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Thursday, November 8, 2012

What next? How do we proceed now?

I will only add a few thoughts to the letter below by Michael J. Kelly from Brussels Belgium.
1. A country always gets the government it deserves.
2. The vast majority of the American people don't deserve to be free because they squander that freedom on immorality.
3. The country is going broke and will crash on their watch.
4. They will drag us down with them, but in the end our Lord Jesus Christ will intervene.
5. The only way to save America is to get on our knees and humble ourselves before God, acknowledge our sins, beg His forgiveness, and then get up and work like it is all up to us to save the country by setting a good example of moral living and true Christian Charity, and by trusting in Him to do the heavy lifting that we are not capable of on our own. Remember Jonah and Nineve, and what happened when those people repented of their sins.
That is not the end of what we should do, but it's a great start. There will be more on my blog in a few days about this line of thought.
There is NO way mathematically to save the US Dollar (Federal Reserve Note) even if we wanted to. It must be replaced with something of real value.
There is NO way politically to save our Constitution since we have been under maritime law (law of nations) and roman civil law (all the courts use it) and the uniform commercial code for decades. There are NO common law courts left in America, which means there is NO justice in any court in the land.
Read the 7th Amendment to the US Constitution and then tell me we have any real justice in Amerika.
Article VII:  "In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law."
We are coming to the end of civil order. Order from now on will be given out at the barrel of a gun by government terrorists, and the police state.
Already within 24 hours of the election word is out that the UN is starting up the gun grab, and Obama is pushing it enthusiastically.
This election is very much in doubt as there have been many reports of election fraud in several states. People in Ohio came to the polls to find that someone had already voted in their name on an early ballot. This happened several times. Then there were reports of many dead people voting in California. How can we have true elections using these methods? It's impossible. All elections should be done by paper ballots and counted by hand, with a paper trail of the vote. Until then there will never be a real free election ever again in the US. Then there is the problem of the two branches of the same big government party called Republicrats, and Demicans.  The way the GOP stomped on Ron Paul is absolutely unforgiveable. It was dirty rotten political criminality at it's highest.
It's the reason I resigned as State Committeman from Lincoln County and also from the Republican Party after several years of trying to correct their thinkng from the inside. There is just no way. I know they will never change. The Republicans are more interested in preserving their power than in restoring freedom in America.  This last election proves it. The chairman of the Republican Party in Montana says that Dan Cox was a spoiler. No, the Republican Party split their own party and spoiled their chances at winning when they refused to support Ron Paul, and the US Constitution. They had better get used to losing if they are going to continue with that attitude. They will never win another election unless they get back to the principles outlined by the founders of our Country.
In any case, now the focus needs to be on preparing for the inevitable crash of the currency, and some real hard times in our country. The only real chance we have is to stay out of it's way as much as possible. To that end we will continue attending the gun shows with our preparedness products, such as silver, radio gear, fuel preservative and conditioner, and portable solar power products. At some point I am sure we will not be able to do that. I am hoping we have a little time left but won't be placing any bets in that regard.  My next show is Nov 30, to Dec. 2nd in Kalispell at the fairgrounds, then on the following weekend at the fairgrounds in Bozeman for three days. That will conclude my schedule for this year and until Feb. of 2013 in Butte. That make 21 gun shows in 2012. 
Here are some links that we think are important for all of you to see:   for radio gear.  for silver bullion at great prices.  Call 800 889 2839 to order.    for a great fuel conditioner and preservative for your generators and vehicles  for cutting edge portable and other solar power equipment at great prices. Take 20% off what you see for prices on this site.   my blog that I work on daily.   There won't be much politics discussed on this site from here on out. But there will be more about legal issues, jury issues, oathkeeper issues, and the constitutional sheriffs.
Here are some very important sites that point the way to freedom at the local level, which is where the only hope lies for the security of your local neighborhoods.   This is the site for my friend Richard Mack who is leading the charge to get Sheriffs to keep their oath of office.   The site for the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Keep up with this and get it to your sheriff.  The website to teach officers, and military how to keep their oath to the Constitution for the US, and guard freedom and liberty.

That's it. There is NO national group or issue that is worthy of your money or attention. There is NO way to solve this countries problems on the national level.
Form up your local militia. Do it lawfully and by the book.
Here are some links that will help you. Get his new book about the militia here:
Here is what the book is based on: 
Paul Stramer
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839


Greetings One and All,
I think the following says it all!
The biggest loss in yesterdays election was the rule of law.A loss brought to the nation by the political party of lawyers.In the next four years at least two Supreme Court Justices will retire and will be replaced by lawyers appointed by a liberal administration changing the balance of power for that will reshape the very foundation of the country.We now have a minority in the Court that does not believe in our Constitution as a foundational document. Ruth Bader Ginsberg in February of this year when commenting on Egypt''s development of a constitution for its new government said: "I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012," Ginsburg said in an interview on Al Hayat television. "I might look at the constitution of South Africa. This is a radical view of the very fiber of the foundation of the country.Add more of this influence to the Court and ur country will not survive.
This new era of leadership is in the hands of a party that attempted to remove the word and the concept of GOD and support for Israel from its basic arty Platform at its National Convention.Supported by a President who announced to the world is a speech delivered in Cairo in 2009 that America as no longer a Christian country. He said that at a time when 73% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. He then went on to bow to the king of Saudi Arabia.
Our electorate has chosen to be led by a radical Progressive who compares American Exceptionalism to Greek Exceptionalism.A person who has no belief in the free spirit of the American Individual's personal desire and responsibility to create essential improvement of society through personal growth in a Capitalist financial system.A president who genuinely believes that our society must be managed by an elitist group of bureaucrats in our central government.
We, our electorate, in our adoration of celebrity," have expressed admiration for people of no substance.They worship perceived cool and admire those the press defines as good. What we are left with is an element of those who have discovered power and from the seat of government have created an industry that has defined a career of politics thus creating a class of elites that buy their station in society with gifts to the electorate from the public treasury.
So, America, you have done it.In your desire to get your life purchased for you by the politician you perceive will send you security, will give you personal financial stability from the public treasury, you have removed all the strength from very foundation upon which you stand.The financial base those politicians use to buy your vote is no longer funded from the center of our country; it is borrowed money from other societies and their base wealth.We no longer own our own destiny.
We are done.We have crossed the tipping point.I can say to all of my relatives that I lived my youth in a time that will be remembered as the greatest point, the pinnacle, the zenith of our Western Civilization.This was a time of prosperity that was purchased for my generation by our parents to make a better life for us than they had experienced.Some of our parents even gave their lives for us, so that we could prosper and understand the promise of America.My own father is buried in Belgium near where he lost his life at age 31 in December of 1944.
The result of last nights election has been brought upon us by a century, yes, a hundred years of assault on freedom by a Progressive Ideology that has fed itself from the inside of our own body.In the next four years, we will see a steady decline in our environments, our communities, our lifestyle, our dollar, the value of everything we have worked for, the vary freedoms we have sacrificed for and at the end of that period, the voting majority of the population will be so dependent on free stuff from the central government that recovery of the American Exceptionalism that made this the best place on Earth will be far beyond the reach of the American Citizenry.
We are no longer the America we have known and loved, we are toast!
Michael J. Kelly

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