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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Both Flags Belong to Us

By Anna Von Reitz

There seems to be some sort of cognitive disconnect going on, created by "either/or" thinking and deep indoctrination. 

The international jurisdiction belonging to our states was first united via agreement between the states, and then it was divided by delegation of powers. 

As a result of this partition between delegated and non-delegated powers, there have always been two flags representing our country in international jurisdiction. 

The Civil or Peacetime flag with vertical stripes represents the retained powers of the states and people, which includes all international land jurisdiction (postal roads, post offices, postal district courts, etc.) and all non-delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea (such as the power of private international trade). 

The War flag, the familiar "Stars and Stripes", is exercised and used by the United States as part of its delegated authority.  You will remember that the states united in part to establish a "common defense", so that the job of defending the states falls on the federal contractor providing those delegated services.

The problem is that the vermin running the "United States" --- the corporations under contract to provide the delegated services--- have never stood down and declared peace since the Civil War.  Otherwise, the Peacetime flag would be much more familiar to us and to the world.  

It should be flying at every Post Office and most courthouses in America this very moment. 

If we claim to be landsmen living on the soil of our native country, we and our lawful government are at peace and have been at peace since 1865; we therefore fly the Peacetime flag with vertical stripes. 

If we claim to be federal employees or dependents or franchises of the subcontractor corporations, they have been at war for generations, and they fly the wartime flag, the Stars and Stripes. 

Most of us have been flying the wrong flag our entire lives. 

The take home point is that there are and always were two flags, and they both ultimately belong to us and we have the right to fly either one of them, depending on our political status.  

Despite this straight forward explanation I have all sorts of knot heads trying to prove that the Stars and Stripes is our flag and our only flag, etc., etc., etc.
This may come from wrong-headed patriotism or from guile, seeking to once again fool Americans into entrapping themselves in the distinctly unfavorable federal political status without disclosure. 

Either way, it simply isn't true. 

For those who are astonished to learn that we have two flags in international jurisdiction and react in disbelief, I refer you all to read the first introduction chapter to Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel, The Scarlet Letter, titled "The Customs House". Hawthorne was writing as an eye-witness in 1850.  There you will see incontrovertible, first-hand, primary source proof that America has two flags.  

Now it's up to you to figure out which flag you should be "sailing" under.  

Honorably discharged soldiers and sailors need to inform the State Secretary of State that they are "returned" and "retired" from all federal service and presumption of federal citizenship, and send a copy of their DD214 documenting their honorable discharge.  And start flying the Peacetime flag.   

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  1. So why doesnt the real courts and govt shut down the defacto courts of govt foreigners treaspassing on our land?

    1. there are no real courts or govt...nor should there be...if people need courts and govt...then they need to start questioning what they stand often do you need a court or govt?...

    2. The "Real courts and govt" are the American State Nationals themselves, Sovereigns throughout the Land, like Anna her self for example and she's put many "government" employees on notice throughout the world, like President Trump, as well as the main culprit himself---the Pope! To answer your question State Nationals/Sovereigns are few & far between and minute in comparison to the Crown/Pope's ponds. I believe 90%-95% of our nation's population are totally & completely ignorant to what is going on around them, for example this article of "Both Flags Belonging To Us," most don't even know of the Civil and/or Peace Flag! All they know and am familiar with is the war flag---"Stars & Stripes." However, the Voice of the State National intertwined with the proper knowledge & documents holds weight/clout, such as the voice/knowledge of Anna Von Reitz and her staff/volunteers. Its a serious battle between good & evil, maritime law vs Law of the Land, and the battle wages every minute of every day! More Sovereign warriors are needed indeed to fight tyranny, so get involved and join the fight for True Freedom!

    3. Anna, this lady's question is very good. I believe I know the ROOT Truth to her answer but would love to hear what you have to say.
      Sometimes, there are many facets to an answer as Kanoe Souza revealed above.
      Anyway, this is the kind of basic information (the mind blowing fact that we have TWO flags) people can begin to learn the Truth of this world with.
      This is a great way to build the Foundation of learning for people to use as an Awakening aid, Anna.
      I salute you & your efforts, Judge...!!!
      HOO-YAH & God Bless the Awakening and the Restoration of the Republic.

    4. We the People MUST & SHALL hang all traitors to the Republic for Which it Stands in order to secure LIBERTY!!!

    5. "More Sovereign warriors are needed indeed to fight tyranny, so get involved and join the fight for True Freedom!"

      Agreed. Unfortunately, the majority of people won't separate themselves from their daily 'ruts' in life...and put forth effort to gain even 'knowledge' of what is being herein presented...that is unless the 'tyranny' of which you speak 'hits home.' One of my most wise advisers told me people make decisions to do something based upon only two considerations, 1) to gain pleasure, or 2) to avoid pain.
      As for myself, pain got my attention. When I experienced pain I paid attention.
      I believe another reason is, unlike Judge Anna, most people are afraid...not willing to 'risk it all' such as did the signers of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was extremely controversial. By signing the Declaration of Independence, fifty-six (56) Americans pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. It was no idle pledge--- Nine signers died of wounds during the Revolutionary War. Five were captured or imprisoned. Wives and children were killed, jailed, mistreated, or left penniless. Twelve signers’ houses were burned to the ground. Seventeen lost everything they owned.
      Judge Anna, you are doing a fantastic job!!! Thank you for all the awesome 'ordained by God' teachings. The past few have truly been over the top...or, from up above :)
      On a last note. On May 3rd, 1802, the Continental Congress 'sold-out' America and themselves back to the Crown with an Act to incorporate all inhabitants of Washington D.C. so as to be able to operate as a municipal government, franchised by the Crown. 'They' only incorporated in 1871 so as to control all commerce operating within the boundaries of their municipal franchises.
      This is when America was taken over by the Crown Temple BAR by franchise agreement with the Continental Congress. The Continental Congress on May 3rd, 1802, mostly Crown Temple BAR agents, gave America back to the Crown by incorporating every inhabitant.
      However, the last President America had (in my opinion), President Kennedy, convened a United States Congress that gave America back to the people on October 18th, 1972, when they gave every 'citizen,' no matter what class of person one might be, a Cause of Action to bring a claim.

  2. The only court we need if we need courts at all, need to be similar to small claims court, with no attorneys allowed and with no limit on the amount of injury....No superior, District, Appeals or Supreme Courts at all. That should severly limit the amount of attorneys still looking to rob people of their hard earned money. One polical status ONLY. IT DOESNT MATTER WHETHER YOU WORK FOR THE GOVT. OR NOT. No more choices!!!! Either your an American or your not....period.!!! Choice always ends up enslaving us. Im sick of hearing about two statuses. Its one status or nothing at all.

  3. There is a legitimate controversy as to if there was indeed a civil flag. I would need more proof of your claim. Not just implicative authority. Really what it should boil down to is you create your own peace BANNER, not flag, like the one that used to adorn the wall behind the speakers seat in Congress at the time, and have it recognized as a civil peace banner by the international community. No group of people have any standing if they are not internationally recognized anyway.

    1. Your need for proof will come by way of your researching for yourselves, as Anna have/has suggested to the readers of her articles. Anna is way to busy to answer every single readers request for "proof," as should be obvious. Banner? Flags are "Banners." The State National/Sovereign IS internationally recognized, by the snakes whom are amongst us to steal, kill & destroy our very way of life that God intended His children to enjoy---Free-ly! The Serpent has waged war and we're fighting the adversary and his host' every minute of every day, sir/mamm, and not just sitting back and taking their cracks, like most are currently doing due to their ignorance. So research, do your homework.

    2. I agree, Mr. Souza.
      There is indeed an Agenda afoot...and it's not in the best interest of We the People.
      With the villains all connected through their variously named secret societies and due to their control over most of the worlds money supply and their corrupt central banks.
      Money touches/influences just about every aspect of the Human experience so just like Rothschild said..."I care not who makes a nations laws if I control it's money supply."
      Gamesmedic...Anna provided you some ROOT Truth so how about you go verify it in Mr. Hawthorne's novel as she mentions above, but simply put...those who argue against the Civil flag are part of the Agenda followers mentioned here or their useful idiots.
      America has 2 flags.
      This is a well known fact for those of us who have actually consulted History to find the Truth of it.
      Judge Anna is correct.

    3. From Anna:

      We issued Sovereign Letters Patent and recorded them. This in effect reset everything. But even if we had not done that, it would still stand as our country because the Civil War was not a war.

    4. If your going to have a war flag, then it should look like a war flag, not something that mimics our original peacetime sovereign American flag. These mild sutlties is what confuse the average American, just like the names in all capital letters vs Upper case and lower case fonts to distigues between corporate and unincorporated human beings. Look where all this deceit has gotten England. Nowhere. The International Bankers now own them and us.

    5. If your going to have a war flag, then it should look like a war flag, not something that mimics our original peacetime sovereign American flag. These mild sutlties is what confuse the average American, just like the names in all capital letters vs Upper case and lower case fonts to distigues between corporate and unincorporated human beings. Look where all this deceit has gotten England. Nowhere. The International Bankers now own them and us.

  4. A flag is flown on the sea and war to identify the origin of the vessel.

  5. We were told back in the 1980s to take our DD214 and file it in a county. I have several filed and only knew or did it at the time for safe keeping, in case the original got lost or destroyed. Asked about the filing of certain papers at the county and was told they only filed property. Upon asking the supervisor the clerk said it would be alright to file a DD214 then found out there was already one on file recorded from years ago I had forgot about.

  6. On October 18th, 1972, the Congress of the United States, not so many Crown Temple BAR agents, and the last assembly of 'Kennedy's Congress', gave the citizens a Cause of Action to take America back, one Claim at a time.
    President Nixon VETOED it. The Congress of the United States over-rode the President's VETO by a two-thirds majority vote.
    It is stated in that Act that not even the President can exempt compliance with section 306 or 307.
    Section 306 mandates application of technology that will contain and control prohibited pollutants, mandated under 307 to be contained and controlled by application of technology required by 306, to prevent pollution from being discharged into a home (tap) or from a home.
    Now, take note, every 'person' who is a governmental instrumentality, the "tyrants" above mentioned, are ALL operating in violation of the mandatory requirements set fourth in this public health and welfare law mandated by Congress Assembled in 1972. The US Government failed to adopt and enforce this law...because they are municipal franchises. To adopt and enforce a law that eliminated pollution would "put them out of business" and or punish them for not complying with it.
    However, a competent court proceeding according to the common law has jurisdiction to bring civil actions for negligence (torts).
    The actual damages provided for by the "505 Cause of Action" for each of these persons equates to well over $6 Billion USD per person,i.e. the United States, the USEPA, and all other persons of any governmental Instrumentality...who is in-fact associated with the Crown. Just see Public Law 92-500, Sec. 2, SEC. 505 CITIZEN SUITS, (a). This Cause of Action also provides for Amendment Article XI immunity to any citizen who takes action to claim said damages.
    Most folks that I know of now days have one motto in common, the 4-M motto "money makes me move." Also, another point that is of concern is, the Cause of Action additionally provides for the 'class of person' bring the suit is to be considered as a "live-born" person (defined under their United States Codes, Title 1., section 8(b)) as apposed to the class of person subject to the law defined under section 309(c)(3). Anyone who wishes to learn your lawful Cause of Action, I suggest you google and download the pdf of Public Law 92-500 and do a word search for "Sec. 505"
    Keep up the GREAT work Judge Anna!!! And, may God continue to bless 'and protect' us all. Thank you.

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