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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The US Budget can NOT be balanced

It is now mathematically impossible to save the US dollar or balance the budget.

This is what the Republicrat big government crowd has done to us against the will of the American people and in total disregard of the Supreme Law.


  1. Far too much "in the box" conventional thinking and misinformation in this. The entire financial system is vastly different than is explained herein.

    1. Far too much "in the box" conventional thinking and misinformation"

      Really? Seems to me conventional thinking is what most folks do.

      Suppose you back up your charge with verifiable facts.

      "The entire financial system is vastly different than is explained herein."

      The presenter in this video did not even attempt to explain our corrupt (my own term) financial system.

      He merely laid out the details of the Federal Budget, compared the amount of funds coming in versus the amount to be paid out, and reached the only logical conclusion.

      The Federal Government of the United States is Bankrupt!

  2. What am I missing here? The US Govt establishes the Fed to illegally print money, who in turn loans it to the Govt AT INTEREST. The govt is the ONLY entity authorized by the Constitution to print the currency... and certainly NOT at interest. Seems simple enough to me that the first default should be on the interest due the Fed! That should relieve some of the pressure!

  3. More Govt means more jobs below them and more people on the govt payout. Thus there is no desire to balance the sheet, but rather to increase the debt and create more and more of the same. It's a shame!


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