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Monday, November 9, 2020

What the Democrats want you to believe

 D. Sun. 8 Nov. What the Democrats Want You to Believe, Bonnie: (Reader)

 What the Democrats Want you to Believe || Bonnie (Reader)

A friend sent me this with no author to it: What The Democrats Want You To Believe:

That the Man who proclaims “America First” is bad for our country.

The Man who fights against The Swamp, is the corrupt one.

The Man who says we should stand for the National Anthem, is a tyrant and a dictator.

The Man recently nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes is an existential threat to the World.

The Man bringing US troops home, doesn’t care about our Military.

The Man who fixed the VA thinks people wounded or killed in battle, are "losers and suckers."

The Man who increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, is a Racist.

The Man who created Opportunity Zones to revitalize distressed inner-city communities, hates minorities.

The Man who champions School Choice, hates the poor.

The Man who presided over the largest increase in low and middle-income workers’ earnings in decades, only cares about the rich.

The Man whose policies helped lift millions of minorities out of poverty is, yes, a Racist.

The Man who created millions of low- and middle-income jobs, (prior to C0VID), does not care about working people.

That the Man who saw his net worth go down while in Office – the first in history to do so - only took the job to enrich himself and his Family.

The Man who doesn't take a salary as President, only cares about himself.

The Man who instituted prison reform and criminal justice reform is a Racist.

The Man who had a record number of small donations to his Campaign is owned by Wall Street and the Billionaire Elite.

The Man who began closing the Wealth Gap is only in it for his own financial gain.

The Man who became the first President to appoint an openly gay person to his Cabinet, is homophobic.

The Man who held Communist China to account, was wrong to do so.

The Man that created more favorable Trade Deals, to help the US Worker, is dumb.

The Man who attempts to enforce existing laws, is a dictator.

The Man that banned travel to-and-from China in Jan, 2020, was a “Racist and Xenophobe” for doing so.

The Man who followed the Constitution and allowed the States to create their own Corona|virus Policies – and then provided them everything they needed – is to blame for all Corona|virus deaths.

The Man who created the strongest US economy in history – and now has the economy back to just 6.9% unemployment - is not capable of leading us out of the C0VID Recession.

The Man who told his supporters to “vote in person”, to avoid possible cheating, is trying to steal the election.

The Man that has been investigated more than any other President in history, is a crook.

The Man who has been the most transparent President in history, has not been straight with the American people.


  1. The Dems are no great shakes, but the other side isn't great, either. That's why I don't believe in the politicians. They are obsolete:

    Obstruct The Vote

  2. Folks, I'd just found out that the Narcissistical bar bastards play Black Magic on you guys. I checked this and I cannot believe it. These guys are not growing they just think that they are God's, when they are really the parasites.

    They never seemed to grow, they just keep on hypnotizing themselves that they are the government, the court, .. playing Their Robber moronic games.. they never paid full taxes back to the system, bc they said so ( we pay taxes on volunteer...)


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