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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Modus Operandi 4.0

By Anna Von Reitz

So we have learned how incorporation is used as a trap or self-entrapment device, by which the vermin obtain ownership of everything in sight for free, and the only obligation they have is to offer bankruptcy protection. 

This is a form of entrapment that only succeeds to the extent that the nature of it remains undisclosed and/or undetected or both.  It only succeeds because people don't realize what they are giving up when they incorporate anything.

The same is true of another insidious theft and entrapment mechanism -- registration.   People think that registering something is the same as recording it, but in fact, any time you "register" anything, you are at least temporarily giving up your ownership interest in it.  So, think about that one....

Registering your private auto or truck as a "motor vehicle" with the what?  Oh, the Division of Motor Vehicles---- notice the verbiage --- means that you are: (1) claiming to be operating a kind of business that makes use of the public roads for private profit -- like a taxi service, courier service, trucking company, etc. and (2) admitting that your private auto or truck is engaged in this business as a "motor vehicle".  Look up the definition of "motor vehicle".

Have you ever driven a "motor vehicle" in your life?  Most of us haven't, yet our names are on record as being professional motor vehicle drivers and our private property cars and trucks have been registered as "common carriers" --- public conveyances belonging to the State of State organization running this scam.

Yet, if you insist that yours is a private auto, you will face constant harassment and racketeering efforts by clueless "state patrolmen" and traffic court personnel.  This is the very definition of "organized crime" and it is being promoted by foreign commercial corporations on our shores, acting under color of law, pretending to "represent" our State of the Union.

Voter Registration is a similar entrapment and theft mechanism.  When you "register" to vote, you in fact give up your right to present yourself.  It hands your proxy over to whomever gets elected out of the political party stew pot and makes you responsible for their spending and their crimes.  Now, who in their right mind would ever want to hand their proxy over to a Washington, DC Lobbyist, and "stand good" for whatever that PERSON does?

Nobody.  Yet, because the actual results of "registering to vote" are not disclosed to you, and because voting is propagandized as a good and wonderful thing, and your "right to vote" is constantly being held up as something sacrosanct-- millions of Americans get suckered into co-signing loans for the brigands.

Yes, that's what you are doing when you "register to vote"--- you are "volunteering" to act as a co-signer on the loans these cretins take out "in the name of" your State, and if for whatever reason, they don't pay the resulting bills, guess who the Creditors of these foreign commercial corporations go after?  

All the foreign commercial corporations have to do is go bankrupt, and voila, you are on the hook for it --- and once again, you have unknowingly, unwittingly gotten sucked into this position for lack of full disclosure. It's a form of commercial constructive fraud, complete with false advertising.

And really, this is the small end of the pool, because the vermin have not been content with issuing false titles to non-existent motor vehicles or gulling unwitting co-signers into inking the dotted line.  No, beginning in the 1920's, the temptation to run the Big Con on us was just too strong. They had to start registering births, too.

The moment that 200 million American Moms and Grandmothers wake up and realize that they are signing away their ownership interest in their babies and allowing foreign commercial corporations to "seize upon" their children as chattel backing the debts of those foreign commercial corporations, there's going to be an awakening in this country ---- an awakening where hospitals and hospital administrators and those "state of state" officials running the Birth Certificate scam are going to be skewered in the cross-hairs and the politicians responsible are going to be hiding under their desks.

Because "registration" of your children as a "Person" means the same thing as registration of your private car as a "Motor Vehicle" --- it means making a false claim about them, that then allows false legal presumptions, which in turn subjects them as slaves and chattel of these foreign commercial corporations operating under color of law on our shores.

It's another entrapment/coercion/racketeering scam, only this is the Big One. This is where they take your most precious property --- your kids.

Your children are born as living people with honest Trade Names that you give them, but then, charlatans trick you into signing over your children and unwittingly making the False Claim that they are "US Citizens" when in fact they are Americans.

That then allows these vermin to make false assumptions called "legal presumptions" about your children and also about you. 

You naturally think of your own country when you hear the words "United States" ---- that is, you think of the Proper Name: The United States.  And when you hear "United States Citizen", you naturally assume that yes, you are a United States Citizen.  But what if there are other kinds of "United States" involved? 

And different kinds of "United States Citizens", too?  Which there are?

There are Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal Citizens of the United States, too.  By checking the box 'US Citizen" without stipulating which kind of "United States" you are talking about, you allow whatever kind of interpretation someone wants to put on it. 

So the Territorial Government presumes that you are a Territorial Citizen and under obligation to them.

And the Municipal Government presumes that you are a Municipal Citizen and under obligation to THEM.

But in truth and in fact, you are a State Citizen of The United States and they are all under obligation to you. 

They've been working their little fraud scheme pretty good, haven't they?  Hooking you to serve them, instead of them serving you.  Fingering you for their debts and wild spending.  Mis-characterizing and misidentifying you and your children for fun and profit.

And now comes the reckoning, and they need to know it and pay up, because you now know what they have been doing and how they have been doing it --- tricking and entrapping you, abusing, misusing, and in fact, enslaving you in your own country. 

Now, you might think that Mr. Trump is responsible for this situation, but he is not.  And you might think that the members of Congress are responsible, but they have been using a Disclaimer for all their Acts since 1861: "This Act shall not effect any rights thus previously established." 

That is, nothing that they have done since 1861 has any effect on you---except to the extent that you have been "mistaken for" a Territorial United States Citizen or a Municipal Citizen of the United States. 

Only the Judicial Branch is responsible and accountable for this criminality. 

In 1991, the Congress altered the wording of the Federal Judicial Oath so as to sever their accountability to the Constitutions and they have run like wild horses without a backward glance.  They have pillaged and plundered and utterly ignored their moral and actual duty to the Public Law and the People of this country. 

It does not take a Juris Doctorate to know that unconscionable, illegal, immoral, and unlawful contracting processes are being used to pillage and plunder this country and its people under color of law. It is simple and self-evident and any Judge worth the salt in their fecal matter knows it as well as I do. 

The entire scenario reeks of racketeering, fraud, False Claims in commerce, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, press-ganging, and enslavement --- and the people who are taking their paychecks from your pockets and who are supposed to be protecting you are sitting on their thumbs, participating in and benefiting from all this instead of doing their jobs.

So, what do you do?  You reclaim your birthright political status. You assemble your State Assembly.  You operate your State Courts.  And you fire the rats.  And you hire new people.  And you enforce the Public Law.

It does not take rocket science to figure out who is ultimately responsible: the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor of Westminster, all three, are responsible.  They, though obligated to act as our Trustees, have profited themselves via these schemes and thereby acted as accomplices to this genocide on paper.

The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate has now gone full circle, and instead of pointing at us, is pointing at them.

They have used False Claims in Commerce to create a criminal system of Commercial Feudalism. 

The rest of the world got sick of their old system of Colonial Feudalism, so they re-branded it and moved their operations to the Municipal Jurisdiction to create something even worse. And now it appears that by joining the EU, the corrupt government of Britain has fallen into its own Bear Trap.

As for you, come out of Babylon.  The fact that you are reading this is not an accident.  Come out, together with all of your children. 


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  1. Unfortunately , many times the Corp. work with the govt to automatically turn original titles, like the MSO on the "car", over to the DMV in exchange for a "certificate of title", after the car is first sold so from that time on the only thing left is a "certificate of title"(The "pink slip") forever exchanged by different owners down the line...!!

    That's why the dealerships want to handle all the paperwork for you...license, registration, etc...again because they have you sign a "waiver of power of attorney", just like in real estate sales, so they do all the legal chicanery themselves at the county recorders office for you....!! And everyone thinks they are doing us a favor....!!

  2. A new FEDERAL law will take place next month, that if you buy any ammunition for your gun, there will be a $1 charge every time you buy ammo now so they can do background checks on you every time you buy ammo...!! In other words, they want any reason to take your gun away since they will be able to check your status every few months to see if you have been charged with a felony since you bought your gun....!!

    If they can't take the guns, they will limit your access to ammo..!!

    1. You are wrong. It is a law in California that would take effect on July 1, 2019. Do you really believe that the Republican controlled senate would pass this act and your Trump would sign this act into law?

    2. Atticus....I just assumed it was Federal because I just briefing heard it on the news...!! I thought I heard in "Calif." but I wasn't sure...!! Thanks for clearing that up...! This state is something else...!! As far as I'm concerned Calif has declared it's own counrty...!! No wonder Trump can't stand it..!!

  3. There are no humans on their registers of voters, only legal fictions. Democracy for the dead!

  4. I hear and understand what's being said about voting and voter registration, but there's the simple fact that who gets elected does matter in terms of policy, and not voting, or taking yourself off voter registration roles does effect the direction this country goes. I think it's a bullsh!t choice that state citizens can't vote, or effect the politics of their state or nationally. Who makes these rules, are they fair or just and why give them obeisance? We need to rewrite them to serve US. Oh and about Republics, Rome fell, (we're her resurrection). China is a republic, so is N.Korea. What's the difference what you call it if your elected representatives sell out your freedoms to the highest corporate bidder? It's not the republic that protects, you, but the CONSTITUTION, and that can work in a constitutional democracy too, where you represent yourself, for a change.

  5. "It does not take rocket science to figure out who is ultimately responsible: the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor of Westminster, all three, are responsible."
    Come out of Babylon has far more meaning than doing more of man's paperwork.
    Kinda like the definition of "motor vehicle." Several meanings and applications. Not all "motor vehicles" are commercial.

    i have been taught to understand that we are also responsible(perhaps even more so?, See Danials prayer.
    Who is it that raises up nations and governments of men? Who's purpose?

  6. "Enforce the public law."
    So what 'exactly' does this look like under your idea of a restored system?

  7. Yep these so called leaders are doing the work of a good and loving God
    Roman rule sound familiar
    So while they sit on their billions upon billions of ill gotten gain people all over the world are being starved to death and murdered in plain sight
    4 nations and their projected depopulation numbers
    Democide planned and being carried out all over the United States

    1. Yes they think and present a scenario that God has created an imperfect world that can not sustain the world's population.
      So their answer is depopulation.
      Evil masquerading as good?
      Fear not what man can do to you! Word!