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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This will be the third ad I have bought in AFP. My wife Earlene and I, traveled the united States of America for about thirty years trying to warn our fellow Americans of what is happening to our great nation/home. When we began to speak out in 1975 we were considered to be radicals, kooks and stupid. After all wasn't the united States of America the richest most powerful nation in the world? The major media lied about us and the preachers in their pulpits said we would go to hell if we didn't render unto Caesar. We were outnumbered but if you are still here in 2013 you will have to admit we were right. I really wish we had been wrong but what we were saying twenty-five years ago has come true. We are living in a nation which is self destructing. Some of our countrymen are beginning to wake up and pay attention to our nation's mistake..

The 2008 general election had a new player in the political game. They called themselves the TEA PARTY and they made enough noise to win some congressional seats in 2010 . Those Tea Party candidates made the same mistake Republicans and Democrats have been making for many years. The Tea Party people tried to make the system work the way they were taught in their government school education. They listened to the media talking heads and believed everything they heard on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and FOX news. They wanted nothing to do with radicals like Red Beckman. If the media said tax protesters were bad, they believed it. They believed the preachers who told their parishioners that government is a higher power and we must submit to the laws created by politicians. If Morris Dees, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, said Red Beckman was anti-semitic and a hate peddler, they believed him. If the Law school professor said our Constitution was too old and needed to be brought up to date, they believed it.

Now it is my turn to speak. I too had a government school education. I believed it when they taught we have a majority rule political system. When I checked our history and ancient world history I discovered that Democracies have been tried by many nations and they always self destructed. The Roman Empire was warned by one of its great men that when people learn they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury that political system would fail. The media in my lifetime have become propaganda machines. In the past the people behind the media curtain decided who would be the presidential candidates. The Tea Party people never asked for my views. When I wrote my 1st book in 1980, I said that Satan was the god of the religious world. In all the years since I wrote those words I am more convinced than ever that I was correct. Morris Dees says that Red Beckman is anti-semitic. Saying this will come as a major shock to most church people but read John 8 in your Bible. If you read verse 44 of the 8th chapter of John you will notice Jesus the Christ was also anti-semitic. Saying this will come as a major shock to most church people but read John 8 in your Bible. In the 44th verse our Messiah King told the Jews they were of their father the devil. If Jesus the Christ, said they are of their father the devil I won't argue with them.

I was born into a religion that taught Jews were God's chosen people. I became a church board member and the teacher of the senior adult Sunday School class. When I was recruited into the Tax Protest I did my own theological research. It was not easy to find that my Evangelical Church was teaching false theology. Romans chapter thirteen told me every soul was to be subject to the Higher Powers. Our Presidents, Congressmen, Senators and Judges were all souls that were to be subject to the higher laws. Man made law is not higher law.

The Tea Party people haven't discovered the second and third votes of 'We The People'. Grand Juries and Trial Juries can keep politicians out of government. Bad law can be trashed by properly educated Americans. The Tea Party of 1776 would not approve of the modern day Tea Party.

Red Beckman was the inspiration to begin the research that proved the 16th (income tax)amendment was never lawfully ratified. Red is the co-author of the great book titled “The Law That Never Was” Vol 1
Beckman is the author of several books:

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  1. Thank you Paul. I too am now a Red Beckman fan. He is totally 'spot on' about our institutions of political and religious brainwashing and mind control along with the illegality of the very existence of the IRS. I would take issue with my percieved interpretation of his view that Jesus words to the Pharisees included ALL Jews (since Christ and his disciples were Jews) but I would certainly defend to the death his right to speak his own understanding.

    That right may be fast comming to an end as we see our children being expelled from schools for wearing pro-Constitution and Second Amendment T-shirts. I mean what's next? Wearing Alex Jones, or Paul Stramer T-shirts? God help us.

    Frank Belmont
    Rogue River, OR Patriot

  2. Thanks Frank, for your opinion and comment. His 4th article went up last night on this blog. These articles need to go viral, so here are the links.


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