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Friday, June 21, 2019

Trading With the Enemy Act Deconstructed

By Anna Von Reitz

The idea that Franklin Delano Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address created a Public Trust impacting the General Public has been thoroughly examined and debunked, and along with it, the idea that the American Public was obligated to respond to his offer.  The American Public was self-evidently not being addressed by FDR: the Municipal Citizens of the United States were being addressed and only the Municipal Citizens of the United States had cause to rebut his insane presumptions.  

Now we come to the infamous Trading With the Enemy Act:

What do we observe?  The enabling clause of the Trading With the Enemy Act reads: "Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled...."  

This is an action being pursued by the Territorial United States of America. 

By definition such an Act  pertains to Territorial United States Citizens and to the operations of the British Territorial Government with respect to its obligations to provide for a mutual defense for our States and People.  Nothing more or less. 

The "citizens of the United States" being referenced are the same 14th Amendment "citizens of the United States" referenced in Territorial Corporate "constitution" adopted in 1868 --- The Constitution of the United States of America. 

And who are these "citizens"?   Black and other colored former plantation slaves owned as franchises of the Municipal United States Government ever since 1868.   That is the ugly truth of the matter. 

This same phrase can also more generally be applied to Citizens of the United States --- that is, to Officers of the Municipal Government of the United States and their Federal Civil Service Employees and Dependents. 

Either way, the fact that that these are the people being addressed throughout the Trading With the Enemy Act is made explicit by the constant reference to "the" United States and less frequently "the" United States of America.  

If this Act in any way referenced the American People or the State Citizens of this country, the Act would reference The United States and State Citizens.  It doesn't, so we may safely presume that it has nothing whatsoever to do with us except to exempt us--- as it does under Title 50, Section 7 (c) and (e).  

So all presumptions against us, against our "VESSELS" in commerce, should we have any, and against our "Vessels" in international trade, should we be engaged in any such activity,  are exempt, pre-paid, not subject to seizure as enemies of any sort under any international law or rule of Admiralty, including the Law of Prizes. 

Once again the Perpetrators have deliberately fostered a scam, a con game, in which they have arbitrarily "declared" war on each other.  

Both the Territorial United States of America and the Municipal United States have "conferred" citizenship upon us without our knowledge or consent, for the purpose of trading upon our Good Names and Credit.  These foreign Persons (Territorial) and PERSONS (Municipal) are used without our understanding or consent as tools to promote fraud, identity theft, inland piracy and usurpation against our lawful government.  

This ruse allows both commercial corporations to declare commercial mercenary "war" on each other  and pretend that average Americans who are minding their own business on the land and soil of their own country are "citizens" of their respective foreign commercial corporations, instead. 

This set up allows the Territorial Government to attack and seize upon Municipal CITIZENS merely presumed to exist, and on the come around, allows Municipal CITIZENS to attack and seize upon any Territorial Legal Person. 

The clueless Americans have no idea that their run amok Federal Subcontractors have designed this scam as a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" Doublespeak Con Game and a political identity theft scheme specifically forbidden by the Geneva Conventions. 

When pressed to justify their presumptions both of these guilty commercial corporations claim (lamely) that these "citizenship franchises" they secretively conferred on us are "gifts" to us, but in reality, these "gift franchises" provide the perpetrators with an excuse to misapply the Trading With the Enemy Act.  

The Territorial Government declared "war" against the Municipal "citizens of the United States" --- the PERSONS gifted to us by the Municipal Congress, and the Municipal Congress declared "war" by "necessity" against the Legal Persons conferred upon us by the Territorial Congress.  

Thus by "accidentally-on-purpose" mistaking us as officers, employees, or dependents of the rival corporation, they have colluded together to pillage and plunder their employers --- the very people that they are under solemn oath and contract to protect and defend, and they have also used this jive to evade the restrictions and limitations of the Constitutions without which their "persons" cease to exist. 

That is a point that needs to be brought home to these cretins: both United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States are Persons created by and under the the authority vested in the respective Constitutions owed to the States and People of this country.  Without the Constitutions there are no United States Citizens, no citizens of the United States and no Citizens of the United States, either.  

Without the American States and People, the Constitutions are vacated, and the foundations of both Federal political moieties cease to exist. 

The Constitutions the Perpetrators are undermining and trying to escape are in fact their own meal tickets, the Source of their Persons, and the guarantee of their jobs.  

Without the Constitutions all brands of US Citizen cease to exist, and like the dysfunctional and dishonest members of Congress, the most that Federal Civil Service and Military Employees can hope for is a bread line provided by the same people you have betrayed and dis-served and dishonored. 

The Territorial Trading With the Enemy Act has nothing whatsoever to do with American State Citizens---and any supposition that it ever did is an outrage. 

These foreign commercial corporations are not authorized to conscript, press-gang, volunteer, or confer any citizenship obligations on their employers, may not compel us to conduct business in any foreign jurisdiction, or compel us to be "licensed" to conduct business, get married, or do much of anything else that does not involve interstate transport and sale of firearms, tobacco and alcohol.  

A Constitutional right owed to American State Citizens cannot be licensed. That includes all of our Natural and Unalienable Rights, the rights enumerated as part of the Bill of Rights, the right to conduct our private business, the right to travel freely wherever and whenever we wish, the right to speak our minds without duress, the right to our religious practices and beliefs without censor, and the right to own and enjoy our private property assets without any presumption against our Persons whatsoever. 

The only "job" that the Territorial and Municipal Governments have is to provide essential government services under contract as stipulated by the Constitutions.  They are not invited here to create mischief and work fraud schemes against their employers. 

The misapplication of the Trading With the Enemy Act and the misuse of foreign PERSONS to work collusive constructive fraud against Americans is international crime in admiralty and commercial fraud of the worst kind. 

This entire circumstance is an affront far worse than anything Iran has done, and deserves immediate, complete, absolute, and permanent correction by the Pope, the Queen, the Lord Mayor of London, the President of the United States, the United Nations Secretary General, and everyone else holding any kind of Office, Public or Private. 

The United States = is unincorporated and represents the combined National Jurisdictions of the states of this country.  Notice---- this is a Proper Name: The United States  The word "The" is part of the Proper Name and it is styled and capitalized in exactly this way. 

"the" United States = foreign Holy Roman Empire Municipal Corporation under contract to provide essential government services.  It's a foreign municipal corporation acting as a subcontractor exercising specific delegated powers and obligated to work within the limitations clearly stipulated by The Constitution of the United States.  

The United States of America = the unincorporated Federation of States holding the international jurisdiction owed to this country and the original Delegator of the Delegated Powers under which the Territorial Subcontractor doing business "in our name"  as "the United States of America" functions.  Again, notice that "The" is part of the Proper Name of the Federation of States. 

The Territorial commercial corporation doing business as "the United States of America" is a foreign commercial corporation subcontractor exercising specific delegated powers and obligated to work within the limitations clearly stipulated by The Constitution of the United States of America as originally enacted. 

Look as long and as hard as you like at the Trading With the Enemy Act and you will never see a reference to The United States nor to The United States of America.  What you will see are plenty of references to our subcontractors and their citizens. 

The only thing that the Trading With the Enemy Act can say about us is what it in fact does say about us ---- that we are exempt, totally, absolutely, without question and that our persons are also totally exempt.  

So let this be Public Notice to the Pope, to the Queen, to the Lord Mayor of London, and to the President of the United States: the Trading With the Enemy Act has nothing to do with the American States and People.  

If you can't read and understand what the Trading With the Enemy Act actually says, and who and what it pertains to, it's time to get out of the kitchen. 

For the neophytes among us --- the Holy See sided with the Southern States of the Confederacy in the Civil War, while the British King sided with the Northern Confederate States.  They have been playing mercenary games on our shores ever since, taking pot shots at each other on one hand and colluding with each other to defraud, pillage, and plunder the actual States of the Union on the other. 

This is clearly nothing but immoral, illegal, and unlawful activity by commercial corporation subcontractors against their employers: the actual States of the Union never declared any "War" and didn't participate in the Mercenary Conflict known as the American Civil War.  

So these criminals have been on our shores and on our backs, telling lies about us and misrepresenting us, purposefully misidentifying us, setting up constructive fraud schemes, falsifying public records, and working identity theft rackets against their employers while taking their paychecks from our pockets.  
They have used Federal "Code" --- which is literally encoded --- to promote false legal presumptions, facilitate identity theft, and promote hypothecation of debt against assets that don't belong to them.  

Let this serve as Public Notice and let service be Noted:  that all assets of all Americans that have been seized upon by the United States Attorney General under false presumptions encouraged by the Trading With the Enemy Act are already claimed by the States and People of this country. 

The United States Attorney General and  Army General Staff are under demand to perform according to their obligations under The Constitution of the United States of America as originally enacted, by the Lawful Heirs and Landlords who have indisputable provenance, and who have never been subject to any aspect of the Trading With the Enemy Act.  

A very serious mistake has been made by the Federal Subcontractors.  A very profound Breach of Trust has occurred. 

All land and titles, all property assets and interests naturally belonging to The United States of America, the member States of the Union, and the American People must be returned without further pretense or delay. 


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  1. I am placing this link here prior to reading this post as I just received it in my email from Justinian Deception YT channel. The trick has been discovered and expatriating from your citizenship is critical to solution:

    For Anna: Is it possible that CORPUS-JURIS has taken over the Magna Carta in the UK and referencing common law is not recognized?

    1. Dan, yep I just saw this as well
      This is bad
      Trump is going to sell us all up a river too
      Everyone thinks that he is working to free us but he is not he is working to put us under this new order period
      Read down on the right of this link about the North American Union
      The so called queen surrendered the UK under this law
      I said a while back that all of these laws fall under the Talmud

      Make note that anyone who claimed their full name (surname) is still under their jurisdiction

      Anyone who has done this paperwork and used their full name including the surname falls under these laws

      The birth certificate requested with the surname is the debtor birth certificate not that of the creditor

    2. Is it possible the queen surrendered the UK right after the Coronation Ceremony?

    3. I somewhat disagree with you, Anna; it allows our "US persons" to which we're authorized representatives, to discharge debts by assigning to US Treasury. Read 50USC 4305b2, could not be clearer.

    4. Dan..yes, justinian deceptio is a great source for i formation, Romley Stuart does a tremendous job exposing the deciet, he was one of the first i started tuning into 2 years ago.

    5. To Happy Camper from Anna:

      That's because those "US Persons" are United States Citizens. When you "accept" being a United States Citizen, you get pulled into the Queen's Service and subjected to the British Territorial Government. They are offering you an unearned "benefit" based on US Personhood, that you in fact pay for. It's a shell game like what they did with the churches---getting them to incorporate to avoid taxes that they weren't liable for in the first place. Same deal --- get us to accept "Personhood" to get permission to discharge debts that we are exempt from to begin with.

  2. The 5G Dragnet

  3. The Chipotle and VONS Grocery store down the street have their own Code Rules & Regulations that only apply with someone is part of that corporation. What makes any other corporation any different e.g. USA INC?

    "They have used Federal "Code" --- which is literally encoded --- to promote false legal presumptions, facilitate identity theft, and promote hypothecation of debt against assets that don't belong to them."

  4. Can someone please add a link to the title and section she is referring to all I could find was INTERFERENCE OF A HOMING PIGEON in Title 50 Section 7

  5. Regarding: "The United States" - would this phrase = "the States of the Union" or should that be "The States of the Union"?

  6. Here we go again with the 14th amendment patriot myth again! The Court considered the territorial scope of the term "the United States" in the Constitution and held that this term as used in the uniformity
    clause of the Constitution was territorially limited to the states of the Union. See Valmonte v. I.N.S., 136 F.3d. 914 (C.A.2, 1998). The 14th amendment says: All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to THE jurisdiction thereof. This means the POLITICAL jurisdiction thereof AND NOT the LEGISLATIVE jurisdiction thereof. The constitution is a political document, not a legislative document
    Anna's secret sources (which she will not reveal) are misinformation crap! I know Anna and most of you who read this blog have believed this patriot myth and misinformation for many years so you will not get it so good luck with that!

    1. Reply from Anna:

      It's not a Patriot Myth, but it is a matter of jurisdiction --- a jurisdiction that you are misunderstanding either deliberately or in error.

      The idea that the Constitution is a "political document" and not a "legislative document" is also an error, for the Constitution is strictly a commercial services contract that required the establishment of new political statuses ---- "United States Citizen" and "Citizen of the United States" so that foreign government subcontractors could live and work here by agreement with our actual Government.

      It has nothing to do with the "14th Amendment" of the Territorial Corporation Charter.

      And now that we have deconstructed your ignorance on the subject, adieu.