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Monday, August 3, 2020

Doctor first censored then was fired for promoting Hydroxychloroquine

Found here:


  1. Thanks for posting all these criminal Covid-con exposers. Would like Folks to note Dr. Gold is well spoken & seemingly quite sincere. Note the name Gold is a jew name. As we're hoping to heighten awareness that jews are being vastly more promoted than any other group as savior hero's.
    PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Why is it 1.8% USA pop, a micro pop are doctors, who are still vastly over represented in med fields, are everywhere we turn.
    Its the ultimate Tikkum Olan to make the jew our hero's.
    They are going to be sacrificed, but are NOT OUR HERO'S no matter what the jew does, the jew will get the most publicity. This helps the jews to stay front & center of all matters.
    Not saying Dr. Gold is part of this agenda, but be mindful as to who is allowed to be interviewed, as even on Tucker Carlson's show.
    Sooooo many jews, including Dr.Miskovitz who did the work to poison us for decades, then all of a sudden wakes up that she's done the work to DESTROY US & now she's another promoted jew hero. She devoted her lifes work to providing jews w a method to poison us, to kill us.

    Folks do not provide the jews success w their Hegelian Dialectic by thinking for a moment any jew is a hero. Other jews will hire the fired jews, ok.
    THEY WILL NOT HIRE FIRED CHRISTIANS, WHITES. Other jews will give aid to their jews being targeted, but will NOT GIVE AID to White Christians equally, while White Christians are damned for not giving the jew everything, including their own children for Toxxxinations.
    One other thing, we are in area medical social communities & GIMMIEGRANTS are given precedent in hiring over White Christians. Chinese, Asians, African Negro gimmigrant's are FIRST hires & are given FREE MED SCHOOL, BOARDING, EXPENSES etc, coddled to displace our White Christian doctors, who are the ones ultimately paying for all of those gimmiegrant freebies.

    So just be aware of the Hegelian Dialectic jew hero-worship/warshipping as its their plan to place jews in all forms of leadership roles, teaching jew-compliance-only to our medical staff. We are seeing material authored by jews presented in annual continuing education classes & online newsletters from every medical area we look.
    Why are jews everywhere? Why are we made to accept & thus comply, with jews as Leaders in all medical fields?
    We see it in Real Estate/Realtor networks too. jews running Realtor, stealing intellectual property from agents, giving it to their other owned operated real estate venues. Look at the main Realtor site to see how they are STEALING INFO, which is the agents intellectual property, about all our properties & its values, using it against us.

    PAY ATTENTION please PAY ATTENTION. Its easy to spot if we can break the jew-incrustation away from our minds, pineal glands, eyes. Its right there before us.
    So heads up on these jews as hero's. Maybe be good enough folks, BUT SO ARE WHITE CHRISTIANS. thanks & stay sane

    was linked on his Facebook page.

  3. Off Topic, and i apologize, as the beat goes on . . .

    Youth Elixir of Pharaoh's Vampire Aristocracy Masters of Alchemy Embryonic Cells 31 mins. August 4, 2020

  4. DID THIS JUST HAPPEN??? >>>>>>
    Beirut blast: Massive explosion shakes Lebanon's capital ...
    A massive explosion shook Beirut on Tuesday, killing at least 25 people, flattening much of the port, damaging buildings across the capital and sending a giant mushroom cloud into the sky. The...

    1. Yeah breaking news from..... Tel Aviv... Let the jews tell us allllllllll about it.


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