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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Sound Of The Rattlesnake's Warning Grows Louder Each Day-- Look Closely Before You Tread..

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Thursday, 10-Jan-2013 20:37:51

Recent statements by radical politicians have inflamed the already tense political climate of the past few weeks.
Vice President Joe Biden has indicated that Barack Obama may attempt to circumvent Congressional opposition to the draconian gun controls Obama has always favored with one or more executive orders. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo screamed yesterday for the most restrictive gun control in the nation during his State of the State address. Iowa state Rep. Dan Muhlbauer called for the police-state confiscation of, “the semi-automatics, and all of them.”
In response, Speaker of the House John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee are missing in action, along with moderate Democrats.
Sane and sober statesmen have fled the field. Only madmen remain.
The “happy few” on the national stage can be counted on one hand.
Judge Andrew Napalitano had the courage to remind Americans why we have a Second Amendment.
"The 2nd amendment wasn't written so we could go hunting. It was written so we could shoot at the gov if it was ever taken over by tyrants." 9 Jan 13
Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer noted that such calls for unconstitutional confiscation would lead to insurrection. And indeed, that shall happen if the worst shall come to pass. Men will chose to be free may steer no other course.
Being a responsible citizen in a irresponsible world is hard. Doing your civic duty in a world that values neither civics, nor duty, is hard. Pledging that last full measure of devotion to God, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, duty and honor, and respecting the individual rights of your fellow man in a culture that no longer respects any of these things is hard.
Hard, but necessary.
No good American wants war.
Defenders of liberty at home and abroad for every moment of the 237 years, 8 months, and 22 days since Captain John Parker told his militia formed on Lexington Green not to fire unless fired upon, Americans are slow to anger.
Indeed, even after the British cut down Parker’s men, the war did not begin in earnest. Nor were we fully engaged later in the day at Concord, as the Acton minutemen of slain patriot Issac Davis allowed the reeling British to withdraw from the North Bridge. It wasn’t until Mirriam’s Corner, when the the British rear guard fired a volley at some Americans who were merely following them, that the militia hidden alongside the road in the woods fired in retaliation, and the American Revolutionary War was well and fully joined.
It took three strikes of the match at Lexington Green, the North Bridge, and Mirriam’s Corner before we determined that April morning to overthrown a tyrannical government.
Today, it seems that the would-be tyrants in distant capitols are almost attempting to goad us into a violent response to their inflammatory provocations, but that is not our nature.
We few, we happy few, are nor so easily bearded. We will zero our rifles, clean and oil them so that they are well-regulated for battle, put aside supplies, and dust off the knowledge of Morgan’s crew. But we will not strike without just and true cause in defense of liberty, for we know the horrors of war that those in far away capitols have never tasted.
We count within our numbers military veterans of Asian jungles and European plains, the Euphrates River valley and wind-swept deserts, and the jagged mountains of the Hindu Kush. We count within our numbers men and women that strap on their armor and badges to hold the wolves at bay, those who put on their bunker gear to rush towards the smoke and the flame, those blood-spattered first responders who breath life into the injured and dying, and who hold together broken bodies and torn spirits.
We count within our numbers architects and poets, welders and judges, clergy and computer operators. We count within our numbers white collar and blue collar and no collar, grandfathers and granddaughters of every color, creed, sexuality, faith, class, language, and size. Neither faith nor patriotism nor thirst for liberty has a container. It flows like water within us.
We demand our nation’s resurgence under proven principles forged in the heat of battle and quenched in the blood of tyrants. We will have our victory, for our children’s futures and that of our children’s children.
If we must be put to the test by those desiring our freedom, that victory, for our Republic’s continued liberty, must purchased at great cost. We have been chosen by God and the moment to make that stand if cooler heads fail and darker purposes come to the fore.
We few, we happy few, echo the spirit of those marched onto the misty morning field of Lexington Green against British steel, struggled in the trenches of France against German guns, buckled the screaming horde at Pusan and Ia Drang, Fallujah, and Kornegal, who now draw the line saying, “this ends here.”
Molon Labe. If you want our freedom, our liberty, and our Republic, come and take them.
We will not strike first, but we shall assuredly prevail as long as a single free American breathes to fight.

To that Bob I add  Molon Labe, Viva Cristo Rey
 Paul Stramer

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  1. Very eloquently written. He couldn't have described my feeling any better. Molon Labe (But don't plan on going home) Rex Nichols


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