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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Feel Good BS as opposed to Scare Us Silly BS!

By Anna Von Reitz

Re: What I Know About the "Reign of Heaven Society" and "The United States of America" Part 3

Most things that sound too good to be true are too good to be true and to the extent that we naively believe them we are disappointed and oftentimes endangered by our own hopes-- because such hopes keep us waiting for someone or something beyond ourselves to come save us, change things, and make things better.
For many years now there has been talk and rumors of NESARA being enacted "secretly" and even at gunpoint.
My Mother worked with and for General Schwesinger. I was young, but I remember the major points. They fought it all the way through the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court agreed with them--- but nothing happened.

Because the federal corporation responsible was bankrupt and the Congress operating other federal corporations would have to apportion money to settle the debt as a Successor organization, which Congress declined to do. NESARA was introduced as remedy for the Farm Union cases by a lone Congressman and he was laughed out of Washington.
Don't believe me? Ask Willie Nelson.
Since then many years have passed and nothing much has changed. The bankruptcy of "the United States of America, Inc." was concluded in 1999 with all debts settled and discharged.
Fearing at one point that NESARA might gain political traction, Congress went back and "tweaked" the original proposed legislation, corrupting and twisting it into something different entirely and beneficial to themselves and their aims, instead of providing any actual remedy.
Anyone who cares to can go on the THOMAS system or MANTA and check the status of any action on NESARA -- either version. Last time I looked -- a few months back-- there hasn't been any movement on NESARA since the 1990's.
So what possible excuse can there be for encouraging people to put their hopes in NESARA, much less GESARA?
None that I can see. Just feel good BS as opposed to scare-us-silly BS?
And the harm in that is that it keeps people twiddling their thumbs and patiently waiting for Santa Claus and a Christmas morning that never comes.
They should be up and marching in the streets, demanding their rights as the Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES , INC. and thundering down on the members of Congress and demanding that the UNITED STATES, INC. be denied any protection from the courts.
That is what should be happening, in my rational opinion, but instead you have all these folks following along waiting for fairytales while the farm is being sold out from under their feet and Richard-- that leaves me and a handful of others to stand in the doorway alone facing The Beast.
So there is the very real harm in all this hope and joy twaddle about NESARA and GESARA.
There will be a "currency reset". The so-called elite have planned it for their own gross benefit for over a hundred years, so it will happen absent divine intervention. How it will happen and when it will happen in the public view is anyone's guess--- but it is happening now on private trading platforms so it is a no-brainer that it will eventually go public.
And what does that REALLY mean?
The rats who ripped off our parents and grandparents and us, too, all our lives--- will get even richer by selling what should be our own inheritance back to us at wildly inflated prices.
Whoopee, Richard. Is this something for people to wait for like children in great anticipation, thinking that they are going to get rich on their modest investments?
When the truth is that they will be lucky to realize any actual benefit at all?
Remember that old Bible passage about people throwing their gold and silver in the streets in despair?
It will be better to have a box of oatmeal on the shelf and a roll of toilet paper to call your own, but you aren't telling people that. Instead you all keep hyping them up with happy little get rich quick aspirations: pay almost nothing for Zim and Dinar and walk away with your pockets loaded down.
Quite apart from the immoral aspects of what this implies, what do you suppose the guys like David Rockefeller are doing? And what affect do you think that will have on the value of everything you are promoting?
Some days I just get up and shake my head.
As we are speaking the Rockefellers are quietly putting their "Councils of County Governments" in place. These are the county level versions of the "Councils of State Governments" they put in place back in the 1930's. They think that once they get all the incorporated counties to join these new arbitrarily defined "Super County" organizations, they will be able to claim that they have established "exclusive legislative jurisdiction" over the United States.
That means that we will be considered "conquered" people, and treated like the Native Americans were treated by these same Dutch vermin.
Are you warning the American people to block any movement toward forming councils of county governments and to stop participating in any councils of state governments?
Are you even doing the service of explaining the importance of their political status to them, so that they can avoid the miseries of being considered "citizens" and losing everything they have for pennies on the dollar.
So far, Richard, it is business as usual in the District of Columbia. The UNITED STATES, INC. is being liquidated without a whisper. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. has been entered into Chapter 11. The world is lined up at our doorstep placing claims against our property for debts we don't owe, yet the American people sleep on, unaware of the gross lies and false claims that their "Allies"--- the British and the French - have told about them, and all the sleazy deals that members of the US military have made--- supposedly in our behalf while we are falsely considered to be "rebels" and under military occupation.
Can you finally begin to smell the very large crock of feces under your nose? How about the reek of millions of innocent dead bodies?
If this were a joke, if it didn't matter, if people were not being critically endangered by their gullibility and their willingness to believe fairytales, I would shut up and let them believe whatever they wanted to believe--- but that is not the situation, Richard.
Our country and our people are being prepared to be sacrificed and robbed by real life monsters--- and all you seem willing to do is keep them quietly, passively waiting for the ax to fall and trying to discredit me and everyone else who tells them to wake up and get moving.
Did you notice that "US Treasurer" Rosa Gumataotao Rios left office in July and nobody replaced her?
Still trying to explain me away as some evil foreign agent of the Vatican? Maybe you should explain what the office of "US Treasurer" is and why there isn't one anymore?
General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. knows the answer, but he isn't doing anything about it. Instead he is preparing a fake "interim" government to serve as the new front of the old organization, and you are preparing to support this action with a whole new roster of explanatory fairytales.
No doubt you will try to tell what is left of the American people that all the stupidity and carnage and destruction to come was somehow "necessary" and that I was the one at fault for it all--- and the incurably gullible will believe you.
The question is, Richard, when do you stop believing all this garbage yourself?
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  1. Here's more useful information available nowhere else. Who ever heard of Councils of County Government? Wow, right in front of our noses buried in all of the corporations these people have formed to hide their deceptions. We need to open our mouths now of forever hold our tongues.



    It was for the deliverance of the Holy Sepulchre that the crusades were organized; it was for its defence that military orders were instituted.

    this is a direct quote from 'anna von reitz' :
    ” I, too, stand with the universal Catholic Church, founded by Christ. My blood seal stands upon the record of the Vatican Chancery Court in Witness of what I am going to show you tonight. I am from a family that has served the Catholic Church since the First Holy Roman Empire, Hereditary Grand Marshals of the Holy Roman Empire, Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. I have myself served as an International Services Agent and as a private attorney in service to his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and now, Pope Francis. You must believe that I am in deadly earnest both about the seriousness of the criminality engulfing America and the danger this poses to the Church and to the Rule of Law. The Canon Law of the Church stands above every other form of law, and the Roman Curia above all other courts.”

  3. For those of us who have been involved for years and doing the work, all of this is extremely discouraging. What do you mean "There will be a "currency reset". The so-called elite have planned it for their own gross benefit for over a hundred years, so it will happen"?? What about all the public and commercial liens? Accounts being FROZEN? Pillaging of trust funds that belong to the people. When do THE PRIORITY CREDITORS get their ASSETS returned to them free and clear of any debt they can't possibly owe?? The CRETINS given THREE YEARS to come into compliance or be liquidated? WT? Now you tell us, "As we are speaking the Rockefellers are quietly putting their "Councils of County Governments" in place. HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT AND WHY IS IT EVEN BEING ALLOWED by those responsible for the mess we are in? When is this nightmare going to end?

  4. As long as people believe the "illusion" of the Matrix, rather than acknowledgeing they they havent even woke up yet, we are going to live their nightmere along with them, as we see our dreams disappear. After reading these last two articles its become appearant that the "semantic deceite", and improper grammer that is more deaply entrenched than i originally thought, with new ones invented weekly, we need a new paradeim shift in the English language just for dealing with legal issues and the justice system in general, especially when it comes to "Contracts". The BAR should be "FORCED" to write EVERY SINGLE WORD only in "lower case" no matter how it looks, and certain words should be disallowed completely making them criminally liable if they even try. Words like...persons, individuals, citizens, residence,and especially the word "of", etc. We know all the words they use against us and the semantics of how they do it, so why not limit their use of our language by sponsering a "BILL" to do just that. That is what is being used as their basic weapon against us. Take away their real power over us or severly limit them for using it and then lets see if they can get around the "transparancy" of their lies intentional lies.....!!!

  5. I would like to ask all of you, including judge Anna, what you really think woould happen if the "globalist" actually kept their word, and returned all that "wealth" they stole from us plus interest. The first question is whos going to be in charge of receiving it that can be trusted and above corruption??? The second is how it will be distributed honestly and equally, without being corrupted.??? And third, how would we all treat one another if tommorrow we all got $2million apiece, and barring any attempt to increase prices on anything. How long do you think people would be happy. Would you all treat people any different than you do now??? From my own experiance, i can tell you if the "globalist" were really that smart, thats exactly what they should do if they really wanted to accomplish their goals, because everyone thinks that money will solve all their problems and make everyone happy. You cant dump all that wealth at one time on 300 million self centered, selfish, arrogant, and stupid Americans without causing fights and riots over the least little thing. It would be hard to keep marrigages together over simple arguements. It wouldnt take long in my opinion, for "martial law" to be declared and we would find ourselves right back here where we are, and under their total control this time. Money creates as many or more problems than having too little. In order for Americans to receive all that money now, after being and accepting that we have been conditioned to think and act as "DEBTORS" for the last 200 years, we arent ready to act as "CREDITORS" without breaking the mentality mindset of our present brainwashing conditioning first. If your anything like the friends and people ive known throughout life, most of them would go absolutly wild and spend most of their money with reckless abandon(expensive cars, homes, toys of every kind, and some even gambling all of it away,etc.) until they had nothing left and back to begging and stealing from each other again. The only ones that would really benifit from all that is the damn attorneys and courts again, because of all the lawsuits as a direct result of "enriching" people whos whole life was one of "taking" and never "giving". Why empower people like that. We will be empowering just more evil people than we are currently dealing with now. My issue isnt about getting back the wealth that was stolen. My issue is what to do with it once we have it that will truely benefit us as a Nation that people can truely be proud of...???


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