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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Will this be the first domino in the 2013 string of BIG BANK FAILURES?

Banking insider: Deutsche Bank in danger zone and will go belly up

On May 14, a financial analyst and former head trader at the Royal Bank of Scotland spoke on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report regarding the current state of the global economy. Known in the public sphere under the pseudonym of 'V', and labeling himself the Guerrilla Economist, this high level insider stated that not only is the entire economic system hanging on the precipice, much worse than in 2007, but that one of the largest banks in the Euro Zone, Deutsche Bank, is far gone into the danger zone and will very soon go belly up......

Read this critical article here:

We have been telling our readers for a couple of years now that the 2008 bank failures are just a prelude to the real thing that is happening world wide. We have said there is a currency war going on to decide among insiders who will control the issue of currencies after the crash, and what will eventually be considered "money" in the new economy that they hope to control.

We have also said that now is the best time to wrest control away from those insiders by buying commodities like food, guns, ammo, dry goods, and all other staple items you would need to survive, and if you have anything left after that, some silver.

The article above seems to confirm and put somewhat of a timeline on those events. We have also listened recently to a conference call that seems to point at October 1st as a final deadline for several government agencies that seem to be putting in place preparations for some cataclysmic event about to happen in October that the public has NOT been told about.

My family and I are following our own advice and trying to get all the loose ends tied up that our budget will allow by that October 1st date also.

Frankly, I thought this would have happened by now, and I think it's only the ignorance of the people that has let these banks float this fraud for this long, but people are waking up. At the gun shows this is very evident. I am selling preparedness products like radios, and portable solar power equipment like there will never be any more made on the planet, and I am taking on a line of stun guns, which you will see on one of my websites within the next few weeks, and also at the gun shows starting this month.

It's getting very late, and people know it. To prove it, at the last gun show in Kalispell the end of July, the guy next to me had 22LR ammo for $75 per brick of 500 rounds, and had just sold 100 bricks in Anchorage the week before at $100 per brick.  Don't ask me where he found that much ammo, but it must have been a few years back. 

If  you would like to see what we have in portable solar powered equipment go to this link.

When I get the page up for the stun guns it will be here:  Keep checking

There is so much going on world wide now that it's very difficult to even read about all of it let alone try to present it all to my readers. The BRICS nations, (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, have met again and continue to try to unseat the FRN (dollar) as the world's reserve currency. Frankly, that is the only status that keeps the dollar from collapsing, and they are continuing to write trade agreements with several countries EXCLUDING the US dollar in the trades. We are going to see a complete reset of the world's currencies soon and the dollar is going to get a very short end of the stick.
We are following our own advice and keeping our operating capital OUT of the banking system. We only send money by cashiers check now, so the balance is out of the bank when we walk out the door and head for the post office. Yes it's a pain in the a_)*(&_(*  to have to do business that way, but if the money isn't in the bank it's a lot harder for anybody to steal it.

At some point we may not be able to be a vendor at guns shows, and it might be impossible to do business over the internet, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
In the mean time, GET PREPARED. That includes spiritually.

God Bless You All!

Paul Stramer   KC7MEZ   SLC Distributing   Eureka Montana   800 889 2839

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