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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Groups call for Trump to declare martial law, seize all vote servers, initiate mass arrests

 Situation Update – Dec. 1st – ROGUE government must be ABOLISHED by the people

Yet another cybersecurity expert confirms in sworn declaration that Dominion voting machines are fraudulent

Situation Update – Dec. 1st – ROGUE government must be ABOLISHED by the people


  1. This is Too Important

    The Covid-19 Genocide of 2020 by Claire Edwards


      Their Fraudulently misnamed CORPORATIONS, mischartered as Banks, totally FAKE lenders. They were and still are World Top Thieves.

      Their top bosses Murdered FDR, etc.. after they stole 1933 gold, next another countries massive gold, starting their GREATER SIN from 1937, till these days to pump on Wall Street.

      Today, they misnamed their stolen gold as world assets, to deceive all for free votes.

  2. You can riot, loot and kill people by the thousands in New York but please do not try to make a living running your business. 40 sheriffs arrested the owner with no warrant no Court order because he did not want to leave his property

    Bar owner who declared business an 'autonomous zone' speaks out on 'Tucker'

    Staten Island - Mac's Public House - More FINES! Original $15,000 Fine Voided, THE BATTLE HEATS UP!

    Staten Island - Mac's Public House - More FINES! Original $15,000 Fine Voided, THE BATTLE HEATS UP!
    Local business raided in Staten Island, New York. Mac’s Public House Dec 2

    Paul Furber@paul_furber
    Left Hand Path initiate.
    did John Roberts take up boxing??

  3. Yes, yes, yes, arrest and prosecute them ALL. Not one more moment to spare, the Second American Revolution needs to be kicked into high gear, no more continuances, reprieves, back-room deals, etc. -- make swift strike and counter-strike moves and take them all out!


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