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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ted Nugent and Sheriff Richard Mack

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  1. Can't we the people create our own common law grand juries and investigate all these abuses then send to the appropriate entities in government and insist that they pardon the innocent?

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  2. It's is a good video. I don't think they understand what we're up against, putting their trust in the president of the corporation that's causing all the headaches in the first place. The president that just declared another state of emergency over opioids. Anytime there's an emergency declared you going to lose some of what little freedoms we have left.

    1. Yes, I suppose killing yourself with opiods is a God-given right of self-determination, but isn't it also the responsibility of doctors and pharmaceutical companies for handing out the loaded weapons indiscriminately? Basic civilized society dictates that some of the responsibility falls to those who are the providers and they need to be exposed. Innocent people recovering from medical procedures become addicted to these pills and they are far too available.

    2. I know several people who take opioids to live, certainly not because they want to. They'd rather be fishing, or hiking, or walking the beach.

    3. rdross5, I got your point and was thinking the same thing but hesitant to comment because when they started about the corporate constitution I quit watching so didn't know enough about the content to comment. I may watch when I have more time. I like both men from way back when I was first awakened and in search

  3. Richard Mack is a friend of mine, and we've had him in our little town twice to educate the locals... invite him to your area.

  4. I wish I had a transcript (in word) of this video to quote at length at my Blog [1] as it could be educational.

    However I did take a couple notes.

    Ted briefly mentions "the Lacey Act" which originally was an "Act of Congress" in 1900 and which "underwent a major overhaul in 1981"[2] This "Act" probably deserves a lengthly report (although not intended here) just to identify what it is about and most importantly the true Lawful nature and especially the limits of its jurisdiction.

    Briefly - All "Acts of Congress" are proprietary based. That means Congress has exclusive legislative jurisdiction over the federal property and the like that the Federal "government" owns. Jurisdictions along with their Lawful limitations are not taught in public schools and so it requires "an extra lesson" in Law - most specifically in "The Organic Laws of the United Staes of America". Most Americans need this extra lesson because the subject/s of "government", Congress, the "United States", "the President", etc. are all clouded by deeply held beliefs that most Americans have been inundated with since they were about six years old! Ted Nugent is no exception!


  5. Symptoms all day but the cure /cause oligarchy like what took over Russia until put in was a trader to the zionists..yes the courts have British BAR. that are breaking our thirteenth ammendment for starters and using British corporate maritime law were our founding fathers set up common law and limited judges to under 50 dollars .

    1. Where did the founders set up common law ? I don't see it in the Constitution read Art 3 and especially the part about treaties, the primary jurisdiction of the federal government has always been Maritime/Admiralty and the primary jurisdiction of "common law" was in the individual states.
      People have contacted the British BAR about American Attorneys and there are no records of them registered with the British BAR.

    2. Common law was the law of the land came from English common law some service provider /CEO. USA a foreign corporation to the nation states color of law .the unconstitutional changeling of our law by Lincoln from land jurisdiction to sea based jurisdiction was acting like the Karl Marx pen pal he was.

    3. true, the current bastardized, commercial Common Law is not the original common law of the states, but more importantly where we find ourselves enslaved is through the 14th Amendment and U.S. (dba District of Columbia) Citizenship. if you read those two carefully, they get us through Congressional plenary powers, Commercial crimes as Corporations/Persons. that is the real culprit. the rest is just a distraction.

    4. So the law of the land "common law" came from English Common law ?
      Unfortunately the English common law was already a bastardization of true common law "natural law" the real law of the land. Look into Blackstones commentaries and will see English common law was essentially already case law , and look into the Anti-Federalists because the true problems started at the foundation of the constitution not at the civil war or by the hand of Lincoln, a situation coming to a head and its actual origins are far from the same thing, people like to point to 1 or 2 events and think things are all figured out when the time line of events are long and in depth.
      My main issue is people spit out bullet points they picked up but don't have the personal knowledge to back any of it up and simply magnify the confusion of new readers looking for answers.

    5. A lot of folks trip over the 14th and seem to make a nest there as if it the end all be all of proof of something???

      A Quote from Supreme Court case (1844), SO basically 25 years Pre 14th Amendment , they clearly stated a "state citizen" is a "corporation" and also a "artificial person", so keep in context of all those claiming they are de-jure state citizens and not subject the 14th amendment.

      """A corporation created by a state to perform its functions under the authority of that state and only suable there, though it may have members out of the state, seems to us to be a person, though an artificial one, inhabiting and belonging to that state, and therefore entitled, for the purpose of suing and being sued, to be deemed a citizen of that state."""

      Another quote same case..

      """Our first remark is that the jurisdiction is not necessarily excluded by the terms when "the suit is between a citizen of the state where the suit is brought and a citizen of another state" unless the word "citizen" is used in the Constitution and the laws of the United States in a sense which necessarily excludes a corporation."""

      So what is being said is that the term "citizen" in the actual Constitution itself does NOT exclude a corporation.

      Another tid-bit is all inhabitants of the City of Washington (DC) were all by legislation (Statutes at Large 1812) reclassified as a "citizen" of D.C. (franchisee), the DC Municipality itself was established in 1802, and the City of Washington (DC) was already DBA as the “Corporation of Washington” before the Civil War.

    6. yep agreed. citizen is an ugly roman word deriving from situs trust; but its very easy to see the problem via the 14th and the fact that you are a U.S. Citizen as it is very plain to see that as a 14th you cannot question anything including the debts of the U.S.

      thats why im not a citizen im a foreign national, californian of Dutch American ancestry.

    7. Penny, its also plainly visible that the term citizen was already established in the founding document before the 14th was ever dreamed of, already a subject to civil laws (Roman) again pre dating the 14th.
      Even Anna has explained the 13th was far more detrimental then the 14th, this basically made everyone potential criminals depending on whatever future statutes they decide to enact and anyone can simply contract all their rights away (voluntary servitude) regardless of what the 14th states.

  6. Now this is the kind of discussion this blog is here for. That is why I uploaded this video. I want to know if Anna's readers are paying attention, and can apply what they are learning from her to real situations like these pardons Richard is asking for. I am sure regardless of his actual position as the CEO of the corporation, if he pardons these people they will be released, and the black robed tyrants will be set back hard.
    I say pardon them all, Bundys, Hammonds, and all the political prisoners, including every IRS case ever prosecuted.

  7. I would love to see Trump come out with a List of probably thousands of pardons; all those that have been wrongly charged and imprisoned. Let the Media chew on that as long as they want to, who cares. It is time for Trump to take the Offensive and take the full advantage of his rightful position! And stop letting the buggers throw him into the Defensive position all the time. He has the ball, and he should remember that; stop trying to please people that are all hell-bent on deliberate manufactured fault finding. He should ignore it and just plow on through, not responding to it, but ignore it, and keep moving forward. He needs to start rolling heads NOW, and let the chips fall where they may.
    Nugent and Mack have the right ideas, however, my personal intuition tells me it is way way too late; the stink has spread too far and wide now. Mainly, you can do right, be right, and because we have such leftist/marxist folks in the ''legal' system throughout, you cannot win against that.
    ALL american attorneys are members of the BAR. BAR stands for British Registry. (except Anna and a very few others)

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    1. Hey "Ray"!
      Don't y'all have anyone that knows grammar amongst all your professionals whom could write your ad copy?
      May i suggest it would simply be good manners to get the agreement to receive your solicitations beforehand rather than simply "regurgitating" upon the group?
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  9. Two devoted Americans that will continue to fight for justice. The Bundy ranch and Malheur refuge and all who were involved are political prisoners and if were able to even defend themselves could point the finger at Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton as the culprits. Reid colluding with China and Clinton colluding with Russia. But the kangaroo court and the treason from the judge they lost before the fight began. Treason from within is destroying America and it must be checked by a faction of our military or death to America is a no brainer.

  10. How true their is no need to be violent. In fact we have a duty to not be violent ever if at all possible. To violate is criminal, to steal, rob, violate another's rights. To be violent is an action of violators. Defending when being violated is ones right and is not violence. It seems propagdandists want to mix people up on what violence is and what defending against violence to protect is.


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