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Monday, April 30, 2012

Is your marriage valid or a contract with the state?

A different way to think about lawful marriage.

A different way to think about lawful marriage.

I have said for years that what has been done to the people of America, when through the decades since the founding of our country the organic Constitution was replaced by the US Corporation, has all been done by fraud and deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation, in a unilateral contract form, and is therefore null and void before God and the Supreme Law of our Country.

No matter the language it was couched in, the truth of the contracts were deliberately hidden from the people who were tricked into giving their consent when signing certain documents purported to be the norm for doing business and living in our country. Not everyone can be a lawyer, or be expected to understand the deceptive language in those non-contracts, especially when the whole system is designed to hide the truth, and so overwhelms the average working man or woman with so called 'laws' that they would have to spend full time studying just to begin to understand it all. Why do you think Amerika has more lawyers than the rest of the world combined?

In this article I find further collaboration of that premise in the marriage contract, something similar to which many states use.

These contracts are null and void also because the state (read government) failed to fully disclose the true nature of the contract, and by the very nature of what is called a unilateral (one way) contract they are non-existent from their inception because the government usurped the authority of God before whom the marrying couple thought they were pledging their lives together, not to the state as a contracting party.

In other words, the state (government) tries to take the place of GOD in the contract with hidden and deceptive wording beyond the ability of the contracting couple to understand and therefore the state deliberately deceived them.

Isn't that exactly what Satan did in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve?
SATAN HAS ALWAYS TRIED, since his fall from heaven, to take the place of God.

Don't expect any of the corrupt courts, who have been a party to this fraud from the beginning, to agree with you. They are the worst part of the problem from the beginning with their elitist judges who look down their nose at everyone who is not part of their 'good ole boy club'. There are no article III courts for you to take this too. Only admiralty courts judging by the law of the sea, for the US and State corporations.

The true ministers of the Sacrament of Matrimony are the marrying parties themselves, and the true jurisdiction over matrimony is the Church, NOT the State. The Church usually supplied a witness in the form of a priest, but the true ministers of the union are always the contracting parties themselves, witnessed by the invited public. The official witnesses were always the foremost members of the wedding party, namely the best man and maid of honor, but marriage was always to be conducted IN PUBLIC before many witnesses. Let me ask you WHO WITNESSED the State getting God's place in the contract????

NOBODY! That makes it a clandestine marriage as far as the license is concerned and in God's eyes, NULL AND VOID as a contract with the State.

It still can be a valid marriage before God, with all it's "until death do us part" promises in full force and effect, BUT THE CONTRACT WITH THE STATE IS NULL AND VOID ON THE FACE OF IT, because it was FRAUD and because there were no proper witnesses to that part of the contract.

Again I say that NO One can say they could have been a witness to any STATE or GOVERNMENT entity taking the place of Almighty God, the author of the Sacrament of Matrimony, and who alone has jurisdiction through His Church over that Holy Union!

So that leaves two questions you should ask yourself and your spouse.
1. Is my marriage lawful and valid before God?

2. Does there really exist a contract with whatever state the marriage was conducted or licensed in?

Subject: Marriage License.

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