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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jurisdiction - The Way to Defend Rural America

Download and read the Jurisdiction White Paper, and watch the video below. 

The challenge confronting Americans across this country is how to restore proper management of our precious lands, so that they might be saved from the destructive policies being pursued by the federal government.
Statehood, separation, coordination, legislation, and jurisdiction are different approaches being pursued with that same desired outcome. Of these, Jurisdiction provides the quickest, cheapest, and most direct path. That is because Jurisdiction does not require consent of the federal government, the very source of our problems to start with. Rather, the exercise of Jurisdiction only requires the knowledge and conviction to uphold the Constitution.
According to the 1962 Eisenhower Report (shown in the right margin), 95% of the two-thirds of the Western States commonly, but incorrectly, referred to as “federal lands” are already under our jurisdiction.
The Restoration can begin immediately, starting at the county level. Counties have the authority and the duty to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their constituents. This authority extends over all the lands within the county, except for that 5% that constitutionally qualify as federal enclaves.
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Land Patents 101 - How To Reclaim Your Allodial Title
Ron Gibson provides clear, concise instructions on how to reconvey your land back to its original land patent status. Also watch "Land Patents 101" to hear Ron explain what land patents are, and the benefits thereof, and "How To Take Our Country Back".

For much more on this subject go here:

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