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Saturday, September 23, 2017

So You Took An Oath to Defend and Preserve the Constitution.....For All Members of the Military and Police Forces

By Anna Von Reitz

Most of the people we talk to who say that they "took an oath to preserve and defend the Constitution"----including many military officers---- : (1) don't know what a Constitution is; (2) never seriously sat down and studied or thought about any one of the three Constitutions Americans are likely to encounter; (3) don't know which Constitution they took an Oath to.

This article is for all those people. 

The greatest enemy we face every day is ignorance.  The second greatest is sloth-- which leads to the careless "taking for granted" of things which should never be taken for granted.

A "constitution" is a debt agreement. 

It lays out services to be provided, who is responsible for providing these services, how they will be administered, and who pays for the services.

Even a cursory glance at any one of the three (3) Constitutions Americans are likely to see reveals that, yes, indeed, all these matters are covered--howbeit, in different forms and by different parties.

No doubt it is a surprise to many that we have three Constitutions.  Let's start there and review the facts.

There is "The Constitution for the united States of America" written and adopted in 1787.  This is the actual Constitution forming the union of unincorporated organic land jurisdiction "States of America" into a union (a form of association) of sovereign states, doing business as the unincorporated United States of America.  Notice that this unincorporated entity was created "for" the States of America.  These "States" are also unincorporated entities.  Notice that "unincorporated" is a synonym for "sovereign". 

It was necessary to create and form this union of states first in order to have a central body responsible for exercising all the "powers" of the sovereign states in international jurisdiction BEFORE those powers could be exercised in common or separated out and delegated to any other party.  This is the actual Constitution from which all other Constitutions (debt agreements for services) are derived and upon which they all depend for their existence. 

So, the unincorporated United States of America was formed first, received the responsibility for exercising all international powers in 1787, and two years later, delegated nineteen of its enumerated powers to the British Monarch and His Proxy Government known as The United States of America as described and organized under The Constitution of the United States of America adopted in 1789.  Notice that this foreign British-controlled "district government" was created "of" the United States of America --meaning "apart from, outside of, or belonging to" the United States of America.

Whereas the first Constitution was an agreement between the national governments of the individual sovereign states to form a union and to mutually operate both their international land and international sea jurisdiction powers under a supra-national union of their states known as the unincorporated United States of America,  the second Constitution delegated nineteen of those international powers to a foreign territorial government run as a proxy government under strictly delegated powers by the British Monarch.  The District of Columbia was carved out as a base of operations for this proxy government and it was also granted the ability to own and operate dock yards, arsenals, and similar facilities needed to exercise its delegated powers. 

All the non-delegated "reserved" powers in international jurisdiction remained with the unincorporated United States of America and the sovereign states and people.  See Amendment X.

After the so-called Civil War, which was never declared and never ended by any treaty (and was thus an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores), the British-controlled federal territorial government --- also known as a "district government" --- reorganized itself as a for-profit governmental services corporation and unlawfully converted their original Constitution into a foreign commercial corporation charter, thereby fundamentally altering the nature of the document itself without the knowledge or consent of the American states and people. 

The foreign conspirators published their handiwork as "The Constitution of the United States of America" in 1868 and it appeared to be virtually identical to their original 1789 Constitution.  What was hidden from view is that the very nature of the document itself had been unlawfully converted.  It no longer represented a trilateral international treaty among sovereign states, but was instead secretively recast as the charter of a British commercial corporation in the business of providing "governmental services".  This fundamental fraud against the actual treaty obligations and against the American states and people went undetected and misunderstood for a hundred and fifty years, but has now come to light and proves gross Breach of Trust and violation of both multiple treaties and international service contracts by the British Monarchs and the various Popes responsible for this travesty.

Don't believe it?  We have absolute and fully documented proof that not a single "Amendment" to the 1868 "Constitution" has ever been properly ratified by the required number of states. The reason for this is, or should be, self-evident.   As a trilateral international treaty the 1789 Constitution requires ratification by the states, but the look-alike, sound-alike corporate charter is just that--- a commercial corporate charter like any other, which requires only a majority vote by the Board of Directors to adopt "amendments".  Whereas the actual 1789 Constitution is a public and international document, the 1868 fake is a private organizational charter.  Basically, the renegade "Rump Congress" went into business for itself with the help of the British Monarch and the Pope back in 1868. 

They--- the federal corporations, the British Monarchs, and the Popes--- have been splitting the profits from this gross betrayal of trust and sharing the fruits of this commercial fraud ever since.  We have the proof of that, too, fully documented in the public and banking records. 

Ten years later, in 1878, another travesty was allowed to occur.  This one involved the similar incorporation of the Municipal (city state) government of Washington, DC.  The actual Constitution allowed Congress "plenary" control of Washington, DC, so they took advantage of this fact to make Washington, DC an independent international city-state run by another commercial corporation under their own auspices.  This then gave rise to the "Constitution of the United States"--- another corporate charter masquerading as a valid treaty document.

The Constitution of the United States (Municipal Government) again mirrors the actual 1789 Constitution, but in a much simplified and truncated form.

This foreign municipal "constitution" is what your purported Congressmen and Senators take their Oath of Office to.  Don't believe it?  Look it up on the internet.  There it is in black and white --- Oath of Office taken to "the Constitution of the United States". 

Basically, they take an oath to their own power and self-interest as plenary oligarchs in charge of the Washington, DC city-state and as the Board of Directors of the associated for-profit municipal governmental services corporation. Whereas the federal territorial "government" is the responsibility of the British Monarchs, the municipal "government" is the responsibility of the Popes. 

Both of these organizations have been grossly and criminally mismanaged in violation of our National Trust and all the venerable international treaties and commercial contracts connected to it since 1868 and 1878, respectively.  Together they have run the "State of State" franchises in our actual states and the "STATE OF STATE" franchises, too.  They have ruthlessly harvested the labor and natural resources of this country for fifteen decades with the help of our own employees and the Sergeant Schultz-like ignorance of our military leaders.

One can only imagine the Joint Chiefs lined up in a row stuttering, "I know NOTHING!  I see NOTHING!  I hear NOTHING!"

Well, hear this ---- the lawful civil government of this country gave you explicit orders over three years ago telling you what needed to be done and you still haven't done it.  Now you are accepting paychecks from the Bank of France, which last time we looked, is the central bank of a foreign government.  What do you propose to do?  Act as foreign mercenaries against your actual employers--- the American states and people?  

Saying that you "took an Oath to the Constitution" without saying which Constitution and what kind of "constitution" is like saying you "cleaned the toilet bowl" without mentioning which toilet bowl in which house. 

Now the Pope has moved to liquidate the Municipal corporation as of four years ago and that has upset the whole cozy arrangement by which the USA, Inc. and its State of State franchises was being funded off of our slave labor, so both the Municipal and Territorial federal corporations are in receivership ---one in Chapter 7 and the other in Chapter 11 -- and the Bank of France (Jacob Rothschild) is providing the capital to keep the Territorial "government" running on fumes during reorganization. 

Gentlemen -- there are three governments on this continent, one of which, the unincorporated United States of America, is the Paramount Security Interest Holder and Priority Creditor of every Territorial and Municipal government and every franchise of all those governments worldwide.  The other two are bankrupt multi-national corporations that have nothing to do with us, other than the fact that they have been operated in gross Breach of Trust and commercial contract on our shores while you have all collected your paychecks and snored on.  

One entity in this Mess is owed all the wealth and owns all the assets of virtually every incorporated entity on this planet, including the commercial banks, which are all technically bankrupt, too.  And this entity just happens to be the lawful government of this country operating under the actual Constitution of this country.   The other two multi-national corporations responsible for this deplorable situation are under the administration of bankruptcy Trustees named by Secondary Creditors (international banks) which are themselves in receivership to us.

Let us suggest that: (1) you probably meant to take your Oath to the actual Constitution, didn't you?  and (2) to the extent that you were deceived into taking an Oath to any other foreign "constitution" by mistake, that Oath is null and void.

So,upward and onward and no excuses.  This is not a matter of any dispute requiring any legal process to determine the facts.  Both the British Monarch and the Pope have admitted the facts and have withdrawn from the "field of battle" over these issues.  That's why the Municipal corporations are in involuntary bankruptcy and that is why the Territorial corporations are in Chapter 11.  Even the central banks are not trying to argue it.  They know where things stand, because it was their stated intention and past practice to claim our assets as "abandoned property". 

As of 2015, we, the American states and people, operating our lawful international government, the unincorporated United States of America, reissued our Sovereign Letters Patent, established new service contracts with different federal service providers, and in 2017, we completed our international claims process and established our private Indemnity Bond upon the United States Treasury 1789.  The lawful government of this country is open for business again and ready to dispense with the quadrillions of dollars of debt (which is our credit) that have been amassed against billions of innocent people and their lawful governments.

When we speak of "re-venuing" the government, we are talking about the return of the government functions to the control of the actual land jurisdiction states and the enforcement of the actual Constitution.  This needs to take place without disruption or misunderstanding.  As part of this process, the former federal Paymasters need to prepare to switch over to our funding sources and the bankruptcy Trustees appointed by Secondary Creditors need to move over for the actual Priority Creditors who have presented themselves to settle the bankruptcy of both the Municipal and Territorial corporations worldwide.  All those presently engaged in "law enforcement" activities need to gear up to enforce the Public Law instead. 

Those of you who took an Oath to the wrong constitution by mistake are not obligated to fulfill any oath undertaken under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit.  Instead, you are invited to renew your Oath to the actual Constitution and to the unincorporated United States of America.  You are free to return home to the land and soil of your birth and to inherit all that is yours by nature and right. 

With the True God as our Witness, what we are telling you is true and verifiable and not in dispute.  

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State, United States of America (Unincorporated)
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

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  1. Thank you! Now can we bring our soldiers home too? For too long they have died for foreign interests and lies.

    1. Sounds good however the serious power's that be will be up to extensive mischieve around the world so then "WE the People" will end up resolving it(like in WWII) -IF not headed off the best way possible by a continued relevant involvment.
      After all planet Earth is getting smaller by the day and Isolationism is no longer an option lest true cataclismic events draw us all too soon into that Armaggedon event

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. mtman, I won't join in with the idea that isolationism is a dirty word. It means we should stay home and mind our own business, quit meddling in the affairs of other countries without an engraved invitation to assist with good advice.
      If we had done this all along, we wouldn't now have all this nefarious outside intervention into OUR affairs. Make sense?
      In other words other countries should be able to take care of their own schitt and we should take care of ours. It makes things much much simpler.

    4. Nice sentiments however before now the Stalin, Hitlers and Mao's would have the entire world and waiting to kick down OUR doors.
      If not already launched and invaded.
      As Senator Rand Paul stated there must be a balance or we're gone.

    5. Nice sentiments however before now the Stalin, Hitlers and Mao's would have the entire world and waiting to kick down OUR doors.
      If not already launched and invaded.
      As Senator Rand Paul stated there must be a balance or we're gone.

  2. A lot of truth in this document and yet it moves from a mainstream discussion with the American People to a fringe movement when the document is signed "Head of State" at which point the appearance or feel of the document is one of self dealing. Clearly the issues and historicity of this document is valid and yet how do you propagate genuine wife band with dialogue with the American people when you claim authority that is not yours

  3. A lot of truth in this document and yet it moves from a mainstream discussion with the American People to a fringe movement when the document is signed "Head of State" at which point the appearance or feel of the document is one of self dealing. Clearly the issues and historicity of this document is valid and yet how do you propagate genuine wide band with dialogue with the American people when you claim authority that is not yours

    1. Ones, we have an entire government that has no legitimate authority. Why don't you use your words against them, exposing them to the world, instead.
      And for all those having a fit over ''non-election' may I ask why they give the queen credence? Afterall, elizabeth and that entire 'hierarchy' were never elected, have never worked, have no real skills, but just loaf around popping out child after child, and living on public welfare/handouts they have not deserved. How about focusing in on that hellish scheme.
      That throne has always been 'inherited'. Lets hear your views on that.

    2. i agree, and could be way off...but you might try:

      (see sons of liberty flag)

      (use if any links are down)

      that "Bass, Moses Belcher" on the list of sons of liberty may catch your attention, although i could be way off.

      Moses Bass was son of Joseph Bass. Joseph Bass, b. Oct. 5, 1665, d. November 22, 1733, married June 5, 1688, Mary Belcher of Braintree, ceremony performed by Major Edmund Quincy.

      so, that seems to be a connection.

      there is a (the) john adams in which at least one of my ancestors married into.

      i agree exact dates/claims would help put people's doubts to rest

      i believe a "puzzle project" is still in the works, hopefully will have more "organized" information.

      note "sons of liberty" had "the loyal nine" so i believe that is why it had nine stripes. so i believe that was just for 9 "founders" ... but you can compare belcher family seal as well.

      that site has lots of good info...althogh you might consider it "biased."

      The Belcher Foundation is headquartered at Belcher, Kentucky (USA), an area founded over 200 years ago by Belcher descendants who came from Virginia.

      unsure if or how that ties to "sons of liberty" which seems to be first vertical-striped "flag" of the colonies that i am aware of...also note liberty tree flag.

      perhaps you should contact the belcher foundation?

    3. onesimus: people around here are probably skeptical of "liberty" ... but i dont think anyone around here will fault you if you want to fly the liberty tree flag :)

      new yawkers apparently had a "liberty pole" ... dont believe that ever made a flag

      unless and until someone tries to order me around or sends me a notice...such claims doesn't really concern me (directly).

      this site at least posts info.....the "city council" "DA" "courts" "mayor" "business people" "school board" "churches" dont even speak to me...complete silence. not a peep. neither confirm nor deny any thing (of this site or others)

      so, from my personal anecdotal empirical experience (which is not data, just a datum) ...noone refutes this site or other claims. always just complete silence.

      fbi / passport people dont even reply to me. complete silence :)

      maybe i will try the CIA, "cia world factbook" "united states" "based on english common law" -- i want my proper ID "without the corporate united states and legal fiction inchoate state of x" :)

      politicians supposedly all receive these "cia fact books" ...they are SUPPOSED to know ...even if it is truly "martial law" (legal tender cases, greenbacks, it never ended, just more and more "bonds" to pay off the first "bonds") ...lieber code they wrote, they dont have to tell anyone...but they should at least have the decency to say to people...

      i am just saying...all the other "authorities" i meet are completely silent (at least to the general public). all the "news" is silent on these matters. they never refute.

      the "bar attorneys" dont say a word to me...

      i am not really doing anything where anyone would have grounds to indict me for anything...just saying, noone ever refutes these claims from my experience...

      i dont have any "legal troubles" ... just saying, from my experience, they go stone silent...

    4. there is also at least one belcher mayor of florida (circa 1900 IIRC)...and a belcher road there...

      i asked a business there who contacted me, who is that road named after...any connection? they dont know apparently...silence...always silence...

      silence doesnt prove "truth" ...although in commerce it suffices...point being, from my experience "business people" dont know anything...

      if they do, their lips are will have to find answers on your own...they ain't talking....

      the businesses on belcher road apparently dont know whose road they are on...

    5. if you want proof of all the autographs of the form "bob: house of slack" try project gutenberg plaintext transcripts of constitution(s)

      i have not seen definitive evidence of what that means, not everyone "signed" and/or "autographed" in that manner...some of them did...

      so i know that is/was a thing, that is the source where i saw it, IIRC

  4. While serving 23 years in the military I found not one who could tell me anything about the constitution or the Paris Treaty, both required by regulation to be known by troops. What I did notice was that when "they" showed a propaganda video to the troops, several looked over at me when learning that people who spoke of the constitution and or the Bible were to be suspected of possible terrorist affiliations. Like the herd of 40 Elk in the yard this morning who upon seeing me coming ran off even though they could have stomped me silly, people due to their nature will view alleged authority "they" and run without hesitation. Ignorance is a crime. If you could have known something yet chose not to it is no ones fault but your own.

    1. would that be this paris treaty of 1783?

      (i believe prince george is only "prince" of the united states, because pope/vatican/holy see was "king of kings" ...with "jesus" and/or "christ" and/or "god" and/or "our lady" etc. being "king(s) of kings of kings"

      yes, that is a good document to show people if they doubt british/pope/vatican/holy see etc. involvement in at least one incarnation of "united states"

      (warning, ancient geocities-era website, but lots of good links and references, even if it is somewhat speculative on many things, many good sources)

    2. i am basically an "atheist" (but have no desire to serve "satan") ... but i believe if you dig there is a 1790 or so case where they stated "religion" is not "law" ... but it is "tradition" and has "precedent" ... so in "american common law" supposedly you can claim that as your "law" (not necessarily for forcing on others, but if someone is infringing on your rights)...i believe the main thing with any "common law" is proving "precedent" (and having the proper "title" for lack of a better word) ...

      point being, you should be able to dig up that case to show them...we have freedom of religion, but for purposes of "tradition" it should qualify as "common law" if someone is infringing on your rights.

      so, i believe there is already precedent for religious people to claim it is "their law (Tradition)" so far as common law goes...

      as long as you aren't forcing it on others, there should already be precedent

      ask them why they are disagreeing with established precedent :) or where is there authority that that case is overturned :)

      i have only seen excerpts of that case, but google should find it for you...

  5. NOT QUITE People.
    They would have to give oath to the Articles of Confederation, the last lawful constitution. The Constitution for the United States of America, she, you, Anna, refers to as the un-incorporated constitution, was in fact never ratified and still exists as an unratified draft only. Then we can move forward from the Articles of Confederation, clean up the Original Constitution for the United States of America and then ratify it. Ergo, the Republic, of, for and by the People.

    1. From Anna:
      The claim of James Clinton Belcher to be the Head of State of the unincorporated United States of America is rooted in 1500 years of British and American history and is not in dispute. It's his family seal that forms the Great Seal of the United States of America and the Great Seal of the United States. Every American "ship" that ever sailed has sailed under the sovereignty of the Belcher family; the Queen of England only ever held delegated authority. So, even if that information is new to you, get used to it and be grateful for it, because the rats have done a good job of destroying most of the land jurisdiction government while you have been asleep.

  6. Anna says here ''as of 2015.....operating our lawful international government''. Seriously, how is that, exactly; how can this be, when for 2 yrs. now we have not seen anything but business as usual? I am not being facetious here, it is an honest question, because that is very puzzling, how it can be such and we not see any inkling of it?
    Secondly, who is implementing all this and who is enforcing it?

    The only thing I have noticed is that Phillip has retired recently, and the queen has leaked out that she is planning to retire. But even at that, that nutty son of hers is a globalist who has waited all his life to take the Throne. Who is going to give him his long overdue ''spanking'?
    Lastly, all should be questioning the self-proclaimed ''infallibility' of any of the popes. Breach of Trust makes one a criminal. I don't say this maliciously, but it just is what it is. This is one of those places where y'all need to get true perspective about putting all those pieces of the puzzle in their proper place....until people do this they will never have a true picture.
    Scripture says 'what you do in secret, I will expose openly'.
    When monarchs and popes are being exposed like this, then think:will any of us get special treatment?

    I definitely noticed all presidents of our country take an oath to ''defend the constitution of the United States''. Of? Thats the wrong one. And in fact since we have all been victims of their failure to full disclosure, all our trappings are null and void, as well.
    Thanks to Anna for a very informative Article. Who knew?

  7. I dont think one judge in America knows what you are talking about judge Anna...we all tend to give these judges why to much credit....most of them are just as ignorant of history and law themselves. And they get more stupid everyday when 99% of people going through the courts just make it another day as do you plead!! Not guilty your honor..!! Trail set for next month.!! NEXT..!!!!

  8. The Lord said there are many mansions I have set aside for my people in heaven.

    If that's true, you deserve one of the nicest one's he set aside with a beautiful pool and grounds to match.
    Hopefully, you'll be overlooking Bill Gates small one bedroom condo if he even makes it there...haha. God bless

  9. The Lord said there are many mansions I have set aside for my people in heaven.

    If that's true, you deserve one of the nicest one's he set aside with a beautiful pool and grounds to match.
    Hopefully, you'll be overlooking Bill Gates small one bedroom condo if he even makes it there...haha. God bless

    1. Awakend - - ''by their fruits, we know them''. By this we can easily know whose ''goin'Up, and whose goin' down' and Gates is sure not going Up. Wash.d.c. could just develop a huge crater and let them all fall in, LOL.

  10. that's why so many american service people are committing suicide.....all the VA has to do as they are mustering out is disclose to them that they were actually murdering mercenary corporate patsies....punt them out into the corporate world they now loath....wadaya gonna do ?? just sayin'....


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