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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dear Doctor Trowbridge.....

from Anna Von Reitz

The Final Straw from Dr. John Parks Trowbridge: 

I want all of my readers to read this updated posting from Dr. Trowbridge.  For the past three years he has been dueling with the so-called "federal courts" which are indeed nothing more than corporate municipal courts and are not vested with any authority related to us, our states, or our judicial powers. 

Dr. Trowbridge has exposed the seedy underbelly of the "UNITED STATES" incorporated, which is nothing but a private, for-profit, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation operated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on our shores, and he has also exposed the treasonous "Oath Tampering" of its Board of Directors, masquerading as members of a legitimate and lawfully organized "Congress" in 1991.

Indeed, John Parks Trowbridge has fought the good fight.

The one aspect of this circumstance which he has not taken into consideration is that all their actions against him and against other Americans depend upon falsification of public records (Birth Certificates) enabling these Grifters to "presume" that we are all "voluntarily submitting" to their municipal jurisdiction and that we are not owed the guarantees of the actual Constitution as a result. 

We are not now and the vast majority of us have never been either "United States Citizens" (Territorial Citizens) nor "citizens of the United States" (Municipal CITIZENS)---but our names have been "registered" as such and we have been falsely held under the legal presumptions that apply in that foreign international jurisdiction as a result. 

Unable to change or overcome our actual Constitution, the treasonous corporate vermin have instead connived to mischaracterize each one of us and to falsely claim that we have knowingly and willingly volunteered to serve as "citizens" in their "democracy" instead of living as non-citizen American state nationals in the republic we are owed. 

And that fundamental fraud is what underlies all that Dr. Trowbridge and many other honest Americans have detected and experienced.  These dishonest "courts" are not offering to try John Parks Trowbridge, but a corporate franchise ACCOUNT named after him: JOHN PARKS TROWBRIDGE, or a bankrupt public utility franchise ACCOUNT also named after him: JOHN P. TROWBRIDGE by the perpetrators of this vast, convoluted scheme.

Congressional Record: June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646------ "A "citizen of the United States" is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of the PCT (Public Charitable Trust set up for the welfare of freed plantation slaves in the wake of the Civil War), the private constructive, cestui que vie trust of US Inc. under the 14th Amendment, which upholds the debt of the USA and US Inc. in Section 4.

There--- once and for all --- in plain English--- is what a "citizen of the United States" is: a dead legal fiction entity presumed to be operating as a recipient of federal corporation welfare benefits in exchange for guaranteeing ( underwriting and acting as a surety for) the debts of the USA, Inc. and the US, Inc., both.

There, too, is the explanation of how you are being enslaved and "presumed upon" by these vermin.  As a "citizen of the United States" you are on the hook for paying their debts and presumed to be operating a public trust franchise, a Cestui Que Vie constructive trust named after you under the JOHN PARKS TROWBRIDGE ACCOUNT or to be a bankrupt public transmitting utility franchise operating under the JOHN P. TROWBRIDGE ACCOUNT.  

These criminals are getting away with these frauds and deceits and operating these "courts" as private debt collection agencies in behalf of the creditors of "JOHN PARKS TROWBRIDGE" (benefiting the US, Inc.) and "JOHN P.TROWBRIDGE" (which isn't even a legal name for lack of specificity, benefiting the USA, Inc.) under color of law. 

This has been going on for 150 years, ever since the close of the so-called "American Civil War" which was never declared and which was never ended by any peace treaty and which is therefore nothing but an illegal and illicit commercial mercenary action on our shores.

They have usurped upon our rightful jurisdiction----the land and the undelegated portion of international jurisdiction, too---and promoted global enslavement and false indebtedness--via the pernicious practice of registering people as "things"---- Cestui Que Vie trusts and bankrupt public transmitting utility franchises---without the victim's knowledge or consent. They seize upon us when we are babies in our cradles, force our Mothers to sign undisclosed contracts, and register our given names as franchises of corporations indebted to them. 

And, because there is no law against enslaving a corporate fiction or robbing a corporate fiction or falsely arresting a corporate fiction, they have made very merry on our shores, operating this con game and substituting their private corporation for the public government we are owed. 

Doctor Trowbridge, you are wasting your time making arguments "in Law" against vermin operating "at law".  In their fraudulent system of things, JOHN PARKS TROWBRIDGE has already consented to their municipal jurisdiction and submitted his body, soul, and any other assets he may have or earn to serve their benefit and not his own.  In their fraudulent system of things, JOHN PARKS TROWBRIDGE has owed an insurmountable debt from the day of his birth---which is not the day you were born, but the date your given name was registered (filed) as property belonging to them and offered for the benefit of their creditors.  In their fraudulent, foreign system of things, JOHN PARKS TROWBRIDGE is --- by definition --- a criminal, already convicted, and all that is left for them to discuss is how much he owes their masters and how long they may put him in jail.

And now, without further adieu, may we all agree that the Pope and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of London, all of whom have acted in Gross International Breach of Trust with respect to the America people since 1822, are to be recognized as criminals for creating and promoting and using and abusing this system of fraud and mischaracterization and operating it throughout the world?  That they are to be universally condemned for the practice of preying upon helpless babies and alleging false and self-interested contracts against them and their parents? 


Dear Doctor Trowbridge, I could weep for the beauty of your logic and your research, because except for the erudition of the ignorant concerning what should be honored by any honest court--- I know it is beyond hope to expect these private bill collection agencies being run as courts under color of law to respond to your complaint.

Even among the Bar Association Members bright enough to understand what you are saying, there isn't the courage or the honor or the strength of character necessary for these men and women to denounce what has gone on here. To do so would be to admit their own guilt and without the power to guarantee their safety, you cannot expect them to yield.  At most you may expect a private settlement and the dismissal of any charges held against you, the return of your house, and a quick sideways scuttle like cockroaches fleeing the light. 

And that, I think, is not your object, Sir.  I think that you, like me, are determined to see correction of this entire system of things and that nothing but an end to business as usual for these con artists will do. 
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  1. I contacted the good Doctor over a year ago and recommended he check our Anna's site. Apparently he hasn't, which is to his detriment. He's in the system and doesn't even know it.


  2. The correct legal term they use to call us is..."tortfessors"( a person, who has already commited a tort...injury/crime just by the fact that he exsist. Thats how they see us as soon as we are in their private courts. But only because of another incidious judicial doctrine of "silent judicial notice", meaning that as soon as you make one proceedural mistake, answer one question by the judge, or plead, without reserving all your rights at law, without prejudice, and appearing specially, not generally, without ever waiving any rights or remedies, either proceedurally or legally at any time....than you have already lost , before you ever begin, because of that doctrine that gives the legal(but certainly not ethical or moral) right "siliently" behind the bench, without telling you how you just screwed up and lost. After this first appearance,everything else you do is just a "dog and pony" show to the conclusion of your futile attempt for remedy. That was a forgone conclusion after your first appearance which you did anything else except what i just said... The court hasnt totally been corrupted to the point that just because you step into it, you are automatically guilty. They are waiting for you to voluntary accept the jurisdiction of the court by simply walking in and pleading "not guilty". Otherwise, why have courts at all. Just claim a dictatorship and be done with it. The whole power of their system depends on the illusion we have rights and freedoms, but intentionally deceiving us by withholding facts and evidence not in our possession(thanks to our public school systems) and therefore ignorantly assume that there is a democracy or some form of ligitamate judicial in place, and we lost because we werent good enough "in law" to make our case. If everyone would just go get their case after it is over, they would rapidly find out why the simplist things led to the court aquireing jurisdiction all stamped or marked in red, when it happened. But no one ever goes and gets their case afterwards. A very nice judge in a case i ajudicated myself was the one who insisted that my case is on file, and highly recommend i go get it....He knew i was looking for answers and not just inncourt to win. In fact, that judge was the only one in the courtroom that relized as the case proceeded had figured that out, and because i conducted myself in a respectful manner, and knew i had a natural love of law. Not for money, but out of a legitamate goal leading to the truth i was seeking. He lead me right to it. And so im telling you the same thing. Dont forget, they didnt wantbit this way either. No one in law school ever taught them what this article did, ever. That was learned "on the job",way after law school. Can you imagine teaching law students that this is our real system. They would all drop out, except the truely evil ones...


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