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Monday, November 14, 2016

So Trump is President- Elect

By Anna Von Reitz

The election is finally over.  Thank goodness and mercy for small favors.  And Hillary didn't win, which would have been four more years of the same old nasty, corrupt, self-serving disaster.  So a hearty "Thank God!" for that.  And now we are embarked on another chapter in United States, Inc.---- not American--- history.

This is an important distinction for everyone to learn.

As a non-citizen American State National none of the ups and downs of these elections mean anything more than a changing of the administration of a service company----- imagine that your local hardware store changed management, or your dry cleaning service got a new boss. 

That's all that these elections really mean for you, and you would be right to be unconcerned and maybe even totally unaware of all this hullaballoo.  After all, do you get all bent out of shape when the local Dairy Queen gets a new manager?


About all that concerns you is the quality of the service you receive, and how much it costs you. 

It behooves us to ask---- what is Donald Trump President-Elect of?  And what does the office of "President" imply?

At this point, the UNITED STATES (INC.) is under liquidation and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) is undergoing Chapter 11---- read that, both of these international governmental services corporations are now under the control of international bankruptcy trustees---- NOT the "President" of whatever governmental services corporation steps forward and claims to be successor to the constitutional contract.

There are numerous service providers claiming to have the right to be "Successor to Contract"---- there's the so-called "New Republic" representing a new version of the same-old service providers, there's the States of America representing the actual American States of the Union, and a whole grab bag of New Age and foreign organizations competing for a piece of the action.

And what should you do in the midst of the chaos?  Look sharp and hard and keep your Shinola Sensors on Full Alert.  It will become clear what version of "United States" Donald Trump has inherited, just as it will become clear what he intends to do with it. 

As consumers of government services you should be looking at three things in all of this---- (1) what is the government involved in that it shouldn't be involved in? ----such as your family, your religious beliefs, and your political status? and (2) what is the quality of service with respect to the nineteen enumerated services your states contracted to receive? and (3) how much is this costing you?

If the "government" is infringing on your privacy, your rights, or placing false claims on your property--- including abuse of your name to profit itself--- then it is past time to complain and bring actions against them.

If the "government" is pretending to have rights and prerogatives you didn't grant it, it is likewise time to stand up and take action.  Form your local Jural Assemblies at the County level, then organize the State level.....

And prepare to assemble a true Continental Congress to resolve exactly how to define and organize the governmental services contract and do the housekeeping that needs to be done.

Donald Trump doesn't rule over us.  He rules over a governmental services corporation, its employees and actual dependents.  Nothing more.  The office of "President" of Whatever is a private corporate business office. 

Look up the legal definition of the word "President" and you will get an entirely new and different view of the office of President and have a better understanding of how this whole country was set up over two centuries ago.

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  1. All I can say is no matter what or who he represents, its a good start. Anyone who can win an election with the amount of organized opposition and money involved to defeat him, has to have a spiritual element involved. The entire mass media and hollywood were taken totally by surprise....not to mention how stupid they all look now. And it hasnt ended with some of them. KFI annonanced that Lady Gaga is trying to influence the electorite so that it can be brought up in the house of representatives....Lady Gaga???? Who do these people think they are. These are the people we admire. They are so far removed from real life they will always be a problem. They convinced an entire generation of Americans that "women" can even reach the highest position of this country. And if that woman was truely for the people and a good and decent human being, than yes she could and I wouldnt have a problem with it. But just to make that point by putting "Satan" in , serves no purpose at all except to empower a feminist ideology that we matter too. Get over it. Thats why I said we need to get control of our public school systems back...asap. If nothing else, this election proved one very important thing...America is divided almost litterally in half. Half of us get it to some degree, while the other half is absoluty clueless or so self centered and selfish or evil that they love this system because it benifits them no matter how many people it hurts. We are fighting way more than "globalist elitist". Half the country has become our enemy too. I wish Donald Trump would go after Gloria Aldridge criminally for being a foreign agent working for a foreign prinicable since she has a BAR CARD. Just the attention the media would give it would bring it to the limelite to the entire nation and eventually exposing this whole thing once and for all.

  2. Whatever trump thought the position of President was coming into this election, he will get his reality check during debriefings, if he hasn't already. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if the temptations of corruption and greed put him right in line with his predecessors. I'm happy it wasn't Clinton, but much happier to know I'm not a participant in their abhorrent game.

  3. This post tells us: If the "government" is infringing on your privacy, your rights, or placing false claims on your property--- including abuse of your name to profit itself--- then it is past time to complain and bring actions against them.
    I'm in total agreement, but it still comes back to where do we take them????? don't say one of our local jural assemblies either. If I searched a 50 mile radius in my county, I doubt I'd find a dozen people to participate. I talk about this stuff all the time and always get the cold shoulder, no matter who the church, in a store, across the street, etc. The de facto authorities are always infringing on our property rights, and the problem is, most people think what they are doing is "legal" and right, and it's backed up with the mercenaries posing as police. So I ask again, where do we take them that we can rely on?


  4. "REMEDY" has been our problem for the last 200 years and will continue to be for the next 200 if we dont get rid of this two party system, or congress altogether. Either that or split congress into 5 or 6 different parties and lets see how they like it. They will become totally useless to us or the bankers or special interest. No matter what anyone says, as long as we insist on having a servicing agency in charge of 19 delagations of authority(US,INC,etc.) they will always try and excert their authority over American State Nationals unless we have half the military under our control and US INC. under their control. That way we have a balance of power as our service company if theirs gets any idea of trying to take complete control of us again. We wouldnt have any trouble in our courts if we had a way of complaining to our 2 brances of the military who we can ask for a judge to be arrested and charged just like they do to us. And if he doesnt like it, we can tell him the same thing they always tell us....tell it to the military judge. Good luck.


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