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Friday, April 3, 2020

What does Elmhurst Hospital look like when the news cameras aren't rolling?


  1. HOW JEWS DO IT. DISGUSTING FILTH! This is why JEWS are never to be allowed to assess any values related to our lives. JEW Greenstone & his India Immigrant Nigam are very proud of their Social Distancing & applied JEW FAKE science to determine VSL 'value of statistical life'.
    AND used communist scheme Social Distancing to calculate OUR LIFE MONETARY VALUE.
    JEWS run our economy & monetary value. Then, Useful Idiot Texas Let Gov makes such horrendous proposition >>>> "older Americans should be willing to sacrifice their lives to save the economy" <<<<
    How long will it be before the jew 'determines' White elderly are the costliest. Next White Babies? FAKE JEW MATH, FAKE JEW SCIENCE determining OUR LIFE VALUE, while NEITHER the jew nor the India Brown can ever produce what White People produce in a single day.

    jew-controlled India immigrant Nigam happily abides by jew dictates. These Browns, brought in by jews, given preferential treatment & status, hoisted into position, so long as they push jew agenda = Displace, Destroy Whites.

    Where else is the evident? Mass. candidate India born immigrant Shiva Ayyadurai, who screamed that a racist "White" assaulted him! As Shiva bull-horned Eliz Warren supporters standing in line peacefully, yelling from across the street, when Paul Solovay agressively stood in front of him while Shiva blasted his bull-horn in his face NOT TO CONVERSE but to INCITE. Solovay pushed the bull-horn which hurt Shiva, who then SCREAMED WHITE RACIST SUPREMACIST, at the people across the street.
    >>>> PAUL SOLOVAY is NOT White, he is a JEW. <<<<<
    Further, Shiva is supported by JEW ROBERT MERCER of CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA & thus Shiva MUST denigrate Whites, blaming Whites for JEW CRIMES, while as Brown IMMIGRANT benefits wholly from OUR GREAT WHITE NATION & all it offers. Shiva is the Racist against Whites on our land & soil. Shiva won't go back to India to RAISE UP HIS BROWNS. Hell No.

    JEW & his obedient Brown: Michael Greenstone & Vishan Nigam of the University of Chicago’s Becker Friedman Institute for Economics >>> Moderate social distancing yields $8 trillion in economic benefits, study finds - - When it comes to fighting the coronavirus, three-quarters of Americans say it is more important to save lives, even if the economy suffers, according to a recent YouGov poll. But in the past week, we’ve heard a lot from others expressing the opposite view — many that are evidently well represented on the nation’s op-ed pages and in its halls of power. The lieutenant governor of Texas set off a firestorm by suggesting that older Americans should be willing to sacrifice their lives to save the economy, which has been devastated as businesses shutter to stem the virus’s spread and people stay home.

    Now observe as India Brown Immigrants are repeatedly hoisted forth against WHITES. And this is how jews do it. thanks & stay sane

  2. 30 year reasearcher ole Demaguard hoes to all Falce .Flag. events and dissects them and can fortell when and were the next one will occure.says Mossad is behind everyone all over the world. This is no different kushner ,black cube , black stone finance all key players including Fed res tresuary trillions lifted repeat of 2008.cand from a baby we are defenseless in thair courts.

    1. yesyes Ole Dammegard he sure does predict false flags, who's behind them. He sure does. Anything from a 'shoe' seemingly randomly lost, to vehicles, media clues, examines scene images, patterns... Incredible! He'll name the locations, who's involved, dates.. Incredible. He knows its the jews.


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