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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Elect Sheriff Richard Mack to U.S. Congress

Dear Friend,
I urge you to read this message and share it with your friends and family.

Time is short and our country is at a breaking point.

I’ve spent the last few months speaking with Tea Party members, friends, neighbors and political activists from across the spectrum who are all concerned about one thing: protecting and securing our liberties.

I’ve thought long and hard about our political options. I often pray over it. And now, I need your input ...

I’ve been nominated to run for U.S. Congress in my district.

While I've always worked at the local level to prevent the federal government from overstepping its authority, I'm willing to challenge my current representative.

I haven’t put my name on the ballot yet. But when I do, you can bet that I will run an aggressive campaign.

First, I need to know if my friends and fellow activists are willing to support my primary campaign against a career politician. And my team needs to gauge how much support will be offered.

I live in the 21st Congressional District of Texas. Lamar Smith has “represented” our district for the last 28 years.

You may have heard of him recently. He has been in the news for authoring and sponsoring a bill that goes beyond the enumerated powers authorized in the U.S. Constitution. It also violates the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment.

The bill is called, the “Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).”

But in truth it should be called, the “Stop Online Profits Act.”

Because that's what it will do. It raises the legal and compliance costs to the breaking point for small retailers, independent websites, bloggers and alternative media websites.

SOPA practically criminalizes the Internet business model that depends on user-generated content.

One instance of a user uploading copyrighted work could lead the website to be permanently blocked from all financial network processors. One complaint could also remove a site from search engines and Internet Services Providers.

The consequences of SOPA go beyond the Internet.

SOPA will reduce the number of Internet jobs and hurt a recovering economy.

Here's why –

One instance of streaming a copyright violation could cost a website operator or owner five years in prison. (That means companies like Google, YouTube and Facebook could not have been started under SOPA.)

That results in fewer entrepreneurs risking their capital to start Internet companies.

That results in fewer start-ups, which have been the net creator of private sector jobs over the last few years.
Never mind that SOPA is an un-Constitutional mandate, unauthorized by Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.

Never mind that copyright holders can already prosecute violations of infringement under existing U.S. Code Title 17 and Title 18.

Never mind that it’s not the responsibility of U.S. taxpayers to fund quality-control or authentication procedures for corporations with political lobbyists.
Never mind that Customs and TSA Agents will be checking our souvenirs at airports and train stations to ensure "official" corporate branding.

Never mind that this bill will not prevent “online piracy” but will censor online communications, making it increasingly difficult to find information about how your representative voted on key issues like the Patriot Act and NDAA. (Smith voted yes on both.)

And never mind that SOPA goes against everything the Republican Party, conservatives and free market capitalism stands for.

What concerns me is what this is really about…
... it’s about who controls information,
... it’s about intervening in how people communicate with each other on a mass scale,
... and it's about converting the private sector in to Red Coats for the federal government.

SOPA passes off operating costs of this federal program to small retailers, online blogs, alternative media sources, and consumers.

It forces companies with websites to hire "copyrights managers" who will receive and process copyrights complaints from the public. And then it forces those employees to report infringements to the federal government's Copyrights Office.

In turn, the federal government hires more bureaucrats in the Copyrights Office, State Department and Attorney General's Office to process the information. And do you know what else SOPA does?

It authorizes those bureaucrats to represent the big media corporatists that compete with so called "rogue websites."

What’s really concerning is that SOPA is being sponsored by a Republican representative in a Republican controlled House.

At a time when our economy is in a recession, why would a Republican representative want to reduce private sector jobs? And why on earth would Smith give more power to Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder? Well, that is what SOPA does.

The thought of joining Washington D.C. goes against everything I stand for. But the thought of watching a career-politician represent me and pay lip-service to the Constitution is more than I can bear.

That’s why I’m accepting the nomination to challenge Lamar Smith.

Let me be upfront with you.
Political campaigns take tremendous grassroots effort and strong organization. They also take financial resources and a large network of support.

When we enter this primary race, we will be working around the clock to reach voters. We will need to fund mass mailings, signs, banners, door hangers, radio and Internet advertisements, canvassing, and other voter outreach efforts.

But the first thing we must do is gauge how much financial support we have.

If you want my team to run an aggressive primary against Lamar Smith, then I urge you to rush me a special and generous contribution to "Committee to Elect Sheriff Mack for Congress." Our campaign needs funds TODAY.
Representatives do have a service to offer the public. But that service is to secure and protect rights. And they need a little bit of courage to do that.

As a police officer, my superiors wanted me to give tickets to my fellow Americans for things like not fastening their seat belts. I found it annoying that our government was trying to force people to behave a certain way. When the government didn't get the response they wanted, I was told to take confiscate their property. (That's what a ticket is. Confiscation.)

My conscience drove me to find a way to reconcile my duties: I was a police officer, man of faith, father, husband and I had taken an oath to honor the Constitution.

It took time, humility – ok, and a great deal of repeat lessons – to learn how to honor my constitutional oath while serving in law enforcement.

The lesson came from studying the constitution and the lives of the framers. And then I had to follow my convictions. I stopped giving tickets. And I learned how to become a public servant who protects rights.

The time has come once again for me to reconcile parts of my life with the seemingly incompatible. DC is not someplace I want to spend my time. But I'm willing to do it because I've been called on by neighbors, friends and others who love liberty as much as I.

I believe that we can save our Republic. But in order for us to do that, we must have the correct information about the meaning of liberty. And we must share it freely with others.

There are a few other things that you can do to help in addition to sending a contribution ...

Please forward this message to as many people as you know who are concerned about liberty and Internet freedom. Send it to friends, family and fellow activists.

If we are going to succeed in unseating Lamar Smith, it’s going to take thousands of us coming together.

If you can also blog about it and ask others to blog about our campaign on websites and social media, that would help spread the message of liberty and boost our campaign efforts.

Again - the most important and urgent resource we need are financial contributions. And we do need them RIGHT NOW. I hope you will consider rushing back a special, urgently needed contribution.

The only way we can take on the machine of Lamar Smith is together.

Now, I’ve spent years rejecting un-Constitutional laws at the local level. And I teach others to do the same.

And I’ve taken the federal government to the U.S. Supreme Court and won in Printz v. U.S. Together, you and I can retire Lamar Smith.
Will you join me?

Yours In Liberty,
Sheriff Mack

PS: Volunteers, friends and activists have started organizing preliminary efforts. Help us take on Lamar Smith in a Republican primary. Please rush a special and urgent contribution to our campaign. You can make a donation of $15, $20, $25, $35 or more RIGHT NOW! (Up to $2,500 for individuals, $5,000 for married couples.)

PPS: Please forward this email to friends and family and post it to blogs and websites. Please also share it on Facebook!
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Copyright © 2012 Committee to Elect Sheriff Mack, All rights reserved.
Our mailing address is:
Committee to Elect Sheriff Mack
1605 A East Main Street
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Santorum or Gingrich can NOT be the nominee

Is this what Nancy Pelosi knows about Newt Gingrich that will stop him from becoming the GOP nominee? Are Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum ONLY still running to stop Ron Paul?

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Time to face the facts. What the GOP fears most is what America needs most.

Neither Santorum nor Gingrich can win the Nomination for one simple reason. Neither of them can collect enough delegates to win the Nomination.

Neither man can be the nominee because neither one was able to get on enough states' ballots to make a difference. (564 delegates that Newt can't win ), Same with Santorum (over 700 delegates he can't win ). And the media as well as the GOP is praying to god that the American people continue to remain ignorant of this fact for as long as possible while they try to come up with a strategy that will bury Ron Paul before Romney is forced to face him on stage alone and the commentators are no longer able to marginalize Paul by giving all the questions to everyone but him.

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are the only two candidates that made it on the ballot in every state. Romney will not beat Obama, he's too similar except he will raise taxes on anyone making 40k a year or less in favor of giving himself lower taxes. Independents are going to run to Obama if Romney is the alternative.

It is a two man race between Ron Paul and Romney for the nomination.

It is also a two man race between Ron Paul and Obama for the White House.

It's time Conservatives and people with any functioning brain cells in their heads started backing the only real candidate that will beat Obama and save America. And whether you like it or not, that candidate is, by default, Ron Paul.

The facts can't be twisted to point in any other direction. The Delegates decide who gets the nomination and you can't get delegates if you aren't on the ballots. It doesn't matter how much money gets pumped into your campaign by special interest groups. The facts are the facts.

Fact : Gingrich and Santorum cannot win the nomination no matter how much they get in " popular " votes.

Fact : Romney will fail epically against Obama in a general election.

Fact : Ron Paul will decimate Obama on his Foreign Policy stance alone. Add in his Economic and Defense policies ( All 3 of which were policies Obama ran on in 2008 and abandoned once he got in the White House so no one would be stupid enough to believe he's going to follow them in his second term ) and you have an un-beatable candidate in the general election who the bulk of the American people will vote for when they finally get a chance to see the man unfiltered and unbiased by the media.

America is broke and the average American is tired of hearing about another war on the horizon and seeing more dead soldiers coming home in coffins for no reason...all the while the freedoms they are dying to " protect " are being stripped away from us by our own by one.

Obama has ‘0’ chance of beating Paul and Washington knows it. The GOP knows it. The corporations that own Washington know it too so they instruct the media outlets they own to hide it from you.

But now you know. Gingrich and Santorum are mathematically incapable of winning the Nomination and Romney can't beat Obama in the general election.

Ron Paul is the only choice we have. It's just nice that, for once, he's the RIGHT choice and not just the " lesser of two evils ".
Henry Patrick