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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Thoughts About Undeclared Federal Agents

By Anna Von Reitz

Federal Agents have a moral and legal responsibility to disclose themselves for what they are when directly questioned. It arises from law forbidding entrapment, trespass, and other crimes.
Sometimes called a Bevins Declaration, you can put these Moles between a rock and a hard place simply by making a statement at the beginning of your actual Assembly meetings and calls to the effect:

"Anyone here still claiming any form of US Citizenship or employment with any Federal Agency is now -- for the next segment of the call (meeting, etc., ) invited to either declare your presence and business here, or directed to leave the Assembly at this time."
This allows the Assembly to have open calls and meetings where more people can be educated and assisted, but then also to close meetings and teleconferences to Federal Agents.
If Federal Agents fail to declare themselves and stay after they have been invited to leave, they have broken the law and anything they obtain as a result of acting in a clandestine fashion is tainted by fraud and inadmissible in court.
This can also help ferret out people in leadership positions who shouldn't be there.
The man actually responsible for the incarceration of the Colorado Nine was a Federal Insurance Agent named Michael R. Hamilton. At least, that is the name he used to do his dirty work.
He basically encouraged them to believe things that aren't true but which are incorrect "common knowledge".
So they believed that they were "US Citizens".
They believed that they were owed all the constitutional guarantees----while claiming to be US Citizens.
They believed that the "STATE OF COLORADO COURT" was their court and had to answer to their Grand Jury.
And none of those things are true. When I told them they were wrong and that none of these things were true, Michael R. Hamilton puffed out his chest and basically said, "Ignore her! She's just a woman!"
Michael R. Hamilton stood in the background and encouraged them to assume things they had assumed all their lives---- wrong things, as it happens---- and egged them on.
When it came time for the arrests, Michael R. Hamilton was nowhere to be found.
I wonder how much grief and loss could have been spared, if the organizers of the Colorado Assembly had simply made that little Bevins Declaration part of their ritual?
How much could have been spared if the men involved had been less "sure of what they didn't know"?

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  1. The birth certificate fraud and the issuing of SS #'s are also forms of entrapment
    Same thing with signing up for free email, shopping cards to get discounts and so on, all of these methods being used to capture your data and track and trace a persons every move for the surveillance state this is why they need 5G or at least part of the reason
    I am posting this just to show how the 'government' is working with the UN to implement UN Agenda 21 for their worldwide land grabs
    Your local cities, counties and the state get no funding for anything unless it is through COG's who work with the feds to implement the UN Agenda
    Schools and every aspect is covered even teaching this to young children (Rockefeller Foundation) founded the Board of Education and all this earth saving is being taught in the schools, social engineering
    Regionalism in your schools
    Not to mention these crooks have set up Climate Stock Exchanges and are trading CO2 carbon credits making billions of dollars doing it while deindustrializing the entire planet creating unemployment, loss of homes, land, you name it
    All of which is part of their plan
    70% of the worlds entire populations is to be crammed in to poor, overpopulated, polluted cooridors by design so they can control all of the land and resources
    Rothchild (aka Bauer) information I found to be very interesting as it relates to the Bible
    Anyway just sharing information in hopes that it helps in the efforts moving forward
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. Anna I just had epiphany about the power of your docs and what happens when we use them as official notifications of our standing. This is awesome...from the moment the public officials receive the affidavits of name, allegiance to our home state republics, etc...RECISSION OF AUTHORITY BY PUBLIC OFFICIALS OVER OUR PRIVATE LIVES OCCURS. Any thing they do from that moment forward, is and act of fraud against an American State, National. From that moment forward..they become guilty of crimes. Anything before that moment is rescinded by our affidavits of truth, because your documents take everything back to nativity. In other words, everything that was done by fraud, coercion and threat, without willing consent was undone...all the way back to nativity.
    From that point forward it is up to us, when we make use of our signatures to make sure we are not checking the U.S. CITIZEN BOXES. I personally am writing this after my signature [PRIVATE]. I do that now on all signature lines.
    Law on the books in SC...any public documents received in any office by any officials becomes public records and must be protected by said office an/or transferred to the state archives for public permanent keeping. NOTICE TO AGENT...IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL. I keep the originals with all the registered mail receipts were the offices signed for them. From the moment those notices were received by those offices, consent to be treated as a citizen of the territorial/municipal U.S. was rescinded. From that point on, they no longer have standing to treat me otherwise, if they do treat me other wise its fraud, treason and sedition against an American State, National. From that moment on, everything changed. THAT WAS MY EPIPHANY. CONSENT WAS REMOVED! SLAVERY AND UN-VOLUNTARY SERVITUDE IS UNLAWFUL WITHIN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA..13th AMENDMENT!

    1. C. Johnson: I agree with you wholeheartedly that "Any thing they do from that moment forward, is and act of fraud against an American State, National. From that moment forward..they become guilty of crimes. Anything before that moment is rescinded by our affidavits of truth, because your documents take everything back to nativity. In other words, everything that was done by fraud, coercion and threat, without willing consent was undone...all the way back to nativity." BUT, in a previous post Anna stated that anything that's already in motion (i.e., court case) is NOT handled by Anna's docs. I'd love for Anna to be mistaken about this--my home was foreclosed on for taxes just before I completed Anna's docs. Any chance you can suggest how your stance (and mine) could be successfully asserted to stop some B.S. that was already in motion? Thanks, and welcome back again!

    2. Genevieve...I don't know what Anna has said about that or what she says at this time. But, here is precedent...contracts are null and void from their inception if said contractual consents were received by acts of threat, duress or coercion [fraud]. So, I fail to see how any actions based on their acts against us would be able to stand, once their acts have been uncovered and disputed by our reclaiming of our true standing all the way back to nativity. As I have posted on other threads on this blog site, WILLFUL INTENT has to be proven by them. WILLFUL INTENT can't be proven because they have worked so diligently to keep truth covered, nor do they want a case in their courts, where the respondent is in open court uncovering their scam and their fraud and has amended enforcers' unlawful acts, by our documents. The fact is...they absolutely don't want to risk us, who may or probably see the scam in its their courts. When we inner-stand their scam, they know to even attempt fraud again against criminal actions. They know the power is really and truly with us, and just the fact we recorded those affidavits with them, is evidence to them, we are done playing the game because we have realized we don't have to and never had to play. What we shift the power back to ourselves and basically advised them, the jig is up.

      Here's an example: US CITIZENS get a summons and they think oh my I have to go to court and pay a fine.
      Here's how Nationals think when they get a summons: why in the heck did they think they could issue me a summons and think they could get by with that? What did they do, make this [cover your eyes because I am about to use foul language...blankity, blankity, blankity] crap up? Well, I got a question to ask in the they think they can issue me a summons instead of a warrant based upon probable cause issued by a grand jury for a crime? Who the blank, blank, blank do they think they are? Do they not know my rights suspend their congressional and legislative acts? what the blankity, blankity, blank? Then they are going to ask me how I plea? really? Not!
      See genevieve...its all in how we think! I think my documents, that I submitted everywhere, put them on notice...I am not your property, I am not your citizen, I am beyond your jurisdiction and I don't volunteer silently anymore to your ALLEGED authority. See the way I personally look at those docs is...ok at one time you got over on me, because I didn't know about the fraud. But, now I do and I am calling you out on it and letting you know, I know that I know the fraud. So do you want to continue attempting to defraud me? Because there are lawful and legal criminal and civil ramifications for fraud against me and everything prior to the moment you rec'd my notices is fraud! And there is no statute of limitation of fraud charges.
      See they wrote the laws...we as law abiding...are simply using their own laws against them. Because we the people have rights and those rights can't be suspended by their legislative or congressional acts. So how in the heck...can they use those legislative and congressional acts against us...once we reclaimed our standing with rights reserved all the way back to nativity? I can't nor will I try to answer for Anna. She can't stand for me and I can't stand for her! We are wholly separate. This is my thoughts on the subject...what say you?

    3. GENEVIEVE..I forgot about this 2 roman civil law statutes:

      1.) A pirati s aut latroni bus capti liberi per manent. DIG. 49. 15. 19.
      Things do not change their ownership when captured by pirates and robbers.

      2.) Consensus facit legem. Consent makes the law. A contract is a law between the parties, which can acquire force only by consent.

  3. UNITED STATES, INC as defined in 22 U.S. Code § 2705 includes the territories and possessions of the United States and the customs waters of the United States (as defined in section 1401 of title 19). 19 U.S. Code § 1401 (h)The term “United States” includes all Territories and possessions of the United States except the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Wake Island, Midway Islands, Kingman Reef, Johnston Island, and the island of Guam. (i)The terms “officer of the customs” and “customs officer” mean any officer of the United States Customs Service of the Treasury Department (also hereinafter referred to as the “Customs Service”) or any commissioned, warrant, or petty officer of the Coast Guard, or any agent or other person, including foreign law enforcement officers, authorized by law or designated by the Secretary of the Treasury to perform any duties of an officer of the Customs Service.

    U.S. Supreme Court, United States v. Bevans, 16 U.S. 3 Wheat. 336 336 (1818) what the courts decision included [the following is not a quote but a synopsis of what happened]: is the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES, excludes the jurisdiction of the several States and the People of those States.

  4. Anna would you please write a blog post about the Bevans case for people to know to what it pertains and how it applies? Thanks!