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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Zinke, Trump and the Department of the Interior

 This was forwarded as part of an email that I received from a reader in Western Montana and should be of grave concern to everyone in America.

This is the story of a leaked document exposing the evil in the BLM that you need to know about.

Now watch the Pete Santilli show about this abuse of power.


  1. Thank you Anna.Your absolutely right about running a love VIBRATION,which means we do NOT hold ENERGY CAPTIVE.
    That's what Kim Possible REPRESENTS.
    So I asked a 14 old Hawaiian boy if he could Love a girl unconditionally without holding her energy captive?
    He answered "YES".
    Well we are ENERGY aren't we.Love ENERGY is giving energy, because we have all the energy we need.
    I passed this on to her mouth piece Thomas.
    Who does NOT conspicuously talk about love.
    Thank you for being here to help liberate this planet from parasites from NY heart to you
    Love you all.

  2. So Rose, why did you choose to put this comment on this article about the Department of the Interior? Wouldn't it belong to a previous article instead?

    1. Paul, actually, her entire comment belongs in the toilet !

    2. Yes it's very "new age" and without authority, but it doesn't violate our policy so I will let it be here. I count on people who are dedicated to truth, to help me keep the discussion focused on the issues. Thanks Abby.

    3. Looks like an honest mistake was made from a thankful, kind hearted Soul-Living Fruitful Spirit to me... a Very simple, honest "mis-post" as IS pretty evident was Rose Sweet's intention for those in Like Mind and Gifted Hearts to clearly See.

      Much Gratitude, unconditional Love within, True Awareness and Faithful Peace Be For All Now

    4. 2 Thess 2:9 Even him whose coming is after the working of satan.....
      10 And with all deceivableness and unrighteousness in them that perish because they receive not a love of the Truth
      11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe lies

    5. Yes, Yes, Yes, Abby..."we" (3in1 as originally "ordered" as Principally Authored/Created and intended in "One in Full Accord", from the beginning to Be, Do, Have) Do fully inner-stand this spirit-filled message as expressed from and as naturally Intended to Be innerstood/known from within. It appears you INSIST on using these priceless, fruitfilled teachings, Lovingly expressed for Soulful led guidance connections from Pure Source Energy within, for All of Man-kind to benefit from (Not Be Abused by) and twisting the "words"into a limited, shallow, weak and vainly man-minded "Con-version" disconnected from it's origin/source "True Spirit" meaning to convey False knowledge from your Worldly trained, Limited Perspective IN Physical body/small mind to be USED To Destroy the True Living Spirit and Falsely "Label" (JUDGE) Falsely Persecute other Living Souls-Spirits with ridicule and Shame publicly with your own mis-guided RIGID inferior "BELIEFS" and Fruitless outward darkened speech and destructive deeds. Your Soul/Spirit have been knocking repeatedly Abby to reach you, and many, many Loving-Living Souls have been called to deliver messages directly for you Abby, and you have sadly refused to Hear even one from your own chosen darkened/shadowed True Spirit Heart, disconnected from All that Truly Is Soulful Will-Mind. It's Time Now to Choose to Wholly Living In "One Accord with All" or remain Separate and "DEAD" In Spirit "operating" as mere "Body-mind" with inferior worldly possessed "man" minded deceitful Vanities being the Leader of your True Soul. It's Time Now...

      Truth of All Is IN All and Freely Expressed For All Now To Clearly See and Accept Acknowledge In Full Now!!

  3. Foriegn owned, for profit government service corporations or their franchises not delegated under the 19 eunemerated services contained in the Constitution for the united States of America has no authority , juridsiction or power . Where do they get off threatening Americans ? Time to round them up and put them on trial for war crimes, treason, inland piracy and RICO.
    I volunteer to build the gallows .

  4. Their so called "authority" is only de-facto because of the vacuum left by Americans who think they are "citizens" and don't know who they really are. The problem is that those agents of the foreign owned corporations masquerading as government all have guns and money.
    Why do you think the founders wanted an unincorporated militia of the people? TO KEEP THE PEACE. Not to start a war.

    1. Agreed, mutually assured self destruction keeps the peace. 100,000,000 ( minimum ) gun owners..the largest army in the we need to organize.

  5. President Trump may not have the authority to fire SES employees, but he does have the authority to demand it not be funded.

    1. . . . or to lower the salary down to $15/hr w/no bonuses!

  6. Exactly. Take away their guns and money at the top without violence.
    When enough people become aware of the SES it might happen. This video is a good tool to wake them up. When I was at the Bundy ranch doing communications for Oathkeepers I felt that the publicity was the most valuable part about it all. And Pete Santilli was part of the solution. Evidently the feds agreed with that and snatched him up for over 2 years. But once in a while truth does prevail, and he is doing a great job with this show.

  7. Awesome! Awareness is the light that travels through the aether instantaneously much like an echo. There is no stopping it!

  8. Yes, Awareness is all that there IS. Cube , I echo!


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