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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Legal Kung-Fu

By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight a friend (thank you, Rene) reminded me of a true gem, another one of those people like Brent Winters and Jean Keating who have a great wealth of insight and information to offer about the law: Richard Cornforth, yes, "corn" as in the vegetable, and "forth" as in "going forth": Cornforth.  Remember that name. 

Of course, it is my hope and determination to see the restoration of American Common Law Courts, which the people of this country are owed.  But in the meantime, we must gird for legal battle on foreign turf.  Too many Americans have been railroaded and misrepresented by members of the Bar. 

For those sincerely seeking a solid understanding of the various kinds of law including the American Common Law we are heir to, I recommend Brent Winter's astonishingly wonderful book, The Excellence of the Common Law, available on Amazon.  It is neither brief nor is it a quick read, as it does justice to the subject and gives you both meat and potatoes, and it is not inexpensive, either.  

I have purchased several copies that I lend out to people and I am in the process of providing copies to public libraries.  For those who can afford to do so, consider making a Christmas gift or Hanukkah gift or memorial gift of Brent Winter's The Excellence of the Common Law to your local library, so that more Americans can afford to learn the history of the various forms of law we have to deal with.  

Until our local Jural Assemblies (not "Jural Societies" which are organized to support international (sea jurisdiction) courts) are up and running and our land jurisdiction courts organized, there remains a crying need for self-defense in these foreign international courts.  

I am often asked for help from people who need practical information and I feel bad when I don't have time to answer, much less go through the step by step by step that is necessary.  How do you teach 320 million people how to defend themselves in court?  About any number of issues?  

You send them to Richard Cornforth's website:

There are many patriot gurus preaching this and that remedy, but there is no silver bullet that I know of.  However you look at it, people must learn.  They must learn their actual history.  They must learn how to defend themselves.  They must learn to self-govern and restore their lawful government. 

There are few reliable teachers out there, but Richard Cornforth is one.  His materials are concise and well-written and practical.  His videos are engaging and straight-forward and easy to grasp. He has a stable of specialists who work with him to provide topic-specific help, allowing you to quickly locate the information you need without sorting through piles of paper. 

I just ordered his DVD "Introduction to Law" with the intention of reviewing it for my readers.  I have read his work and seen his lectures on YouTube so I am looking forward to it.  Nobody else that I know of has Cornforth's passion, organized intellect, and devotion to teaching legal self-defense.  

Please note that I said "legal" -- not lawful.  This is for those who are engaged in legal battles in the federal and federated state courts. This is for those who continue to face (or dread to face) foreclosures, custody battles, the IRS, identity theft, probate, debt collection, criminal charges, divorce, and all the rest. 

The best defense is a good offense.  Get the right information and the right attitude now.  Don't wait for the IRS to attack you or the property tax goons to foreclose.  Start educating yourself about history and the law, so that no matter what happens in the future, you know who you are and you are prepared to stand your ground and make good use of the public records you develop as recourse. 

So--- Brent Winter's The Excellence of the Common Law, to learn the history and kinds of law, and particularly, Common Law. 

Followed by Richard Cornforth's learn as you go ersatz law school.  I guarantee you that if you graduate from his tutelage you will be able to defend yourself and your family against any of the common assaults.

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  1. Thank you, the book looks good!
    There appears to be some free downloads available including this one:

    Before I download the book onto my friend's computer I'd like feedback from others who have downloaded this. There may be additional free downloads based on the results I saw with the book title. In gratitude!

  2. first time I seen anyone want cc info to validate an account for a down load. what the heck i have card with like 10usd on it. they say no charges will be charged.. came back card could not be validated. This almost certainly is scam.

  3. ANNA and The faithful Following masses I have 10 pages of easy read that kills all cases globally .I will not release/exchange this to others who have have not achieved the emotional,physical and spiritual temperament and inner resolve to shift beyond these temporal courts of the occult,for they will run a mockery of good work and should not be entrusted as stewards of the general public for these precise reasons ,GOD ordered all things from within all of our collective spirits ,there is no fast and or quick proverbial ACT that can remove ones spiritual Lesson to be clear in spirit ,not bound by form (physical body of fluctuating light). I am not a gate keeper for those just reacting to this disclosure ,Itremains and inner is a choice to receive ones inner blessing in ones own willing nature ,nothing is hidden in Gods kingdom .I have a very large global project that will remain timeless and unchanging ,that which deprograms the cognitive dream states of those unaware still asleep,This global platform will shift energetically a greater conscious awareness of abundance and opportunity without judgment for ones self and of course others .a place where self mastery is the principles of all practice in any medium of the Arts .This is the fundamental shift that is upon us .So if there are those willing to exchange some very valuable source for these lawful keys that unlock the legal realm, then I am open to entertain those who choose and practice as and internal discipline clearly selfless,kind discerning and spiritually principled.
    I require that one sign a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT, ACCEPT ALL terms and conditions without reservation in all venues in all worlds, spaces and places temporal and that of the physical in any form or non form of ones associations in and out of all times and non times .Your exchange will be re invested in paying it forward to those who are truly suffering physically and not appearing to suffer in of the western mind of consumerism. This is not and offer to be angry within your self because you have inner work to learn from enabling your spiritual evolving. I have no judgment for those who refuse to see these priceless lessons of redemption,becoming spiritually aware of the physical realm of bondage that one chooses unconsciously(slumber).peace upon each choice within you.
    Anna this is my last departing offer to your followers who presume your beacon of light is the way of redemption.
    kindest of kindest warmest of warmest blessing to all

    1. What Does GOD need with a Starship?

    2. Non-disclosure. You can just keep that suspicious material to yourself.

    3. Precise, it is high time somebody inform you that you are preaching a very false religious belief, and taking people with you right into a large deep ditch. Your montra here is one of making people their own ''God'' and you need to stop trying to offer people 'redemption'' as you have none to offer. One of your dead giveaways to your true scheme here, is to prevent people from looking at their own errors and faults and even their sins, so they will never even see a need for correction. This is so anti-christ that it exposes just who you really work for. Your scheme here is akin to Oprah's old ''course in miracles''. Life is too fragile for you to be playing with people in such a devious way. You also ought to learn there is no such thing as ''collective spirits'. You are responsible for your own self and the condition of your own ''spirit''. Do not try to unite it with mine, as mine is quite in the opposite position and has no fellowship with yours. Some of us are wise to you and what you are attempting to influence here.

  4. I know Richard... he was here and taught a two day seminar on legal issues.

  5. Heres our real problem in court. We have been taught and raised by good parents to respect elders and the LAW, and its officers all our lifes. Because our parents never knew or understood any of this and really should only be just common sense. Which for the most part we did. None of us had confrontations with law enforcement as much because we had mote respect for the law, even though the courts were already converted to admiraly courts. Everyone was more civil to one another because everthing was relatively cheap back then. But thats because the greed was under control. As our elected officials, and all government employees started getting raises every year(congress never missing a beat at 25% every year), greed swept in almost unnoticed, until suddenly houses went from $25,000 to $200,000 almost overnight. Than it doubled again after a few more years. And Bill Clinton finished off the American dream when he got rid of the "Glass-Steagal" Act, preventing Commercial Investment Banks from merging with Public Banks. That one act alone was enough to break the dam open to flood every town , city, and State with enough greed to put any land underwater for good. And the courts proudly display their sea going vessle with the Admiralty/maritime flag with a gold-fringed one representing the law you are under. But did any of us know...!! I just assumed it was a nicer looking flag than the normal one we were used to seeing..!! RIGHT!! But as the greed set in, so did the decline in morals of a once great country. Confrontations between cops and the public became more heated and violent because we may have not known law, but we all seemed to realize that cops and the courts were nothing but money pits,handing us tickets that suddenly meant hundreds of dollars, and even jail time if they werent paid. People in jail or prision inmates realized it before the rest of us because of direct contact with it on a daily basis. The once reasonable courts and judges suddenly became enemies of the people , complete uncaring and totally unreasonable "BANKS" always looking for deposits, with courts looking more like pantheons of glittering indulgence. By that time until now we all knew something was wrong but everyones answer was to just stay out of their way as much as other words FEAR became ingrained and indoctrinated into our unconscious minds until we were slaves in our own minds.. which was the intent all along. With the morgtage collaspe of 2008, which really exposed noy only the greed, but how it was all accomplished, thanks to the internet, there should have been a groundswell of people surrounding all govt. buildings until they submitted to the peoples cries of justice, like they did in Iceland..!! But not in America.

  6. Here they are more concerned about the LBGT community, sexual harrasement, domestic violence caused by depletion of liquid cash, the constant bombardment of "fake news" of every conceivable crimes from "child abuse" to sexual abuse(he said she said), to outright murder by both citizens and cops. Americans have absolutly no focus on anything except "profession sports". Thats it. They cant focus on anything else...nothing..!! You notice Iceland didnt have that problem.. Thats because those people could care less about sports. They dont have professional teams there. And they dont have all the nonsence about LBGT rights, this right, that right, etc. Americans have every right to be judged by God when he returns becuase they have totally lost their moral compass, by their inaction and failure to control a govt. hell bent on destoying the entire world as we watch in total fear without lifting a finger to help control this "BEAST" we refuse to be resposible for, what did you expect to happen. The "DEEP STATE" doesnt respect us because we have become cowards and forgotten God completely , replaceing him with "Patten Manning" and other sports figures.!!! Now ill give you our situation in the courts to prepare you for the battle there. But before you even enter that den of inequites, you better pray for foregivness and ask him to protect you, because you arent in there just for yourselves. Your in there for all of us, by trying to make things right for yourself. And for a little moral support, never go alone. Go with at least one other patriot that knows what is going on. No one is a rock by himself....!!

    1. James, you sure got all that right ! Ourselves, at my house, we just say keep a low profile, don't draw attention to yourself, and don't get yourself into a corner. Its not even good to travel alone in broad daylight anymore.

      This is why we need an official Document to carry with us so we can inform these buggers they are no longer our Boss, they are our Servants/employees, and we are their Boss. We need the Remedy that we can begin using immediately.
      They do not use Law, they use Statutes and Statutes are not Laws. Yet they will tell you you have broken the ''law''.
      In a nutshell, everything is wrong, and nothing is right.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thank You Anna, as you already know my situation, i'm gonna look into this right away!
    The evil attorney is seeking {Summary Judgement} against me..
    I must act quickly!!

  9. Rather than give you a regergitation of gene keatings excellent lecture of the the courts and their true functioning which i had on paper, i was lucky enough to find it online... He has been at this for years and pretty much will tell you what your up against. I will onl tell you this....All courts are Admiralty Courts. And in Admiralty there is no provision for redemption..!! There only thing provided for in Admiralty is Counterclaim or "set off" and its "MANDATORY" that you do a counterclaim when two claims arise from the same transaction. If you dont do it, you cannot get a "set-off"and you lose. What you need to do is get something else to replace you as the defendant.....A BOND!!! Its called a "Recognizanse Bond" in Admiralty and is created by filing a "Letter of Undertaking or Stipulation, which is the same thing as a bond. What you are doing is bring a chosen action against yourself as the "res"(thing) in an in rem proceeding in Admiralty. Because you have to be a "lein holder" or claimant to bring a claim in Admiralty. You cannot be a plantiff or defendant in Admiralty. The only way you can win in Admiraly courts is to come in by making a "special appearance" as a "third party intervener" which doesnt give the court jurisdiction. But read the site carefully, because im only giving you a taste of his lecture....but there is another way to stop the court action or giving the court jurisdiction even without any paperwork by simply memorizing the following statement "on the record". Simple state right off the bat that "you are here without prejudice and without waiving any rights or remedies statutorial or procedural. If you waive anything then you are making a general appearance and the court gets jurisdiction. And you have to remember, never give a direct answer to any of the judges questions, without a question back to him. This is not easy because we all want to be respectful. But if you just answer a direct question asked by a judge, you have subjucated yourself to the court and trust me he will mark his paperwork that the subject gave the court jurisdiction by recognizing me as the authority, under that unlawful doctrine of "silent judicial notice". That is what we need to remove from all the courts. Its an insideous doctrine that gives the court unlimited power and allows them to interpret anything said to your disadvantage. And because it is silent, you cant even "object" to it..But here is the it at least 3 times to let it sink in...

    1. good response james, counterclaim is strong but before you "litigate" or create further controversey thus potentially granting jurisdiction, you may need to determine who exactly has a valid claim (vs a false claim, which you could couterclaim with or alleged complaint to force you into a controversey, in those maritime/admiralty courts of theirs) against your "person" (I am pretty sure the lawyer and judge do not have a valid claim or issue with you even if you dont know who you are and make them state in on and for the record which they cannot)

      then object to and focus on Fed Rules Civil Procedure 12(b) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and make them prove their claim, especially if it is a debt collecting lawyer.

    2. Yes Penny, your right, he even says to ask them where their claim is. They dont have one either. But the courts are always working on the presumption that they do have "title", until you come in with paperwork proving you have a "perfected security interest" in the "res" that is paramount to the courts.. He talks all about that. We are constantly having to prove ourselfs to these courts, when its them that have the burden of proof to make their case. Thats what the bond is for. Not only does it replace you as the defendant, it acts as a higher claim than theirs, because the whole thing is about "TITLE". Who has the higher claim. These lower courts dont even have a commission to issue "letters of marque" from the Kings Bench in order to collect revenue. What hes trying to say is that the courts only know one way to work...through their own proceedures.. so in order to win you have to know the rules. They have little patients for patriot nonsense, even if it is true. They are simply to powerful to fight them ant other way. Thats why i try to intergrate patriot legal theories with the courts own rules that they can understand because of how they were taught. I guarantee you, as a group, we have taught the courts and judges more about law, than any of their law schools.. !!!

    3. Thank you James & Penny, I'll get on these right away..🏃

  10. One should be careful in what type of common law they wish to implement. I say eff the common law and grand jury infatuation. Our purported founders brought us malim prohibitum jurisdiction (statutory) when if they were really for the real people as opposed to what they actually defined the people as which were rich land owners, they would have implemented malim in se jurisdiction. If one was to actually dissect the structure ANNA is attempting to promote and implement, they would discover that structure would eventually get us all back to where we are today (Babylonian debt slave structure and total control of the people) except possibly even ending up worse in the end. May I suggest you all going to and take some time studying what has been lawfully accomplished as well as providing true remedy from our debt enslavement under the proper standing, capacity, original law form, original jurisdiction, etc.? I mean after all, all we need is a means of enforcement along with a good number of people understanding our true history and what fraud is implemented into our four (4) organic laws treaties, acts, papal bulls, etc. that unlawfully violated our original contract between our Creator and man which makes us all Heirs to the Creator. Again, and start studying from the pull down menus because the truth will set us free. "wink"

    1. From Anna:

      Malim in se jurisdiction is what we have when we stay in our natural land jurisdiction. Malim prohibitum is all that is available in the jurisdiction of the sea.

      So once again, a little knowledge on you part proves dangerous. You assume that our Founders were somehow at fault, when they did indeed provide for the sovereign standing of Americans on the land and COULD NOT do so on the sea, because of the simple fact that only corporations and Heads of State inhabit that jurisdiction.

  11. Great website for Mr Cornforth! Thanks!!


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