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Monday, March 30, 2020

Black Rock, Smack Rock

By Anna Von Reitz

Well, meet your brand new "Financial Services" Company, which has been the "operative manager" of the merger of the Fed, a crime syndicate, with the IMF, another crime syndicate, and which now stands in the middle of the middle.  

Black Rock.  Like Black Law.  Like Black Water.  Like Black Everything, except, of course, black people, which they generally despise and use and abuse as slaves. 

Time to wake up, people.  Summon the Army of Gideon and rise.  

This gives the details that you will never, ever, hear come out of President Trump's mouth, nor out of the Mainstream Media.  

This giant crime syndicate (which isn't really Jewish, by the way) has taken over two other giant crime syndicates.  Oh, whoopee-ding.  But here is the good news, if you get organized and know who you are (as in declare your proper political status and join your State Assembly) this has nothing whatsoever to do with you or your assets at all. 

This has to do with Babylonian Fakirs defrauding and deceiving "U.S. Citizens" and "citizens of the United States".  

Now, it's true that your Proper Given Name has been seized upon  under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure by these Creeps. 

And it is true that your Proper Given Name has been used as the basis to create unauthorized U.S. Citizens and unauthorized Municipal CITIZENS, too.  

But its all Bull.  They just make up a new corporation and define a new "Special Purpose Vehicle" ---- a new "style" of name --- and they claim to own it, similar to what they have done by going around making up land descriptions and attaching them to your land.  

What they need is about 320 million riflemen aiming up their rumps in this country and the entire population of all the other countries around the globe, to convince them that their "magic" --- that is, lies and fraud, has been recognized for what it is, and no "Special Purpose Vehicles" are to be attached to us, our Good names, or any of our assets.  

Not now, not ever again  

The fraud is discovered.  Black Rock needs to go hide under a literal black rock.  They need to hide their heads in shame and have the Board Member's profiles and faces and home locations broadcast worldwide.  

We all need to demand their permanent liquidation as a crime syndicate involved in restraint of trade and illegal securitization practices (SPVs --- ha!) and unjust enrichment schemes based on impersonation, probate fraud, bankruptcy fraud, identity theft, unlawful conversion, and conspiracy against the Constitutions. 

Line all these criminal corporations up and liquidate them -- one, two, three.   

If Trump and the military don't have guts enough to do their jobs.....stand aside and let the Grandmothers of the world do it instead.  


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  1. QUESTIONS: Do we still need the black and white Z's in our front and back windows, ANYONE? ALSO: I filed my home in non Hague country tried to re-file it, and the clerk AND county attorney, refuse to allow it, as it doesn't fit THEIR CRITERIA! What can I DO? thanks

    1. Carol,...never heard of the " Z" thing in the windows...however if you put your paperwork in an ad in the local newspaper ( I thonk it has to have a minimum cirxulation amount) for 3 weeks then it meets tge requirement of public notice. You can also get tangled in some court nonesense and put your paperwork in as evidence and it becomes permanent record. Grandma used to give this advise . Its up to us to help one another as I have always done .

    2. Carol, just file it in Lamar County, GA, get a certified copy back out and then lookup the statute in your state that says any document filed with any agency in the US may be filed with the county recorder in this state. Every state has this statute so they can accept each other's documents. It is also listed under the FROE 201. Send your documents registered mail with RR to your county recorder with a copy of this state law and citing the state statute, request it be recorded without delay. Let them know that if it does not fit in any of their categories to simply file it in the miscellaneous file. Be sure to request a certified copy back out. Lookup the costs or call and ask what the fees are and send a postal money order to cover the costs. They cannot go against their own statutes.

    3. @Carol... I am aware of some Washington Assembly members that are running the new national (automobile) plate along with the statute (motor vehicle) plate as an educational tool for the LEO's, the experiment is for the whole of 2020. The Z plate, as far as I know, correct me if I am wrong, please... is a rendition of re-flagging your property. Maritime has a diagonally split flag of black and white that means "private". I still, am of the opinion that "we the people" need to create a claim for our property within the public records, to make a proper claim.

      And lastly Carol, I can not for the life of me comprehend why anyone would ask to file their home? to a non Hague country? So without more information of the actual process you attempted I can not advise for or against what you could do about that. It almost reads like your trying to offer up your home (should be "land" at any rate) to a foreign country?????

      Hope that helps... if not maybe you could expand?

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  2. Thanks Anna for the News.
    Well, I know the FED or FRS and the U.S.Treasury (Inc) colluded to defraud us long time ago since GHB lied about his signed "Affordable Housing Act" to defraud our credits and energies, for their unlawful conversion. The ATG laughed at me, when I alerted them about Bank Fraud.

    It makes no difference to me if the Treasury merged with FRS or not. They always have been together, planned fake loans, Bailouts, Short-selling, etc.. The FED is connected to the DTCc, for sure.

    File Number: 2221617
    Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 02/08/1990 (mm/dd/yyyy) Entity Name: UNITED STATES TREASURY / U.S. TREASURY, INC. Entity Kind: CORPORATION Entity
    GREYSTONE MANOR City: LEWES County: SUSSEX State: DE Postal Code: 19958 Phone: (302)645-7400

    File Number: 2193946
    Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 04/19/1989 (mm/dd/yyyy) Entity Name: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. Entity Kind: CORPORATION Entity Type: RELIGIOUS
    400 City: WILMINGTON County: NEW CASTLE State: DE Postal Code: 19808 Phone:
    (302)636-5440 Additional Information is available for a fee. You can retrieve Status for a fee of $10.00 or more detailed information including current franchise tax assessment,
    current filing history and more for a fee of $20.00

    The Registration of the U.S. Treasury indicated that they are a new entity, foreign agents, to cover up the Pope position?

    1. Okay now I see. It makes sense to me when Anna talks about U.S.Inc mirroring U.S.A.Inc that makes 2X of HJR192 credit.

      Plus their Bailout Bonds, X 2 = 4 fold for our Credits. Then the vermin take 4X more by amplifying their fake loan, to higher scamming amount, by adding our human Chattel Insurance (at our cost); Calc.: 4 x 2 = 8X, or Calc.: 4 x 3 = 12X. per one fake loan against our HJR192 Credits, to fill/convert their "Too-Big-to-fail stocks from $0.01/share to 100,000X", perpetually from their unsuspected victims (that's us), handled by their "Fund managers, ie. Vanguard Fund, and many more of the same type of brokers, cooking us alive" <== Investors (handing our 401K, 408K,.. etc. ETF,... against us)

      Plus they took our direct cash investment on their "Wall street" housing Bubbles. To get 16X++ of our credits freely, free moneys, free human energies, for their lies and deceptions.

      There are evidences of what being said here. The Bankers understand what I'm saying here.

      Then the vermin turned around to steal our houses, at another 3X of 16X = 48X to park or share among them in their Situs Trust, controlled by their Legislature. How nice vermin! Thanks a lot. They really know how to scam their employers well.

  3. Extreme anti-semitism versus the gold standard. Trump 2020!🔥🔥🔥

  4. Sorry, how does this show that the Narrative from Anna is accurate and truthful? All this seems to note is that more takers are having their way at everyone elses expense... why are the specific actions to take to dissolve the errant corporations not being laid out in plain words? is it because they WANT this event to unfold for as long as it can and take as many clueless with it as possible? or what?

    1. Join your assembly, build your jury, your grand jury, open your county's common law courts, review indictments, have trials, open our Continental Congress so we CAN do the liquidations!

      Let us all know when you get to the Congress part!

      Anna created a great series of blogs explaining the processes and duties of the nation-state assembly. Obviously, do your own research.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate your neighbors about what We the People NEED to DO!

  5. Could it be that Black Rock was one of the very first BLACK OPERATION set up?
    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J Brickham

  6. Henry Makow@HenryMakow
    This cover image from current Economist has mysteriously disappeared from the Internet, and from my website.

    Migchels recommends this James Corbett report: he lays out what the Bankers are doing while all the strong men are shivering in their homes for a 'virus' that has killed a few sick old people: stealing trillions & destroying small business. Covers SPV's.



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