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Monday, May 4, 2020

More Personal Notes for Attorneys

By Anna Von Reitz

Bar attorneys are at a disadvantage, but you have options --- lots of them.  I just reviewed the situation in an article yesterday called: "Help for Attorneys --- Yes."  

You can't be a Bar attorney and an American State Citizen, but you can be (and actually are) an American State National, if you were born in this country or born to American parents who were born in this country.  If you want to continue to practice law, that is the status that I suggest you adopt, and you do that by the simple One Page Declaration for Federal Employees and Dependents. 

Strictly speaking, all Bar attorneys are Federal Dual Citizens -- they have to be to practice in the Queen's courts or the Pope's Municipal courts, either one, though they don't fully disclose that, either.  

As a State National you can't run for public office in the American government, and can't vote on issues that extend beyond the State borders, but that is not a big deal for most people --- and if it is, you can always tear up your Bar card and function as a Counselor of Law in our reopening courts, or as a Counselor-at-Law in their courts, or both.  

Most Bar attorneys functioned in the dual capacity of Attorney-at-Law and Counselor-at-Law until 1965, and some still do.  

As a Counselor-at-Law you can represent Americans who are being impersonated and railroaded without their knowledge or consent --- and then, when a client comes in who actually is a Federale or a Corporation, you can represent them as an Attorney-at-Law.  

Somehow this has been forgotten as more and more people have been commandeered and impersonated as Federal "citizens".  

We are addressing all the other issues as promptly and forcefully as possible.  Multiple high-level negotiations are underway. We are proceeding with our efforts to educate and bring Americans home to their natural birthright jurisdiction and teaching them how to educate their erring public servants, at the same time that we are assembling the State Assemblies and restoring the American court system.  It isn't an easy job. We have created a number of helps --- there is the one page graphic description of the structure of the actual government, a one page description of the citizenship/State National choices, and just recently, a six page "overall" explanation for veterans that seems to be exceptionally effective. 

We are also in the process of issuing actual State (not State of State) IDs that will track back to a data base to identify you as a card-carrying American State Citizen or American State National, and relieve you of the burdens of Federal citizenship presumptions, such as being obligated to register your private car as a Motor Vehicle or subjecting yourself to statutory legislation.  There is also a new Public Recording system coming online that will allow you to post Public Notices and record land and soil jurisdiction records --- land patent packages and marriage and birth announcements, etc.  

We are doing as much as we can, as fast as we can ---- and all of this is being done by volunteers and donations to the aid of this country.  

As you said, its a difficult position to live as a free man, once you have agreed to the notion of slavery.  I would suggest that as nobody received full disclosure about the nature of the contract you were entering into as a member of the Bar, that you are not obligated to it, and that they had no reason or right to presume upon a landsman of this country in the first place.  Slavery has been outlawed worldwide since 1926, so they were in effect "offering" to contract with you as an organized crime syndicate--- without saying as much.  

We can look forward to the day when the Bar Associations worldwide are replaced by actual professional organizations dedicated to the cause of justice and freedom.  


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  1. Are there any lawyers out there that have made the switch?

    1. >> Bar attorneys are at a disadvantage, but you have options -

      I don't know if I can ever trust the Bar crooks any more. Why? Our lives are down for many decades because of the Bar Great Stupidity, maybe 1/8 of them could be saved. They are too greedy or too quick to add problems to themselves and us, while they think they fix the problem.

      See my other post why, anyone internally fixed with Negative energies cannot be fixed:
      Pisces are the keeper of secret. neg.Scorpios neg.Pisces are King-killers, to conspire for GREAT THEFT. JDK, FDR'd been killed, England stole their shares of GOLD.

  2. Anyone who studies law and applies it is a lawyer. BAR Assoc. attorneys are actually liars and thieves. Anytime anyone crosses the border into criminal activity, the presumption of power and authority resolves to 'we the people' who are the highest dejure jurisdiction on land, air and water(LAW). BAR attorneys usually do not switch into lawyers as a rule of thumb... But let us hope there are exceptions to the rule!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I now believe all this deception is true. I also believe these crooks some of them out of ignorance will lock you up or dismiss you as crazy. All the sleeping citizens will sit on jury's and believing they are doing the right thing will sentence you for these fake statutes and codes. Our country is a mess and our people blind or just stupid. I believe in your cause but I am one of the few. Good luck to all of you standing up for your beliefs I am sure the framers would be proud of you all. Although it makes me sad lately I am feeling the need to close my eyes and return to the matrix before the reality of the situation destroys what little peace I have left in my life.

  4. Please watch the series on YouTube titled Justinian Deception. The information on this series explains how the elites have enslaved us by our ignorance and indoctrinated into believing this Corporation maskaraiding as Government has no lawful authority over man . Please watch and share .

    1. Does this series have a solution to the problem? I think this group of people are aware of it but solutions is what I am after.

  5. .
    If they switch from the fiction - illusion BAR /CONgress created system how will they make (steal) money

    I have not met an attorney that I dont dislike!

    They are no article III [courts] system judges or attorneys?

    Do we have a lawfully seated CONgress after 1860?

  6. I believe that I have born, rites , wrights, rights, or I like to call them God given commands, I believe there are the magnificent 10, and when you break then, then you are not following what we were given!

  7. My concern is the same as it has been since I heard of Anna. Okay, you set up your new assemblies in all fifty republics. A recorded American National/State citizen gets pulled over for some traffic infraction, he/she shows his new ID issued by the state assembly, the cop says "What's that?" and gives you a ticket anyway or worse, he arrests you and drags you off to some phony corporate jail. Without enforcement you are just pissing in the wind Anna. No disrespect intended, just reality.

    1. Anyone who studies law knows that the first interaction is going to be with the police on a traffic stop. So know the law on transportation and you won't have to show ID. Let me make it easy for you, I had a policy enforcer fired by the Attorney General of the State Of Missouri, so I have experience.

      Here is the Federal law.

      F E D E R A L 18 U.S. Code Part 1, Ch. 2, § 31 - Definitions

      (6) Motor vehicle.

      The term “motor vehicle” means every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by
      mechanical power and used for commercial purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property, or property or cargo.

      (10) Used for commercial purposes.—

      The term “used for commercial purposes” means the carriage of persons or property for any fare, fee,
      rate, charge or other consideration, or directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other
      undertaking intended for profit.

      Here is the statute for this STATE OF MISSOURI that I have dealt with, it says basically the same thing and will say precisely the same thing in your STATE statutes.

      Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 300 Model Traffic Ordinance - 300.600 Section 300.010.1


      (6) "Commercial vehicle", every vehicle designed, maintained, or used primarily for the transportation of

      (10) "Driver", every person who drives or is in actual physical control of a vehicle;

      (15) "Motor vehicle", any self-propelled vehicle not operated exclusively upon tracks, except farm tractors and
      motorized bicycles;

      Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 302 Drivers' and Commercial Drivers' Licenses - Section 302.010.1


      (2) "Commercial motor vehicle", a motor vehicle designed or regularly used for carrying freight and
      merchandise, or more than fifteen passengers;

      (9) "License", a license issued by a state to a person which authorizes a person to operate a motor vehicle;

      (16) "Operator", every person who is in actual physical control of a motor vehicle upon a highway;


      Definitions. — As used in sections 379.1700 to 379.1708, the following terms shall mean:

      (5) "Transportation network company driver" or "driver", an individual who:

      (a) Receives connections to potential riders and related services from a transportation network company in
      exchange for payment of a fee to the transportation network company; and

      (b) Uses a personal vehicle to offer or provide a prearranged ride to riders upon connection through a digital network controlled by a transportation network company in return for compensation or payment of a fee ;

      If a policy enforcer wants you to pull over and then tells you the reason why, which is not having a license plate on your "motor vehicle", { get your cell phone out and film the interaction is most important } and you kindly tell them that you do not have a "transportation contract and they must prove that you have one" or "I am not hired for a fee",and that you are exercising your right to travel".

      You don't have to give him your NAME unless you have committed a crime or you are suspected of committing one.

      If they say they smell Maraijuana, you have a RIGHT under the constitution to get witness in your favor.

      If they become belligerent warn them that they are about to violate Federal law 18 U.S.C. ch.13 ss 241,{ intimidation is a minimum 10 year prison sentence } and are attempting to extort you.

      It is also a good idea to put "Right To Travel" and "Not For Hire" stickers on the back of your car.

      You can also get a "Consumer Goods" plate instead of a license plate.

      Go on YouTube and look at Right to Travel videos and see the success others have had, you will also see the failures as well of people handing over their drivers license.

      Need more info ? I have been doing this for 13 years.
      Tks. Jeff.

    2. I am with you! We all agree these people are criminals. Criminals do not follow the law. The problem we have is the " Law " is controlled by criminals. So we are doomed unless there is a revolt on a massive level. And the masses are brainwashed and order followers so we are doomed unless people WAKE UP!!!

    3. The “Bar” is the veil between life (status) and dead (thing status) and we all traverse back and forth over this “bar” all of the time without knowing that we are doing this. I am TRYING to wake everyone up about these issues so that you can protect yourselves

    4. Unfortunately too many people seem unable to grasp the fact that “you are not your name” and how this impacts everything.

      Please take the time to realize that there is a very fine line once you enter the realm of “personhood” by using a name— between your Lawful Person and your Legal Person— and you must know the difference and have evidence in the record or you will be railroaded and presumed against.

      Please also realize that though they should owe you a duty to tell you all this so you can make conscious choices, it is actually your choice and nobody else’s to determine which status you act in—- lawful or legal.

  8. I have to agree with everyone cannot mix unicorporated with corp. Greed...!! How do you propose to mingle the two without causing the attorneys to flip once in is absoluty shameful that you are even considering that..!!
    A true lawyer doesnt take pay for representing a criminal case...!! Only civil...!!
    You need to read the constitution again....and pay attention this time..!!
    We need only consolers....attorneys make way too much money..!! That needs to be rectified immediately.. Bar attorneys need to make a lot less than lawyers, otherwise all we will get is more agony..!!

  9. Here is the Bail-in FRAUD. Who are they ? the corrupt bankers to call themselves the Secured Party when they never lent people a dime.
    The money appeared to have lent to you/me magically, it's actually came from people HJR192 credits, tied to people Gold. The Thievery Bankers / Government (Svc Corp) lied, and corrupt the 1930 Geneva Conventions here's how the Bankers set themselves up to steal all from us:
    9-104(a)(1): the secured party is the bank with which the deposit account is maintained;

    Banks are false secured party, bc of their deceptive "Deed of Trust", after they took our moneys out of 8-102(11) to pay the house off on our behalf. That's not lending, people, that's Theft #1, Theft #1 is their fraudulent Bail-in, Know this trick and don't let them get you. Sue them if the Devils twist.

    Not easy? It could be easier than people think.

    1. Correction: that's Theft #1, Theft #2[not#1] is their fraudulent Bail-in, Know this trick and don't let them get you. Sue them if the Devils twist.

  10. BAR are crooks out of control