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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Public and Judicial Notice – Number 3

The actual Constitution of this country is a tri-lateral international trust, treaty, and service agreement and is a public covenant of guarantees owed to and by the sovereign states operating in international jurisdiction.  These guarantees include the Bill of Rights.

No private contract of any kind can abrogate, legislate, or stand against these public covenants and no right guaranteed by them can be waived or voided. All processes, procedures, acts of legislation, federal regulations, state statutes, and agency administrative codes, must be in full compliance or they are null and void and without enforcement on American soil.

This Notice has been necessitated by the finding that: (1) the Municipal United States has trespassed upon our jurisdiction; and (2) the federal judicial oath has been undermined and invalidated by deceptive legislation rendering it null and void since October of 1991 and (3) bankruptcy trustees named by Secondary Creditors of the Municipal and Territorial government corporations have trespassed upon our states and people.

The Municipal United States is in fact strictly limited to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia.  The compromised federal judicial oath shall be immediate Cause to void all proceedings which have violated any right or prerogative owed to or by the states. Federal bankruptcy trustees have no authority to address the states or people or make any claim against them; we, the American states and people, are in fact the Paramount Security Interest Holders and priority creditors of all federal corporations.
                                                          James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                                                          United States of America


  1. what does this mean for us the people, do we use this notice for court cases, or?

  2. Means he is putting himself "head " of United States of America and not "the united States of America.".. organic state...

    Im one of the people ,sovereign, son of god and no one should come between me and my creator... self governed


  4. You would think they would have grown tired of this game by now. Why not just put a British flag right in front of the white house and all the courts. The masses wouldn't get it, but Congress and the courts would...!!!

  5. This is a tearful,joyful moment for the American People..
    A piece of Gold...πŸ””
    The guardian angels πŸ˜‡ here on earth has delivered for the people..
    Praise our creator above..πŸ™
    I so agree Life Coach cher-ie
    Anna Paul and Mr Belcher..
    I Love You All!❤
    I can't express myself enough for your work and deliverance..πŸ˜™
    1-4 I've made copies of and dropped a few off of #1 just yesterday...
    Again I can't thank you beautiful people / my sister & brothers enough,
    God bless you all..

  6. The federal district of DC is actually (from Wikipedia): 68.34 sq mi (177.0 km2). Is there a 10 sq. mile area within DC like the City of Westminster in London to which you are referring, or is the "ten square miles of the District of Columbia" in this document (and others you've put out) a misprint? Thank you for clarification on this, Anna or Paul.

  7. How do you get this memo out to all the Judges in the united states or should we be emailing this and other notices to the Supreme Court in Washington D.C.


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