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Thursday, June 13, 2019

How the Jews Were Used and Why

By Anna Von Reitz

Usury, making money by loaning money at interest, is a sin for Christians.  

It is also forbidden for Jews to loan money at interest among themselves, but they can practice usury and make loans at interest to Gentiles. 

From these two facts arise the entire twisted history of banking and the involvement of Jews in banking. 

Obviously, Christian Kings could not dirty their hands with usury, but they nonetheless needed and wanted the profits. 

So they used their Jewish subjects as Middlemen, often forcing them to serve in this capacity, even against their will. 

The kings would loan out their money through the Jews and then hold the Jews responsible for the both the results of the investments and the work of collecting the debts that resulted from the king's loans---that is, the king's profits. 

This was a largely thankless and ill-paying position to be in. The Jewish Middlemen carried all the responsibility and got a tiny pittance compared to the profits they generated for the European Monarchies---- mostly under pain of death if they lost money by making bad investments or failed to collect. 

The genius of the Rothschilds was two-fold.  

They set up a trans-Continental communication system rivaled only by the Catholic Church's.  As a result, they knew what was happening before anyone else and that gave them an edge making investments. 

They found ways to profit themselves quite apart from their service to the king.  If they saw a means to profit, they were not above disobeying the orders of a king or prince; they simply took the risk, paid the Monarchs whatever the Monarchs wanted, and kept the rest. 

They built their fortune by getting the news and analyzing it for profit before everyone else and by cannily using other people's assets to generate "extra" profit for themselves. 

From the foregoing you can see that the proliferation of Jewish bankers and banks is not something they chose, but was instead an accident of religious differences, and abuse by greedy and hypocritical Christian Monarchs--who wanted the profits of usury but not the work, the risk, or the moral taint associated with Usury.  


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  1. A Hapsburg giving us the 'real scoop' on the poor, helpless, victimized JEWS. Puhleeze. Be sure to whip the Christian target around to set the Arrow of Blame bullseye is on Christians. Ohhhh the poor JEWWWWSSS. That is the most ridiculous, pity-the-jew claim Anna has made to date.
    Enough of that! Give it a rest. And with all the freedom the jews now have since their release from their slums by their own rabbi's in mid 1800's, jews could choose whatsoever they wanted to do. BUT the jews choose to serve Satan, from mass Genocide, to Big Pharma & Big Med for profit global enterprise, Babylonian Debt Slavery, running the African slave trade, committing 911, starting all wars, organ harvesting, child sex trafficking, sex slave trade, snuff films, destroying nations, stealing entire lands, murdering for practice an entire innocent people, … ohhh the list is too long - BUT THE JEW HAS NO CHOICE?
    The JEW is forced to destroy our nation, just as the 30,000 Brooklyn jews were Bolsheviks who enjoyed the genocide of White Christian Russians, the Armenians, kidnapping Yemini children & fake adopting them to then sell them to jew organ harvesters etc - OHHHHHH THE POOR JEW HAS NO CHOICE, never really had a choice, its all forced upon them & for such meager shekels.
    No Anna, that is the biggest clump of baalsh*t yet! Like hell the jew had no choice. JEWS CAN'T STOP BEING TALMUDUIC SATANISTS, just isn't an option - I guess cuz the jew is JUST BORN WITH IT.

    1. Are we dealing with a feud of stupidity,per narrative from "The" Bible, whether or not: "True," clever, cunning, or useful, etc.?

      A "narrative" which MUST be read in "context" in "The WAY, The TRUTH and The LIFE," or you may come-a-way obtunded and know-not.)

      A context not to be read simply per history, word, sentence, paragraph, book, chapter/verse, or some "authoritative" opinion etc.

      So lets try this streamlined analysis below.

      From Genesis we have:
      Shemites vs. Amalekites = Hatfields vs. McCoys
      Shemites=Semites = Shems family(corrolary,think "anti-")
      Amalkites = anyone/everyone not of Shem. (God help us!)
      Gentiles = Gentle = sheep = gentle or "useful idiots"
      Goy = cattle = useful or "slave idiots"
      Goats = (you fill in the blank)

      God = GOOD (This is postulated within the first (1st) chapter of Genesis, in almost(?) any edition of "the Bible.")

      Baal = BAD = Babylonian
      GOOD does not equal BAAL

      Hatfields vs McCoys is not GOOD.
      Shemites vs Amalakites is not GOOD

      Do you really need any further reveal to understand God?

      Good luck with my silly analysis. Good luck sourcing my etymology for "gentile" - you wont find one, and you may get lost; But the a function equaling sheep to gentile and to gentle seems to work?

      What did you come-up with for "Goat?"

      So reality check everyone. YOUR discernment is key.
      be blessed.

    2. Hey WinkWink... you'll find out when you stand before the Creator of the Universe, about all of the blessings and curses and who get's what. He will bless those who bless His people Israel and curse those who curse them. I'm just sayin', and He Himself w/ deal w/ the sins of His people. Its not for you

    3. Anonymous - MY CREATOR SAID NO SUCH THING about these vermin masquerading as Israelites. MY CREATOR BLESSES ME EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY SECOND, there is no END TIME for delivery of Grace. That's just another JEW baalsh*t.
      WE stand before OUR CREATOR every living moment. We see the Beauty in all, yes the Law of Beauty, in all! There is no End Time. We live in the present now of our Creator. He has no 'future' blessing nor judgement, it's an unceasing radiance, it never ends.
      What you describe is JEW'ALITY, captured, always looking for approval from without & in the yonder, when its all within now.
      If the a Creator wanted us to lay down & let the JEW have their way with us, then this Creator is a fraud.
      Anything of the JEW is fiction, because the JEW is fiction. That's why the JEW has no land, a fiction cannot possess what is real. The JEW is only a simulation. That's why it can't create, why it must steal everything. That's why it must have its Artificial Intelligence, its death, incorporates, mirrors. The JEW is fiction. JEW'ALITY doesn't apply to the Living. thanks.

    4. definitions - add Babel = Bible. Heathen, is one from the heath, the land, who doesn't worship Babel, a pagan, a Christian. Gentile is one who is genteel, gentile, a non-jew. What if their Babel Bible isn't Christian, but severely edited to capture our worship/warship to pray/prey. A Brahman not Abraham. A Brahman is within, Abraham is the other. Goy=girl/boy g'oy.

  2. Uh, NO ANNA, not the Christian Kings, but the HAPSBURGS SURE DID ENJOY THE JEWS PROFITEERING on death, poisoning, disease, genocide - Those Hapsburgs must not have had a choice either!! Poor poor Hapsburgs & those poor helpless innocent JEWS all made to KILL KILL KILL STEAL, RAVAGE, DECIMATE GENOCIDE entire evil Christian Europeans - the JEWS HAD NO CHOICE, they had NO OPTION, as their own rabbi's had them performing weekly incestual rituals - its all about the poor jews - & look how the poor jews today must, must, must KILL OUR CHILDREN, BLEED THEM FOR AMBROSIA, PARASITE OFF OF ENTIRE WHITE NATIONS - its not the JEWS FAULT - its those Christians.
    The entire JEWS HISTORY WAS CONCOCTED IN MID 1800'S ok. Amazing what the poor JEWS were able to do in their limited free time of enforced tax collectors, write an entire FAKE HISTORY.
    Lets propose this: AT ANY TIME THE DESPICABLE EVIL DISGUSTING JEW could have turned to Christianity & freed it self - BUT THE JEW CAN'T LIVE IN TRUTH, the JEW CAN'T LIVE IN LIGHT, the JEW CAN'T LIVE IN PEACE HARMONY ABUNDANCE FOR ALL - because the JEW IS SO INSANE... its just a genetic thing, ya know, they're just BORN WITH IT.

    1. Well put! I almost fell out of my chair reading Anna's Jewish distortion. My question now is why is she giving the world's evil ones another skirt of the truth. Although not using the word specifically but definitely implying by
      characterizing the Jew as their most prized label, the VICTIM. As we've endured their practice of being in a perpetual state of VICTIM-HOOD, where the holohoax has been their bread & butter go to lie for all their needs and get out of jail free cards since they pushed the 6 mil fiction on the world at Nuremberg. All the while stealing the world's wealth via the usury of their central bank theft ring......

    2. From Anna:

      If the shoe fits, wear it. If Christians would act as Christians this would be a better world, but instead of following their Master, too many "Christians" only pretend to care about Jesus and his teachings and make no honest effort to put them into practice. Like you, trying to blame others and cast aspersions on them and label all Jews as bad people.

      As for me being a Hapsburg, yes, so what? My own relatives did this to the Jews back in the day. I know they did, now you know they did, and instead of taking home the actual meat of the message, all you can do is try to twist the meaning of the words like any serpent does. I am admitting that we "Christians" were hypocrites --- obeying the letter but not the spirit of the Christian law.

    3. Anna - WE CHRISTIANS ARE TIRED OF BEING BLAMED FOR WRONGS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH US - While the jews subjugate us today, in our own neighborhoods, even against our own childrens lemonade day - they never cease.
      Its time for jews to look to themselves, which they fail to do. They fail to take responsibility for what their jews, even in their own families do to us.
      Call out the jews who are the most vindicitive, privileged clutch, who are the ones pushing anti-White agenda even in Congress along w their Negro's.
      Its WHITE CHRISTIANS who are the only ones on the face of Earth who have ever cared for these parasites. The only ones who gave a damn about their welfare - Now look at us!
      We are, as Christians, addressing the changes needed within ourselves, which JEWS DO NOT DO. They blame Whites for their crimes, Muslims, Negros. When have we ever heard the jew say Not all Muslims, Not all Negros, much less ever NOT ALL WHITES?
      YET Whites have the stupidity to pipe up with NOT ALL JEWS ???
      The JEW needs no coddling. It is detrimental to their self-growth, maturing in facing their own JEW EVILS, not just the African slave trade which they blame on Whites & look where the JEW has taken it today - Congress anti-White bill.
      Why oh why is it ONLY CHRISTIANS who must grow the hell up? How much more growing up can we do under the despicable JEW boot?
      Its JEWS who are the hypocrites. Its JEWS who fomented all this evil under which we are suffering.
      Profiteering from poisoning, diseases, pollution, death, child harvesting, taxation, usury, slavers etc IS NOT CHRISTIAN, it is the main staple of the JEW. It is the JEW who profiteers!
      Their vulgar money Christians aren't even supposed to touch BUT WE ARE FORCED TO, just as JEWS force all their evils upon us.
      Tell that to the JEW! Tell the JEW to cease & desist! Tell the JEW its Not all Whites.

      We ask the JEW to help us CHRISTIAN GENTILES comprehend their psychopathically insane JEWS & RABBIS, as in this video, who DEMAND REINSTATEMENT of JEW laws to KILL OUR CHILDREN & FAMILIES. Do JEWS ever respond, much less say they don't agree? NEVER has a jew said anything much less disagree. They just slither away.
      Jews on Killing Goyim Children & Families 3:26


    4. thank you Anna for your openness and honesty

    5. Your youtube link has been taken down is there some other place to watch this?

    6. robinah - the link for Jews on Killing Goyim Children & Families, try this, it just came up
      Just deleted & reposted, as I think the timestamp of 3:26 interfered in the link.

    7. Thanks for your reply and video link. I wanted to try it after reading robinah's statement that it wasn't working. It seems to be now. And what a bunch of lunatics.

      Then there is this rabbi bragging about rivers of blood these poor, forced-to-do-it jews have been forced to create thru zionsim, NOT Christianity.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It is easy to forget that the scriptures mention Jews who call themselves Jews, but do lie, as they are the synagogue of satan. The scriptures are about two lineages. Those of Esau and those of Jacob. Isaac for told of the time when Esau's descendants would gain the dominion. This is the period we are living in now and that is why it is called the time of Jacobs trouble. However there is a good ending prophesied in the book of Obadiah. There will be no more of the house of Esau.....I for one can't wait

  4. How NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Is Driving the Outsourcing of US Tech Jobs to Israel
    Several U.S. tech giants including Google, Microsoft and Intel Corporation have filled top positions with former members of Israeli military intelligence and are heavily investing in their Israeli branches while laying off thousands of American employees, all while receiving millions of dollars in U.S. government subsidies funded by American taxpayers. by Whitney Webb

    1. Ready - Yes its called TALPIOT & UNIT 8200 - but you see the JEWS CAN'T HELP IT - the JEWS are forced to STEAL ALL OUR PATENTS & forced to SLAP THEIR JEW LABEL ON IT & forced to SELL IT TO CHINA or whomever is will to pay.
      Yeah, the JEWS ARE INNOCENT. Just like the TRILLIONS/yr in their KOSHER TAX EXTORTION RACKETS so the JEWS can have a morsel to eat.
      All of those INNOCENT JEWS like Daniel Levin, the 911 JEW HERO, who called his fake mom, on a fake hijacked flight, by fake Muslim terrorists & fake cried to his fake mom giving his fake last words, as he then fake attacked the fake Muslim hijackers w a fake box cutter & fake died a FAKE JEW HERO. Image that! A FAKE JEW HERO on a fake hijacked flight?? Wow, those JEWS are incredibly giving, sacrificing & ohhhhhh so helpless, such victims of CHRISTIAN KINGS.
      Daniel Levin ROSE FROM THE GRAVE, just like CHRIST, & was given life again back in ISRAHELL, head of his own multi-gazillion-shekel corporation. Yeah, the JEW HAD NOT CHOICE, you see, the JEW was forced to perform by CHIRSTIAN KINGS to participate in the GENOCIDE OF PRIMARILY WHITES in their forced JEW HOLOCAUST of Whites & were forced to PROFIT FROM IT ALL.
      Those poor, poor, pitiful JEWS, they endure so much! The JEW is forced to make these choices by WHITE EUROPEAN CHRISTIAN KINGS.
      Ever notice how there are so many JEW VICTIMS in their false flags & so many JEW HEROS who emerge & are awarded for their JEW BRAVEY in saving so many JEW LIVES? It is astounding how JEWS ARE SUCH MAGNETS FOR METAL, eh? Yeah, wherever the JEW goes, it attracts metal bullets! But that's not the JEWS fault! Its those CHRISTIAN KINGS forcing the JEWS to submit, grovel for their morsels to merely exist.
      JEW Paul Singer CAN'T HELP IT - those EUROPEAN CHRISTIAN KINGS force Singer to do this. Yeah, its all he can do as JEW to survive & serve ISRAHELL, as a DUAL/DUEL CITIZEN.

  5. This is, sadly, Anna's weakest post I've yet seen. I am not Jewish, nor do I follow the "Bible" as a devout Christian. But I have a strong relationship with GOD, The Father, the Monad, Creator...and if your message is not filled with LOVE, it is love's opposition.
    Just my opinion.

  6. It ain't called JEW'SURY for nuttin. Would that be the (((Hapsburg))) cryto-Christian Kings? Ya know, the bloodline with that Hapsburg-jaw genetic defect from inbreeding? Those brachycephalic skulled, Homo Capensis egg-headed demon worshipping baby-bleeders for their Kosher meals?

  7. Holocaust Blackmail
    Ever notice that no one paid the German people any reparations?
    How about the Polish people getting paid any reparations?
    How about the Palestinians?

  8. YEAH SHELBY ~ and where are WHITE REPARATIONS for the hundreds of thousands White slaves for hundreds of years, long before the JEW brought their sh*tloads of African slaves, & blamed Whites, when WHITES WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO FOUGHT, DIED to free the Negro.
    Where are OUR WHITE REPARATIONS as the JEW bleeds us of our everything, does their crimes & BLAMES WHITES?
    Most all those so-called White serial killers of WHITES, are JEWS, not Whites.
    WHERE ARE OUR WHITE REPARATIONS for enduring the JEW PSYCHOPATHY, their Islmanic invasions, they Latino cha-cha, their Asian soup...??? WHITES ARE OWED MIGHTLY.

  9. Go read some of this link
    So what are we left with? There is nothing outside the Bible that tells us about David. There is no evidence of a united Jewish kingdom. No evidence that Jews dominated anybody outside their borders. Even so, the Jewish people continue to believe that theirs was a great kingdom, because of David. The proof can be found in the turmoil in Israel today, where Zionist supporters are at war to restore the glory days that never existed
    This came from within this link
    Cannot stress enough that people read these pages as well
    Read the following
    Then read the following
    600 years of illuminati?
    13 bloodline families - the godfathers

    1. Shelby - its looking like the JEW claims of Davidic lineage are a lie too. They claimed the line of Christ, so they could manipulate & destroy the truth about Christ.
      No evidence the jew existed, really. No architecture, no sculpture, no artifacts, utensils, art, song, music, colorful costumes, no agriculture, animal husbandry, crafts, baskets, science, poetry etc as all cultures, peoples have uniquely their own - Nothing but black robes - everything they claim is JEW is stolen.
      The menorah from Nordic Festival of Lights. Their fake history copied from Germanic folklore. Hanukah plopped in cuz their jew kids envied European White Winter Solstice Christmas of beauty, song, festival, gifting, abundance - absent in JEW life. All their holie-days are about suffering - heee heee - suffereing that never happened. Ya can't make this stuff up!
      And that rat-fink dad who used his daughters death, hired a fiction writer to concoct her fake Anne Franks Diary for shekels & pity & jew-fame. WHO USES THEIR OWN CHILD LIKE THAT? a JEW that's who.
      And folks have a hard time imagining how JEWS pulled off Sandy Crook false flag by using their own childrens photos in the scam! Then 2 months later the JEWS DIED the same jew kids ROSE FROM THE DEAD to appear at Superbowl halftime event to entertain the stupid goy.
      And Posner boys photo was used several false flags later, including a Palestine fake attack, where they put his photo on a "victims' board & got busted!
      Who would USE THEIR OWN CHILDREN like that? WHO DOES THAT?? a JEW that's who. thanks

  10. The star on the Israeli flag is the star of Rothchild
    ISRAEL is a corporation just like the US
    The US was created when the Columbo family sent Columbus here in which they killed the natives of the land then
    Same thing they doing in Israel and in other nations all over the world
    They go in wipe out the people, migrate the remaining, rewrite the history and teach the left over slaves the new history
    There are documents everywhere on the internet where they have published that the United States will be minus 200 + million people by the year 2050 - so tell me just where the hell do you think we all are going
    It's planned genocide people
    Why do you think they want all the guns
    Why do you think Syria and all the rest of the countries fought like hell to save their countries
    Read the link in this blog - Putin and family killed replaced with imposter
    Go look at old pictures of Putin and see the new one today not the same guy
    The magic of tell lie vision or Tel Aviv Vision or Tal mud vision
    I have read that all of our laws are based on the Talmud
    In the blog link I gave above it states that there are 1.8 million actors on the world stage bringing this whole plan to fruition?
    Trump, Pence - Trumpets
    So while they have everyone thinking this is Gods will and prophecy they lining all of us up for slaughter
    The First Testament of the Illuminati

  11. Base camp Switszerland

    1. Shelby - yes we know of Sean Hross tracking down Swissy Octogon. Such valuable info & we wish he could stop nomadic camping, being chased by those evil brachycephalic skulled Pharisee filth. How in heck to core that cancer out?! Their Haus Juden tentacles extend all over Earth. How to rid our world of them & leave not one replicable cell? There has got to be a vaccine, a pill, a silver bullet... something!

  12. Oh... My God... how intellect alone, if Not put into check, via the heart centre, can End up spitting out total lunacy. Initially it was obvious to me that Anna was simply explaining the genesis, of how the Jews were used by the Kings; at a time when such moral principles mattered.

    Did things degrade since that Genesis? Yes... they sure did! Are they still degrading? They sure are!

    Does it matter if you are a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist or Taoist? Yes and No! As the most fundamental characteristic and quality in being human, is to be Good... regardless of Religion!

    The other aspects on being a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Taoist and other denominations, is well outside the scope of this forum.

    However, I will say this, that there are two major cultivation schools in the universe. The cultivation of Truth, via the Body [ the Tao school of Qi Qong.]; and the Cultivation of Compassion, via heart and mind [ the Buddha School Qi Qong.]. All taught in private.

    Then come the religions, for the masses, simply for the purpose of slowing down societal moral decay; and to believe in God, which ever God is pertinent for their denomination.

    Do the scriptures contain any Truth? Yes... a little bit! For the purpose of maintaining faith, and relevance to the particular School their Soul belongs to. Haven't you Noticed, the many different races and cultures in the world yet?

    That's the Reason! And the Pope wants a One World Religion... nothing Short of Demonic ? Interference!

    Let us put our differences aside, and know we only have one little piece of the puzzle. Let us be kind to one another, learn from each other, let us be considerate and compassionate of each others short comings. Let intellect be a tool and Not a weapon!

    1. GREAT! Now tell THAT to the jews. Further, the JEW deems itself superior to all else & repeatedly proclaims to eliminate or enslave non-jews.
      There is no comparison to religions. JEW is not a religion, half are agnostic or atheist. JEW is an identity politic & very defective genetic pool (112 genetic diseases).
      Has nothing to do w religion - its JEW identity politics. thanks

  13. I understand Wink Wink. Whoever anybody is, is actually None of our business. We can only remind them to be Good! And we should do our best Not to allow them to taint us.

    Further, I will remind you, that No matter what the Evil does, it will always, ultimately serve us and have a positive effect! Patience is a Virtue for that reason.

    Why will the Evil, much to its dismay and against their own original intent, have a positive effect?

    At every subatomic particle, right down to the most infinitesimal subatomic microscopic particle of matter, the Creator, imprints into them, the essence of his Nature, Truthfulness, Compassion and forbearance. This is why Faith is so vital; and know that everything will always be Good! As that is God's Nature!

    I only ask all to be mindful of one thing; and that is … to be careful on what you choose for others, as that may be ultimately, what you are choosing for yourself.

    Upon the understanding of just this one simple precept, you may better understand, why Anna exercises kindness and compassion to All. Not because she's weak, but because her Will, will Not bend towards separation, and fall into trap by the use of labels, and type castings/categories of people. There are Good and Bad in all, regardless of grouping.

    I trust you find peace and harmony, from my sharing.
    Furthermore, let me tell you, I actually enjoyed your input very much, and this is why… I'm taking my time to respond to you... as I sensed very good things from you.

    Should any of my comments offend you, please forgive me.

  14. People need to wake the hell up
    Seem to think you can love and pray this away and that somehow someone or something is going to come save us all
    Seem to think that if we can all just get along that everything will be ok
    What about the millions they have killed already, you think we are not their next targets
    You think somehow we are going to be left alone or saved from the planet wide slaughter
    The hollywood illuminati have already informed us that times up
    You know all those stars that we watch on the tell lie vision, the sports idiots that have kept us all entertained for decades, the ones making millions while they plundered the nation and the world
    If you are not armed I suggest you get armed and stay armed and ready
    And do not get a background check or register the dam thing either nor buy it with a credit card or any other digital means
    The NRA (yet another alphabet fraud) knows where the guns are thanks to their crafty little database of all gun owners and what you have and own
    This is war people not patty cakes