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Monday, November 9, 2020

For Ammon Bundy and Ron Vrooman and All Other "Patriots" -- Part 3

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now, people are having a hard time understanding what I wrote in Part 1 and Part 2, because this is all radically different from anything they learned in school.  

Yet, millions of American men and women have cause to know that what they are experiencing every day --- having their paychecks forcibly docked and being afraid of what should be their own police forces, and being harassed and being ordered around by people who are, in fact, their employees---- doesn't make sense. 

The idea of being free and living in a free country doesn't stack up with the actual facts, does it?  

But stop a moment and think---- all you veterans out there.  You HAVE experienced something like this before, haven't you?  In the service.  

And there is a reason for that.  

When an American joins the U.S. Military they adopt a foreign political status as a Territorial U.S. Citizen.  For the duration of their Tour of Duty, they have no Constitutional rights or guarantees.  Theirs is not to reason why, theirs is to take orders, because they have "signed on" as an indentured servant of the British Crown Corporation.  They don't stand under our Public Law anymore.  Instead, they stand under the Code of Military Justice.  

Every single American veteran in this country -- millions and millions of people --have directly experienced this process for themselves and know exactly what I am talking about.  

All our veterans were trafficked into a foreign political status and a foreign jurisdiction and subjected to foreign law, so when I say that we, Americans, have been involuntarily and unconscionably trafficked into a foreign jurisdiction and subjected to foreign law, it should ring a bell.  

We didn't choose to join the U.S. Military and have no reason to do so.  We are civilians. Landsmen. We are free, sovereign, and independent people who are being mischaracterized as U.S. Citizens and subjected to the foreign laws that pertain to U.S. Citizens in violation of The Constitution of the United States of America and in violation of the Geneva and Hague Conventions --- both.  

And this is being done to us by our own misdirected employees in the U.S. Military and Civil Service.   

They are acting under a number of False Presumptions --- chiefly: (1) that the American Civil War is still ongoing via a continuing stream of illegal mercenary conflicts promoted by the "Presidents" of two governmental services corporations--- the US, INC. and the USA, Inc; (2) and that we, Americans, were ever involved in their mercenary conflict; (3) and finally, that the Employers are dependents of the Employees -----and all our American babies were just "abandoned" on the "battlefield" ----- a whole bunch of fraud and self-interested bunko, in other words.  

What these people have done here is an international capital crime. It is, in effect, genocide on paper.  It's a plot to remove Americans from our natural position of sovereignty and to traffic us into a foreign political status and to subject us to foreign law without our knowledge or consent.  

It's treason.  It's a hanging offense. 

This scheme involves crimes that have been outlawed for over 200 years.  

Inland piracy.  Unlawful conversion. Enslavement of civilians.  Peonage of civilians.  Uncompensated confiscation of private assets. Identity theft. Mischaracterization of nationality.  Impersonation.  Barratry.  Press-ganging.  Extortion.  Racketeering.  Conspiracy against the Constitutions.  Conspiracy to evade constitutional obligations.  Human trafficking.  Breach of Oath.  Breach of Office.  Breach of Trust.  Public trust fraud and public bankruptcy fraud.  Credit fraud. Credit theft.  Malfeasance. Grand felony theft.  Embezzlement. Counterfeiting. Conspiracy to defraud.  Coercion.  Unconscionable contracting. 

Make no mistake, our Employees, "our own military" has been employed to attack us as if we were the Enemy and they have used lawfare to do it.  

They have been misdirected to do this by foreign subcontractors, the Queen, the Popes, and the Lord Mayor, using and abusing our own Delegated Authority to do this to us---- and all while ultimately collecting their paychecks from us.  

The U.S. Military has been aided and abetted in this by various Agencies and misdirected Federal Civil Servants as well, including Hired Jurists, who have come in here and raped and pillaged our innocent populace under the False Presumption that our actual Government no longer stands and that we are all Dependents of the Crown, and subject to King's Equity Law.. 

Well, our sovereign and unincorporated Government does stand.  We are Parties to the Constitutions.  We are owed every jot.  And as the purported "Donors" of all these public trusts, we have the final word on their administration, liquidation and disgorgement --- that is not left to the discretion of the Perpetrators of this vast criminal fraud scheme. 

We have unraveled all the lies these cretins have told about us and all the falsified paperwork they have created including false Birth Registrations and bonds issued as Clearinghouse Certificates held against our Good Names. 

We have declared our natural birthright political status and assembled our Assemblies and now, fellas, it's time you all got your wake up call and got your heads wrapped around this and joined us.  

There are fifty (50) States of the Union, all properly defined and officially enrolled as such, all owed your loyalty and service, and fifty State Assemblies that have nothing to do with any District Assemblies run by and for our foreign Employees--- who have been knowingly or unknowingly usurping upon and trafficking us during our purported "absence". 

We are home and we have always been home.  

The "Delegated Powers" have returned to the Delegators and we are telling our military to wake up and fall out.  Your job is to protect us and our assets, and to enforce the Constitutions.  Period. 

All veterans, please notify your former Branch of Service that you have left their jurisdiction and returned home.  Do that for your own safety, so that they can't claim that you are still voluntarily "residing" in their jurisdiction and therefore owe any allegiance to them.  

And everyone who really is an American, declare your correct birthright political status, record it, and join your actual State Assembly.  Don't be fooled about this any longer. 

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly. net.  

All the other organizations out there are either: (1) District Assemblies run for and by our erstwhile employees and their dependents, or (2) numbnutz who don't know what they are doing, or (3) decoys designed to trap the unwary into some new scheme. 

Stay safe, stay smart, stay in your lane, and pass the word. 


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  1. Hey Anna, so here's an idea. I doubt anyone will ever see this post, but here goes.

    There are two outcomes to the current presidential quandry. The Donald will either:

    a) Be unable to bring enough firepower to the table to save the election and will be jettisoned from the DeathStar. Under that scenario, I think we could see him pursue a "scorched earth" policy as they predictably say "You're Fired" on his way out the door which is so exquisitely apropos, you just can't make this shit up.

    b) Have enough firepower and blackmail to bring to the table since he now does know where all the corpses are buried. Very important.

    So if door a) becomes his destination he will be looking for new digs of course, and what better time to have a quiet low key lunch one day in the Trump Tower and remind him of the benefits of being President of a "real" government. Really, with an ego as big as all outdoors he would probably jump at the chance to pursue even more scorched earth from the perch. It's not like you haven't dangled that carrot before, this is your chance to tempt a recently available megalomaniac with a really great offer.

    Don...don't get mad, get even buddy!

    You gotta get on that before he takes another offer haha!

    Peace and sobriety to all!

    I have no idea where THAT came from.

    1. I guess Lew Rockwell from the institute (the Austrian school of economics) had the same epiphany that I did with regard to what the Don should do next.

      At the end of the article, he said:

      "f you are forced out on January 20, you should set up a White House in exile and continually criticize what Biden does. You should use your unrivaled media skills to always keep in the public eye. You won the election, and you are the rightful president. If you do these things, you will be remembered as a great American president."

      Hey not a bad idea. Buy the house across the street from Obummer who is currently running a parallel shadow government against Trump's government, and run a parallel shadow government against Obummer. Like a mutual self-aggrandizement scheme gone wrong, a two way mirror, until it defies the laws of physics.

      But perfect...for awhile anyway. The only problem, is that the whole shebang might end up looking like two adjacent black holes that invariably suck up each other and suck in anything else in the universe resulting in one big bang super-nova.

      Hell hath no fury like a pissed off Trump who has the money to spend his days sharpening his teeth and waiting for the just right moment. He will leave no blade of grass unburned in retreat if need be.

  2. Must watch the following video if only for the funny comments below:

    Trump Legal Team: PLEASE quote the following in the first line in your legal brief before the Supreme Court:

    Joe Biden: "We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    Joe Biden says he's built most extensive "voter fraud" org in history

    He's such a great guy that even dead people will vote for him
    I'm afraid that I will become a Democrat voter after I die
    That is why he didn’t need to come out of his basement.
    I can watch this over and over again, laughing my ass off, knowing him and the whole Deep State in Guantanamo
    Joe Biden wasn't joking when he said he didn't need people's votes to get elected…
    “I’m Donald Trump, and I approve this message”
    That's the only true statement this guy has ever made lmao
    He was so stupid that he told the truth without even realizing it.
    Imagine if Trump said this, seriously, it would be on the news nonstop
    all the voter fraud... all the election interference by fake news big tech and no ones being investigated or charged
    If we don't stop this Election Fraud NOW, and arrest the guilty, we will NEVER have fair elections again. We must stop this FRAUD NOW or we lose the Republic.

    Trump's Going On The Road - Trump Will Continue Rallies, Plans To Brandish Obituaries Of People Who Allegedly Voted

    “There Are Facts of Fraud” – Rudy Giuliani: Trump Team to File Lawsuits against Pennsylvania on Monday for Violating Federal Law — 800,000 Votes COMPLETELY INVALID! (Video) Henry Makow@HenryMakow

    1. Do you have complete version of the biden's youtube saying about inclusibe voter fraud organization ?

  3. Lol..........
    Conceding the election to Biden voters!

    Jackson Byard@jaxbyard
    This video was retweeted by @EricTrump and I was forced to screen record it (couldn’t RT) because the tweet was deleted after I opened it. This is happening all across the country.

    James Perloff Retweeted
    Orthodox Central@Orthosphere
    If I die - Don't let me vote for

    Sal the Agorist@SallyMayweather
    Biden Thanking One Of His Mail In Voters.....

    Just Dropping Off The Rest Of The Ballots......

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Crazy times for the true "We the People" but I am ready to Rock and Roll!

  7. It is a crime against original divine creation to join offensive military branches that are against original divine creation!!! We need peace keepers, not bribed criminal gangs in uniforms!!! Amen, so be it!!!

  8. I asked the VA whether Veterans are Americans. They responded as follows:
    "At this time, we are unable to respond to your specific question ... based on the information available to us. We have forwarded a request for information to your regional office. They will research this issue further and respond to you directly regarding their findings."

    1. Hi I don't think they think we are. But you and I Know we are.
      Today I had to go to the walla walla va for a dental exam check up. They know I can not wear the mask. I have a hard time breathing and there have been a few incidents and I have reported them to the VA Hotline. As if it will ever make a difference. I am never going back there after how I was treated today. At this point I will just go it alone. I do not need any doctor refusing to note my chart that I can not wear a mask so I can keep having the VA police called on me by a power monger like dentist I almost hyperventilated holding there stupid plastic shield in front of my face and the jack ass still reused to allow me backl UNTIL I had actually strapped on to my head. Now the dude in travel pay who was messing with my travel pay is NOW the "paient advocate" LOL yeah this VA in walla walla is very very bad and needs a full inspector general investigation will that do any good? doubt it will happen and if it does it will just be business as usual for "Them" we do not latter at all.

    2. Chef-doctor Jemichel - Good for you in asking. Ain't that something? Yeah, let us know their response, or not. If you'd be so kind as to keep this post link to let us know. Can't wait for that one IF it ever comes. thanks & stay sane

  9. Wouldn't Trump have to occupy Philadelphia primarily to be president for America? And Trump cannot continue placating his jews to be America's president. He cannot doll out gazillions upon gazillions to jews the way he has. Nor can he allow them to continue siphoning off all our credit. Hey folks, all this debt, every time a "Bill" is created by their Congress, those jews are stealing our credit in the GaZillions.

    No Kushner telling him he can't appoint someone, as Christy. No friggin jews flocking in & out every friggin day. Only 1.8% of US population & Trump has given them everything they want & more YET ITS NEVER ENOUGH, never enough.
    Then he'd have to go after the true criminals & that would be his JEWS.
    Even Kushner has been profiteering w his brother during this time.

    NO MORE GAZLLIONS PUMPED INTO ISRAHELLI JEWS pockets. Just one Israhelli payment con cost every American household $30,000/yr. Could we use our own wealth, $30,000/yr? And that is a scratch in the bucket.
    No more dual/duel Israhelli 1st jews dictating anything on America. No more friggin jew laws against Whites, Nationalism, de-funding our America. No more siphoning by jew parasites from rural to international. No more jew brokers creating scarcity in all our systems, including food, while they steal it & sell it overseas.

    No more jew taxes on anything! Including global Rabbinical Kosher Tax Extortion Rackets in the Trillion$/yr.

    Don't think Trump can withstand it. NO MORE GIMMIGRANTS flooding into America. No more $2400/ gimmigrant they can claim, that equals MILLION$ into jew pockets. No more Chabad handing out Work Visa's to run their scams & False Flags. No more 'religious exemptions' to launder our wealth in gazillions. No more Special Interest ADL, B'nai Brith, Chabad, etc raking our wealth & destroying their plans to annihilate White Christian, Catholic America & Americans.

    No more harvesting of aborted baby parts, no more organ harvesting period. No more child sex porn & trafficking. No more Drivers License 'organ donation' harvesting scams. No more but a sliver of their massive jewdicial system fraud. No more Big Pharma poisons. No more Big Med disease & killing ops. No more pillaging via controlling hospitals, nor Medical School loan fraud schemes. No more mortgage, insurance, licensing etc scams. Exposure of alllll their ratline ops.

    America is the jews TOP PRIZE of all time. Subjugating America is the jews wet dream & they have NO desire whatsoever to give that up. This is the jews biggest coup & they NEVER CEASE in their crimes much less give up America to Americans.

    What about funding our American government? Force the jews to hand over our wealth & credit, do the ‘right’ thing??? Puhleez! The military isn't going to participate w/o massive funding & top brass pay for play & all that jew mercenary war op$. Who is going to work for free? Our debts don’t just disappear w/o a massive jew-terror event. All those on our doll won’t stand for it, including MASSIVE GIMMIGRANT PARASITES. That’s why the gimmi’s are here, by jew order, to insure they have a ‘civil’, not civilian, mercenary force. All their new SUV’s, free housing, welfare, food cards, etc, … Ugh they’re going w the JEW PLAN, ok. Cuz they are NOT AMERICANS, have no desire to be Americans.

    What would the jews do? They'd do what upset jews always do when things don't go their way, OR even when things do go their way: GENOCIDE. They'd pull their Samson Option. Boom! Ooops. 911 x's 100.

    Bottom line, its not good for the jews. Ya don't just walk in as America's president w/o getting de-ticked & de-wormed. Ohhhh but no, all those jews getting kicked to the curb... NOT HAPPENING. The jew-organ is a throbbing zombie, how do ya kill it?

    1. I generally agree about the Samson option, the whole kaborsch has had things their way for so long. But I don't think they really want to sacrifice the landscape with potential radioactive decay for eons that wouldn't serve anyone. Genocide by vaccine seems more like the preferred way. Like a neutron bomb, the people are dead but the buildings and other assets are left standing.

      Trump knows where all the bodies are buried and would go nuclear on them to save his brand, don't forget he will fight to save the value of the brand which his career has been all about. He is a celebrity at the same time as he is playing President, if he does get another 4 years he will go back to being a celebrity after that. If Trump goes down he will pursue the proverbial scorched earth policy in his retreat, no question.

      Assuming there is anything left to retreat to if things get really ugly...

    2. Will Smith - Yup for the most part, the jew profits less on their jew-Oppenheimer big boom. But say its EMF, DEW, nanites, like jews did on 911, & bombs at Pentagon. All they have to do is ignite the pyros set in the VA Hospitals the jew contractors built all over our nation. There's aplenty Samson Options. Cut our food supply even more than they're doing now. Dump even more poisons in our water, as jews are now pushing Lithium, already falling from our skies & in the smart chip batteries.

      Wish I had the confidence that Trump knows where the bodies are buried. He's jewed up to his gills & every day is forced to reconcile depth & breadth of the JEW agenda , I betcha.

      Just like all the rest of us who remain in denial about the jews, refuse to call them out, empowers the jews ever more. So they don't care about destruction, even of their own jews. They have South America in their claws, Australia, New Zealand, all of Africa & more. Plenty of garden plot lands & fresh water for their enslavement agenda.

      Our water ways & river beds are filled w their toxic jew petrochemical pharmaceuticals as drug stores, hospitals, doctors offices, homes dump their expired poisons down the toilet. Just stir that baalsh*t up & we're all jew-brained even more.

      If the chemtrails can't be stopped now, they've got that too. All their fires.

      Look, with all the Trump jew hits i make, I do think he's the best man for this time, & do think he's in this for all the best reasons, up to his soul. BUT he is up to his gills in jews. And...he seems unable to say its the jews just as he is unable to say Whites. Is he a man with free will? NO. He's jewed.

      Even in his campaign he had to comply with the jew on their White supremacy scheme. HAD TO DO IT. He can talk about poor jews, negroes, latinos, gimmigrants, blah blah... all freaking day long BUT if he says anything favorable to Whites, he's toast. That is not freedom, its jewdom.

      So the jews Samson Option has many facets. Including their Civil Rights Wars Negroes against Whites, now stage 2.0 with their 3.0 not far behind.

      Yup, they're probably not going to Oppenheimer us flat. But they'll 911 us into submission. thanks & stay sane

    3. And Good Folks, those who "believe" those Latino gimmigrants working on our property, cutting grass, roofing, building our structures, employed by utility companies, etc, are not of the hive-mind to take what is ours, to destroy Whites specifically... that they're for America as Americans & are not going to jump on the free-goodies-jew-train, are dangerous to me, my family, my people, property & MY WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA, which IS THE ONLY AMERICA POSSIBLE.

      Add those Commie Chink gimmigrants sliming their way into our everything. Muzzies.. most all of them are here in for 'pieces' not peace. I busted Chinks recording entire conversations at a party THEY WERE INVITED TO... to do what? Not the first time. Commie Chink doctors are here to TAKE WHITES DOWN, displace us. Do not invite these Commie Chinks into your businesses, homes.

      These gimmigrants are part of the jews Samson Option. And Good Folks, it is NOT the far away jews, the so-called 'fake jews', the nebulous jew, IT IS THE JEWS IN YOUR ‘hoods & towns, right now, today, instituting their White genocide plans. Look at your city hall site, find all the appointed committees, READ THEIR NAMES. Why are there 20++ appointed to a city's Ethics Committee, with jews at the top? Why is a Commie Chink gimmigrant on the transpiration board? Why do jews commandeer museums, parks, recreation, school etc boards? Why are so many jews on so many other boards? Professional board members with ZERO conflicts of interest, becuz its only about jew agenda, so there are no conflicts of interest.
      This too is their Samson Option.

      As for vaccines aka toxxines, jew Carol Baker on video says the gimmigrants WANT VACCINES, the Whites don't. Her answer to solve their problem, ON VIDEO, is to KILL ALL THE WHITES. That's just one instance of HUNDREDS including Sacklers in court docs saying their opioids will bring in gazllions & target Whites.

      There is NO COVID EPIDEMIC but there is a JEW OPIOID EMPIDEMIC killing US, OUR CHILDREN. This too is their Samson Option, all long underway.

      So Good Folks the time is too late, thus we must call out the jews at every level, every scrap, every time again & again. Do not allow useful idiot jewdiazers spread their caustic anti-White-Christian-Catholic- Brit-German-European propaganda. What jews, 'good jews', 'real jews' have stepped forward claiming jews responsible for their crimes? 911? 30,000 Brooklyn jew Bolsheviks? AhskeNAZI’s? Holohoax? Sandy Crook? The so-called multitudes of 'good jews' surely will step up & prevent the 'bad jews', 'fake jews' from perpetuating their jew evils, blaming Whites for their crimes, & will expose their African slave trade was in fact all run by jews??
      NO. But YOU had better SHUT THE HELL UP, you anti-semite, anti-diversity, anti-vaccine, anti-MultiCulti, anti-Noahide Laws, anti-Tikkum Olan, anti-Baal Warship, anti-blood sacrificing, anti-Cannibalism, anti-Child Predation, anti-Organ Harvesting, anti-Genocide, anti-slavery YOU White supremacists. How dare you NOT LET THE JEW POISON YOUR CHILDREN, POISON YOU, YOUR EARTH, DESTROY NATIONS & not give the jew all it desires.

      ‘How will the jew survive, much less thrive with YOU WHITES in the way? YOU WHITE CHRISTIANS with all your generosity, compassion, inventions, advancements, good will, aspiration, creativity, beauty, peace-mongering, abundance, clean environments, individuality, love of nature, sense for adventure, healing, gift-giving, self-governance, freedom, free speech, intellect, animal lovers, tree lovers, bird lovers, sea lovers, Earth lovers, etc DOING EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to destroy the jew, just by being who & what you are by GOD THROUGH CHRIST & all his goodie-two-shoes tripe’ says the jew.
      thanks & stay sane

    4. Yeah I overall think you are hitting the mark with your suggestions about what is going on. Trump seems conflicted with his diverse loyalties to his masters and the public, to the point where his actions look schizophrenic to the casual observer. There are big egos on the table right now on both sides. Trumps brand doesn't mean shit if they do 911 everything. His empire is linked to the health of the economy like every other business. How many people are floating through Trump hotels and casinos at the moment? He is probably doing better in his non-commercial assets like residential but he is not immune although he surely is as hedged as he can get to be. Trump is as vulnerable in his commercial assets as it can get if they 911 everyone as you suggested. Take care.

  10. From jew Benjamin Fulford's weekly jot, & besties w Robert David Steele, IF its true:
    "At the same time Western secret society sources say Marine Corps Intelligence Robert David Steele is being considered for President of the – soon to be founded – United States of North America. Steele has nominated former Congresswoman and 9.11 truther Cynthia McKinney to be his vice-president."

    RDS does not get it. How stupid can this "intelligence" agent, xCIA, xBezos/Amazon contractor devised Open Source Everything, then CIA paid Amazon for its next generation ops?

    RDS, despite interviewing Anna & made aware of the truer nature of the beast, continues doing his own Brand-thingy, parading right into the same pit out of which we're clamoring.

    They don't call it "intelligence" becuz its intelligent.

  11. What I’m getting from the far right militia play it like Gandi resist resist resist!
    They have standing Army’s and if that’s not enough Safe cities UN.
    Muslin sniper shut down DC.
    It would be utter chaos but like a fever if it killed the parasite.
    Legislature is we’re we carry our petition/law suit
    Called a remonstrance Texas constitution has it right to remonstrance.


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