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Thursday, October 25, 2012

National Guard Whistleblower: “Doomsday Preppers Will Be Treated As Terrorists”

Here we go. Do you still think we can free our country without a fight?


  1. Yes. We can stop them through a very aggressive infowar against them, exposing their lies, plans, false flags, and waking up the sleeping giant against them. The infowar CAN win the battle without the shedding of any blood. All things are possible through Christ! Wars have been averted in history without blood and by the Sovereign Hand of Almighty God working through a humble but vigilant people.

  2. Doomsday Preppers is another example of the imposition of the Communitarian Rule of Law coming out of UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development. On the local level COPS are working within police departments to enforce planning and zoning regulations. In Montana,Fusion Centers are located in Helena and Missoula. The Fusion Centers are developing databases for identifying everyone and their spending habits. When an emergency arises or they have a rationale for targeting individuals, COPS personnel will enforce Communitarian Law. Police no longer serve and protect, they are being indoctrinated to treat noncompliance as terrorist activity.

  3. Thank you Dick for contributing to the information war. The one thing these people can't have happen is exposure to the general public in such a way that the public actually believe the truth. The patriot movement has slowed down their plans considerably that way over the years. We were all supposed to be absolute slaves by the turn of the century, but they didn't get the guns in time for that. Now they have an even bigger problem. And they know it. So what do you suggest as a solution? I do over 20 gun shows per year inside Montana. The guns and ammo are just flat flying out of those shows right now, and everybody is talking about what is coming. How to we convince them that what you are saying is real. Do you have any hard evidence we can put on this blog? I think most of the people I talk to already know that what you are saying is true, but what about the rest?


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