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Monday, May 4, 2020

Demons on Display

By Anna Von Reitz

Last night they came in vast masses, dark forms of fear, trying to intimidate, trying to threaten, trying to terrify.  They came and they attempted to prey upon us, but we laughed.  We said, "You gotta be kidding me."  We drew our swords and we cut them down: nothing but darkness, shadows, smoke, and mirrors. 

There are many of them, but few of us.  It does not matter.  As many as come, as many are destroyed.  As many fears mounted, as many or more, sent home to their source.  We travel on.  We don't pause or linger.  We see, we hear, we move forward.  Always forward, upward, and onward.  

No time for silly demons.  No time for their handlers, either.  They have proliferated in the shadows like a plague of flies, but no matter.  They don't belong here. Like all things, they must assume their place.  Like all things, they are revealed. 

"The light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehendth it not." 

So their destruction comes and they see it not.  Their ruin is assured, and they don't comprehend it.  The weapons they have formed do not prosper.  The weeds they have sown wither away.  They don't know why.  It is not given to them to understand.  

They only think they know, according to what they have created, not according to what the True God has done. 

I have tried to explain how the True Church was betrayed almost at the outset, and how for almost two thousand years, the Roman Catholic Church has been infiltrated and used as a storefront by ancient and evil forces hiding within the Church. 

I have tried to explain how a revival of the evil of Satanism occurred in the 1920's and again in the 1960's and how this has led to the current situation, too.  Yea, truly, even Satan has appeared as an "angel of light" named Lucifer, and despite all the warnings,  people have been deceived and followed their own ego instead of their good sense.  

They believe that Lucifer (Satan in another form) is their Savior and Teacher and the Source of their Empowerment.  They think that he is Prometheus, unbound, and here to make them leaders of the human race, dictators over other men, the Chosen Ones.  They believe this and so, they follow his evil instruction and summon his demons, and they prosper in darkness. 

They don't understand that it is their own belief that is the only power.  They don't grasp the fact that they are feeding their own parasite, until it will consume them.  And the light shines upon them, and they perceive it not.  

So they have prospered by violence and greed and deceit.  They have feasted upon the Earth and the goodness thereof.  They have despised the truth and honor and decency.  They have no concept of humility or restraint.  Their hearts are hard as iron rocks.  

Their minds churn endlessly with thoughts of power, deceit, and profit --- always profit --- even when they have been as pigs at a trough, and have fattened themselves beyond all imagining, beyond any ability to spend or enjoy anything.  Still, they consume like locusts.  Still, they have no more purpose than to consume though it gives them no sustenance and no real delight.  

Empty as manekins they are.  Empty and alone, they are posed over the Abyss, and know it not.  And still, the light shines in the darkness.... 

And still, they know it not.  

What, then, they turn to each other in astonishment and say, what has happened?   What can we do?  Things are not happening the way they are supposed to!   When we turn to our servants, they are gone. 

And so they are confused, and the engines stay silent, no matter how hard they press down on the accelerator, no matter how many commands they give.  

Bill Gates says 14 billion units of vaccine may be needed.  We stand ready to inject them all right up his ass. 

See what he named his product?  Luciferase. 

A job for a bankrupt corporation, like a job for thousands upon thousands of bankrupt corporations, cannot yield a future for anyone.  Stand down.  Realize that your life is worth far more than their tokens.  Realize that your own death is what they mandate with their instructions.  

If you think you are a servant, then you act like a servant, and whatever anyone says to you in a voice of command, you do.   If you think you are a slave, then whatever your master says, you do.  

But if you are a king and you know this secret, then you do not act as a servant, nor as a slave, but you rise up and enter into your own House and within the walls of your own Kingdom you are secure.  And when the demons come and spread their wares, you know what to say to them: 

What made you, that you should think yourselves superior to me?  By what authority do you command anything?  Who do you think you are talking to?  A servant?  A slave?  

No, by the Living God who made me, I am declared a king.  Be gone, to the darkness that made you, to the ignorance that bore you, and to the Abyss prepared for you since the beginning of time.  

The servants of "Lucifer" --- their "angel of light" --- are all confused.  They keep pushing their buttons and the buttons will not work.  They keep making their models and projections and none of it works.  And they don't know why. 


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  1. Greetngs, DUmelang Anna f/Republic of South Africa. Havent yet read the above, but needed to express my deep Gratitude for all you do. The forindia1-4 pdf's - you mentioned the same for Africa. Are these available f/download?

    Once again, much thanks. May the GreatSpirit wrap you and your Loved Ones in Joy,Love,Abundance, Health and All Things Heavenly

    Helena Swanepoel

  2. found a very good thing today:
    Due to this shared sovereignty, Americans are citizens both of the federal republic and of the state in which they reside.
    why is this good?

    1) we know that "u.s. state" are not the actual several states (are these "state of x" or "STATE OF X" or ???)
    2) these "u.s. states" are part of the "federal republic" ("one nation" pledge?)

    yes, wikipedia sources should be checked.

    nevertheless, as i have always wondered whether the 14th tried to be "backwards compatible" and that was the reason for "state citizenship" that doesn't really mean anything ---- this looks like a clear answer ---- they are in totally separate "states" from non-14th amendment state nationals and/or state citizens.

    not conclusive proof -- but very telling if it checks out.

    people know to avoid "u.s. states" and that 14th amendment people are in some totally separate state/union, and that "federal republic" seems to be maybe another term for the "legislative democracy" ran by "u.s. congress" etc.

    might not seem like good news -- but very telling if it checks out -- and not a bad thing IMO -- it means any "federal citizens" who try to interfere with actual states, you can point out whatever "state" they are supposed to be in is totally different from the american common law several states.

    1. yes "
      I have tried to explain how a revival of the evil of Satanism occurred in the 1920's and again in the 1960's and how this has led to the current situation, too. "
      IMO they had to setup a "2nd coming" circa 2012 -- and this is perhaps why the name "luciferase" too -- to create the illusion they are erasing lucifer (in actuality, trying to wipe out all the non-luciferians)
      yes, it has been said a real king is king because

      i.e. they are not concerned with worldly approval and they know any "crown" is just ornamental and proves nothing either way.

  3. Perfectly matches with David Icke -latest impressive interview:

    1. Besserwisser, aber echt!- just hearing Icke has been removed from youtube & twitter. They took him down! Too much truth coming from Icke!

    2. How sad.. That's The wave of Saturn devils

      Date: Tue, 05 May 2020 19:08:08 -0700
      From: US@America(UnIncorporated).com
      Subject: So why will/did Saturn retrograde in his own sign? Isn't that Bc of their own Toxic ?

      Whenever A sign retrogrades in his/their own sign, is is Bc of their weakness. Saturn (the Gov't) own Toxic behavior requiring them to reconsider, to stop, to conform, revise their evil plan, to go with in harmony with people. The devils (Saturn) knew they could not proceed with their Great Theft and/or Conspiracies, against people using fake Corona-Virus or Fraud.attempt. That's why they will retro on May 11-2020.

      In America, Saturn(Inc.) or Gov't(Inc.) points to House #10, dealing with the world and their "UK owned gov't svc corp. for America".

      Bc the Truths are with the people, Vulkan is helping people opposing Saturn (dr Frauci, Killy Gates, Soros, the Q, etc). Remember this is the People rebutted Findings on the foreign Gov't Manipulative (Pluto) Con-Virus. What’s going to happen next? Jupiter (the medical pro, fake Nurses, media) will go down in shame, Retro as well, they will go mad, perhaps injecting you with rat poison to revenge..

      Vulkan (people force) stays strong, it has much more power than Pluto (ceo’s), than Satun, than Jupiter (healthcare pro). Vulkan will stay strong until the crooks repent by October. If you don’t see these events on your charts, maybe it's time to quit believing in astrology, Sorry sir.

      Quoting US@America(UnIncorporated).com:
      >Hello sir: @2:0mn~ you said that Saturn represents the Law-makers? Yes fraudulent Law-makers, known as Admiralty legislation/ codes which is not the real law of the land. Sorry but neg.Saturn (In May - Sept 2020) represents the Devils. Why? That’s what Admiralty or the Devil Tribunal Law-makers created to defraud people,
      >the Bankers are also the Devils. This is to edify. Every sign retrogrades in its own house IS a weakness of that sign. In this case Saturn, the Devils (or Gov’t) got caught for law-breaking, making their toxic Vaccines to kill people.

  4. And so, their doom falls upon them like a thief in the night.

  5. I have experience some of that garbage sent to me, but I have become very strong spiritually, that they run away from me.
    I am curious dear Anna, how these entities came to your house or where you were, and what did you do to kick them out?

  6. Its because they fail to use their hearts, and do not count it as a home of anyone. God said "Why would I need a house when I live in the heart?" FIJI islanders noticed the Priests who came built a house and said Creator had to live in there. They tore it down saying Creator lives amongst us and does not belong hidden away in a house.

  7. If I might offer a suggestion, as to locating the physical anchor points (and nexus system) of those who are causing the unnatural interaction between the realm of the dead and the realm of the living, then I would like to do so now.
    Who owns the deeds (and titles) to the land and soil upon which sit the graveyards (specifically in the west), to include necropoli, and under what authority (or auspices)? Are these deeds and titles recorded, on paper perhaps?

    1. Yes, they are on paper— Kurt Kallenbach did some excellent research on this in Illinois where all this rot started back in the 1859’s.

  8. Furthermore, if I may, it has always been my firmly held belief that upon death God's will requires that the Spirit returns to God, the Flesh returns to the Earth, and the Soul returns to the Mother of God.
    Shot in the dark here, but I am guessing that locking the body inside of a concrete box and pretending to offer the grieved family 'eternal super comfortableness in a really nice box' is not exactly the same thing.

  9. 100% Agreed:
    >> The servants of "Lucifer" --- their "angel of light" --- are all confused. They keep pushing their buttons and the buttons will not work. They keep making their models and projections and none of it works. And they don't know why.
    And they kept on changing the laws, accord per Geneva 1930 Conventions endlessly, to cover up their GREAT FRAUD, back and forth to confuse all souls, that they only suck people blood and energies. They never lent people a dime, thereby they are THIEVES to rob our properties.

    THEY KNOW HOW TO DRESS NICE TO DECEIVE US. Do you know how to identify them? Can you see them at the moment of action?
    I do see them, that's why they can NEVER deceive me. Who? These:

    The neg.Pisces, (Neptune: politicians, Bar lawyers) neg.Scorpios (Pluto, fake Bankers, Q & Pope), neg.Saturn (Fake or abusive corp.Authorities), and neg.Aquarius (Uranus: the fraudclosure Nights, sneaky helpers) serving the crooks as side-kicks.

    1. What do I mean by neg.(negative energy)? God had put their sign literally in negative symbol. Yes literally and clearly in their inner energies, for our inspection!! Do I mean in their vermin DNA? Yes, exactly.

      Because of their largest concentration in hurting or abusing people, God also put a symbol on America chart, at house #7 to alert us, to tell us where or what type of people they are, harming America internally.
      This is Not astrology, this is science. Astrologers rely on 5 degree, while I rely on 0 degree focusing point, perfecting focus point. I.E. 180 degree or 60 degree Zoom-in perfection, of their actions.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. >> harming America internally.
      Including the world too, for house #7.

      So don't believe Astrologers saying Neptune is art. Neptunium is the next high power to Plutonium (The Nuke, the excessive bomb/attack), like the crooked Banks did to all of us, and the world. Likewise neg.Pluto (neg.Scorpios, Ie. England) is Not a regenerated country/matter, it's a transformation of our normal life to street life. Get it right people.

  10. and the rest of demonic minions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. and the rest of his minions!!!!!!!!!

  12. "I have tried to explain how the True Church was betrayed almost at the outset, and how for almost two thousand years, the Roman Catholic Church has been infiltrated and used as a storefront by ancient and evil forces hiding within the Church. "

    Not so. Yes the Church was assaulted on every side by those who have railed against her since the beginning, but the true Popes have always been the bulwark against Satan and his henchmen, especially freemasonry and communism. Here is one example from Pope Leo XIII written in 1884 called Humanum Genus. Many of you have never read anything actually written by a true Pope. So it's time for some of the rest of the story.

  13. I have said many times that what is seen now in the Vatican is a new and false religion. It's not the Catholic Church.

  14. Its also said by Anna that Pope Benedict did respond, did attempt to rectify, but was replaced by fake Pope, Jesuit Bergoglio/Francis who seemingly earned his Baal-Sacrifice Stripes during the Argentinian Dirty War.
    How is it that when Benedict was receptive to change, took it upon himself to rectify the wrongs, this isn't remembered, but demonizing of the Catholic Church is consistent?

    Am not convinced whats said about the Catholic Church's wrongful history is true at all. Resources I've found shows quite the opposite.

    Every time I research, every rock flipped, there are jews behind the evil & false history.

    Then to find out that Martin Luther's The Captivity of Babylon was in 1705 NOT 1520. This occurred only 70 years prior to 1775! Luther wrote about the evil jews & their purposeful destruction of Catholic Church. The Judensau plaque is under attack becuz it depicts jews for what they were then & are today! Its of course deemed anti-$h*tism by jews who want it taken down. NO! We have been lied to about everything.

    1. From whats being revealed about our true history, which corrupted, falsified, in a final thrust by jew Protestant jesuit Scaliger in 1768 not 1583, who added 1000's++ yrs, changed to Gregorian calendar. This just happened prior to 1776.
      What If:
      -Peloponnesian war occurred in 11th century AD, or even later not in the 6th century BC.
      -Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 1638 not 79 A.D.
      -Mt. Sinai = probably Mt. Vesuvius
      -Antiquity is really the Middle Ages 1300-1600, immediately before 1700-1800, not 5th-15th century.
      -There was no Dark Ages.
      -Troy, Trojan War (said c. 500 BC, 1194-1184BC, then 1260-1180BC) were really in the Middle Ages
      -Trojan War & Crusades were the same historical event.
      -until the Crusades Islam was indistinguishable from Judaism & Mohammad & the first Caliphs are mythical figures.
      -‘Ancient’ Rome not 10th - 13th AD & ‘ancient’ Jewish state (said 9th - 5th BC] have identical dynasty graphs… very high probability that these dynasties are indeed the same
      - Popes and the Holy Roman Empire appear at the same moment, and both take control of imperial powers and symbols. Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, are repeated in the biblical chronicles of the Kings of Israel.
      - Popes of Rome are a recreation invented in the 17th and 18th centuries, made by the Benedictine Order, along with the genealogies of the main monarchic currents in Europe.
      -Society of Jesus creates the Christian “saints” in 18th century & Benedictine Order creates the genealogy of the Popes of Rome.
      -Roots of Freemasonry 1717-1736 (may differ from Masonry)
      -Martin Luther The Captivity of Babylon 1705 not 1520.
      -Society of Jesus 1725-1773 not 1520 dismantled by Pope Clement XIV in 1773 (is 'Jesuit' a different franchise?)
      -Society of Jesus creates the Christian “saints” in 18th century & Benedictine Order creates the genealogy of the Popes of Rome.
      -jew Protestant Scaliger publishes false 'official' chronology map, adding 1000+ yrs & changed to Gregorian calendar 1768 (not 1583).
      - ‘Columbus’ voyage to America in 1677 not 1492
      -The 'Antique’ Statues with rippling muscles were created not earlier than 1534.
      -Sails invented XII century. Horse Cavalry closer to XII-XIV
      -Exodus of Moses - circa the year 1430 passed over a river of ice, not parting sea.

      This gives me great pause when considering the damnation by jews wrongfully blamed on the Catholic Church. It is the Catholic Church, Christianity & White people the jews must decimate & are succeeding in doing.

      This is why jews are doing what they're doing to White people & their exceptional White Nations.

      In 1920 Whites were 30% of world pop, now down to 12% = 2/3 Whites are gone from face of Earth in just 100 years.