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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Additional Facts About Re-Venue:

By Anna Von Reitz

Everything that is happening is allowed by the actual Constitution.
Granted, there have been abundant acts of fraud and breaches of trust, and counterfeiting and everything else, but, in re-venuing the government and choosing new "federal" service providers, we are all well-within our rights as the actual sovereigns of the land jurisdiction owed to this country.
It is also crucial for people to understand that as a result of mismanagement and crooked bookkeeping the "US citizens" and "United States Citizens" are stuck with an insurmountable load of odious debt. This means that the corporations representing both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States have been forced into bankruptcy --- the Municipal United States is being liquidated under Chapter 7 and the Territorial United States is being reorganized under Chapter 11.
That is, they are in receivership to foreign bankruptcy Trustees chosen by Secondary Creditors ---- banks.
None of this affects us, except in the sense that we had to find new "federal" service providers in order to preserve the actual Constitution and its protective guarantees intact, and make provision for the smooth transition from one service provider to the next.
Think of it this way --- you have a service contract with a local franchise of a multi-national service corporation -- say, a local GM dealership, to service your car. That franchise goes bankrupt, effectively "vacating" any contract you had with them. You are now free to go down the road and arrange to have a different GM dealership service your car.
On a very much larger scale, that is what we have done to preserve the actual Constitution owed to this country, its states, and its people.
Meantime, the owners of the old "dealership" have regrouped and realized that they vacated the contract and lost their customers to another GM provider. They then go out and access other pots of money and front a brand-new business offering the same services as before and attempt to "assume" that they still have a contract with us.
But they don't.
For convenience sake, we agree to pay for whatever services any of our cars receive from their new business, but only on a month-by-month basis.
After all, why would we want to continue to do business under contract with an incompetent, dishonest, and irresponsible dealership when we can walk down the road and form a relationship with another dealership that has standards, goals, and interests that are complimentary and supportive of our own?
So the American Indian Nations are our new "federal" contractors and the "New Republic" is the new dealership being fronted by the old service providers.
I think that this explains the situation with the transition to new service providers in a way that everyone can understand and I will trust that you all greatly appreciate the fact that we did this in a timely fashion, gave "Notice" to everyone on Earth, including Jacob Rothschild and FRANCE, and made the switch back in November of 2015.
Now, there is another aspect to this that everyone needs to grasp.
Both the parent corporations operating the "Municipal United States" and the "Territorial United States" are bankrupt, one totally, and one in Chapter 11 Reorganization.
As it turns out, both these "dealerships" had an incredible number of franchises under their wings. In fact, they claimed to own YOU and You and Me. They claimed to own CHINA and JAPAN and AUSTRALIA and CANADA and the UNITED KINGDOM. They claimed to own IBM and FACEBOOK and GENERAL MILLS and all the other huge corporations, too. Why? Because they issued the Charters (in our names, of course) to all these corporations worldwide. Same thing with "Great Britain" and "Canada" and "General Motors" and "Ford Motor Company" and "John Quincy Public".
We, the American states and people, are the actual Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of all these corporations worldwide that are franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc.
That's why I laughed so heartily over the idea floated by Benjamin Fulford that the bankrupt Territorial Government of Canada could bid to take over "the United States".
The upshot of all this is that all the corporations that have been formed under this system are bankrupt and we are their Priority Creditors. All the big banks that hold their charters under the UNITED STATES and CHINA and GERMANY--- are technically bankrupt and under liquidation. All the credit unions belong to us anyway, but their franchises held under charters are also technically bankrupt and in reorganization.
So, as the Priority Creditors it is up to us, not the "UN Corp" and not the "United Nations" to determine the course of settling these bankruptcies and it is up to us to name our Business Agents to address these matters. We have named Michael Stephan Young of the Athabascan Nations and Donald J. Trump to act in these fiduciary capacities.
It is up to us to forgive odious debt without hurting the creditors --which are mainly pension funds and other innocent victims of these shysters (we know how) and to exchange credits (we can do that, too) and to restructure "debt" into credit (another miracle) and we can also liquidate with prejudice any corporation that engages in criminal activities.
The only other unincorporated government that could allege an interest in these matters, the Holy See, has officially withdrawn pending our settlement of the debts owed to us.
Assuming that Donald Trump enters into the unincorporated public Office of the President of the United States of America, he will be working in tandem with Michael Stephan Young, Fiduciary Agent, and James Clinton Belcher, the hereditary Head of State holding all the reserved powers and the Great Seal of the United States of America, which also controls the delegated powers.
Queen Elizabeth II has operated "as" the presumed Head of State, but in fact holds only delegated power.
The venal corporations that have been responsible for so much of the destruction, warfare, misery, and debt of the entire world are on the ropes and we are in the proverbial catbird seat, fully enabled to oversee them and make disposition of them.
Now that you all have a clearer perspective, I think it is obvious that the people of every nation have a new lease on life, and everyone should breathe easier knowing that the reign of the criminal banks has come to a fitting end.
We would ask now that everyone get on board the actual Ship of State in America, that all United States Service Members renew their dedication, and that all people who want to get out from under this bogus debt and constant warfare nonsense join in supporting our lawful government and restoring their own lawful land jurisdiction governments.
One other note--- as the Priority Creditors of every corporation on Earth we are in receipt of assets worth untold amounts of both actual money and money of account. It may then strike everyone as ridiculous that we are in need of any donations from anyone to support our work.
However, the positions we hold are positions of trust and there is no salary and no budget attached to them. We are doing this in a unpaid capacity, which has always been the case since The Definitive Treaty of Paris, 1783, was signed.
Queen Elizabeth and her antecedents received payment of tribute in gold for their services every year. The hereditary Heads of State for the United States of America (unincorporated) received the thanks of those who knew who they were and the responsibility they accepted.
I am the Paymaster for all this, plus The Living Law Firm, the American States and Nations Bank, and much else.
My PayPal is: and my snail mail address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, please do all that you can to inform your local politicians, your clergymen, your friends, your family, your neighbors near and far, the members of your military and police services, and prepare to transition back to your lawful land jurisdiction governments.

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  1. An excellent analogy using the GM dealerships, everyone should understand.

  2. So, what do we do with all the "senators", "judges" etc that have been acting as our lawful government? Is there a document that will establish credibility when we inform our local people?

    I would really like to see them all locked up myself!

  3. My beloved brother, Ed Gubala, says you are the new George Washington! I second that motion! Bless you all....

  4. I am thinking it would be nice if we had a very formal business looking Letter that we could make copies of to hand out or to mail out to those we need to inform. Something that is properly worded that will look impressive so we won't look like we just made it up, like a nutcase guru; but like an official document. We cannot screw this up; it has to be believable or else we waste our time and get scoffed.

    1. Abby, U know I agree with that.

    2. Abby, U know I agree with that.

    3. Godschild, hello to you. I was about to send a pigeon down your way with a Second Notice, lol. This stuff is right up your alley, though a few months earlier would have sure helped. Now you have a real bonafide Mission with some real ammo that actually ''fires''. I'm trying to get my cards reshuffled now. I think that goes for just about everybody.
      New Day, New Deck of Cards with a lot of extra Aces in it.

  5. i realize you have to maintain good public relations and all but, from my point of view, the "dealerships" you speak so considerately of are actually (mostly) "stealerships" ;o)
    i'm jus sayin...

  6. You bring up an interesting question. If you have corrected your status and setup a TDA, why do you need donations? Shouldn't you be able to access that account that you had set up? And shouldn't you be paid for your services? I just don't understand and want to understand how this works. And why would anyone else set up through the treasury a TDA with virtually unlimited credit not use the account? What am I missing? There should be no identification problems if you use the registered mail number to have the secretary set up the TDA. I'll help anyway I can just want to understand.

    1. I would be interested to learn the answers also. Thank you.

  7. Anna, why do you continue to use a zip code on your address when you have stated in the Top 12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate - "Your current address will have to be corrected - you are now zip code exempt, ..."?

    1. We are not obligated to use Zip Codes--- but the postmen are!

      So to avoid the whole trap, I just use "in care of" which sends the mail to me in care of the federated address but does not link my name to it.

      We can also send mail for very nominal fees--- after all, we own the system. They are just using and "administering" our Post Office, so we get to send first class mail for "non-domestic" rates of 3 cents per letter. If you are hard up, I guess that makes sense. I don't have time to worry about it, so just put a domestic stamp on it and let it go at that.

    2. From Anna:

      Our private account at the Treasury is not "the same as" a TDA Account. Anything you "enroll" in or "apply" for belongs to them, anything you direct and pay for (such as the transaction you make in paying for registered mail) belongs to you.

  8. Wow, hellva thang! How did I miss that! Then does the article about correcting your status and the letter to Lucretia need to be edited? Because it says to have the secretary create a TDA from the registered mail number. Am I correct?

    1. I suspect there is an unstated nuance. I too would like the straight scoop on this. But, when playing whac-a-mole, each mole shall be wac'ed at his appointed time.

  9. Awesome Work.Anna!!
    As Always...
    A True Godsend..💗

  10. Thats a good one!!

  11. I thought we were going to trash that outdated and intentionally deceptive, and overly complex contract called the Costitution of the united staes of America....quick, what is article 7 sec 3 of that contract???? Thats what i thought...All we need is a one page agreement to replace that document that has confused and interpreted differently by differnt people for the last 200 years. Same with those "delagations of authority". I want to see that document in a museum of history...


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