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Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Constitutional Event of Our Lifetime


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a non-political exploration into matters of:
Law, Jurisdiction, Land, History, History of Law, Status, Standing, and Rights.

Bring Your Knowledge - Bring Your Questions

Get Sheriffs To This Training
Event is for all law enforcement, public servants, and public

The County Sheriff:
America's Last Hope

Presented by the

September 30th, 2020
9am to 5pm eastern time


Hotel Reservations are Being Offered by
Fairfield Inn & Suites Lynchburg.

For more information,
contact the CSPOA Office:
(602) 268-9268


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  2. Sheriff Mac knows too much extra smu stuff made fourth branch of government 1Execuitive 2legeative 3 judicial the problem is fourth BAR.
    A foreign for profit corporation monopoly. Big investments that fuel ⛽️ Jeff Sessions attorney General heavenly invested everyone has a hand in till.

  3. We are 5%of world population yet we are 26-30 % of that incarcerated.

    1. Bubba, that's why you need to be registered as a State National, and get your family and friends to do it to. You ARE the government! Your concerns are completely valid, and We The People stand with you. It's time for this crap to stop! Feel powerless? Yes me too, until now. Anna and Paul are giving us what we need to make a difference! Go for it, if anything, we've got you 6!! Let's get people out of unjust incarceration and hands out of the till!

    2. jew run For Profit Inc prisons. Then add all the negros, the 2nd most violent on Earth (1st is the jew including genocide). Hispanics are the next highest in US. And as for Whites, this includes jews, which aren't recognized since they changed their non-White to White status in 1987, to do their crimes & blame Whites. Such as most all so-called White serial killers are jews, some say all are jews, but I don't have the capability of researching to that degree. The largest number known victims by a serial killer is Samuel Little a Negro, close to 100.
      Folks don't know that Sodomite Smollett is a jew, half Negro. Maybe Little is half jew too. Be great to get the truth out on this info.

      Like the state sanctioned serial killer JEW Dr. Ulrich Klopfer abortionist left over 2000 fetus' in jars in his office, found after his death, youngest mother-child was 10 yrs old. Kept his trophies from his kills. How many abortion doctors are jews? about half but are only 1.8% US pop. Abortionists are serial killers, psychopaths, getting their itch scratched, well paid.

      prior to 2017 - Whites accounted for 64% of adults but 30% of prisoners. And while Hispanics represented 16% of the adult population, they accounted for 23% of inmates. Another way of considering racial and ethnic differences in the nation’s prison population is by looking at the imprisonment rate, which tallies the number of prisoners per 100,000 people... In 2017, there were 1,549 black prisoners for every 100,000 black adults – nearly six times the imprisonment rate for whites (272 per 100,000) and nearly double the rate for Hispanics (823 per 100,000). For all three of these groups, imprisonment rates have declined substantially since 2007. The rate has declined 31% among blacks, 14% among whites and 25% among Hispanics. Experts have offered a range of explanations for the pronounced drop in the black imprisonment rate.
      Gap between number of blacks, whites in prison narrows ...,tallies%20the%20number%20of%20prisoners%20per%20100%2C000%20people.

      Let's clear out the jews, Negros, Latinos & have less prisoner necessitated problems. Lot less killing of Whites too! thanks & stay sane

  4. Does anybody know that the American Inns of Court are on our shores?
    Located in Alexandria, Virginia??

  5. You people that distinguish others as white, black, coloured, chings, spicks etc, or any other name are the cause of all problems in this Country and all other Countries. Until we all realize that we are all red blood & flesh under our skins, we will not connect the way the CONTROLLERS use divide and Conquer TACTICS to distract us by what they are doing to us all. We are all Men & Women, brothers and sisters and need to come together as one to fight off how we are been Controlled by...... the Powers That Be ...through Corporations and Corporate Governments these are not our De Jure Governments of the people. We all need to come together as one to change things, for we are many they are few.

    1. noel - Thats 'Finkelthink', jew propaganda, that ONLY JEWS have distinction. The reason jews & their parasite gimmigrants are even here is becuz this is the Greatest Nation on Earth & it is White.

      We are not one race, the human race cr*p. We are distinct peoples, with distinct cultures being mushed up by jews for their nefarious purposes. There is NO OTHER PEOPLE on Earth who has done more, accomplished more, GIVEN MORE to all peoples than White Christian Americans. But its never enough once their little pea-brains are infused jew-think that we are all equal.
      No. We are only to be equal in the eyes of law. LAW. If you do not know the differences in peoples, cultures, races, than take the time to learn.
      Right now, Negro's in Africa blow into a cows anus. Right now Mid-East Muslims have no real problems kidnapping raping enslaving & the chopping the head off of a woman or child. And those gimmigrants have done this in Europe several times. CHOP OFF THEIR HEADS. And we're supposed to all one cherry pie happy peaceful people ONLY IN AMERICA? Go to their country, take their land, their jobs, their assets, their access, their food, their wealth... see how you fare under their law.

      Well their law is NOT equal to our law... but somehow We are all equal. Right now, back in their countries, men have sex with donkey's, goats regularly. So when they come here, they're all equal, right.

      This is NOT division, this is claiming who WE ARE & ARE NOT as a result of jew's Hegelian Dialectic. Why is it those Negros have sucked billions upon billions upon billions of OUR WHITE WEALTH for generations upon generations upon generations & still cannot rise above their own created filth & degeneracy? Trump just threw a few more billion at the Negros.. & ain't NOTHING GONNA CHANGE becuz the Negros cannot change.

      The average, even lower average iq of Whites, is the best of the Negros. Did you know that? Unless we face facts, that we differ, & get it through their thick skulls, then it never changes. Those mid-easterns coming in droves, Muzzies, same iq as sub-saharan Africans. The iq of a trained Chimp is 80. The iq of sub-saharan Africans average 75.

      Whites are responsible for 98% of all inventions & advancements, but Whites don't use that against peoples, Whites want all to benefit. Nobody else does that, period. All want only their own to benefit.

      Was just hanging out w on some yachts. We have no idea how many gimmigrants came to America, hoisted into positions, stealing our patents, our business, our wealth, our everything to become multi-billionaires. They are NOT Americans, they are gimmigrants. Elon Musk-rat-fink gimmigrant jew just appeared on our land. His partner in PayPal is gimmigrant jew Peter 'childs blood' Thiel, who drains blood of young people for his Ambrosia at $40k/month for his jews to consume for said anti-aging, never mind about Palantir etc.
      Hamdi Ulukaya is a Turkish-born American billionaire of Kurdish ancestry who is said to be some lowly poor little immigrant who came to America & started a simple little yogurt business, Chobani. Now American school children consume that gimmigrants yogurt, all designed for him, probably as some jew-favor to one of their TURK JEWS. NOT for AMERICANS. Americans are not equal to them.

      So we are allll equal, so long as it means destroying Great White Christian America by multi-culti jewdizing agenda. Are YOU equal to Peter 'childs blood' Thiel? Elon Musk-rat-fink? Hamdi Ulukaya? Well, they do not think so.

      So this 'we're all equal' is for the sheeple. Aside from the fact the ONLY NATIONS they parasite off of are WHITE CHIRSTIAN NATIONS, becuz Whites do it right.

      Please consider how jewdized your brain is & free yourself with truth, facts, sound reason, discernment & a strong spine. We are not divided becuz we recognize what we are, we are divided becuz those who want what is ours use it to get it that way.
      thanks & stay sane

  6. @Wink
    You have fallen hard for the "coup d'grace" last line card. Once everyone comes to feel as you do, that Jews are "behind" it they will then go after them, kill then and think they have saved the world. Meanwhile the ones that set up the Jews - think of all the so important positions disproportionately held be them percentage-wise- will be still unseen ready to reinfect, rinse, repeat. So, you then represent a danger to the rest of us with your bullshit racism propaganda, hate and generally bad attitude. Dont spread it here..please.

    1. Mr. D,

      You must be new here, you need to educate yourself. Consider starting here...


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