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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Brits Again -- Monotonous, Isn't It?

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are over 200 known and separate strains of coronavirus, which is associated with influenza, otherwise known as a common cold.
The specific variety from which the still-unidentifiable and un-isolated Covid-19 virus purportedly derives is patented by the British Pirbright Institute and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Oh, go figure. Again.
Meantime, many Americans are just now waking up to the following facts:
1. The CDC and NIH are not government institutions. Both are private entities that are in the business of producing and profiting from vaccines. Both compete for government contracts to carry out research and do statistical analysis, but they are not part of the government.
2. There is no provision in any Federal or State-of-State Constitution authorizing any government official to mandate anything at all about our health or medical options. Their only power is over their own employees and dependents as a condition of employment or of receiving benefits.
3. Forced vaccination is banned under the Nuremberg Code, Article 6, Sections 1 and 3, and anyone involved in a forced vaccination program is liable.
4. There is nobody responsible for harm caused by a vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies have been off the hook since the 1980's and the governmental services corporations that accepted the liability for them are bankrupt. There remains an industry-funded "Vaccine Court" but it has a reputation for protecting the industry.
5. Pushing any form of mask mandate or forced vaccination program on the General Public under color of law is a crime of constructive fraud.
6. Any publicly organized corporation (holding a charter or articles of incorporation from the United States Government or from any State-of-State franchise) is obligated to obey the Public Law, including the Constitutions, and cannot assume rights or authorities depriving any member of the General Public of any right guaranteed by the Constitutions or Public Laws -- including the right of privacy, religious freedom, and self-determination.
7. "My body, my choice." applies to more than just abortions.

8. If someone doesn't have the right to make you brush your teeth, they don't have the right to make you stay home and wear a mask. Contrary to what some people and corporations have been assuming, we don't live in a Nanny State.


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  1. I've noted that wherever "Masks Required" notices are showing in each State of State I've visited this past summer, the actual establishments posting these signs are ALL corporations. Grocery stores, variety stores, malls, discount stores, gyms, most glaringly "government" facilities. So these "Masks Required" assertions look to their corporate membership for their rules.

    Keep your shinola sensors turned on (that is... your logic, your knowledge gained by your experiences, holding the correct facts firmly in your mind, and by keen and objective observation.

    Remember that the talking heads seen on the media are speaking scripted words written by their corporate employers and they are under paid contract to parrot those words. This has the effect of making those who do not keep their shinola sensors engaged continually - to gradually become confused and to believe incorrectly that corporate dictum (scripted media pundit heads) applies to private People. Not true. "Masks required" applies to corporate employees. Non corporate People are free to use their own wise judgement and social conscience as to how to conduct themselves. Since stores are corporations, in that sense they are spaces where the private contracts of corporate employers apply, and corporate entities can make mandatory demands on even free People who enter their private corporate spaces.

    This begs the question: Don't we need to have flourishing un-incorporated trading companies on every street and in every town (as opposed to being in municipalities and in States of State) - that are NOT corporations in which we FREE People can conduct our trading for necessities and luxuries? As such, trading companies are not corporations and would not be under the corporate dictum which corporate entities of all flavors subject themselves to for their tax advantages doing business in the matrix of international business.

    How about a lively discussion of creating non corporate trading companies, the ins and outs and the how to's?

  2. Absolutely ,strategy how to inform everyone color of law Governors done have the threshold of pandemic to act and only legislatures make law and only public law for public servants.

  3. The law of theirs that protects anyone from being harmed by an official under the authority of color of law shows that this very kind of mask order stay home curfew like everyone is children and seeking to enforce even more harm with jail and lock ups is in fact a crime. What is that law for? Isn't it to prevent just such lolly gagging horse crap power mongers from hurting people? I recall certain ones in the Army that everyone nearly hated. Even clapped when they announced leaving for a new assignment. These ones are power mongers and do not care for anyone but themselves and willing to toss people under the bus for personal gain with no good cause. They walk a thin line by perverting regulations on advise of military attorneys or other nefarious means to hide the paperwork.

  4. Debbie Hall connected to God speak mega church whom defined mask order is ramroding a lawful notification letter hand it to commie or. X Y Z store saying do you assume libelity for making me wear a mask .
    And if they have an openness sign on entrance they are a public business as such you have a right to shop then if some manager gets in your way that’s assault and false inprisionment


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