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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Civilian Property Emblem - In the Case of Martial Law Intensifying

From Anna Von Reitz

Instruction to Safely Identify Your Home and Property in the Case of Martial Law Intensifying.
Take a rigid piece of material-- wood, metal, foam core, etc. and make a sign --- a rectangle 5 inches tall by ten inches wide.
Draw a diagonal line from the top right to the left bottom corner so that there now appear to be two triangles inscribed, one above the other.
Color the top triangle black and the bottom triangle white.
Firmly attach this emblem to your house, your gates, and display in the front and rear windows of your car, boat, etc., to warn the military that you are a civilian "vessel" and that they will be trespassing on civilian property if they enter in upon your land, auto, home, etc. and will be acting against international law.
Field Manual 27-10/1956
Section 4, 45 and 46

Here is the Emblem that prints out the right size:


  1. Thanks, Anna! And you (we) can also cite the Fourth Geneva Convention, along with Title 18 USC 1651 -- Piracy under the law of nations -- and let them know they have committed a capital crime of trespass and inland piracy. I also put together a Notice which I call a Civilian Inquiry, toward a Notice of Personal Liability, to name any and all governmental services employees as libelees. I sent one yesterday to Chuck Young, Public Affairs Director for the GAO (Gov't Accountability Office) which checkmates him on disclosure of where the missing $21 trillion went. If he doesn't answer, it's criminal concealment; if he gives a false or partial answer, it's making false statements -- both of which mandate 5 years in prison for these bureaucrats under Title 18 USC 1001. "This is a Civilian Audit of your CAFRs -- both sets of books." Time to pay the piper.

    1. Keep us posted on the outcome...

    2. Keep us posted on the outcome...

    3. chris do you have time to email me ?you have some creative spirit I am seeking on a certain front

    4. Yes, I will email you. You can join our InPower Movement or do these Notices of Liability yourself to these individuals. We are targeting the smart meter rollout, then vaccines, chemtrails, and this lethal barratry next.

    5. Chris Robideaux,
      Is there a link to the InPower Movement, and could I also truoble you about the Civilian Inquiry.

  2. As I recall during Katrina the military, private contractors etc all acted in open violation of law confiscating private property, beating old ladies in their home. If they come and see that sign they'll probably beat you over the head with it !

  3. Unknown is exactly right!!! ALL of this is worthless if there is no force to back it up, just like the Constitution, they wipe their butts with it. How's THAT been going, trying to make them obey the "Law of the Land"!!!??? Not too good has it!!!??? Same result here, prepared to be SHOT if you try to resist. No "defeatist attitude" here but plain hard cold fact!!! Let us know hoe it works along with all of those commercial liens Anna supposedly placed on the banksters and Vatican. How's that working out too!!!??? Not too good!!! And THIS is supposed to protect us!!!???

    1. Your not paying attention , lots of wins ! Belive it or not even the IRS.moved off shore to exceed the law suits.whole law firms whipped out of Greg Abbott sued Obama 30 times and won the majority .

    2. And the senate is grilling the IRS commissioner so bad he resigned for targeting special groups, like the tea party, for harrassment and terrorism...and his aid or accounting expert was going to turn over evidence after being grilled to death by Trey Gowdy and others, giving onl the 5th admendment as her excuse not to answer...How in the hell are they still getting away with this fraud....enough people know now what is going on, not only us ,but around the world...we can find Bin Laden, Sadim Hussian, but we cant find and arrest George Soros.....!! Right!!

    3. bubbapatric you need to READ what was stated, the FEW examples do not outweigh the MANY people who have been gunned down by the police, homes seized by the IRS, or property confiscated under drug seizure laws, seems you think a FEW "wins" make up for the majority of the murderous criminality that goes on in this country!!! And what happened to those trillion dollar "commercial liens" Anna supposedly placed on the Vatican and the bar association!!!??? THAT describes the situation exactly that NOTHING will be done that will change our situation as long as FORCE is not applied!!! As one bankster stated: We know what we are doing is wrong but we will not stop until we are FORCED to!!! And how many liens and home repossessions has moving offshore stopped the IRS!!!??? "Not paying attention"!!!??? Seems you're the one "out of the loop" there bubbapatric. I suggest you do more research than watch FAUX NEWS or this website. Go to and read the latest person that was gunned down by the police and let me know how THAT person "won" anything except a shorten life by the hands of tyranny.

  4. Unknown thank you and God bless you for the motivation to keep all of us going if it wasn't for y'all we've probably wouldn't just keep having this steadily awesome drive to get this country where deserves to be and and who it deserves to be too so thank you I known for keeping us motivated God bless and Godspeed

    1. Justin, this country lauds every wicked thing, despises God, is quick to protest pro-lifers, has the past 3 generations who are sadly lacking in morals, have foul language and think its ''cool' to talk with every other word beginning with ''f'', despises authority, is heady and full of self, always seeking self satisfaction, is not appauled by outrageous behavior, and think christians are just for laughs, on and on it goes......
      Now Justice, tell us all, just where does ''our country deserve to be''?

    2. One thing for sure Abby, is money alone wont cure that problem fact, it will fuel it even further... first the fraud has to be addressed. Then we need to get back to true christian beliefs in the public schools....not the church. How come muslims get to worship their faith in our schools and work place, but no one else... "polically correct agendas" have to go... If i offend someones senabilities, tough...grow up and either give it back or shut up already, crybabies..!! But Abby , can you imagine what would happen in this country of the people you just described if they were to suddenly inherit several million dollars....this would be the nation of "Satan" himself...!!

    3. James, there are millions of peeps here who are not included in any of these Trusts, since they were never recorded here. They will likely have to go back where they came from and deal from their own homeland.
      Nobody is going to go hunting people down; I would imagine we will have to somehow ''apply'' and for those that don't pay any attention, as they are too busy roaming streets and have no idea whats going on, who knows how that will really go.
      But we cannot cut off our own nose just because of them.
      Our nation is already run by satan; we just may be better able to to afford a better defense for ourselves......IF we don't get done in by the Nov. 4 fiasco, which is still on their Agenda as of right now.
      We must go right on just the same, and take each day as it comes. The Lord is not sleeping and is not caught off guard.
      Let me tell you a cute little story: My recent doctor appointments have always been on Fridays, so I told my family not to schedule anything, as last Friday I had to go get my last stitches removed. After I got in bed, the Lord said to me 'no, your appointment this time is on Thursday''.
      Then it dawned on me, thats right, this time is a day early because my Dermo doc is going to be out of town on Friday.
      James, so you see, even a little thing like that, the Lord is keeping tabs on things.
      The other day I made my great Chili (at least thats what my son thinks it is) and I heard ''you don't have crackers''.
      Nothing all that important, but what it says to me is...He is cognizant of every little thing in the lives of those that belong to Him. He also knows the deeds of the wicked, as well. The wicked will not be blessed by this, but a curse to them. So let God handle it/them. Right is right, and wrong is still wrong. Remember, this is Showdown Time. Our job is to be responsible and use all the wisdom God gives us.

  5. I thought we were supposed to re-flag our vessels?
    I bought the darned thing, I'll be darned if I don't fly it!

    1. you are possibly being sarcastic...

      civil flag (not under the military authority) and "civilian" triangles are not contradictory...

  6. The following are the two cited paragraphs from the Army Field Manual. I don't see the applicability here to "your house, your gates, ... your car, boat, etc.,"

    45. Buildings and Areas To Be Protected
    a, Buildings To Be Spared.
    In sieges and bombardments all necessary measures must be taken to spare, as far as possible, buildings dedicated to religion, art, science, or charitable purposes, historic monuments, hospitals, and places where the sick and wounded are collected, provided they are not being used at the time for military purposes.
    It is the duty of the besieged to indicate the presence of such buildings or places by distinctive and visible signs, which shall be notified to the enemy beforehand. ...
    6. Areas T o Be Protected. In order to protect buildings used for medical purposes from being accidentally hit, it is desirable that the wounded and sick should, if possible, be concentrated in an area remote from military objectives or in an area neutralized by arrange- ment with the enemy. ...

    46. Such Buildings to Display Sign Specified in Naval Treaty
    a. Treaty Provision.
    It is the duty of the inhabitants to indicate such monuments, edifices, or places by visible signs, which shall consist of large stiff rectangular panels divided diagonally into two coloured triangular portions, the upper portion black, the lower portion white. ...
    6. Application of Rule. The foregoing rule adopted in this convention for naval warfare may be adopted for protecting buildings under bombardment in land warfare.
    c. Use of Foregoing for Military Purposes. The besieging forces are not required to observe the signs indicating inviolability of buildings that are known to be used for military purposes, such as quarters, aareliouses, observation posts, or signal installations.

  7. I have seen this emblem on military landing party's to signal to other military.

    1. bubba, therefore, if it is used on military planes, we could use it on our cars. The sign merely signifies that we are not using our car or our home for military purposes. IMO

  8. To unknown, it is the attitude and the ignorance of people like you that got us into this mess. To correct this mess you need to understand your "UNALIENABLE RIGHTS" and LEARN to defend them. To find out that our fore fathers were misled and did not bother to learn 'LAW" is why we in this position. So, yes it is going to take unsunk hereos to lay their lives on the line to get you to do the same, EDUCATION is the first step and then talking about it with the necessary solutions and defend your sovereign position. By the way, first lesson - THEIR IS NO SUCH THING AS A SOVEREIGN CITIZEN ONLY SOVERIEGN.....


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