property rights, your Bill of Rights, and everything else? 

Are you ready to tell these corporations where to get off and which end of their asses to light?  

Are you ready to demand that the Pope and the Queen responsible for this criminality make immediate correction and pay for their Breach of Trust?  

All this talk about "private law" with respect to any agency, department, branch or entity of "government" is just bunk if you are not legitimately and knowingly and willingly acting as a federal employee or dependent in the first place.  

The only law that actually applies to any American is our own Public Law and the jackdaws in Washington, DC and their "Agencies" and their "Court System Employees" have plenty of cause to know it.  

Now, you do, too.  

Go to: and reclaim your proper birthright political status.  Join your State Assembly.  Write to the members of Congress and express your horror and extreme displeasure.  Tell them, in plain English, what you think of them and the foreign governments (Holy See and British) that they in fact represent.  And make it clear that they are in Breach of Trust and operating in inexcusable criminal violation of their Constitutional obligations.  

Do it today.  


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The Gra-El Kings

By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are talking about the "Fourth Dimension" and "Fifth Dimension" but what they are talking about isn't related to dimensions at all.  I suppose it is because they don't have a vocabulary yet to describe what they are trying to express, so we wind up with misnomers.  

Our physical reality is cast in terms of a complex multi-layered information field with many layers.  Those layers are not "dimensions".  They are frequency fields, that bleed into each other the same way that radio stations fade in and out and become "solid" when you hit the right frequency on your radio dial.  

Thus there are recent reports of ghosts and giants walking among us and reports of people being possessed by demons and reports of gigantic "planets" being visible in near-space, and reports of strange beings identified as Extra-Terrestrials, and so on.  

What is actually happening is a disputed changing of the guards and stewards of this planet and a mandated resolution of the claims of the Gra-El Kings against the rulers of this world---- and the healing of the Faery Accord that pre-dates all other known charters, claims, or treaties in this world. 

The Faery Accord was violated by the eating of flesh.  

The Creator of this world never intended that we would eat the flesh of the animals which He also created and blessed with life.  There was never meant to be a "Law of Tooth and Claw" upon the Earth. 

And now, in the "twinkling of an eye", the fornicators and prevaricators are to be removed, once and for all.  They know this and they are preparing to receive their "king" --- Satan, the Cruel Master, who will continue to rule over them in the Abyss.  Thus, they have set up statues of his idols in the Vatican and in London and at the Coliseum and in Turkey and in Tel Aviv and in New South Wales and in Argentina and in Peru and various other places around the world. 

They are practicing their chants: "Hail, King Satan!"  Their Death Cult members are scuttling around like cockroaches all over the planet, all excited, like ants swarming on a rotting apple.  

This is taking place at the same time that we also prepare to receive our King and Creator, and to enter into our Inheritance: a new world and a renewed Earth.  

While their preparations are obvious and outward, involving public demonstrations and veiled announcements, the appearance of idols, parades of bizarre naked men, blood-letting ceremonies, orgies, etc., our preparations are internal and not obvious at all.  

Our preparations are largely silent and taking place in each heart. 

We choose our destiny and which Kingdom we will serve --- The Kingdom of God, meaning Mammon, or The Kingdom of Heaven.   Nobody here on Earth condemns anyone in any way that counts.  Only the True God, our Creator, has the power to do that.  

Yet, his condemnation will come.  And a great many foolish people will perish, both in the flesh and the spirit, because of their pride and selfishness and arrogant hardness of heart, because they would not listen nor change nor repent from the evils they have embraced.  

So let it come and don't be afraid.  For those who have let war and greed and hatred rule, a place for them has been prepared in the Abyss, where they will remain. For those who have clung fast to compassion and grace, an entirely different destiny awaits, and that, too, has been prepared.  

Look into your hearts and quiet your minds. Seek your Father in Heaven and ask for his grace and kindness and protection.  Be like little children and place your faith only in him, calling no man "Father", and doing your best to remember who you truly are. 
Be blessed.  You will soon enter the realm of True Magic, and everything that I have spoken to you will be confirmed.  If you are willing to live at peace with your neighbors and embrace the Oneness of Creation, you will be safe in your Mother's arms, and nothing on the Earth or in the Heavens will harm you. 
I do not suggest that you should just sit around and wait, however.  Quite the contrary, this is the most crucial time for action, the time when you must choose and must act to declare your nature and intentions as men and women who turn their faces away from Death, and align with the forces of Life. 

What we choose now, what we stand up for now, will be our fate. 


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By Anna Von Reitz

1.  Americans —both State Nationals and State Citizens —stand under Public Law.  They do not stand under any private law at all.

2. An “allodial title” is still a “title” granted by a King or Queen and it means that the King or Queen is the actual landlord and you are only being allowed possession of your assets by their whim.  That whim can change. 

Americans own their land and soil as Freeholders having Allodium Possession. No titles of any kind are involved. 

3.  “Arbitration Awards” are being offered to anyone who wants to stand under the private King’s law as a British Territorial United States Citizen. 

They don’t tell you that the “notes” used to pay these “awards” are drawn against your credit and assets as an American.  

In other words, you are paying for these “awards” plus interest. 

They also don’t tell you that adopting this political status and accepting this “benefit” makes you a subject of the Queen and the Pope. 

It also means that you cannot actually own land or other assets in your own country, but have to live as a tenant with a “title” and pay rent, tithes, and fees to the Queen and the Pope.

4.  Americans are owed vast amounts of credit and assets under both Roman Civil Law and Ecclesiastical Law. 

The Trustees in Breach don’t want to pay you so they are trying to get you to accept “Federal Citizenship” — which gives them access to your assets and absolves them of responsibility.

Both Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal United States Citizens are so deep in debt to Americans that they and their progeny will never see daylight——unless we forgive them and really put the money changers out of business. 

5. The entire amount of the “US National Debt” has been embezzled and is owed as the American National Credit.

There is a great deal more owed to Americans. 

We have FDR on tape admitting that he collected 20,000 tons of privately owned gold from Americans that has never been paid back. 

Millions of tons of gold and precious metals were cashiered in the Philippines by the Scottish Interlopers that infringed on our name and bankrupted their “spin off” doppelgänger corporation doing business as “The United States of America” Incorporated, in 1907. A good share of that gold belonged to us and we have the records. 

These same brigands bought the land mass of the Philippines using our money and we have the receipts for that and Alaska and Hawaii and a lot more besides. 

Suffice it to say, if you have a brain in your head and you are an American you should do everything in your power to secure your birthright as an American and join your State Assembly now. 

6. So-called PARSE SYNTAX is just the latest re-run of the Justinian Deception, attempting to use DOG-LATIN to defraud and misrepresent people.  Russell Gould recovered our stolen property from pirates, but has now turned pirate himself and refuses to return our Title IV flag and other purloined emblems.  The law is very clear: possession by pirates does not change ownership. It could be the tenth generation of pirates in possession of our stolen property and it still would not ever be their property. 

So Gould is just another rat who had the chance to be a hero. 

7.  The Pope owns the Municipal United States Government directly and owns the British Territorial United States indirectly, because the British Queen is his overseer of territorial and commonwealth properties.  This means that he can’t foment a Civil War here because he would be fighting against himself. 

The Plotters tried to weasel around this in 1976 with the updating of the International Organizations Immunities Act, where the Municipal Government attempted to make it appear that they were donating our states and laws and offices to The United Nations— but in fact they were donating their own Municipal holdings to the UN Corporation. 

The Pope owns all this stuff, too.  The incorporated governments that are members of The United Nations are all under charters
belonging to the Holy See and subject to the Roman Curia. 

So, they can’t start a Civil War here using any “United Nations” as proxy, because again, the Pope owns and controls all Parties concerned. He would be fighting against himself. 

8.  So all roads literally do lead to Rome and all this misery, theft, and skullduggery lands firmly in the laps of the Popes and the Roman Curia. Not the Queen. Not The United Nations. Not even the UN Corp. 

9. We, our States and our People, belonging to the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, were never any part of the so-called American Civil War. That Mercenary Conflict was fought by Northern and Southern “States of States” that were members of the Confederation formed under The Articles of Confederation and the soldiers were mustered out as such.  As a result, we are Third Party civilians and we are owed every jot of Good Faith Service and the protections and guarantees of the Constitutions. 

10. Americans are the Employers of all these Federal Citizens. Stop “petitioning” your Employees, for God’s sake. Remember who you are. It is embarrassing to see people begging and groveling for fair treatment and common sense from men and women who are getting a corporate paycheck from them. Wake up and smell the java!  Tell your Employees what to do and hound them and hold them accountable until they do. Better yet, give them a pink slip and I am not talking about underwear. 

11.  The Rule of Law is not Law. The Rule of Law refers to the processes and procedures of the Courts—not any kind of actual Law.  Court Rules are not Law and they are no substitute for law of any kind, public or private. Next time you hear someone prattling mindlessly about “the Rule of Law” give them an education and tell them that you are owed actual law and justice not “the Rule of Law”. 

12.  Americans are “Non-domestic” with respect to Federal Districts and Municipalities and the Municipalities have no right to exist on our shores. We are a foreign nation with respect to both the British Territorial and Papist Municipal Governments.  That is why their Code and their Regulations refer to us as “aliens” and “non-resident aliens”. 

13. Our American States are Nations—-literally fifty separate countries.  That is why a political map of The United States shows fifty different colored States with different Names instead of one big single colored plot like you see when you look at Brazil or France. 

If you never thought about these things before, think about them now. 

14.  A Jural Assembly is only a part of a State Assembly and without a State Assembly it has no standing and is about as useful as a car door without a car. 

The same goes for Grand Juries, which are only part of a Jural Assembly. 

Please, people, get your heads screwed on and think.  There is a logic to be observed: American Grand Juries are formed by Jural Assemblies and Jural Assemblies are formed by State Assemblies. 

So get the horse in front of the cart, form your State Assemblies and go from there. Build the whole structure needed and stop bickering and being misled and wasting time. 

15. Don’t believe any stories about someone going to save you. You have to act to save yourselves.  Self-governance is hard, precise, and demanding work and you really are the one responsible for doing it.  The Pope and the Queen have been governing “for” you and serving themselves for the past 150 years. The loathsome snake pits in Rome, New York, London, Washington, Hong Kong and elsewhere are the result. 

If you want to live in this increasingly horrific Land of Oz, do nothing and the violence will just continue until the whole world is destroyed. And most of us with it. 

If you want a return to sanity and peace and Public Law, you have to get on your feet and push. Nobody can do your job for you. 

16.  The latest excuse for doing nothing is to sit around and wait for the outcome of the next Presidential Election.  Well, I got news for you all.  Our Presidential Office, President of The United States of America, is vacant.  And that is the actual Power Holder Office. We can’t just sit on our thumbs and wait another year for our foreign Federal Employees to get their internal goulash sorted out and sit around and worry about their druthers. 

We have to get our own ducks in order and if Donald Trump doesn’t enter the actual Power Holder Office, we still have to get our ducks in order. Now.

17.  “Upsetting elections” has also been used as the excuse used not to go ahead and blow the lid on Spygate and the Federal Reserve and the abduction, rape, torture, and mutilation of our children by these Beasts from the Black Lagoon. And that is just more BS. 

The time to fight crime is always right now and there is no other time. Now is what we’ve got. 

I have a “war room” with over 100 names and faces and at least two dozen organizations all involved in the “Russian Collusion” debacle, not counting the new manure pile created by Crooked Joe “the Billion” Biden. 

You know what is conspicuously missing from the Rogues Gallery? 

There isn’t a single Russian. 

Not one. 

In fact, the only foreign government in the whole pile of horse hooey is the British Government. 

Big surprise, right? 

Just like I have told you all from Day One. 

We are looking at another British Dog Pile and nothing else. Just a huge Cock and Bull Story designed to distract attention from the actual news and cause trouble for Donald Trump. 

The Perps are crooks and perverts and I hope the advertisers all see the latest stats on Loss of Viewership by the Mainstream Media. 

Remember When Everyone Always Watched the Evening News?  Always? 

Well, thanks to their worse than useless disservice to us and our airwaves, only 1 in 75 Americans is listening to the “news” anymore. 

Just because Obama legalized propaganda doesn’t mean we like it or can’t recognize it for what it is. 

So, up yours, Mother Jones.  Down the Hatch NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Washington Compost, NYC Bird Cage Liner, et alia. 

I once recommended busting the media conglomerates for restraint of trade and monopoly activity, but it looks like they are self-destructing and all it will take are a few well-placed law suits to finish them off. 

But, meanwhile, the gritty American Fourth Estate is resurrecting.  Go get yourself a subscription to The Epoch Times at —-and remember how it feels to read a newspaper again.


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