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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What I Know About the "Reign of Heaven Society" and "The United States of America"

By Anna Von Reitz

The Reign of Heaven Society was founded by Frank O’Collins, a Jesuit priest who was also a scion of the Collins Bloodline Illuminati.  He denounced the Roman Catholic Church as the “Roman Cult” and left a very privileged position in the Vatican as a result of his own research into the history and law and politics of the Church.  
Frank was, and perhaps is----he vanished some time ago and nobody knows where he is, whether he is alive or dead----one of the most brilliant scholars of this or any other generation, and certainly one of the most generous and courageous in sharing his knowledge.  He ferreted out information that makes Edward Snowden’s revelations pale by comparison and shared it on his websites.
He systematically exposed the corruption and the self-interested venal practices of the Roman Catholic Church as opposed to the Universal Catholic Church, and explained in detail the odd hybrid that the Roman Catholic Church became under Constantine and the editing pen of St. Jerome.  The Roman Catholic Church is in fact an amalgamation of both Christian and pagan Satanic practices of the Ancient Sumerians, and uses both The Truth and The Lie to gain and retain and exercise power. Thus, like the society it spawns, the Roman Catholic Church is an institution at perpetual war.
Frank also realized that the schism between Eastern Orthodoxy and the Roman Church was far more than a difference of details or dogma, and was actually because --- as the Eastern Patriarch claimed—the Roman Church rewrote history to suit itself without regard for the truth.
Betrayed by what he had given his life to, Frank sought to correct the record and to declare peace--- put an end to the perpetual war between Good and Evil by recognizing that it is all part of the same whole, ruled over by the One Eternal Magnum Mysterium.
In Frank’s research, the only reason Lucifer and his minions are allowed to exist is to test the rest of us.  That being so, why should the Test Administrator be condemned or any eternal “war” exist?  Why not just declare peace with Lucifer, recognize what the condition of our world is, and be done with it?  So that’s what Frank did.  He declared peace with Lucifer and the entire demonic realm.
His other major effort, equally controversial, was to create an entire codex of new law governing everything from the time standard (UCT) to the handling of petty disputes and the establishment of a “heavenly jural assembly” ---- the Reign of Heaven Society--- to adjudicate absolutely everything down to the proper conduct of dog training.  
To become a member, one had to sign away their soul and agree to the Peace Treaty with Lucifer and the entire contract of new laws and standards, the Pactum Singularis, created by Frank O’Collins.
Membership in this elitist group was cut off by a certain date and time---- the onset of Winter Solstice in 2012, I believe, was the last moment to reserve your place in this organization as a full member.  Everyone else was from then on to be considered a lesser being and condemned to either ignorance or subjugation or both.
Having learned the ugly secrets of one elitist, arrogant, oppressive, secretive hierarchy, Frank’s answer was to create his own elitist, arrogant, oppressive, secretive hierarchy to replace the one he left behind. 
Frank was so indoctrinated in the Jesuit mindset that he couldn’t imagine anything else.
I read the entire One Heaven website back in 2011 and thought about it, but I couldn’t stomach it.  I very much appreciate Frank’s scholarship and his yearning for justice and peace, but his answer----the Reign of Heaven Jural Society--- can never pass muster with me.
I believe that the only True Judge is my Lord and that the Mercy Seat of God is my inheritance.  I believe that the people of this country’s land jurisdiction are owed their own jural assemblies and their own conscience and freewill, their own national law, without any nods or winks to the Reign of Heaven Jural Society.  
I don’t believe that it is in my place, or Frank O’Collins’, to declare any peace with Lucifer. 
The Victor is the only one who can declare the peace, and as Lucifer hasn’t won, neither he nor his minions are in any position to say anything about the terms or conditions.  So far as I know, their only option is to repent or be utterly condemned, and no earthbound assembly has anything to say about it.
A year or so after I had absorbed the information on Frank’s websites, and decided against joining the Reign of Heaven Society, they became involved with another group led by Keith Livingway – the organization calling itself “The United States of America”.  
When, how, or why the Reign of Heaven (Jural) Society got involved with “The United States of America” group, I don’t know.  What I do know is that Frank O’Collins disappeared and the whole thing has the smell and appearance of a Palace Coup---- I have to assume that the Jesuits struck back, co-opted the organization Frank built, and then associated it with another organization that had a claim--- however slim and specious—to give the Reign of Heavens group a basis for political power aspirations.
Keith Livingway has for some years labored under the delusion that he “captured” the office of the Trustee of the land jurisdiction of the United States by placing a “Claim on Abandonment” on it during bankruptcy proceedings of The United States of America, Inc. formed in 1868.  The office he claims to own is “Postmaster General”--- a corporate office that never existed until after the Civil War, and not associated with the unincorporated office known as “United States Post Master” that Benjamin Franklin occupied as Trustee of the land jurisdiction of the United States.
Another “deceptively similar names” fraud scheme is what I see in Keith Livingway’s claim, and when I tried to inform Mr. Livingway of my concerns, all he could do was snarl and snap and go silent. I take it from that that he doesn’t have any answers nor any valid claim to authority.
The entire jurisdictional scheme splitting up the earth into “air, land, and sea” has been created by, administered by and enforced by the Roman Catholic Church.  Period. 
The Trustees of air, land, and sea are appointed directly and only by the Pope.
Trying to claim that you are the Trustee of the land jurisdiction of the United States without an appointment by the Pope is like trying to claim that you are King David without a circumcision.
I sympathize with all those who are genuinely confused, and condemn all those who are not confused but nonetheless trying to take advantage of the situation.
So far as I know, the only man holding an office competent to claim control of the office of the United States Post Master is James Thomas McBride.  To the best of my knowledge and belief, Pope Benedict XVI duly appointed James Thomas McBride to act as Post Master of North America, including Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  In other words, Pope Benedict XVI created a new Regional Trustee Office in the existing system and granted Mr. McBride oversight, responsibility, and control of the land jurisdiction of all three North American countries, hoping to straighten out what has been called, “The Mess”. 
At the same time, Pope Benedict XVI gave James Thomas McBride the Seal of St. Peter, otherwise known as the Seventh Seal, which controls the “storehouses of the Lord” and the use of which signals the return of Christ and the Latter Days in which the “storehouses of the Lord will be poured out”.  The intent of this bequest was to enable Mr. McBride to access various Historic Trust accounts---- set aside by the Roman Catholic Church over the course of centuries to provide for a new economic system and plentiful relief to all those in need.
Obviously, a new banking system and a new world financial system based on the Doctrine of Abundance instead of the same old fraud based on the Doctrine of Scarcity was not to the liking of those who have so ignobly profited themselves via the old system of control, judgment, and oppression enforced via poverty and physical deprivation. 
The perpetrators of the vast fraud that has ensnared most of the world since WWII wasted no time in using their commercial mercenary thugs to bring false charges against Mr. McBride and then railroaded him through a kangaroo court trial in one of their private commercial tribunals asserting jurisdiction they never possessed in the first place.  They literally stole the Seal of St. Peter and they imagine that as long as they have this exquisite object d’Art in their possession, they can prevent the release of the “storehouses of the Lord”.
This all goes to show just how childish, selfish, ignorant, and deluded these people really are.
When Pope Benedict XVI gave the Seal of St. Peter to James Thomas McBride, the spiritual storehouses were emptied out: the Gift was Given.
No power on Earth can stop it.  No possession of any bauble in the material world can dictate the timing nor the outcome. It is certain as rain falling and wind blowing that the storehouses will empty of their earthly treasures to serve the true Children of God, and it is also as certain that the wrath of God against those who have abused and lied to and starved and enslaved his Children will not be stopped by anything but the most pure, most absolute, and most loving repentance by those responsible for the suffering of so many innocent people.
My advice to the Reign of Heaven (Jural) Society?   Those who condemn shall be condemned.  Those who set themselves on high will be brought low.  I would waste no time in repenting any association with this organization.  It has declared forgiveness to the Adversary which is not theirs to give. If you are found feasting with Lucifer and forgiving him and setting yourselves up as judges over the rest of humanity, what end can you possibly expect?  
My advice to Keith Livingway and the rest of the party hearties trying to front themselves as “The United States of America”----- give it up.  There are at least three other organizations making the same claims, none of which hold water---- but at least two of which are more honest and far better funded.
When it comes time and the American People are regrouped and organized, they will choose what services they want and they will also choose who will provide them.  It won’t be left up to chance or circumstance or any backroom deals.
My further advice to The New Republic (aka “Le Neu Republique”) and “The United States of America” (in Costa Rica) and The Republic for the united States of America (RuSA) and “Unity States” as well---- if you do care two pennies for the welfare of this country and the rest of the world, make it your business to help the people of this country restore their lawful land jurisdiction government ----county by county, state by state.  Then you will have shown some merit worthy of consideration.

Stop playing the same old tiresome non-disclosure and semantic deceit games, jostling around telling fairytales and trying to seize control of all those juicy federal contracts.  The people who pay the bills have come home and they are going to have their say about who provides government services. 
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  1. Im speechless... That was a history lesson for the books. I need time to process what i just read. Thats what keeps me coming back to this site. Judge Anna you were meant to teach, not to get involved in remedies, because most of the time they prove useless or they figure away around them. And thats why they are finally being exposed. Good work...!!! Thats why i want things in print. Video wont cut it, at least not me. I need to read this 3 or 4 times to grasp this last article....!!!!

  2. Anna is a historian of facts on American history and has explained it as laymen as possible to teach of the deceptions that has entangled the nation since 1868. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. Take out the i in the word decE_VE and do you see the beginning of the deceptions and are living in the works of lucifer and all the deceptions since Eve has been well planned and carried out with the best forethought possible.

    Genesis 1:26 I suggest reading that scripture or even write it down 1000 times. Then think for yourself what it means and you might just discover yet another deception. The scale of that deception has consumed the majority of Christian society. Good Luck!

  3. You are right. She is a hell of a teacher and writer and I am always amazed by her knowledge.

    1. Well I hardly know where to begin with this self righteous & preachy sermon of Anna's. She knows a lot about a lot of things in this world, but she doesn't know diddly squat about Frank O'Collins' life or his research. This info is so far off the mark as to be laughable. There were actually 43 Ucadia related websites, with all of the materials written and researched by Frank, a body of work so vast and voluminous, it would take years to read it all. Reading part of one website (Pactum de Caelum Singularis) does not qualify one as an expert. All that open-sourced material was taken off line on June 13, 2016 primarily because many dishonest people stole vast tracts of his amazing revelations and research and passed it off as their own, changing aspects of it to suit their own beliefs, charged big money to 'help' those who were in dire legal and financial straits, in other words, FRAUD, and caused many folks to get themselves into major difficulties. Frank O'Collins took all his materials underground and into 3 private, charitable foundations ( One has to become a member to gain access to the materials...not an unreasonable request when your life's work was being stolen and used to make money and cause problems, not solve them.

      The Reign of Heaven Society was NOT founded by Frank O'Collins. He would have no need of this vehicle. Could it be that the creators 'stole' some of Frank's online materials as their basis? (see above). Go to their website. The spokesperson there even denies that Frank O'Collins has anything to do with them. Look it up Anna.

      I have been a member before the materials were removed and I never had to "sign away my soul and agree to the Peace Treaty with Lucifer and the entire contract of new laws and standards, the Pactum Singularis". That's pure crap.

      More bunk... Frank was NEVER a Jesuit Priest. Remember that and please stop saying it. He did attend a Jesuit School in Sydney, Australia. Going there does not make one a Jesuit anything. He did speak about having one Uncle high up in the Holy See and another one in the Jesuits. I don't think that's a crime. He repudiated the whole thing, which he called the Roman Cult. He had inside knowledge.

      Basically Anna, if you have not read the bulk of Frank's research, and had some familiarity with his background, you would not comment so carelessly on his motivations for spending the last 30 years of his life attempting to create a parallel system of natural and positive laws completely outside of the Western Roman Cult that still sits in Rome today, claiming ownership of the land, sea and air.....still claiming eternal dominion over our property, our minds, our souls in this life and the next. A pox on all their houses.

    2. LOL I totally agree, I followed Franks audio Blog for at least 2-3 years until he went underground and removed all his info, I am glad I was able to archive what I did before hand though not as much as I would have like to. I never heard any reference ever to "The Reign of Heaven Society" EVER! He was behind UCADIA and if one never researched those sights then you are clueless to Franks overall body of work.
      Franks Talkshoe archives are still available and only takes 1 to be amazed by his deep knowledge and genuine honesty.

    3. Well found a saved email I had from Frank from around Feb. 2015, I just messaged to see what's up and if he is in good health?

      LOL I certainly don't recall any Peace Pacts with Lucifer ever mentioned either LOL!!!

      I love you Anna but you got me spun sideways on this one!

    4. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz:

      I have been told by what I consider "very reliable" people that Frank was indeed a Jesuit priest who left the Church over what he learned in the course of his research as an employee of the Holy See. They even told me the exact position he held and it was quite impressive. I think you are the one who needs to do a bit more research into Frank's personal past--- especially as nobody I know has any reason to lie about such things.

      In 2011 when I first read Frank's
      Ucadia websites, they linked directly to the Reign of Heaven website both going and coming, so at that time "Ucadia" and "Reign of Heaven Society" and the various One Heaven and One Evil websites were all linked. As is apparently the case, there has been a falling out since then, I fully admitted that I do not know or pretend to know how, when or why.

      Judging from all the hand washing going on I would say that my surmise of a "Palace Coup" situation where enemies of the Work took over Reign of Heaven Society is perhaps too close to the mark?

      However it happened the current Reign of Heaven org is in kahoots with this whacko groups of expatriots calling themselves The United States of America.

      You may be sure I read the fine print of that organization's membership application and I stand by what I said about the peace treaty with Lucifer and the whole demand to follow the Pactum.

      And I never said that I was any expert about Ucadia.

      If Frank wants to correct anything or give me (and the rest of the world) better info about him and his life and work--- please feel free to do so.

    5. Unfortunately I do not have Franks material archived in it's entirety or even close, but Frank made many attempts to correct many issues that seemed to occur from disingenuous people plagiarizing his work, and he re-emphasised his UCADIA model and his foundational concepts many times attempting to clarify whatever confusion was circulating in cyber-space. Possibly those were missed in the 4-5 years from 2011 as I estimate he recorded more then a couple hundred hours of content since that point, none of which referenced any of the mentioned content.
      No offence, and I take nothing personal either coming through the web, but some think you Anna are a Vatican agent also, I personally do not. All I know is you know them by their fruits and if Frank has actually harmed anyone personally I am unaware, and not claiming to know all either in the least, but do believe in the Truth however it comes if authentic.

  4. you think you finally pealed .the last layer another is down Thair . Kill em all and let God sort em out !

  5. And these same uncivilizationists had complete control of the writing of the bible too. So you don't think that book contains both truth and untruth, whatever turns things to their domination. If as you say, the 'Holy Spirit' breathed it's influence on the men who wrote the Bible, to then make it the inerrant word of God, then why did this powerful influential entity not stop the satanic activities of the evil lower lords who have corrupted this world to such large degree. I think you need to revist your theology.

    1. Keith you are clever - there is an answer which was discovered by "Mr. Nobody" a few years ago. The answer lies in who is "The Lord" and is there just one?? Luciferians call their god - lord and if they wrote the talmud, torah, old testament, new testament etc.. you best believe they used them to deceive. check out to get more layers pealed away as unknown 606 posted. If only Anna would open to "see" this biggest "lord" deception. Holy Cross

  6. I am too amazed by Anna`s knowledge, integrity, her great ability to think, to write... She is an amazing Woman with amazing mind. We are soooo lucky to have her to tell us and teach us the truth... Thank You Anna and All involved with Anna.xx

  7. What gives the Pope or anyone else the authority to appoint anyone to anything unless it's an entity such as a corporation, partnership, etc., and even then, the authority could only be to and in connection with things that are clearly within the scope of that particular entity. Am I missing something or is the Pope as full of ca-ca as a Christmas goose too?

    1. 12/8/16: Times of Transparency for all to observe:
      Pope Francis has launched a vicious, scathing attack on American alternative media and investigative reporters, labelling them “sh*t eaters” and warning them not to cover scandals “even if they are true” and instead concentrate on pumping out nice stories for the masses.
      Yep, Truth hurts sometimes and most will engage in the victim/victimizer game when it hits home base. Enough said for now.

    2. 12/8/16: Times of Transparency for all to observe:
      Pope Francis has launched a vicious, scathing attack on American alternative media and investigative reporters, labelling them “sh*t eaters” and warning them not to cover scandals “even if they are true” and instead concentrate on pumping out nice stories for the masses.
      Yep, Truth hurts sometimes and most will engage in the victim/victimizer game when it hits home base. Enough said for now.

    3. Bingo jack, The Vatican created Corporations and all entified Things including First Middle Last to replace surname, given name and Titles. It's all non-living paper, but the idea captures ones mind and hence the control begins. McBride then believes he has the authority to bring about change, his "opposition" believes they still have authority to control and suppress McBride's actions, and the Evil One laughs because it's still in total control. As long as people continue to fight about who should control whom, Evil will reign for a Time, Times, and a half.
      If The Pope claims power of appointment over Land, Air, and Sea Jurisdictions; We should be dismantling these presumptions with the unclaimed jurisdiction. Maybe it is all a big test to see how long it takes for humanity to recognize the 4th Jurisdiction which brings balance to the other 3?
      How do we go about making our claim, across all continents, all faiths, all living people, for the Jurisdiction of Fire?

  8. Dear Anna
    You are so so wrong about frank O'Collins. Your comments have lost you a lot of credibility.
    Go do your research correctly and make your comments fact not fiction .

  9. Anna - I am confused. If the Vatican controls the United States, where does the Bush cabal(Bankers and politicians) fit into this hierarchy of control. Are the ones that everyone is blaming, just the front men for the Vatican?? Who has more power, the Vatican or Royal families? What about the 13 illuminati families, where do they fit into this hierarchy of control??
    It seems like everyone is pointing fingers at bankers and politicians, but are they just the lower level minions that are put into power by the Vatican?

    1. Yep. That's exactly what the are. The evil begins and ends with Rome.

  10. It's hard to believe that Frank O'Collins would make a deal with Lucifer. "Oh what a wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive."



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