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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Ron Paul is winning the Republican Nomination for President

Ron Paul is winning delegates left and right and the Republican national machine is in a panic.

You will see them pull every dirty trick in the book and some that are not in the book to stop Ron Paul, because if Ron Paul wins the nomination Obama loses the election big time, and the elite Republicrat machine loses it's power overnight.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that can attract the blue dog democrats that still believe in the US Constitution and now hate Obama for not keeping his promises, and Ron Paul is the only candidate that can attract the independent voters who could never vote for Romney but might hold their nose and vote for Obama again.

Romney just can't get any votes from those groups, and Ron Paul supporters are smart and savvy about how to get the delegates. Even some of the delegates who people think are bound to Romney are secretly Ron Paul supporters waiting for the chance to make their real convictions known where it counts.


Read these two articles and find out how this can happen and is happening. The delegates from many states are NOT BOUND like the media wants you to believe.

Make no mistake about this. ROMNEY CAN NOT BEAT OBAMA!

If Romney is the nominee, Obama wins a second term and our country goes down the drain.

Even if Ron Paul wins the nomination and in the fall the Presidency, and then does all the right things, like recinding a multitude of "executive orders" that have been written over the last 30 years, and abolishing all the departments he has mentioned in his campaign speeches, it will still take a miracle to keep our financial ship from going over the waterfall.

But if Ron Paul wins the presidency he will have the support to help make that miracle happen by getting on television and doing what he does best. EDUCATING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

So stop listening to the liars who twist the news and start contacting local Ron Paul supporters to find out what is really going on. Go to Ron Paul's website and sign up for updates about the reality in this Ron Paul Revolution.

Find a Ron Paul meetup group on the internet for your area and start attending Ron Paul events close to you. But mostly forward the link to this article so others can see that the biggest lie being told about Ron Paul is the idea that he "can't win", when in point of fact he is WINNING BIG TIME as we speak.