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Friday, August 9, 2013

Obama is getting ready to steal all your retirement money.

 This article needs to go viral across the internet.
Send it out until you are getting it back over and over every day, or till your fingers are sore, whichever comes first.
The government will go broke on their watch, but don't let them steal your life's savings in the process.
Get your money out, even if you have to pay a penalty, and put it into physical silver or gold.
Then hide it where they can't get at it and forget your have it until we get rid of the government thugs that want it all forthemselves and their welfare voters.
It's imperative and critical that you DO THIS NOW, not later. This is scheduled to take effect in 2014.
You snooze you lose. Don't say I didn't warn you!
If you want to put your savings or part of it into physical silver follow this link to see what we sell, but don't buy at the website.
Call me instead for the best prices on silver we have offered in over 3 years.
800 889 2839

President Obama's FY2014 Budget--Nationalized Retirement Accounts!

Do You Have a Retirement Account or know someone who does?

Our Government's Plan to De-Privatize and Seize Retirement Accounts is REAL, and has been in the works since Obama's 2008 Presidential run.


The National Debt, along with the lack of demand for U.S. Treasury (debt) Bonds, leaves President Obama & BIG Government with no other option. Trillions are due in obligations, and the U.S. has no one to borrow from, Except Your 401k & IRA!

This is Not a conspiracy theory!

Read the Senate Bills AND the petitions that aim to stop it. 
  • What government agencies are involved and the meetings being held.
  • What President Obama's FY2014 Budget will Mandate employees and employers to do.
  • What they plan to do with your retirement funds, and how the Social Security Administration will be involved.
  • What the Treasury Department is implementing in order to convert your money into U.S. Treasury Bonds.
  • What the IRS is implementing in order to convert IRA's/401ks to"Automatic Government Retirement Account (GRA's)"
By now it should be clear to anyone paying attention, Government will stop at nothing:
  • Authorized military detention and drone assassination of their own citizens.
  • Seizing reporters' personal records and phone logs.
  • Digitally spying on everyone's emails.
  • Using tax offices to harass political opposition groups.
The Obama Administration & Big Government need our money!

The wealth in your IRA/401k will be distributed for Social programs! 

Educate yourself BEFORE the de-privatizing of Retirement Accounts takes place.

Click Here to LEARN More

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