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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Situation Update, Jan 11th, 2021 – The final looting of the American empire is now under way

(Natural News) As the future of the world balances on a knife’s edge, Americans wait to see whether President Trump will invoke decisive action to defend the republic against treasonous criminals who rigged the elections (and censored all Trump supporters).

Today’s Situation Update for January 11th covers the most important developing topics:

  • Why the American empire is finished, regardless of who is in power after January 20th.
  • Why I believe the Insurrection Act has been invoked, but military generals are refusing to carry it out, rendering it null and void.
  • Pentagon leaders want war with China, and they want Bitcoin payouts. Everybody has to be bribed now. Almost no one acts out of morality or duty. This is the “final looting” of the American empire.
  • Military assets are being moved right now in CONUS.
  • More tweets from Lin Wood, and defending Lin Wood from false accusations.
  • Why the Left desperately wants a civil war so they can activate the military to be deployed against America’s patriots.
  • Sec. of State Mike Pompeo just ended America’s recognition of China’s “one China” policy that excluded Taiwan. America is now opening the door to recognizing Taiwan.
  • This may be part of an effort to invite China to attack the US military or Taiwan, as a pathway to engaging China in a regional war, which is the desire of the military commanders and Pentagon bureaucrats.
  • They may not be wrong in concluding that China needs to be countered right now, before they build more aircraft carrier strike groups and extend power all around the globe.
  • Rep. Devin Nunes calls for criminal prosecutions of Big Tech CEOs for their systematic censorship of conservative viewpoints.
  • We call for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to immediately SEIZE the domain names of Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and all tech companies now censoring conservatives. Seize the domains, criminally charge all the CEOs with racketeering and conspiracy.
  • How state AGs can block Amazon or other tech giants from conducting business in their states. How states can also fine Big Tech for censorship activities.
  • How covid vaccines are already being used to mass murder nursing home residents in Auburn, New York.
  • The covid bioweapons and vaccine agenda to depopulate the planet and kill billions of human beings.

1 comment:

  1. WARNINGS for the following signs for DECEMBER 2020 to JANUARY 2021:

    ** For eastern LIBRA, eastern SAGITTARIUS, CHINA, etc..
    - There is a secret agenda against you or your person or against your associates, that you are doing business with, or attempt to do business with. The truths will break your relationship apart. If it hasn't been yet. Tower moment to expect.

    - There might be a financial manipulation/s against you. The Conspirators could use you, your associates or your high value property's to capitalize or to pay for everything. The crooks may call themselves your investor's when they invest nothing at all. They're or will be using you your high value property to turn into securitized stocks, to give you limited shares.

    ** For western VIRGO, Western LIBRA, GEMINI, USA etcetera
    - Ten of swords. There has been a long betrayal, injury, or big theft repeatedly happened. You feel hurt, from the extreme relationship breakdown. Usually this is the end of 1-karmic cycle. Meaning, your opponent's revenging. There are three or four party involved. It is a confusing situation. You may be in these long karmic cycles because there are issues deeper than you can see. Or unless your destiny is reset, revolutionized, or payback your debt owing to someone, or some victimized countries of the past.

    - There might be a financial manipulation/s against you. The Conspirators could use you or your high value property's, inventions, to capitalize or to pay for everything. The crooks may call themselves your investor's when they invest nothing at all. They're or will be using you your high value property to turn into securitized stocks, to give you limited shares. To get the cash out from your properties, to create bonds, for you to pay later for all parties. You could be confused, after they put you on a long pause. They want to test you to see how desperate you are. As soon as you call them up, they will figure out how little to give you your advance $$$. In the end, you will be a big a loser.

    - There is a secret agenda against you or your person(s), loved ones; usually, perpetrated BY the water sign like Pluto=Scorpio, Neptune=Pisces = politicians, lawyers = Aquarians = Gemini = Airsign in reversed, meaning in bad characters. Especially when their energies are negative =or Upside down. Your Moral is meltdown, with worries about death, debt, injury, unpredictable futures.

    ***** For TAURUS, CANCER, or PARTIAL SIGN,Etc.******
    - there is a secret agenda against you. They may be Financial manipulations as well, see above. As mentioned above in connection to your properties of the past or future. So be careful with any legal paperwork for long-term lockin contract. The lender may not be who they said they are. Or the front runner. So what do you do in this case ? well you cannot sign and put yourself in jeopardy otherwise you're going to regret greatly. All you have to do is terminate the relationship and move on to have relationship with someone else who can fulfill your life / wish.
    You don't have to live with your twin flame. So make the distinction, it's important that you are happy.

    PS: More about Ten of swords, for all. There has been a long betrayal, big injury, or big theft repeatedly. All of these came NOT because your direct sins, but perhaps your (offensive/victimized) PARENTS involved in your behalf, in order to feed you well in this life. You can feel the karmic, So forgive your parents and resolve the issue's with whoever you owe, or with their offspring's. if you wish for thr karmic to end. Y/our parents, or past leaders may have the same signs mentioned above committed such sins, they will not broadcast. When the truths come out, you may be surprised. No need to feel ashamed to resolve the issues.


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