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Friday, March 1, 2019

About Social Security....

By Anna Von Reitz

Social Security is a supposed to be a pension plan program for Federal Civil Service Employees.

Let's de-construct that: 

"Federal" equals "Foreign Persons" because while they are employed in the Federal Civil Service, our people work as foreign persons known as either "United States Citizens" or "Citizens of the United States". 

"Civil" means "City" as in "Rome" as in "Municipal City-State Government" as in "Washington, DC Municipality" etc., so not military employees, not Territorial employees --- we are talking about "Citizens of the United States".

"Service Employees" means "inhabitants" who are "residents" merely sojourning here on our soil temporarily for the purpose of providing us and our States of the Union with specific governmental services. 

Okay--- so, Social Security is supposed to be a pension program for "Foreign Persons employed by the Municipal United States Government to provide services under contract to our States of the Union".  Got that? 

I bet that nobody ever told you that in your lifetime.

I bet that like millions of other trusting Americans, you were told that it was a government (as in your government) mandate and that you HAD TO sign up for a "Social Security Number" before you could get a job. 

They just conveniently "forgot" to tell you that that only applied if you were seeking a job as a Federal Civil Service Employee. 

Now millions of American Seniors are waking up and noticing that their monthly pension payments which they earned the hard way are being further misrepresented as "benefits" and as "entitlements" --- also known as "welfare". 

So what's the Situation Report? 

You have been conscripted by deceit exercised under color of law into a pension program that you were (most likely, unless you actually worked for the Post Office or Federal Agency) never eligible for in the first place, you and your employers were cheated out of 10-15% of your gross earnings throughout your working life, and now the Bilkers responsible for all this are folding their tents and looking for ways to avoid paying you anything at all.

After all, "benefits" and "entitlements" are gifts, not obligations.

Millions of American Seniors are being set up to take the final fall for this whole criminal enterprise, and those who are ultimately responsible, the Pope and the Cardinals in Rome, and the members of the "Municipal Congress" in Washington, DC are busy surviving their sex scandals and ignoring the fact that their own dear Hillary sold 20% of our Uranium to the Russians.

Now that is Russian Collusion, in case anyone wants to know.

Having finally realized that you have been defrauded, if you go to the "Social Security Administration" --- another private Municipal Corporation --- and explain the situation, they will tell you that by law (their private corporation by-laws) that you are not allowed to quit their program.

Well, again, that's kinda sorta a half-truth like the lie that got you involved in their shell game in the first place.  That's true if you are one of their Retirees and one of their U.S. Citizens, but if you weren't actually a Federal Civil Service Employee, and are not "voluntarily adopting" foreign "US Citizenship" status, there is no such "law" applicable to you.  You are owed either: (1) immediate settlement of your account, or (2) the full range of services and payments available at the time of your retirement and/or withdrawal from the program.

This is another reason that they want to keep everyone in the "US Citizen" box.  Once you reclaim your birthright political status as either an "American State National" or an "American State Citizen" then their foreign corporation's statutory "laws" don't mean diddly squat to you.  And the fraud they committed against you becomes actionable under international law, too.

Does anyone besides me feel the "Mother of All International Class Action Suits" coming on?  

It's not that we would want to deprive any actual Federal Employee of a well-earned retirement and medical services, but on the other hand, we have been culled and gullied out of large sums of money that have been essentially stolen and mishandled, used as investment funds for the profit of foreign corporations and diddled away to buy votes.

We have no reason to stand on the sidelines and condone that, do we? 

And we are not owed "benefits" ---we are owed the return of our money and credit, plus interest. 

Yet another reason to revoke Voter Registrations and "elections" to pay the IRS, and to go after the Social Security Administration and the members of the so-called Municipal Congress delegations, and most of all, the Roman Catholic Church, which is responsible, together with the Democratic Political Party, for all these venal, self-interested lies and misrepresentations to American workers and retirees. 

Yet another reason, too, to reclaim your stolen birthright political status as an American State National and to serve your actual State of the Union as an American State Citizen.  They've been mistaking their "law" for our Public Law for a long time.  It's time that we addressed these foreign corporations and either (1) shut them down and nationalize them as criminal organizations involved in fraud and racketeering or (2) fully label and expose exactly what they are doing and made it clear that Americans are not obligated to have Social Security Numbers and are not obligated to tax themselves and are not eligible for the Social Security Program if they are not Federal Civil Service Employees. 

Get your political status sorted out and properly recorded, so that these corporations cannot mis-characterize you as a "US Citizen" any more, cancel your Voter Registrations, and then join us in cleaning up this Mess. 

You are not Beggars chasing after bankrupt commercial shell corporations, you are American State Citizens who have suffered fraud and Breach of Trust at the hands of the Popes and the Queen and the Democratic Party and the Municipal United States Congress--- all of whom are 100% fully and commercially liable both for the past and for their current failure to correct.  


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  1. It is time for a class action lawsuit against the corporation.

    “There are no Judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789, Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statues and Codes. There have not been any Judges in America since 1789. There have just been Administrators.” FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428 1 Stat. 138-178
    “Courts are Administrative Tribunals” Clearfield Trust, et al v. United States 318 U.S. 363 (1943).

    Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. § 1785: The United States is a District of Columbia corporation. We find "The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a State"
    (see: NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S. 0.1973, 14 L. Ed. 287).

    5 U.S. Code § 552a. PRIVACY ACT.Records maintained on individuals
    (2) the term “individual” means a CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence;
    (4) the term “record” means any item, collection, or grouping of information about an individual that is maintained by an agency, including, but not limited to, his education, financial transactions, medical history, and criminal or employment history and that contains his name, or the identifying number, symbol, or other identifying particular assigned to the individual, such as a finger or voice print or a photograph;
    (5) the term “system of records” means a group of any records under the control of any agency from which information is retrieved by the name of the individual or by some identifying number, symbol, or other identifying particular assigned to the individual;

    28 U.S. Code § 3002 - Definitions
    (2) “Court” means any court created by the Congress of the United States, EXCLUDING the United States Tax Court.
    (15)“United States” means— (A)a Federal corporation; (B)an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C)an instrumentality of the United States.


    To everyone else, if you can't read comment...and understand your privacy rights...cover all your rights, even every data base the govt has in its corporation, then I don't know what to tell you. As you can see the UNITED STATES is a corporation per U.S. CODE and U.S. COURT RULINGS. That corporation is foreign to the several states and the People of those states. So everytime you REGISTER anything as a U.S. CITIZEN you just made yourself ITS corporate commercial citizen. American states are not the UNITED STATES, INC. the taxes courts collect taxes [as the above statue states] for the corporation, not for the American states. Those courts to do collect taxes for or from American state citizens.

    Question are you continuing to give that corporation authority to keep records on you? Anna is absolutely right..pursuant to fact: in law!

    1. Ps. did the govt ever tell you anything Anna posts about or in my above comment? That's fraud isn't it? Class action...we are the class that needs to bring the action!

      Those courts to do NOT collect taxes for or from American state citizens.

    3. FROM THE IRS...

      You are a foreign person to the U.S. CORPORATION. see my comment above.

    4. I claim my foreign person status...because the U.S., INC. is a foreign corporation to me.

    5. Paul...I thought cowards and traitors to America 'UNKNOWNS' were not allowed on this site. by the way 99.9999% of the population are not with the U.S., Inc. they just don't realize the fraud...YET!!! BUT, THEY ARE LEARNING!

    6. You are correct, they are not welcome. Anyone posting as UNKNOWN OR ANONYMOUS will be deleted unless they put their unique identifier on the first line of their post.

    7. Ucadia...the difference between you and I: I love truth, I love law, I understand how to use it! I detest you!

    8. DROP THE MIC...UCADIA, you have been SERVED!!! NOTHING you have ever brought is honest or with helping the cause.

      Nice C. Johnson.

      UCADIA...You are an agent of misinformation and disinformation, AND always wrong.

    9. Juan Jose...always remember this in law: 'WILLFUL INTENT'. If it can be proven the respondent had WILLFUL INTENT...BY their foreknowledge of their actions and they proceeded with BLATANT DISREGARD with their TRESPASS..then they lose their ability to STAND in court! That is a precept of common law and I don't know anything about equity...but I believe in equity also, as a lot of equity proceeds out of the common law. In a Republic we are all responsible for our actions which may cause harm or injury to another. We may cause harm or injury without willful intent and we as men and women can resolve such actions among ourselves without the courts. That is how a republic is to work. But, Ucadia loves the U.S. CORPORATE SYSTEM SO MUCH...I am not above using it to let him know of his criminal trespass and his willful intent to break laws both common and legal. His response as a RESPONDENT: "eat my heart!" Oh well!

    10. scratch the surface of a liberal and you'll find a facist. Therefore there are plenty of Republicans and others who if looked who might arose as much ire as the Democrats

    11. Lawrence have we been talking about republicans or democrats on this thread? Don't see it! So why did you bring up republicans and democrats?

  2. My father a non FEDERAL employee told me I needed a Social Security number to get a job when I was 16 still under the age to enter into contract. Why would I not believe my Dad? Unfortunately naivety and trust gets us into trouble. Fortunately I haven't participated in that program much over my lifetime and didn't ever expect to collect anything. I'm surprised it is still operating. It doesn't take much research to confirm the information Anna has put forth. I found this out long before finding Anna's site. is loaded with links to all the statutes confirming what Anna has put in this article and even has fillable documents to send to the Social Security Administration to revoke participation. There is only a couple stipulations where you would not qualify to withdraw. Those stipulations are all to do with if you have already recieved "Benefits" from them already. Even if you have received funds, you can withdrawal if you pay them back. Imagine that. It's all revealed in their code. They deceive you out of 20% and then have the option to never pay out. Great retirement plan.


    1. And Annie...they owe us so much more...including their prosecution for treason and sedition.

    2. Annie, you might want to recheck your sources as the website is non-functional as of 03/02/2019. Just tried to pull it up.


    4. You may be able to tell SS that you no longer want to contribute to their administrative process, but they will never return your original "application " for it....they have the original and will not return it...!!

      Also if it wasn't for SS we wouldn't even be able to live right this monitary system , you can go from millionaire to homeless very quick...SS is the very least we should expect....but pension funds should be unlawful...its the same for all govt applications....youll never see the original application for SS, your DL, and many other applic as tions you signed...!!

    5. is the mirror site for family guardian and it is working

  3. you apparently didn't see the last post 'baseball or football' comments that paul deleted with his explanation of 'what he is' ; he's a damn traitor .

    1. UCADIA...Thank you for admitting UNKNOWN=UCADIA. Did you see my comment on this thread regarding US 18-241, US 18-242. You know the truth...that makes your actions WILLFUL! Do you understand WILLFUL pursuant to law? If you don't let me educate you. WILLFUL INTENT TO COMMIT FRAUD, IS GROUNDS FOR ACTIONABLE CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LIABILITY, both in law and equity. I have copies your comments and continuously record them on and for the record. Do you understand what I am saying to you?

  4. Go to the Social Security website and read all the forms and realize it is voluntary, that one can turn it off and on using their form. At age 62.5 I met with the Social Security Administration office and they direct deposit the "retirement" funds to a private sector non interest bearing trust account. (not "their" JOHN DOE BC account.) Countless people have told me you can't do that... (hear-say) "You never know what you can get unless you ask for it." F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real. Do your own research.... the more I do, the more power I realize.... You can too. You are the "ONE"... Nothing moves without you. Magnify the sig-nature line on your bank checks. What does it say? (in good light do a super close up shot of your sig line with your phone, then zoom the pic and see the trick.... What are you signing as??) "THE MATRIX is all around you" (Self Assessment, Voluntary Compliance) Are you "Cash-Flowing" through their trust? PRK PS, The remedy is in the record.... read it!

    1. Thomas...the key issue is this...fraud...they have committed fraud. They know they do not work for the People of the several States and have no right to make claims against us. So, they don't tell us. The more truth we learn and share, the more we can call them on their fraud. That is their greatest fear, the People will learn the truth and come after them for their fraud.

      As Anna always says...we are due everything they have stolen from us. They have diligently worked to keep their fraud covered...even like you said on the sig line. What exposure of fraud that is...when uncovered and brought to light.
      Now, I have a question how did you get a private sector non-interest bearing account. Please share with the rest of us!

  5. Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security, as follows:

    S.I. 1997 NO.1778 The Social Security ( United States of America)
    Order 1997 Made 22nd of July 1997 coming into force 1st September 1997. At
    the Court at Buckingham Palace the 22nd day of July 1997. Now, therefore Her
    Majesty an pursuance of section 179 (1) (a) and (2) of the Social Security
    Administration Act of 1992 and all other powers enabling Her in that behalf,
    is please, by and with advise of Her privy Council, to order, and it is
    hereby ordered as follows:
    It can be looked up at
    I asked a speaker who was telling us all about India. At the end I asked if they had social security numbers. He replied with a hearty Oh yes we all have those numbers.

  6. i am in a 'contract' with usda/fsa with regards to this CRP program ! when my mother died 5 yrs ago in december i 'inherited' this contract which , i told them at fsa, i do not want anything to do with them , period !!! THEY have split my quarter section of land in half with 10 yr contract on the relative west half and a 15 yr 'wetland' contract on the relative east half. after my mother died THEY sent me the contract to sign without any explanation whatsoever of anything; nothing !!! anyone on 'govt' contracts ?

    1. if anna could touch on that it would be great ; in conjunction with our status as 'citizens' !

  7. Lots of talk , no action .

    First , Correct Your Status, then bloviate all you want

    Help with 1st step

    Sunday evenings 8pm eastern standard time

    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    Invite others, invite your kids, spouses , nieghbors...
    The more people who correct their status , the better populated oir actual unincorporated government becomes and the better we can reign in these misearble criminal bastards.

    Kevin Cote' L.S.
    845 987 0084

  8. i do not remember the Gospel of Reparations, nor suing the world to gain what we deserve?

    1. a follower...neither does the gospel forbid it.

    2. a follower, Jesus did not come to abolish...THE LAW...BUT TO FULFILL IT...TO BE THE RIGHTEOUS he commanded us all. He also came to bring justice: defined as, just behavior or treatment.

      FROM THE 1611 KJV

    3. Yes the Gospel of $$$ i am familiar with it.
      Justice = money?
      The Gospel was sent so we would recognise these things and call wrong, wrong.

    4. a conception of what this is about is wrong. so I can see why you judge it to be a gospel of $$$. This isn't about money at all...its about right-use-ness. Its about God judging Pharaoh. Pharaoh's day has come! If you judge, judge righteously and let God's people go! What you call your opinion, it is neither law..nor God's leading! But, my friend you are entitled to your opinion and your free speech. Enjoy!

  9. Unknown; you’re either clueless or evil. I’m going with the latter, based on you’re comments in support of the moral-less actions you support and contribute to.

  10. Tried to get to blog a few times several minutes ago and it was not here? Reported it to Anna via email
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    The UNITED STATES, INC. at my nativity, captured my private family name by issuance of a birth certificate and changed my private name into a legal entity, known as a legal person. It used that legal name/entity for the purposes of ITS financial reasons by using it to finance ITS municipal bonds.
    IT issued those municipal bonds to banks as credit, for its agreement to pay those bonds with interest at maturity of the bonds. In turn those banks sold those bonds to the PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE. IT created the PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE and the I.R.S. and ITS TREASURY. It then made use of the I.R.S. and the UNITED STATES, INC. TREASURY to collect debts on the legal name/entity.
    Since said legal name/entity is a fictious, IT led me by acts of coercion, threat and duress to believe, that fictious was me, because IT could not pass on debt to a fiction.
    ITS employees, courts and attorneys work diligent to coverup said fraud and use threat, coercion and duress against WE THE PEOPLE, who try to discover and un-cover the truth pursuant to the laws of the UNITED STATES, INC.
    Within law, the UNITED STATES, INC., IT is nothing more than the municipality of Washington, DC and its STATES: the territories, waters around the territories, the consulate offices and military enclaves and commercial district offices [located on the land/soil of American States].
    IT by its actions, defrauded me of my natural lineage and heritage as an America State, National and gave me dual citizenship as its COMMERCIAL citizen: UNITED STATES, INC. CITIZEN or better known, as U.S. CITIZEN. IT took this action by issuance at my nativity said citizenship, before my age of majority without my authorization.
    In so doing, it made me both its CREDITOR and DEBTOR. IT via ITS statutes provided the means of complete discharge of all my debt, as its CREDITOR. ITS has either not made its employees aware of said right of discharge or ITS employees refuse to convey said remedy pursuant to law. Fact: in law, discharge of all debt is due, as due process of law and has been denied by unlawful and illegal actions of the UNITED STATES, INC. and ITS subsidiaries and/or ITS employees.
    Because of said actions by the UNITED STATES, INC. and its employees, SINCE MY NATIVITY, I received nothing of value for the transfer of UNITED STATES, INC debt to me and the debt was transferred to me by fraud. Said transfer is a violation of 28 U.S. Code § 3304. Said transfer is R.I.C.O, mail fraud, electronic fraud, color of law, conspiracy and other U.S. TITLE 18 CRIMES.
    Above as stated are verifiable as fact: in law.
    I, because of the acts of fraud against me, preceding from the time of my nativity, as an American State, National find standing to sue the UNITED STATES, INC. and ITS subsidiaries, for fraudulent business practices and to bring criminal and civil prosecution against its employees [ITS agents], who operated in conjunction with IT to defraud me of my rights and who worked diligently to dissuade, prevent and hinder me from the use of said rights, with said rights being unalienable, secured and protected by the Constitution for the United States of America [organic], the Constitution of the United States, Inc [inorganic] and Constitutions of America States.

      1.)Exercised right to privacy: All records within the records data bases of the UNITED STATES, INC. and ITS subsidiary the STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA and ITS subsidiaries the COUNTIES OF LEXINGTON AND RICHLAND, including BUT NOT EXCLUSIVE the data bases of the NSA, FBI, CIA, IRS, U.S. Treasury, bearing the legal name and any deviates of that name as are stated on the attached AFFIDAVITS, be amended and correct to status, capacity and standing of PRIVATE, NON-COMMERCIAL, NON-U.S. CITIZEN.
      2.)Exercised rights to private property, private trade and private possessions. Any and all debt of the UNITED STATES, INC. to be discharged from all accounts, bearing the legal name and any said deviations, which found their origins by the UNITED STATES, INC.’s use of my family name, given to me at my nativity. [see below all pertinent information regarding this demand].
      3.)Right to American State, Nationalism: Written release of all accounts including but not exclusive to: financial institutions, passports, private communications and licenses amended to private, non-commercial, non-U.S. CITIZEN status and without encumbrances of taxes, fees, fines, penalties associated with any/and all debt of the UNITED STATES, INC. and/or ITS STATE OF STATES subsidiaries and counties.
      4.)Exercised right to travel nationally and internationally as an America State, National: Issuance of LAWFUL passport as American State, National, with UNITED STATES, INC. fees attached for its issuance.
      5.)Exercised right to Private Trade, to use of American money and CREDITOR STATUS: Written acknowledgement that I as a CREDITOR of the UNITED STATES, INC. are free from all encumbrances, obligations and liabilities of the UNITED STATES, INC. and/or its subsidiaries and that the legal person/entity created by the UNITED STATES, INC. and/or its STATE OF STATES cannot make use of said legal person/entity to transfer IT and their debt to I.

    2. C J this is great and looking for simplification i think you hit the nail on the head !! this explanation of yours could be a remedy for most, if not all, issues associated with our predicament of the fraud bestowed upon all of us. gonna have to study this and see how i can present this to usda/fsa in regards to the 'contract' foisted on me with my land ! this info you put out should be sufficient to negate everything in our situations ! your thoughts c j ? and well done thanks .

    3. Luther...I don't post anything to waste your time. I post to teach and post to help all find their rights, their standing, their capacity.
      You are applies to us all...all of us who hold a certificate of LIVE BIRTH...issued by the UNITED STATES, INC.
      What is described in my writing is law, it is not U.S. CURRENCY IS CREATED.
      Please do your own research on everything, before you send anything. Understand you as a MAN, non-legal person, stand ON RIGHTS..Unalienable, secured and protected. But, you must be a BELLIGERENT CLAIMANT of your you must know what you are doing, talking about and taking actions on. You will stand alone in court, make sure you know enough to stand. God bless you in your endeavors.

    4. THANK YOU C J . some of us older folks need assistance ! sure would like to see the turnaround with the 'legal' 'profession' to do the 180 !!! to me that's a major key element of this process; going against the 'judge' referee that administers the corporation is not an easy task; got to know how their game is played !!! as anna states; the judges don't care about us they will do everything they can to put us down ! preparedness is first and foremost !

    5. luther if it can help you live free and in peace are most welcome!

    6. C.Johnson, beautiful work here, I also enjoy your comments. Luther, you need to investigate common law arbitration, A remedy for contracts. Law is contract, contract is law.

    7. will be tested by these besides studying Anna's paperwork, you better know courtroom proceedure (theirs) before you attempt anything, because you will get their attention where you know how they play...!!
      Just remember one aren t in there to answer questions, your in there to ask them, and force the judge to answer....!!

      And don't forget the most important word in a court...."OBJECTION YOUR HONOR"...!! Watch how often the prosecutor uses it...!!

  12. That is GOOD! I and my wife would like to join you with your pursuit.
    contact me;

    1. If you have a claim against the UNITED STATES, INC. then you must give OFFICIAL LAWFUL NOTICE of said claim and demand remedy. You are a PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL. PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS make use of LAWFUL PROCESS. Lawful COMMON LAW process is you NOTICE [put on notice] those who have done you wrong, WRONG DOINGS AND WRONGS SUFFERED, of the wrongs you have suffered. You write a NOTICE...listing all the wrong doings, and wrongs suffered and demand for remedy. Then you send notice to PERSONS [and the U.S. INC. is a legal person as is all ITS offices and officials]. They have a LAWFUL RIGHT to be noticed of all breaches and they have the lawful right to provide remedy for their TRESPASS AGAINST YOU. If you have not DONE UNTO THEM, AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU..then you have no COMMON LAW standing to take action against them. ig-norance [IGNORING] by IT, by ACQUIESCE BY SILENCE is both fraud and agreement with your notice. Then you issue another NOTICE: OF FINDINGS OF PREVIOUS NOTICE. You acknowledge their acquiesce by silence to both fraud and agreement by them to the first notice and accept their willful intent to defraud you of your rights unalienable, secured and protected. You commission them to speak now or forever hold their peace. When I get to the point to send that notice of acceptance of their willful intent to defraud me. then I notice them of my intent bring criminal and civil charges against them for their intent to willfully defraud. You see it is all process. Process gives them every opportunity to rescind their actions. every time you do this you are stripping them of their covering. Finally, you record all notices on the public record as you bring their sorry behinds to criminal and civil actions. the thing is they are left without excuse..that is truly what you are trying to do. Everything is process...but you can't do anything..because I claim they have injured me. That does not mean you are injured. You have to make a claim. Your wife has to make a claim, too. Remember in a republic, we all have our own rights, given to us private by our creator, no one can claim those rights for you or stand on those rights for you. we all stand alone. Now, once a bunch of us get non satisfaction for our claims, then we all can become claimants, as a group WE THE PEOPLE, of injured People. Such an action would be WE THE PEOPLE vs. THE UNITED STATES, INC.
      When Anna keeps teaching PEOPLE to reclaim their WE THE PEOPLE is necessary, if WE THE PEOPLE can ever stand as ONE body politic lawful vs. THE UNITED STATES, INC. If you, as one of those People have not experienced injury, you can't lawfully sue for remedy. remedy can only be provided to the injured party.
      I hope you inner-stand what I am saying...because you are the law! Conduct law the way of the creator. DO UNTO OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. Be fair, even when they are unfair. Just because the law of the creator says if they sue you in court to take your court, give them your cloak also, that really means don't fight unrighteously. pursue all your endeavors right-use-ly.
      But, for certain...we need we the people to stand up, re-claim their nationality...then claim violation of their rights since nativity...then we the people can stand as one.

    2. Much appreciated. Thank you.

  13. Scratch the surface of a liberal and you'll find a fascist. There are plenty of Republicans that fit this definition.

  14. Inspiring....Trump speech.

    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. just finished watching it...everyone should watch it...awesome.

  15. Thank you C.Johnson.

    1. Robert...with the NAMASTE...surely you will inner-stand this..ONENESS...may we reach it! This is my my creator...the Almighty! And that prayer continues with this: may we reach into ourselves and find the place beyond walls, religions, wars, violence, fear, weakness, lies and may we stand up in who we are, led as individuals in our ONENESS and accomplish what it is that we came here to do, not for ourselves but for the whole of mankind. May we get it, right here, right now in this lifetime and do all we can to break the shackles that bind our brothers and sisters and help to set them completely free. Even if that freedom costs us everything. May we all be that ONE light that has come into the world! May we as ONE be such a powerful light, we can push back the darkness, that darkness so it can be found no more and cease to exist. I know that you get that! I have never spoken to anyone on this forum, what I just did to you. But, I know, these words to you, have not fallen on deaf ears. Namaste to you as well!

  16. C. Johnson
    Her words ring true for all of us...forgiveness and acceptance as ONE TRUE LIGHT so be it. thank you. Namaste, ra

    It has always been my thought that of all the valuable lessons in our life/lives we have but one most come to know God within us all then, Namaste has meaning....then we return home in our time.

  17. C. Johnson...I See You,hear You. Namaste ra

  18. One added thought....where there are 3 or more gathered in my name so shall I be with you.

  19. I hate to break it to all of you, but all banks are at negative liquidity...Wells Fargo is at negative 500% liquidity, and the rest aren't far behind...!!
    The banks and the "deep state" will never play by anyone's rules, not even their own....!!
    It's one thing to ask for funding, but what good is it if the banks can "block" any funding...In other words, Kim along with Trump can release funds to people, but what good is it if the banks won't except the funds from the "Manny world holding trust....!!

  20. PATIENCE James... have you heard is being worked on....there comes a time when you have to just TRUST the PLAN. There is one.


  21. Not Fit to Lead ;

    My thoughts are in the comment section.

    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  22. I have posted a lot on this thread, but couldn't leave it without this: 28 U.S. Code § 3002 - Definitions
    (2) “Court” means any court created by the Congress of the United States, 'EXCLUDING' the United States Tax Court.

    Ask yourself why is the US TAX COURT excluded. Well, if you go to the link provided and to section referenced and in that section click on UNITED STATES....the UNITED STATES IS DEFINED AS:

    United States
    (15)“United States” means— (A)a Federal corporation; (B)an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C)an instrumentality of the United States.


    Is it the country of sovereign several State Republics? And every STATE OF STATE COURT is a court of the UNITED STATES, INC.

    All STATE OF STATES are STATES OF THE UNITED STATES, INC. for the purposes of collecting taxes. No judge will ever tell you that the STATE OF STATE in which they represent is not a STATE of THE UNITED STATES. Remember all govt seats of the Republic[s] were evacuated by a tip of a bayonet by the UNITED STATES, via Congressional Act of 1866 and it all went to hell in a handbasket from there.

    However, as we now know from Anna's teaching and uncovering, WE ARE DUE, STILL TODAY, our REPUBLICS. The fraud is that the STATE OF STATES are the American de jure several States, but they are not!

    The American States have been divided into military district states, those districts are overseen by both the military and district judges and believe it or not...the PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE AND ITS DISTRICT IRS OFFICES. here is an MAP of that division:
    So what officially has happened to our Republic[s] is they have been overlaid with the de facto, U.S. INC.

    We however are still due our land and soil jurisdictional 50 Republics. But, I believe today only Michigan and maybe Pennsylvania are International re-seated and recognized as the de jure Republics. We need 30 of the Republics to have done the same, to reclaim our rightful and lawful standing as the Organic United States of America [unincorporated]. We are in a holding pattern until this is done. Each state must organize. Each state must have People to stand up and take control and began to bring People back together as the de jure State. If two other states could do it...the others can, too!

    This is why I applaud Anna for all her efforts to wake up and educate us all. She has been instrumental in my life to help me comprehend the truth. I researched her blogs and found what she has posted to be truth and accurate, without exception. I come here to her blog to post from time to time to share additional info with you and to support her efforts. She truly deserves more help and applause and financial support than any of us have recognized. Bravo Anna!

  23. I thought I was done with this thread, but then I was reminded of this image:

    This is an image of the FT. JACKSON SOUTH CAROLINA MILITARY CEMETERY. They came back to South Carolina. Not to the UNITED STATES, INC. In law, they were and are known as South Carolinians.

    In 2006, I prayed on my knees at the Veterans Memorial on the Capitol grounds of South Carolina and my tears fell on the plaques with the names. I cried from the depths of my soul, Father, no greater love has man than that he would lay down his life for his friend. These are my friends, don't let one drop of their blood be in vain. This morning he reminded me of that prayer and said to me: You are my answer to your prayer, go continue their work, to stand up for your friends. I a South Carolinian am standing up to reveal truth to all those who are my friends.
    Ps. A man, who I loved dearly was laid to rest in that cemetery in 2011. he fought twice in Nam, with the 1st Cav. and stood on the wall between North and South Korea. This past November a great friend of his and his wife's pastor, also of the a veteran of the 1st Cav. was laid to rest, in that cemetery up on the hill from this man. The man and is wife, are my brother-in-law and sister. My sister had to go to that second funeral and once again listen to taps and the firing of the cannons, only this time it wasn't for her husband but her pastor and friend. This South Carolinians died for injuries received in foreign conflicts and both suffered PTSD from their experiences. Every time I go out to my beloved brother-in-laws grave, more tombstones have appeared. They gave it all for us. This grips my soul and encourages me to stand. So, I am demanded by my shepherd to bring the truth to as many people as I can, it is my call and the answer to my prayer, from 2006. Freedom is not free, it comes with a price! And some have paid all!
    In peace may we stand, so that no more like these, MY FRIENDS, need to fall. God bless America and may we as ONE proclaim, 'PHAROAH, LET MY PEOPLE GO'!

  24. Replies
    1. Robert, thanks! And always remember their legacy....they didn't come home to the corporation...they came home to South Carolina, the land and the soil. They have been received back to us [other South Carolinians] as ONE of us, with us...the People of South Carolina...OUR FRIENDS! WE STAND!

  25. C,

    Great comments, try this on for correction.
    February 1, 2019
    c/o Fraud Street
    Now-here, Ohio [44039]

    Priority Mail
    California Department of Public Health
    Vital Records, MS 5103
    P.O. Box 997410
    Sacramento, CA 95899-7410

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I requested two copies for the certificate of live birth for First Middle, however, I was sent the certificate of live birth for the office of First Middle Last by mistake. Certification of record is not the record.

    These two offices created by the State of California gives rise to the administration of this subject matter under original jurisdiction in lieu of the genuine article and associated property, “zygote,” as well as every product of biological maternal material intended for my use as heir.

    For purposes of clarifying the record, all babies of no record subjected to and through an artificial separation from our inheritance (property), by the use of certificated persons and offices created and administrated by the county/parish and State for the purpose of creating an unnatural easement into our natural inheritance which is a crime against mankind unless voluntary.

    I do not condone the actions of State actors conspiring against their fellow man in the application of two-dimensional infanticide being imposed on the living through the capture of fetal and maternal tissue, not something that most of the people are aware of coming newly into this world. It appears the State has declared an ongoing emergency with implied consent?

    Words of art do in no way make these actions defensible.

    “Le Mort Saisit Le Vif is a French phrase meaning ‘the dead seizes the living.’ According to this doctrine the heir is considered as having succeeded to the deceased from the instant of his death. There can be no gap in the possession of a freehold estate in land. The legal title vests immediately in the heirs upon the death of the person through whom they claim title. The doctrine of le mort saisit le vif requires that there can be no gap in seisin. This is not to say that the doctrine is so narrow as to exclude unknown heirs or absent heirs at the date of death. (Kuchenig v. California Co., 410 F.2d 222, 230)”

    Please send to me, the two copies requested and paid to the Department of Public Health, for the credit side of the office for First Middle evidenced on the record of live birth as to avoid confusion in all matters living and dead for clarity.

    My desire is to correct any and all confusion concerning this subject/matter for the sake of transparency concerning all biological material, cord, vessel, placenta, land, etc. associated with a record of live birth, mark, title, X… etc.

    As to the receipt (which I have enclosed a copy for your convenience), would you please provide clarity what the RTN number is, as it’s undefined?

    Thank you for your attention to this subject/matter and its much-needed correction.

    • Application for the record of live birth for First Middle. Creditor.
    • Copy of the State’s creation event, record of live birth for First Middle Last. Debtor. 22/22/2222
    • Copy of Record of Live Birth attestation designated by son’s Mother.
    • Receipt for First Middle, however, wrong record sent, First Middle Last

    1. Ps. If this can stop a lot of pain and suffering.

    2. pss. I just sent a FOIA to obtain all records they have on file. I want everything, especially the records signed by the doctor when I exited my mother's womb. That's the one I really want!

    3. I'm all for a class action suit!

  26. cube, I get the concept. But, has it been tested...does it work?

  27. C,

    I will post the response from them and you tell me what you see. What an admission without saying much. Post it tomorrow.

    When one realizes whats real and true, there is no rebuttal.

    1. amen! I can't wait to see it! Like I said, I just went after my records. I am getting my hospital records. They said it is on microfisch. Anything that precedes their birth crappola. Changing the records.

    2. C,

      Do you have an email I can send their response to? I scanned the doc, but this site does not like this pdf format. I would like to know what you see on this document, then I can share what I see. Yes, this is huge, however, one really has to understand in detail whats been done to make it effective.

    3. cube, hold on for a few days. I am currently working on a private blog and private email and private online meetings. In order for people to join me, privately they will have to agree to a privacy ageement and the Bevins decision. I think we need to have the ability to speak but also be secure in the knowledge of our own privacy. Anna today added a great article that addresses this and the bevin's decision and the fbi. I would like to be able to help people with private assistance other than the general stuff I do here, but it all must be by private people, conducting private trade and living private lives. I don't have these media things functional at this time, but will probably in a few days. then I can give you the email address for the private contact. looking forward to see what you have and even more forward to private conference calls with you. have a bless day.

    4. That makes perfect sense, there are a couple things you should be aware of, that is, things we did to ourselves before moving too far ahead. Let me know!!

    5. cube...I decided to create a junk mailbox. if you email me there, don't sent you document. just your email address. I will email you from my real address and so you can email me the document to it.
      here's the junk mailbox lightcoming@gmx.mail be sure to reference you as the source of the email.

    6. C, I got this,
      I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
      be delivered to one or more recipients.

      : Host or domain name not found. Name service error for
      name=gmx.mail type=A: Host not found
      Reporting-MTA: dns;
      X-Postfix-Queue-ID: 8A1AB72018E
      X-Postfix-Sender: rfc822;
      Arrival-Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2019 01:46:45 +0000 (UTC)

    7. sorry try I had copied the email address from inside my box and pasted it here. But, in order for you to send to me it actually needs to be .com...instead of mail. sorry about that confusion.

    8. C,

      I tried the other email and it was returned? Any ideas why?

    9. Ms Belligerent Johnson sent me a 'nice' email back from  cube🎯

    10. Leland thanks, for the post...cube and I have been emailing now. Are you still in Naples? Enjoying yourself?
      And if you want to call me MS. Belligerent...use my legal name: MS. BELLIGERENT CLAIMANT! lol!

    11. Still here MS BELLIGERENT CLAIMANT in sunny chemtrail land Naples at least today...not any Chemtrails yesterday whatsoever🙄Am due to snow forthcoming Minneapolis tomorrow @ this time...It is starting feel personal 😁🧐

    12. Chemtrails better known as...kill them....kill them all! 🧟‍♀️


    [Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. § 1785: The United States is a District of Columbia corporation. We find "The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a State"
    (see: NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S. 0.1973, 14 L. Ed. 287).]

    “In each instance it is obvious that while the term 'person' may well include a corporation it cannot embrace the United States. In 8, 15 U.S.C.A. 7, Congress attempted to make clear that the term 'person' is to include a corporation. The United States is a juristic person in the sense that it has capacity to sue upon contracts made with it or in vindication of its property rights. Since, in common usage, the term 'person' does not include the sovereign, statutes employing the phrase are ordinarily construed to exclude it. The provision is 'that the word 'person,' or 'persons,' wherever used in this act (section 1, 2, 3, or 15 of this chapter) shall be deemed to include corporations and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of either the United States, the laws of any of the Territories, the laws of any State, or the laws of any foreign country.'”. UNITED STATES v. COOPER CORPORATION(1941) 484 (March 31, 1941)

    8, 15 U.S.C.A. 7- “Person” or “persons” defined
    The United States is a juristic person in the sense that it has capacity to sue upon contracts made with it or in vindication of its property rights. Since, in common usage, the term 'person' does not include the sovereign, statutes employing the phrase are ordinarily construed to exclude it. The word “person”, or “persons”, wherever used in sections 1 to 7 of this title shall be deemed to include corporations and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of either the United States, the laws of any of the Territories, the laws of any State, or the laws of any foreign country.
    (July 2, 1890, ch. 647, § 8, 26 Stat. 210.)

    The word “person”, or “persons”, wherever used in shall be deemed to include corporations and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of either the United States, the laws of any of the Territories, the laws of any State, or the laws of any foreign country. (E)the term “person” has the meaning given in section 78c(a)(9) of this title and also includes two or more persons acting as a partnership, limited partnership, syndicate, or other group, but does not include a foreign central bank

    Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17: “The Congress shall have Power To …exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States.”

    1. CONTINUED....The U.S. Code does not provide a single definition of the term “government corporation.” Title 5 of the U.S. Code defines a “government corporation” as “a corporation owned or controlled by the Government of the United States” (5 U.S.C. 103).6 Meanwhile, the Government Corporation Control Act ((GCCA) 31 U.S.C. 9101-10) states that the term “government corporation” means “a mixed-ownership Government corporation and a wholly-owned government corporation.”

      28 U.S. Code § 3002 - Definitions
      (2)“Court” means any court created by the Congress of the United States, excluding the United States Tax Court.
      (15)“United States” means—(A)a Federal corporation (B)an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or(C)an instrumentality of the United States.

      Government corporations, no matter what function they perform or how “private” they may appear to the public or to themselves, are AGENTS OF THE STATE SUBJECT TO CONSTITUTION LIMITATIONS.
      Principles of Federal Appropriations Laws, vol. iv, pp. 17-119 - 17-216.

      5TH Amendment nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.
      10TH Amendment - Undelegated Powers Kept by the States and the People
      The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.
      13TH Amendment 13 - Slavery Outlawed
      Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
      14TH Amendment - Rights of Citizenship
      All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
      Article I, Section 8, Clause 2 To borrow money on the credit of the United States; 3 To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes;


    2. What the STATE OF STATES [U.S. SUBSIDIARIES] did was sell us into slavery to the U.S. by use of certificates of live birth. The U.S. took those certificates and traded them to banks as municipal in my writing in post [affidavit] on this thread. So the issue exists with the corporate STATE OF STATES and the UNITED STATES, INC. because even though they could lawfully exercise their rights to commerce, they had no authority to NATURALIZE us as their birth certificate. What they did by that naturalization is gave us a second citizenship...U.S. CITIZEN for the purposes [ALLEGEDLY] for us to participate with them in interstate commerce as an individual or partneship. Then they covered up the fact our primary citizenship is as a PRIVATE [NON-PUBLIC CORPORATE ENTITY] national of an American State, however they gave us proof we were born alive by issuing not a birth certificate but a certificate of live birth, then in U.S. title 8 they clarified our right to dual citizenship. Even though none of us wanted U.S. CITIZEN unless we were operating within the U.S. CORP. and ITS STATE OF STATES in INTERSTATE COMMERCE. I personally have never operated in interstate commerce as any individual either self employed or as a partner in a corporation. All my labor has been conducted in private trade. My question to you: were you self employed INDIVIDUAL when you got a job at Kmart or Walmart? Or were you are a corporate partner within either of those corporations? Or for that matter any registered corporation? As my above comments reveal..corporate entities [includes corporate individuals] as U.S. PERSONS/CITIZENS and all corporations doing business within the UNITED STATES AND ITS STATE OF STATES are required to REGISTER.
      The truth is, we have just not understood what really happened, what is happening and what will happen in the future, if we don't change it.

  29. What I know:

    I never KNOWINGLY with WILLFUL INTENT ever consentually authorized the United States, the right to change my lawful name, given to me at nativity, on the land and soil of an American several State, into a fictitious corporate entity known as a U.S. CITIZEN/CORPORATE PERSON for its purposes of regulation of INTERSTATE COMMERCE and/of taxation for its own CORPORATE interests. Any said authorizations were received by acts of threat, coercion and duress by the United States and ITS officials and ITS STATE OF STATES and their officials, used against me.
    What I do with that is up to me!

    United States v. Bishop, 412 US 346:
    Sets the standard for criminal violation of Willful Intent
    It must be proven that you are the party.
    It must be proven that you had the method or opportunity to do the thing.
    It must be proven that you did this with a Willful Intent.
    Willfulness - "An evil motive or intent to avoid a known duty or task under a law, with a moral certainty."

    I am due this certificate, because I am a national of a foreign state, REMEMBER the U.S. is foreign to a state:

    THE REMEDY FOR DENYING ME RIGHT TO NATIONAL STATUS: 8 U.S. Code § 1503. Denial of rights and privileges as national


  30. C,
    If this foundling is later identified, all records will be sealed! I can prove what happened to us at the birth event and how to correct it. The answer is in the response I want to send you.

    3705.11 Report of foundling child.
    Whoever finds a living infant of unknown parentage shall immediately report such finding to the local registrar of vital statistics of the registration district in which the child is found, on a prescribed form which shall state:

    (A) Date of finding;

    (B) Place of finding;

    (C) Sex of child;

    (D) Race of the child;

    (E) Approximate age of the child;

    (F) Name and address of the person or institution with whom the child has been placed for care. The place where the child was found shall be known as the place of birth, and the date of birth shall be determined by approximation.

    The person, superintendent, or manager of the institution with whom a foundling child is placed for care shall give such child a name within ten days and shall promptly report the name given to the local registrar of the registration district in which the child was found. The foundling report shall constitute the birth certificate for such foundling child and sections 3705.01 to 3705.29 of the Revised Code, relating to birth certificates or records, shall apply in the same manner and with the same effect to such report. If a foundling child is later identified and an original birth record is found or obtained, the foundling report shall cease to be a public record. Such foundling report shall be placed in an envelope which shall be sealed by the department and shall not be open to inspection or copy unless so ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction. All copies of the foundling report in the possession of the local registrar or the probate court as well as any and all index references thereto shall be destroyed.

    1. My has been researching our family history for about 5 years now. She has tracked our lineage, thus far back to a grandfather who left Ireland for her about in the mid 1700's. he fought in the revelationary war and was killed fighting in cowpens, sc, where his homestead was located. I am pulling together as much family history as I can. She has my grandparents registers in nativity in the church where my parental grandfather was the pastor. I have pulled census records and am trying to get my hospital records as I told you. I also have something very neat, when my mother come into this world, the churches gave certificates of birth, signed by the pastors and dated by them. I have that actual certificate. I am working on building the common law record of my families history and I have begun recording my family lineage forward in the bible, as a common law record. I never use to think these things were important but now, I realize how extremely important they are to be on and for the record. This about to record, is what the govt has taken from us and we all need to start the recording again.

      I really need to proof read my writings and stop be slack about it.

    3. "revelationary war" that works imho🦋

    4. leland...I now, sometimes my brain works faster than my fingers can type. Then I post with proof reading...I BAD!

  31. Does anyone know about revocation of election? i've submitted mine to the IRS along with my state citizen documentation certified by the SoS, but have't heard anything. I just got off the phone with the IRS and was told they marked it as frivolous. thanks in advance.

  32. and

  33. CLASS ACTION...everyone should be aware of...People vs. Facebook and 3 letter agencies

  34. I’m ready to be part of a class action; We the People vs UNITED STATES

  35. spm would you read my long and tenacious comment on this ANNA'S writing?

    The ground work must be properly and lawfully laid. We as Men and Women do not come in opposition to the law, but we come to challenge its RIGHTFUL STANDING. Without dispute, no chance of reconciliation can occur. We must therefore, make lawful dispute on and for the record. If we seek redemption [remedy] for wrongs done and wrong suffered, we must first give notice and opportunity to PERSONS to make right their own trespasses against us. We do this as Men and Women as we respect the greatest law that governors all Men and Women tells do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

    If a class action is to occur, it must be founded on the rock, which is in this nation the Law of our Creator. All involved in said action, must first make acknowledgements on the record of their own standing as men and women and must acknowledge their creator as the Supreme Law given and he gave us his book of laws to apply them and to keep them. I am telling you this, because PERSONS have no creator outside the govt. Persons CAN NOT challenge the RIGHTS of their CREATOR to establish laws and enforce them on said PERSONS. Just as we as Men and Women cannot challenge the LAWS OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD, our creator. All govts are instituted by Men and Women and all PERSONS are instituted by those govts.
    So, if you ac-knowledge what I am saying to you, and in the comment on Anna's other post, then you must ac-knowledge as the founding Fathers did, that the Supreme Law of the Creator, of all, is God and proof that He is God, is the Men and Women are COMPELLED to honor him, by fulfilling his LAWS..even in the courts of the United States. IF YOU DIDN'T GET WHAT THAT SENTENCE, READ IT AGAIN!]
    PERSONS without souls, cannot fulfill the laws of God. My hope get what I am saying! I am not telling you these things, for the purposes of religious experiences, I am telling you these things as a matter of common law. Don't confuse the two!

    1. Thank you for illuminating these hard facts. I was aware of the way the legal system has been used against the US citizenry as a weapon. I was aware of the ways in which the criminal, deep state, NWO are trying to depopulate. I have witnessed the decline in our mental, physical and spiritual health in this country. It sickens me. Thank you for bringing hope. It is the last thing a patient loses before they die. As a nurse, I can sense hope leaving slowly and how the absence lessens their life force. You have breathed life into us again.
      Thank you Paul and Anna.

      I have been researching for years myself. If anyone is interested in my take, please watch. It may enlighten you further to hear it from a healthcare perspective. However, I would have to call the medical Industrial Complex "sick care" at this point. God bless you all.
      Nancy Ryer

  36. I commented as I apologize Paul. I am not technologically savvy. I am commenting from my phone. Please let my voice be heard on this thread.