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Friday, February 16, 2018

Manna World Holdings Trust--- Again

By Anna Von Reitz

Manna World Holdings Trust--- Again.
Let’s make it perfectly clear to everyone.  It doesn’t matter what you call it: Unum Sanctum Trust, Manna World Holdings Trust, or just The Trust. It’s what it is, that counts.  It is the umbrella organization holding most if not quite all the other historic and heritage and asset-backed trusts.  You can call it Whoopee-Ding-Dong Company for all the difference that it makes.
The Trust is a holding company with over 4,500 trusts and accounts dumped into it, most of which belong to actual living people and groups of people and entire countries, and not to the Trust at all.  In fact, the argument can be made (and I make it) that all the holdings in The Trust are stolen goods, stolen from the dead and stolen from the living, too. 
The beings responsible for the existence of The Trust steal what isn’t theirs the same way a goat eats turnips.  It is their nature.  
They steal for gain, they steal for pleasure, they even steal to give it away again, so that even when they are pretending to be philanthropists, they are actually just giving away what isn’t theirs and making themselves whatever advantage they can make of it. 
It would be rather begging the question to say that they aren’t nice people.
They lie the same way that they steal.
It’s part of their nature. They lie for fun.  They lie to see how much they can get away with.  They lie because their tongues would swell up if they told the truth. They lie for profit. Lying is a way of life for them. If they even know the truth, it’s only in order to prevaricate it.
Again, it’s not really appropriate to say that they aren’t nice people, because “nice” isn’t in them any more than the truth is.  Like snakes and buzzards, they just are what they are. 
The Historic Trusts and Accounts fall broadly into four different categories: (1) National trusts which include vast bullion holdings; (2) Treaty trusts that were never paid out and just sat around accruing value; (3) Family and Group trusts that as the name suggests, belong to specific families and organizations, some of which include vast bullion and jewel and land assets; (4) asset-backed currencies and bonds that may or may not still have value.  
These so-called “Off Ledger Accounts” form the stockpile of assets providing the collateral for all the banks of the world.  Reason would dictate that the owners of these assets would share in the wealth generated when the banks make loans and trades based on these assets, but in fact, in many cases, the banks haven’t even paid interest and have done their best to steal title to the assets, mostly by claiming that the actual owners are unknown or dead or in some way “abandoned” the assets left as special deposits in their care. 
All this really proves is that the bankers are the worst crooks among us, despite their nice suits. 
Now I am getting cards and letters and emails all excited about the newest rendition of Big Pay Out Mania--- following the likes of Wolfgang Struck, the Dinar and Zim Exchanges, and now, Manna World Holdings Trust, aka, the Big One.
Please realize that this is just another rendition of what you have heard before.  We are all going to be richer than Midas.  And it’s all for free.  And all you have to do is sign some dubious paperwork that only a sharp lawyer would recognize for what it is and what it does to you and what it gives to them.
Please, everyone, understand that all that “wealth” is a problem for them. They are trying to off-load it because it’s stolen goods and relatively useless to them unless and until you all start using it as money, at which point they own the casino and can get back in business again.  You see the situation now? 
There is no such thing as a free lunch…..there is no such thing as a free lunch…..there is no such thing as a free lunch…..there is no such thing as a free lunch….. Repeat as often as necessary.
You shall know them by their fruits. They stole all this wealth from other people and now they are giving it to you, so what does that make you?  An accomplice to their crime.  A receiver of stolen goods. 
We have been through multiple iterations and variations of two basic themes, either (a) big unknown philanthropist(s) who somehow (let’s not ask how) gained control of almost all the precious metals and jewels and art and land in the world are going to dump it all on us for free, or (b) by some magic, junk bonds and I.O.U.’s put out by insolvent governments are going to transform into securities worth billions or trillions of dollars.  But somehow, none of this ever actually happens.  There is always some delay, some technical difficulty….
Hello?  I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six, and the only reason I didn’t stop believing before that, was that my Mother encouraged the fantasy to teach me a lesson.
Did I want Santa Claus to be real?  You bet.  Is he?  No.
The reality is that a whole lot of people pretend that he’s real and get a kick out of pretending so they can give gifts in secret. The fact is that people who perform actual jobs and produce actual goods and services and who pay far too many taxes make sacrifices to cheer up their friends and family with gifts during the darkest days of winter. 
At the end of the day, was I more impressed by fantasy fat elves in red suits, or by the self-sacrifice and thoughtfulness of millions of people trying to give good gifts to each other?
The truth was ever so much better than the lie!
Most of our top generals and key officers in the military services of the world have been promised big pay-offs on currency exchanges of Iraqi Dinar and Zim.  They believe(d) this and pumped it up and stood ready to enforce it, but guess what?
Blood does not come from turnips.  
Same thing with all these philanthropists.  They are just front men trying to chisel whatever deals they can make in exchange for giving everyone new casino chips.  It’s not the chips they are worried about, and it is certainly not being done for your benefit. It’s being done so the casino owners get a new round of the old game. Nothing more or less.
Kim Goguen and her pal, Thomas, are following in the same footsteps of Karen Hudes and Wolfgang Struck.  Same basic schtick.  They get sly undisclosed benefits from what they are proposing--- (1) first and foremost, they put the casinos back in business; (2) they wash their hands of responsibility for the theft of all these trusts; (3) they get you to admit that what they stole from you was actually theirs, and when they give it all to Mr. Trump, that means that he owns you –your names and your assets---fair and square.  Here’s the Kicker: once they pull that one off, they can come back on Trump, bill him for all the debts of his bankrupt government services corporation, and force him to ante up and give back all those “assets” which are now laundered and they can get free title to you and all that is rightfully yours.
Pretty sweet deal in exchange for some pieces of metal that they want to get distributed anyway.
Wake up, dear children, Satan is slick, his children are slick, even his hand-maidens are slick as greased eels.  
Now, all of that is bad news and nasty, I know.  I can hear balloons popping and hopes deflating all over the world. But just like the hurt of no longer believing in Santa Claus, there is a silver lining to all of this.
For the first time in thousands of years, you have the opportunity to put things in perspective, to actually know and see what money is, to make new choices and develop new ways of trading with each other, to value the truth which is that we live in a world of endless abundance and there is no reason for anyone to suffer poverty or go without anything they need to thrive ever again.
And isn’t that better than an old fat guy in a funny suit?

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  1. Well, there are a lot of hints here, but I am just not one to live on hints or insinuations. Why not just come out and say what you are trying to say? This means.......what?

    1. and not from a Psychiatrist!
      Look for someone who cares about you & won't harm you...

  2. Has anyone bothered to notice that ,that FBI MEMO unredacted thanks to Trump, is a literal indictment of the DNC, Comey, the FBI corruption withiwithin the Dept, and Hillary and her foundation..Fox news channel (45 on Spectrum) was really starting to nail down this dossia and the fraud surrounding it, when all of a sudden we get this new news about a kid shooting 17 people in a high school...a clear diversion which has definitely working. Everyone just stopped talking about the MEMO and went for the like to know if his blood was drawn and examined by a "scanning tunneling microscope" if there was nanobots throughout his blood..!! This is happening way to often..especially since this kid was investigated by the FBI before this even happened and concluded that he wasn't a threat, even though they found a ton of incriminating evidence in his room..!! "Something wicked this way comes"..!!

    1. Turn Off Your TV, James!!!
      It is intended to make you feel bad!

    2. Thanks for pointing that out James. This "shooting" has so many holes in it. Now you have all the "celebrities" offering sympathy with leftist talking points. Sick. Hope no one gives this much time and we get back onto the MEMO's.

    3. MK-Ultra is an old Satanic richualistic tortures as a means to split person-alities- esp in the young into separate person-alities which have no knowledge of the "others" and can be separated then taught/trained to do and commit acts unbenownced to the "others" by signaling engrained over time= "Manchurian Candidate" style operatives.
      This to me is the legacy of the "lone gunman" going back to before Andrew Jacksons assassination attempt to where I truly wonder if in fact Gen. George Washington wasn't bled to death intentionally for learning and knowing too much and being someone all would listen to.
      Spaced just separate enough to keep them a topic(increasingly so)these mass shootings- (which are a "new" development) seem to be almost directed to an end of disarming the "bitterclingers to Bibles+guns" being that WE are the "Basket of Deplorables" to be sidelined, runover and eliminated.
      Just my thots on the truly dark-arts and their perveyer's.
      What all is really going on here-???

  3. Yes indeed!!! We're getting it loud and clear!! Thank you Anna!

  4. When Anna finally gave us the last name on Kim Possible, Goguen, I finally did a search using Duck Duck Go, not Google.

    The 1st time I heard of the Manna World Trust was by Thomas from the YT channel, Lucid Dreamers. The site started out using a female computerized voice and was just another information site like most of them. But then comes in Thomas with a definite English accent and started reporting about what he and Kim were doing behind the scenes to combat the central banking system. He uses half truths with a subtle demeanor that is very convincing. It even drew me in. None of it made any sense even though people on that site want to believe its true because were all sick and tired of these bankers controlling all the money supply of the world.

    On the other hand, who wants one person in control of a Trust Fund that has the worlds supply of the currency and dish it out when she wants. That's exactly what the antichrist is looking to do. I also find it strange that Qanon never talks about this supposed Trust Fund. We already have gotten a positive confirmation about Q+ identity, which is Trump himself. Since it should be obvious to everyone by now, that Trump is God's annointed one, who knew he could handle all the negativity coming at him from all angles so he could correct 200 years of corruption in our gov't officials that were suppose to represent us, not to enslave or destroy us.

    Why do we need a worldwide Trust Fund for someone to use and control our money anyway. That's exactly what the Fed did with our treasury department, which they have been moving around to different countries so we can never access our treasury direct accounts. Even if Kim Possible actually figured out a way to gain control of all the stolen assets that the bankers have stolen around the world, she wouldn't be able to live without a hit on her, and then who controls the Fund then? I'm putting my faith were it belongs in Jesus who all things are possible. And right now, Trump is doing God's will. When is the last time you heard any President of the US say, in America, we don't put our faith in gov't, we put it in God? God bless Trump and his family for taking on such a gigantic task of taking down the deep state.


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