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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ted Nugent tears the gun grabbers up - again!

This article in WND by Ted Nugent really gets the job done.

Here is my comment at his blog:
One important thing you left out Ted. All these gun grabbers are OUTLAWS. If they were not outside the law with their attempt to get the guns, they would be proposing an outright repeal of the 2nd amendment following the constitutional amendment process. They will not obey the US Constitution, and they know such a repeal attempt would fail, so they are going OUTSIDE THE LAW to try by statute or executive order to create a monopoly of lethal force in their own hands. That, my friend, makes them the outlaws and seditionists, let alone traitors and oath-breakers, both of which are felony crimes. Oh, and there is one more thing. Because they are willing to incite violence against peace loving and law abiding residents of America, that makes them TERRORISTS! They are terrorizing over 100 million firearms owners with violent confiscation of their only means of defense and the means to defend the very constitution these oath-breakers swore an oath before God and men to uphold. THE REAL TERRORISTS ARE IN GOVERNMENT AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. 
Governments have killed over 170 million of their own countrymen just in the 20th century alone. These monsters are criminals and terrorists, and I thought we were supposed to be fighting a war against terrorists. THEY HAVE DECLARED WAR AGAINST THE LAW ABIDING PEOPLE OF AMERICA. They need to be arrested the instant they throw their so called bills in the hopper, charged with their crimes, made to stand trial on national television, and then if convicted, made to suffer the constitutional penalty for their crimes.
The only realistic answer and solution I have heard is the one put forward by this nation's leading expert on the US Constitution, Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr. called "The Sword and Sovereignty". It's available from

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