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Saturday, June 22, 2019

In the Engine Room

By Anna Von Reitz

It's Saturday.  I should be wearing play clothes and be outdoors mowing the lawn.  Instead, I am sitting at my desk, explaining history to the United States Attorney General. And suing him for performance.

And writing letters to the Pope and members of the Curia, taking exception to their Collective Entity Doctrine nonsense, which facilitates the crime of impersonation (already proven to be against the scripture and the common law) and violates the Law of Kinds. 

Now, all of what I am explaining is actually either: (1) readily available for anyone to see, or (2) easy for anyone to determine given a modicum of guidance telling them where to look for specific information --- but here I am, plodding away, step by step....and another step..... and another....  

Sometimes readers see a copy of a letter being sent to Donald Trump or the Pope or the King of Spain from the actual, factual land jurisdiction government of this country acting in behalf of the living people who are being criminally mistreated and abused by their own misdirected and ignorant employees. 

The published letters are just the tip of the iceberg, a small sampling of what goes on.    

Sometimes the lack of education and awareness is also pervasive at the top of the pyramid, too.

Up and down and around and around we go. 

Suffice it to say that the sheer volume of correspondence which goes out of my office is humongous. The effort to maintain it and catalog it and keep all the mailing receipts and return cards is mind-numbing.  Yet, it has to be done.

Each new crop of people, each new political appointee, has to be addressed, has to be brought up to speed, the Conversation has to be engaged. Other countries have to be addressed. Other organizations, like the United Nations, have to be addressed. 

Why?  Because this criminality is ultimately a political problem.  Organized groups of public employees operating as crime syndicates are fleecing and demeaning and abusing their employers on a worldwide basis.   And it has to stop. 

Educating people and objecting to the criminality and talking about it and exposing it, is key to getting it stopped. 

I hate to ask for donations again, but they are needed--- partly because I am recovering from my own stint of bad luck: dog surgery, dental surgery for my son, major car repair, etc., etc., so that I don't have any extra right now to give to The Living Law Firm --- and partly because the scope of the work expands.  

The outreach of the diplomatic effort increases exponentially, as does the effort to get the salient facts into the hands of more and more Americans. 

Thanks to all of you smelling the java and sharing the news by word-of-mouth and thanks also to all your efforts to educate local, State, Federal, and International authorities, there is both a top down and bottom up effect taking place. 

Remember Scotty, the Engineer on Star Trek --- "I dunno, Captain!  I dunno if she's going to hold!" as the laboring engines sparked and sputtered and the Starship Enterprise lugged to haul herself into hyperdrive one more time---just at the crucial moment? 

That's how I feel most of the time.  We're going to make it, or we're going to blow up. Only God knows the outcome.

If you have the ability to help, please do so.  If you can't send a donation at this time, pray.  My Paypal is:  The Snail Mail address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. I divvy up the donations and send wherever and to whomever on our team is most in need of help. 


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  1. need to teach a LAW class at a prestigious Ivy league school because students in a classroom environment are highly motivated to get a "A" in the class, and therefore study this material forwards and backwards...!! Who is going to teach the next generation of patriots ....the STATE...LOL..!!

    1. While you may jest James, exactly, the State Assembly will be responsible for education. There are enough intelligent people following Anna and with Anna's website, enough to get a good start. No need for an Ivy League school at this time, just get enough to expatriate and start their own State Assemblies and get this train back on the tracks.

    2. (paraphrase) if something happens, you can be sure it was planned that way -- FDR

      the mystery schools have been teaching "patriots" and public schools, that is the problem :/

      why "federal citizens only". why mixing of all races into one. why eugenics. all is explained.

      the fatherhood of god, the brotherhood of man, the federation of the world. (see stanley monteith)

      america is precisely on the masonic/rosicrucian/2nd coming "master jesus, initiate of egyptian magic" tracks.

      mentioned in

      see in particular MB19 and 20 (lucifer worship, fundamental laws of rose croix)

      the destiny of america, according to them, is to merge with mexico. not a joke. this is required before we are all enlightened capstones. second coming, osiris/horus/isis trinity disguised as father/son/holy ghost. is spot on, he merely read the rosicrucian/masonic writings and determined the name games.

      NOT A JOKE THIS IS REALY WHAT IS BEING PUSHED NOWADAYS, veiled and disguised as "2nd coming" of course. from post-1777 vatican, from british israel (see the union jack, helen peters), from mormons, the list goes on.

      see also rob ager "The shining" analysis (google for it). woodrow wilson was a rosicrucian.

      who wants to bet july 4 1921 (shining movie, but check the date dont quote me) was a major convocation?

      68th fundamental laws was july 6th 1916 (dont quote me, check the linked PDF).

      "2nd coming" is a common denominator of rosicrucians/masons/etc., mormonism, post-1777 vatican, british israel .....the bible is being used to enslave and control and DESTROY christ.

      2nd coming christ is merely an initiate of 6-7 mystery schools. thats why apocalypse is sealed for "believers" and only possible for infidels (initiated in occult sciences) to unravel.

      68TH CONVOCATION DOCUMENT LAYS IT ALL OUT IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS. easy reading. horus/osiris/isis. same as pushed by anton levay and aleister crowley.

      the whole of the law shalt be "do what thou wilt" -- things are EXACTLY "on track"

      if people disagree with this new philosophy/religion, then "gaslighting" is in store, and anyone who goes against antichrist will be occused of being a "rebel" etc.

      normally, to rebel against satan is if not obedience to god, a step away from the wrong direction. they have reversed this.

      noone will be safe from this new inquisition -- morals and dogma.


      CLAIMS WE ARE TO MERGE WITH MEXICO. THIS WAS 1916. CLAIMS ONLY THEN CAN THE REVERSE OF SEAL BE SHOWN (WHICH HAPPENED LATER -- around hoover/FDR/stimson IIRC. one has to wonder did a "treaty" "trade agreement" etc. effectively "merge" us, in their eyes, with mexico long ago?")
      (early precursor to league of nations, un, etc. -- mentoined in "woodrow wilson: disciple of revolution" book (see i believe too)

      they also flat out say illuminism was created by rosicrucians. (it is well known perhaps they precede(d) french revolution/1776 america/1717 british masonry/etc.)

      they claim, illuminism was for people who were not fully dedicated to devote their life to the order, but wanted some of the teachings anyhow. (of course, this may all be "symbolic" esoteric e.g. maybe illuminism was "in the spirit" of rosicrucianism, even if they didn't outright create/fund/control it)

      as you worship egyptian magic/trinity, you are to be welldressed/shaved, not smoke cigarettes, tip your hat and curtsy -- in the words of (paraphrase) the process of training upstanding luciferians who pose as pillars of the community.

      this document was mentioned by bill cooper long ago (1990s) ... why hasnt this document gone viral? LOTS of explanation of symbology of reverse of seal/etc.

      they flat out say they worship osiris/isis/horus under the names of father son holy ghost/spirit.

      MANY people (and masonic writings) speculate on such things, but this was for members only. it wasnt meant for non-rosicrucians to get their hands on.

      flat out say they had 6 mystery schools set up in america, so people could learn all about the apocalypse

      they hand out bibles to common people, but without initiation in 6 schools/sciences, it is all nonsensical.

      this was orders for their own basically, how to enlighten/program the rest of the population.

      bill cooper said it best: (paraphrase) the mystery schools teach people how to control/lie/deceive/enslave everyone else.

      compare these "directions" to what is going on today.

      there is also mention of "democracy"

      since this was 68th convocation/meeting, which i believe was annually, this is perhaps how william cooper dates they originated (or went public anyways) in america circa 1845-1850s.

      who wants to bet there is a knights of the golden circle connection (rumoured john wilkes booth was connected) ?

      Formation 1854 Extinction 1863

      who wants to bet they "Succeded" in their goal (starting civil war).

      and the "solution" of "federal citizens only fake states/elections/etc." version of "reconstruction" is in their eyes a step to merger with mexico/world government/etc. ?

      just enough to get the "civil war" going. and then they "dissolved". nearly aligns with that rosicrucian document too.

      who wants to bet the kogc is/was a "branch" of rosicrucians?

    4. I am teaching the next generation of patriots right now...THE LAW! And they are getting it!

      But, here's is something everyone can do right now. The all cap name on your driver's license. Write a letter to your SEC. OF STATE ask them to do a name search for that name at your address and thank them for their response, within 10 business days, advising the results of the search.


      Some states require all assumed named corporations to be registered as sole-proprietors, to do business in the state.

      So, next they write you and claim a PERSON IS RESIDENCED at your home, ask them who says, because the SEC OF STATE is showing no such person is in existence.

      If you know anything about the law, you know what to call it when they use a phoney, made up name against you.

    5. James you do know they take people to court under the ASSUMED NAME? RIGHT?

    6. ps. ANNA, thank you for bringing to my attention, all this time, the info about the NAME GAME and the use of assumed names and REGISTER in lieu of RECORD. Your hard work, which you have diligently pursued in the face of shills and trolls, has so helped to set me free and live free. And I am teaching others. They are winning against the corruption of the system. And Anna, I am dealing with the next generation of Patriots and they are learning and standing. And we are finding, there are judges, when confronted with LAW:IN FACT, they are honorably responding, to jurisdictional challenges. And the ones who don't we are gathering evidence and writing criminal complaints with exhibits.
      Anna, we hear you and just wanted to let you know, you are not in this fight alone. Thank you for what you are doing at your level, we will do our part on the street level, in the cities, counties and states.
      Thanks for continuing to teach, the truth, in the face of the tremendous opposition and constant criticism by the trolls and shills.
      Your efforts have not been in vain and are being used in America, today.

    7. C Johnson...when cops come to your house in force at 3am in the morning and slap cuffs on you, they don't care if you are micky mouse....just ask any "brother" if they care about names...!! These days just reaching for your phone is enough to get you killed...!!

    8. James, why would cops be coming to my house at 3 A.M.?

    9. PS. James, you continue to be an on the surface level think. You are still a shill or troll, shilling and trolling Anna. Attempting to disrupt.

    10. C Johnson..I was talking about myself...!! But it could happen to anyone for any reason...just ask the innocent black 5 who spent 10 years in jail for a rape they didn't commit...!! What I don't understand is why you think we need govt so "f" ing" bad...!!

      I can take care of myself very well without either govt or law enforcement, thank you very much...!! Anyone who wants any form of govt is a shill or troll..!! Period..!!

    11. I was going to rip you comment to shreds, but you are such a waste of my good time.

    12. Fraud on the Court Law and Legal Definition
      Fraud on the court occurs when the judicial machinery itself has been tainted, such as when an attorney, who is an officer of the court, is involved in the perpetration of a fraud or makes 'MATERIAL MISREPRESENTATIONS' to the court. Fraud upon the court makes void the orders and judgments of that court.

      In Bulloch v. United States, 763 F.2d 1115, 1121 (10th Cir. 1985), the court stated "Fraud upon the court is fraud which is directed to the judicial machinery itself and is not fraud between the parties or fraudulent documents, false statements or perjury. ... It is where the court or a member is corrupted or influenced or influence is attempted or where the judge has not performed his judicial function --- thus where the impartial functions of the court have been directly corrupted."


  2. EVERYONE needs to read
    IBM Q and it is located in Brussels
    And so is NATO

    1. Bush and IG Farben

  3. can you say you trust any system of govt. after this holocaust ....there will always be greedy people who are easily swayed to the "dark side" with the proper monitary incentive ...As for myself, I will never trust another system of govt or law ever again.....who is going to oversee the assembles every minute of everyday to make sure an esoteric bill isn't passed against the people by these assembles. .!! You are assuming a lot of good honest people exsist in America to sit on these assembles...I don't think there are any
    ..period..!! I want my own status , not answerable to anyone, say God himself..!! Sorry but that's the way I feel and I think I know people very good...!!

    What this video of how a pastor shamed a whole congregation into tears and told them to go home...!!

  4. sorry but history shows that I am right...!! Every human being to some extent is a "LIER" and the sooner you accept that human flaw, you will always be grasping at windmills...!!

    1. History shows that 'God' is right and we have all sinned.

  5. USMCA deal to hurt US cattle ranchers
    All of this stuff is planned to bring about the destruction of everything for big corporations, period
    We no longer know where our meat is coming from and the decisions are being made by the WTO

  6. It is interesting to see what Steve Pieczenik has to say about the holocaust in his Opus 123. Steve is from the Jabotinsky line and seems to have knowledge of what he has to say. You tube has taken down this Opus 123 so in summary Steve says it is a bit of a fable.

  7. I do believe the best place to start is the Federal funded communist education system it means taken out and replace with constitutional realities!

  8. coalminer....not only does it need taken needs taken out yesterday...!!

  9. Also maybe learn to take control of your ALL CAPS estate via a foreign trust, claim all the bonds they've issued on your NAME, file a real indemnity bond with US Treasury and otherwise manage your estate the way others of us are trying to learn without asking for donations, and money should become the least of your problems, and that's not to say we don't appreciate your efforts, just that you're asking the wrong people.

    1. Reply from Anna:

      Well, if you have it all figured out and can access everything you mention WITHOUT being a rat yourself and an accessory to the crimes -- be sure and share.

      Otherwise good luck because what goes around comes around and people who are taking what isn't really theirs may have a hard time explaining to the rest of us when all this gets sorted out.

    2. Anna: I'd sure like to know what you are referring to when you say "people are taking what isn't really theirs." Is this in regard to Happy camper's mention of "real indemnity bond"?

  10. Xerces....everything might be true if all we had to depend on is the bible and the WORD of man...-!! Foretunately, he has seen several ways to help us come to the truth in believing Christ and the second coming, none the least of which are "Near Death Experiances"(NDE), Which now not only exsist in the thousands but in every religion, race, creed, and country they are in....its always , with few exceptions, leads to the next(spiritual) dimension, in which Jesus is always the one every one sees....not Budda, not Mommhad, not aliens....only Jesus...!!

    It has to be hard as a Muslim to return from a NDE, back into your body and realize your whole life has been a LIE..!! But they freely admit it after an "NDE"....!! There are just too many of these to simply pone of as "anchdoctal "....!!
    That's like saying the SUN doesn t exsist...!! After awhile, it becomes that obvious...!!